Weekly Witch Challenges - Full Moon Catch Up

I’m going to play catch up on the full moon challenge since it appears I missed this when it came out originally.

Thursday night after the tea meditation I took all of my items that I typically use in ritual out to be charged by the moon. I laid them out on a silver try, lit a candle and did another meditation outside. I held each piece in my hands and held them to the moon asking to draw on its power toy cleanse and charge each item with the moons power and light.

The moon was just beginning to rise when I started, I tried to take a picture but the photo does not capture how nice it really looked.

After 30 minutes I put out the candle and left the items out to continue pulling energy from the moon. I woke around 4 am and retrieved them before the sunrise, they were still in direct view of the moon.

I now have them covered on the silver tray. I would normally perform a ritual tonight but due to family plans I will do one on Sunday. It was interesting last night because the energy in my room seemed very intense, but not in a bad way. The air seemed thicker. At first I thought it all had to do with the candles that were lit, the incense I was burning, and the music I was playing but now that I think of it I am sure the charged ritual items had something to do with it as well.
I hope everyone has a peaceful and joyful weekend. Blessed be.


I find a little witchcraft can change everything. It sounds like you did a great job. :slight_smile:

Whenever I do witchy stuff I notice changes both within me and the environment.


Thanks for sharing @Saulamay! Your tools give me steampunk wizard vibes :wink: And it seems that you successfully drawn down this Full Moon’s energy. Well done!


I really couldn’t get the chance to see the moon because of the weather :cloud_with_rain: so I thank you for sharing your pictures :relaxed: I love all of your items on the tray, including the tray itself :sweat_smile: and the cloth…oof!!! :star_struck: Thanks for sharing the full moon challenge!!! :pray::sparkles:


Thank you for sharing your experience & pictures! Great work for this catch up challenge!


Absolutely beautiful- such a lovely arrangement, and the silver platter you have is perfect for moon magick! :clap::sparkles: It sounds like the ritual brought up a lot of powerful energy- may it carry you through the coming days with strength and magickal power! :muscle: :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing this entry to this week’s catch-up challenge- your moon magick is stellar, Saulamay! :full_moon: :heart::grin: