Waxing Moon Tarot Inquiry

Hello again! Now for this waxing moon phase, onto the full, (and for future ones as well) inquired of the tarot what spell is most needed for my betterment, ultimately what I need to work on (receiving, abundance) this is the spread I received from my inquiry:

I’m having a hard time piecing it together, but this is my interpretation, again I’m open to new insights.

With the last card, the 10 of cups in reverse, here is some insight to my family situation, which is sort of no existent. I’m at odds with my parents, and don’t speak to other relatives. Don’t categorize them as family, but just relatives. My family is limited to my husband.

Now with the Queen of Swords, being that for the waning moon phase I drew into the King of Swords, perhaps that masculine spirit commands what needs to be removed/banishes/done away with, and now in the waxing moon phase, the Queen of Swords spirit rules and will cut through to bring about…

Then the Knight of Cups, not too sure, to bring about emotion security?

This spread is a lot more difficult to piece together, then the last for the waning moon phase. Insights would be very appreciative! Please do not limit your interpretations to what I wrote. I’m very open.

Then when we enter the full, will write a reflective piece like I did with the last.


Tens typically indicate an ending or finality. So a Ten of cups is the summation of the previous nine Cup cards, which are linked to emotions and relationships. The Ten is also usually seen as a “wish card”, a very positive ending (like the happy ending depicted in the card).

But because it is reversed, it is pointing to a struggle or a misaligned version of that happy ending. In this case it may be that rocky family relationship, resentment or distance.

In an inquiry spread, I would interpret it as holding onto negative patterns or beliefs regarding your relationships, or a lack of closure. You probably need to address or reflect on how your past experiences are affecting your relationships today.

It can get ugly and you may have to do some shadow work, but the other cards are telling you that it’s something that you certainly can deal with.

All the best :sparkles:


I’m still pretty new at card reading myself. But I’ve studied your cards and I’m going to give my best interpretation and maybe it’ll resonate with you slightly.

Your first card, the queen of swords, according to Labyrinthos is the most masculine of all the queen’s as she makes decisions relying more on logic and reason and facts than based on pure emotions. This makes her seem stern an unyielding.

Your second card, the knight of cups, according to Labyrinthos is the most feminine of the knights because he leads more with his feelings and emotions. This card generally brings a message or an invitation of someone or a situation that will have some emotional benefit to you.

Now together these cards say to me that you need to weigh both sides of the whole (i.e pros and cons, cause and effect, etc) before making any decisions but…

Seeing them in combination with the 10 of cups in reverse and your mentioned of family discord I inclined to believe that these particular cards are saying perhaps a relative is going to reach out and possibly attempt to reconcile or mend the broken relationship and that while you have just reason for feeling the way you do perhaps you should take into account what this relative is feeling and what resulted in making them feel the way they do causing them to have an effect on your feelings and thus causing the rift between you. Simply put… Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and try to see things from their perspective. :woman_shrugging:t3:
Like I said I’m still new at this but this is the message I received from the cards.


The way you pieced and summarized this together, definitely helps provide cohesiveness fully. The way you presented it, I could and should have done that as well, but I don’t know why not, think a part of me doesn’t really want to go where these cards are leading. Nevertheless, going to read this over some more. Thank you very much for this! :pray:


I’m afraid of that, especially with my relationships with certain people in my circle, ugh. It is ugly, on point with that, a lot of wrongness and inversions. It’s not going to be the pleasant of funnest thing to do this waxing moon cycle (was crossing my fingers for spreads on money and good times), but oh well not this time around, know to progress going to have to sort this through. Ultimately, having trust going through this will help open more prosperous and happier doors in my life. Again, definitely going to read it through a lot more. Thank you! :crossed_fingers:


I’ve found during my own meditation and shadow work that often times it’s a blockage within areas I’m most unwilling to face and let go of that stand in my way in terms of attracting the things I want most. it’s the Divine’s way of showing us what we need most and needs take priority over wants as needs are necessary to survival and wants are luxuries that are less essential to survival

I’ve also found that when reading tarot each card has its own specific meaning and message but they also have a tendency to tie into one another. So the way I do it is I look at each picture the card is depicting and really focus on all the small details of the picture itself as well as the basic meanings of the card (I like to use labyrinthos as a reference point because it breaks it down into particular areas you may be inquiring about such as love, work, finances etc) and record the message from each card and then tie them together one by one using any details I gathered from the basic messages or details shown in the picture that make it relevant to the next card until all the cards show me a bigger picture of an entire message from the Divine.


That sounds like the best approach, feel taking the cards each, card by card first and then with time, it will paint the whole picture. Going to go back to that instead of jumping ahead into the ‘bigger’ picture and trying to get one answer from these three cards, which is why I was having a hard time. :blush:


@welcome keeping a tarot journal also is helpful because if for some reason you can’t see the entire message of the whole spread at the time you receive it but it becomes clear later on you can always go back to that particular reading and do a follow up entry connecting all the dots. At least it works for me :woman_shrugging:t3::pray: best of luck and blessed be

Editing to add a reference to my post Storing tarot cards with cinnamon As a method to increase psychic vibrations and aid with readings also
:test_tube: Divination oil - To enhance psychic powers
I’ve just put together my first batch of divination oil and in a month or so should be able to use the oil to aid me in reading more intuitively myself. Maybe these links can be helpful for you as well


@welcome, I second the tarot journal! I do daily 4 card reading in the morning. I generally ask these questions:

  1. What is my energy for the day?
  2. What is something I need to be aware of today?
  3. How can I have the best day possible?
  4. What do I need to keep in mind today?

I track what I pull and my interpretations in my journal. I can look for trends in my pulls as well as changes in my interpretations over time. As @phoenix_dawn says, it helps to be able to go back and connect the dots too. Maybe you had a day where you weren’t really sure what the cards were telling you but then a few days later something happens and you go back and are like “Yup, that is definitely what they meant!”

Also, since these are all minor arcane cards, remember that while you may have some trouble/turmoil come up, it is only temporary! It will pass.


Hi Jessica! Yes, these are only minor arcana cards, need to apply the proper priority to them, thank you for pointing that out, I’m pretty new to the tarot and yes I have been weighing the minor with the major a little too evenly, have to train myself to not do that. Love your morning spread, thank you sharing. If I may borrow it, I will most definitely.


When I first started reading, I would do the same thing! That is exactly why I pointed it out, lol, been there, done that! Learning tarot is a never-ending art. As you grow, you will learn your interpretations. I like to look at the imagery of the cards and see what jumps out at me before I even consider the “book” meanings for them. I do this both for the individuals and the whole spread. Then I do as @phoenix_dawn did and look at each card individually to determine the meaning.

Once I have an idea of each card, I then look at the big picture. Do two cards next to each other change their meanings? You’ll learn that some cards have such a strong positive or negative meaning that they can “taint” cards near them. Also, look at when you have multiples of a type. Pair of queens? Usually indicates some kind of rivalry. Two Kings? An important partnership. Four Knights? Lots of actions coming your way.

All this takes time to learn! Be patient with your journey and you will get there. And we are always here to help you with our guidance.

And borrow away!! I got it from Emerald Lotus Good Morning Spread. She has a ton of different spreads available on her website for free here: Emerald Lotus Divination Tarot Spread Collection. I use several of them throughout my practice or adapt them to fit what I need.


Thank you for this :pray: Just did the spread you provided this morning, my mornings are not the best, so it was, it was really good to see and actually centralize my day, increased my awareness a whole lot. It was a blessing you shared that with me!


I’m glad it helps! It really helps me to center and focus for my day as well. I am NOT a morning person so taking some time to sip my coffee and do my tarot is great.


A reflective journal entry, as we are in the Full moon heading into the Waning. Ultimately, what I got or was lead into by the tarot and interpretations here and such, was hopefully gaining control over my emotions (knight carrying the cup carefully) especially towards my disharmonious relationship with my relatives and am sure others. Also, maintain a blade/athame and keep one in mind through my journey, it could get dangerous and rocky, as mentioned tin the waning and here. Control over my emotions, this lead me to creating a sigil for “control over my emotions”, my first sigil. I meditated with it, charging it, my attention shifted in a way that I couldn’t help but notice the change, my attention shifted to the sensation under my eyes, where the water tear ducts are. Interesting, take that’s the space for emotions, makes sense, when one cries. Ok, I will go with that for however long. Thank you all for taking the time to help with this spread and help with the tarot too! :hugs: