Weekly Challenge Catching up - Shadow Magick

So I did my full moon ritual, a couple days after the full moon. This month’s full moon was an eclipse, and I felt the intense energy of this eclipse as a powerful force for severing the past and moving forward into a state of change. For a few days leading up to the full moon I could not sleep, the energies were just too intense, and I felt them forcing me to face darker energies.

I did a powerful ritual for my full moon ritual in which I invoked Kali. She taught me a very important lesson in my life. Most of my life I have been trying to run or hide from painful or negative energies. She showed me how since I was doing this, that over time I was blocking this negative energy up into my body, since whenever I felt anything negative I was tensing up and not wanting to just allow myself to experience that, I was just making the energies get stuck in me, resulting in lots of pain being stuck in my body. Kali told me that I need to learn to accept negative energy, feel it in a mindful way, even learn to enjoy it in some ways, that act of battle, and to transmute the energy into pure energy, since as she told me, that is exactly what it is, just energy, nothing else, good or bad are just labels we put on it, she told me. She taught me that anytime I am experiencing anger or pain, that I should listen to one of her mantras, and chant along to it, and dance! She taught me that dancing is the best way to get energies moving in the body, and that dancing will allow me to free all those negative energies I trapped into my body by tensing up and blocking them in place. She taught me that I must allow the energies to just flow through me and let them fuel me, that rage and anger, and pain all have their purposes. I spend a very long time in my ritual, dancing to her mantra while chanting it, as a way to raise so much energy. Victory to Ma Kali!


Lovely altar set up there! I’m sure Kali enjoyed your offerings. It sounds like you’re learned a valuable lesson! Good job!


Very very beautiful!!! The altar, too!! I tense up as well when I feel any negativity. I’d bite down and clench my teeth. But I’ve learned other techniques that has helped me.
I’m glad you chose this one, it shows how working with a diety helps!!! I’m happy you had this experience!!!


I’m so happy for you & the experience that you had to release the negativity. Your altar is amazing as well. I hope you feel the release of the energies & feel lighter. When I feel negative energies I journal or try to do a meditation. (My Book of Mirrors may as well come in Volumes of them) It sounds like you have a beautiful connection with Kali as well. I’m currently working on my relationship with a deity & trying to learn more about her by reading one of her books. I hope to have such a great connection with her. Thank you for sharing.


@christina4 maybe you can tell me more about the other more positive ways you learned to deal with times you experienced negative energies? I am needing to learn all I can about this subject!


Amazing! I really enjoyed reading this. It really sounds like Kali woke oyu up from a spiritual slumber.

I love how you’ve set up your altar. She will definitely appreciate your afferings to Her.


Wise advice- Kali has blessed you indeed, @Volmarr! :raised_hands: Congrats on your beautiful Shadow Magick, and many thanks to you for sharing both your experience and also Kali’s teachings :dancer: :sparkles: May the energy from your offering dance continue to fuel you and bless you throughout the coming day :pray:

A wonderful entry to this week’s catch-up challenge- well done, Shadow Survivor! :black_heart:


Sure I can help.
The first suggestion:
Room gridding. Place a black tourmaline or black obsidian in each corner of the room with negative energies.

The next:
Salt cleanse. Take a glass jar and place in water and sea salt. I’ve the next couple weeks, you should see the negative energies it absorbed.

The third:
Crystal wanding. This cleanses your aura and rods you of any emotions or negative energies that you’re not comfortable with. The take a selenite wand and hover it above your skin/body about 3-5 inches, and start behind your head and bring it over to the front over each chakra. I do my arms. That’s your choice. Do this until you feel better. I do it everyday. It cleanses the auric field.

Just holding an arogonite crystal helps with anger, overwhelming emotions, negativity.

I hope these help and if you prefer more, don’t hesitate to ask! :blush:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch ! Showdow work is not easy, but is often needed. I ended up sleeping a lot the last few days. Needed the rest.


@christina4 thanks for these practices! I am totally interested in learning about more methods for sure!


Wow that is such intense emotions shifting around in you. I love the way you are clearing it.I also have so much negativity blocked up, it does manifests itself as pain, I’ve only just started working with the goddess hekate, I’m only new to deities, I have a lot of research still. Thank you for such revelling insight into Kali :pray::grin: