Virgo New Moon & Virgo in The Houses ♍

Following on from the lovely Supermoon ritual shared by @christina4 :sparkles: :new_moon: I thought I’d share some information on the wonderful sign of Virgo and how you can use this New Moon in Virgo (17/09/20) to it’s full potential! I will also be writing a separate post about why this Moon is extra special if you are a Virgo Sun Sign or Scorpio Rising :virgo: :scorpius:

Virgo has a reputation for being picky and analytical and it’s not an entirely unfounded reputation! Virgo is the sign that counts the beans :books: makes sure that the T’s have been crossed and the I’s have been dotted. It’s also the sign that loves to help.

We all have Virgo in our chart somewhere; and that part of our chart is where we are (supposedly) most functional :star2: I will show you later in the post how you can find where Virgo is in your chart and what that means for you :slight_smile:

With all this Virgo :virgo: energy in the air, now is the PERFECT time to start a new routine or develop some new healthy habits. I have listed 5 things below we should all absolutely do this Lunar Cycle to utilise the full power of this New Moon:

1. Review your Life

Take stock, write lists of pros and cons, pay attention to details- use the energy this month to think about where in your life you need to make positive changes :memo: If there’s anything in your life not working for you, CHANGE IT NOW.

2. Be Healthy

Virgos are big on healthy habits :kiwi_fruit: so this is a great time to think about your diet and lifestyle. Pay particular attention to your daily routines; how does yours look? Do you have an established morning or evening routine? Virgo is a wonderful habit-former, so why not start a beneficial new routine this month! Morning yoga, journaling, a scrummy healthy breakfast smoothie?! Give it a try today :smile:

3. Help Someone

“The friendly people find the friendly people every time” whilst I cant remember who to attribute this quote to, I felt compelled to add it here! Virgo’s LOVE being of service to others :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so use this month to consider how helpful you are and what you offer your community. Volunteer to ease a colleagues workload, offer to help someone with childcare, smile and hold doors open for people- the littlest things make such a difference!

4. Get Organised!

As Virgo is the undisputed organiser of the zodiac, it would be remiss not to include an organising section! Use this time to clear out old junk, de-clutter your home :houses: file and shred paperwork. Write or revise your to do list. Catch up with bill paying.

5. Stop Criticising

Are you too hard on yourself or others? Use this Lunar Cycle in the undeniably critical Virgo to evaluate this :broken_heart: Don’t get into the habit of finding flaws in yourself and others- write a list of all the things you love about yourself and the qualities you love to see in others.

So where is Virgo in your Natal Chart and what does it mean anyway?

Astrology isn’t a simple art :joy: We are not completely defined by our Sun, Rising or Moon Signs; some people are “typical” for their Sun Signs, others are completely different. To analyse this deeper we have to look at your chart as a whole…

My favourite site for Natal Charts has to be Cafe Astrology. They produce free in-depth charts and I highly rate their astrological knowledge! Start here to find where Virgo is in your chart.

Please see below example of one of the charts you will be presented; you can see this person has Virgo in their 11th House. Pull up your chart details to find where Virgo is for you and then have a look at the below to see what it means…

A Brief Guide to the 12 Houses

1st House- This rules the way you come across to others, your image and the way others see you.

2nd House- This rules property and possessions. It’s also about your values and self-worth.

3rd House- This is where you keep your communication skills. It’s also about short trips, siblings and neighbours.

4th House- This part of your chart is about home and family and all that entails- your private life.

5th House- This part of your chart relates to romance, creativity and children.

6th House- This rules body and mind, well-being, your daily work and health routines.

7th House- This is about marriage, your beloved, your ex, people you consider enemies, commitment and VIPs.

8th House- This is about anything “taboo”, such as sex, death and taxes. Also other peoples money and joint financial ventures.

9th House- This is where you see the big picture, expand your horizons, study and travel.

10th House- This rules ambitions, career and life goals. What you’re “known” for- your professional life.

11th House- This house rules friends, connections and social circles. This is also the House of Hopes and Wishes (more on this later!!)

12th House- This is the deepest and most sensitive part of your chart; it relates to fears and spirituality- what is hidden.

Virgo’s influence in the Houses :virgo: :houses: :sparkles:

So, using what we now know about the houses and about Virgo, we can suggest what impact Virgo has on you personally…

Virgo in the 1st House- These folks are practical, reserved, charming and elegant. The are particular about their appearance and like to be neat. They carefully plan their activities and do things systematically. It’s rare to find any mistakes in what they complete. When it comes to their surroundings, they want everything clean because this is their nature.

Virgo in the 2nd House- These people tends to be good financial planners. They earn a living by being efficient and precise and they know precisely how much money one has in the bank.

Virgo in the 3rd House- This can be a strange position that is as often weakening as much as it is empowering; these people place much importance in communication in life. They like to talk and discuss matters down to the detail but they can have a complex over their communication tactics and can be nervous-minded at times. They can have worries and anxieties about their future.

Virgo in the 4th House- These guys love a well-ordered, well-structured home, where the kids track their chores with stickers on a chart and the house is kept spotless and neatly labelled!! They have a strong desire to look after their family.

Virgo in the 5th House- These folks are creative in their ability to make plans and set goals. In personal relationships, they might seem reserved at first; however, as the relationship progresses, their partner understands their serious intention for a long-term relationship. They are extremely picky with regards to who they have sex with or end up in a relationship with- so if you are involved with a Virgo in the 5th House you are a very special person!

Virgo in the 6th House- The 6th House is ruled by Virgo and so such individuals in this position are extremely hardworking. They take their health very seriously and thrive on being of service to others. They make good care givers, doctors, nurses and teachers.

Virgo in the 7th House- People with Virgo in the 7th House tend to look for a partner who is more down-to-earth than them. Their partner helps them by bringing logic and rational thinking into their lives. Such individuals look for a partner who can complete them, to bring into the relationship what they lack. These individuals prefer routine to chaos and are often the one to observe all those small details that everyone else overlooks.

Virgo in the 8th House- Clever and ambitious, humble and can admit when they are in the wrong, these folks are wise beyond their years. They take their time when making decisions, and they are not the type of people who would enjoy spontaneous big purchases, unsafe situations, or one-night stands.

Virgo in the 9th House- Those who were born with this house position often have the need to learn how to heal and rationally understand their psyche and practical issues in the world. They like to help others and take on charity work. They also like to travel.

Virgo in the 10th House- They need plenty of mental stimulation in their career or risk getting bored very quickly. They are driven and are great at organising and managing others.

Virgo in the 11th House- As a rule, they have a wide circle of friends. In situations where a close person has problems, they will quickly come to the rescue and not stop helping until the problem is resolved.

Virgo in the 12th House- These folks make natural doctors and are very concerned about health. There could be a strong hidden anxiety about health. Ironically, this can make health even worse! They like to study people and their workings.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little dive into the workings of Virgo as much as I enjoyed writing it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Peace with you all :dove:


Thank you for all the wonderful information :heart_decoration::slight_smile: Virgo is in my 12th house. That makes sense bc I’m in the healing field!


That’s so cool! What do you do?


I was in school for nursing. I didn’t feel that that’s what I was meant to do halfway through school. Now, I’m taking a course for crystal healing and reiki. I still might go back and finish nursing school but I’m not sure right now.


That’s awesome, I would love to learn reiki :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Excellent explanations and avice!!! I especially appreciate this:

We are not completely defined by our Sun, Rising or Moon Signs

It’s always a good reminder to look at the whole picture! :ringer_planet:

I have Virgo in the 9th house and your description fits me really well! I guess you could say “likes to travel” of almost anyone… but as an expat I personally identify with that on a deeper level (and I have a passport full of stamps!)

Thanks for this useful guide to Virgo, Abs!!! :smiley: :clap: :clap:


Great post! I’m a Virgo sun, with an interesting amount of Virgo all over my chart! I’ll be reading the info you linked about the new moon too! Thanks :slight_smile:


I absolutely enjoyed reading about Virgo- an interesting sign, with lots of benefits right now! :raised_hands: You always do such a great job explaining everything in a fun but easy-to-understand way. Thank you for sharing your excitement and knowledge, mrs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @Francisco and you are so welcome :smile:

It’s so true, I really enjoy dissecting peoples charts, it’s much more accurate, sometimes eerily so! :joy:

Out of my whole chart so far there is only one element I disagree with; I have Venus in Libra and the parts of the description that relate to the romantic side are nothing like me :sweat_smile:

I’m actually very spoilt and not needy or romantic at all. I dislike being smothered :joy:

You’re welcome @haley :blush: enjoy!

I love a good smattering of Virgo along the chart! :joy:

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@BryWisteria thank you lovely lady :kissing_heart:

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Hi @Abs53, I am a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, and Capricorn Rising with Virgo in the 9th house. I’m a busy person. Lol

Thank you for this information, I really enjoyed reading it. I have always been interested in astrology and signs. I just recently learned about the houses, so I still have some work to go there.

Thank you!


@ABs53 Thank you. This was very interesting and informative


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