Vrinda Devi, Goddess of the Forest

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new here, so I feel shy to share, but I decided to try. I follow an Eastern spiritual wisdom path, and I have seen a little of that here, but not a lot. Recently I obtained a seed of a tulasi (holy basil) plant from a friendly woman at my local temple. I have tried to cultivate this plant before, but somehow she always passes on. Now I am about to embark on the journey again.

It is believed that taking care of the tulasi plant in your home helps with your spiritual inspiration. She is a person, not just a plant, so we care for her very carefully, being careful not to over-cull her flowers or leaves, etc. She likes humid temperatures and grows a lot in India, but also happily in other warm places.

In the tradition I follow from India, we sing to her, and we offer her leaves and flowers at the altar to the God and Goddess. It is said that He won’t even accept any food that does not have a tulasi leaf on it, He is that favoring of her.

Here is a verse about her, when she is in human-like form and not as a plant, her name is Vrinda Devi:

By the order of Vrnda Devi, Vrindavana looks beautiful, as if decorated with all the qualities of the spring season. By her order the flowers blossom and spread their fragrance everywhere, the wind blows, the bumble bees are maddened and intoxicated by the sweet honey of the lotus flowers, and they are buzzing here and there. The peacocks are dancing, and deer are also dancing here and there. So, by the grace of Vrnda Devi, on her order, Vrindavana becomes so beautiful and provides the most wonderful playground and setting for Radha and Krishna’s pastimes.

Vrndavana is the name of the forest and village wherein Krishna and His beloved consort Radha reside.

If you would like more information on goddess Vrinda Devi, here is a discussion about her that I recommend, from a bhakti-yoga website: Tulasi Devi

Here is a video of a beautiful prayer to her, with original & transliterated Sanskrit lyrics: Vrinda Devi Astakam (Śrī Vṛndādevy-aṣṭakam) With Lyrics - YouTube

Let me know if it was OK to share this topic in the Wisdom category, or not. Love & light! :blue_heart:


This is phenomenal! She is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I am excited to read your links and hear her prayer. I hope your plant flourishes right along with your practice!


What a wonderful tradition! This is so neat, thank you for sharing!


Good afternoon! Perfect place for this kind of information, any time that you would like to share. If there are other deities that you would like to share information about from a more Eastern path, please feel free to do so. I have just started learning some things & recently found deities associated with the chakras that are from the Eastern culture. I will be updating the Chakra posts with the information. Feel free to share any others that you may have information about :hugs:

This is a wonderful post & there is a lot of good information in it about how it’s a plant & deity at the same time!.Thank you for adding the YouTube link also! :smiling_face:


The prayer is beautiful. I don’t know what the lyrics say but the music takes me away to a forest grove. Thanks for sharing!


I have some tea blends with holy basil in them but I don’t think I’ve ever had the plant itself- it sounds lovely, and even more lovely is the love and care you show to your beautiful new plant friend :potted_plant: :two_hearts: :blush:

This is a beautiful introduction to Vrinda Devi :heart: As someone with an educational background in Global Studies and a meditation background in Zen Buddhism, I really really appreciate when folks share about deities, beliefs, and wisdom from various traditions. I love learning about them!

This is a wonderful post with some great additional resources too- thank you so much for sharing, @chaitea43 ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww, thank you! I’m so glad that my post increased your appreciation of holy basil! She is challenging to care for but definitely I notice the difference when she is in my home.

I think that is awesome that you are learning about Zen Buddhism and other cultures and spiritualities around the globe. One of my friends does Zen Buddhism, and I noticed he is very calm and never reactive, but rather is responsive, even in tense situations or conversations.

So glad you enjoyed my post! That encourages me.


Aw, I’m so glad you enjoy it! Let me see if I can find the English translation somewhere…

Aha! Here is a simple translation, not my fave one but, pretty good:

If you’re interested in more devotional songs in Sanskrit or Bengali, the site kksongs.org is good. It will have the Sanskrit or Bengali first, but then scroll down and you will see the English translation.


Thank you! I’m so glad that more information on Eastern deities is welcome here, and I am excited to share more.

I haven’t studied chakras much, but my dad did, and he used to do a chakra meditation every morning. I know that he would do that one where, you imagine you’re a tree and your roots are growing deep into the earth, and then you send energy to each chakra and every ‘limb’ of the tree, some such? But unfortunately, I was an uninterested kid/teen when he was alive, so I did not learn the chakra arts from him. I wish I had!

Nowadays, I still don’t know much on chakras, but I do like to wear correlating gemstones. I collect gemstones and wear the jewelry. I know that throat chakra is the one I’m most blocked in, and I wear green gemstones that help with voice, speaking your truth, etc.

I will check out your chakra posts! Thank you.


Thank you! Glad you liked it.


Thank you! I"m so happy people like my post. :smiley:


You did a wonderful job! Feel free to search the forum, I know that we do have some other information regarding different deities of that area also. I’m so happy that you shared the information with us :smiling_face:

I do at least one total chakra cleanse meditation a day. If there are any that I am giving extra attention to then I will do a separate meditation later in the day just for that chakra space. Yesterday I did a total chakra cleanse for anxiety meditation. That felt really good to do & afterward I felt much more optimistic. :smiling_face:


It was a great post! I like learning new things!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry so have u drank the holy basil? Or cast with it? I have it and it smells amazing but i havent used it yet. It was one of those herbs that i was like hmmmmmm i don’t have why not put it in the cart.


Omg… I do that too! Actually, as I was looking for the other recipe, I found a flower blessing mix & a mix of Hibiscus :hibiscus: & Calendula flowers. I’ve really got to go through my space & put things with each other so I know where they are in here. :laughing:


Thank you so much for telling us about this lovely Goddess.


I haven’t done any spell with holy basil before, but I have drunk water with the leaves in it. It’s somewhat bitter so, more for medicinal than taste, I think.


Wow i want to try this anxiety chakras cleanse! How cool! I need it, haha.


@chaitea43 I find them on the Insight Timer app.

There is a waterfall chakra cleanse that is great in the shower :shower: & there is a cleanse that does from your Earth Star :star2: Chakra through the Crown :crown: Chakra. I do that one laying down, I’ve found for some meditations I do much better laying down rather than sitting up. Most of the time I’m sitting though, especially when I am outside.

Then the cleanse for anxiety & grounding, they have all kinds really. You can follow the different teachers if you like them & rate them when you’re finished.

I use the daily check ins in the app & they will suggest meditations or music for you. It depends on your personal settings & preferences. Those have been really helpful for me too.


@Siofra_Strega ooooooooo thats sounds yummy