🛐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Altars!

I most definitely will not ignore the gnome, he’s lovely!


Had a bit of an update this afternoon to my Beltane altar.

After a garage tidy this morning I found this material that I’ve been savings for years for the right purpose, a piece seemed ideal as an altar cloth. Also found the dragon incense burner I’ve had since I was a kid. I added the Norwegian troll which was handmade and bought at a Christmas fair in my home town years ago from the stall hosted by Norwegians who used to come over specifically for the fair.

The small picture above the altar I found on Etsy.

Planning to cleanse and bless the altar this evening.


You’ve got a great space @praecog29, and your gnome is cute!

@IrisW your altar just keeps getting better and better!


I know right! I keep waiting for new pictures to see what else @IrisW has created for the challenge :heartpulse:


Tonight my Beltane altar has been cleansed with palo santo and I’ve offered a prayer to Persephone.

I’ve also carried out tonight’s moon ritual, using mint and rose petals as incense in my cauldron.

The moon in Libra calls to me as I’m a Libran and a lawyer, and the emotional side balanced with the logical side certainly rings true. My head and heart have had battles in the past but I’m hoping they’ll walk in harmony from now on.

I feel very peaceful and blessed for all I have.

Blessed be :sparkles:


The sun has gone down and the Altar is all lit up :star_struck:

I held a ritual for the energy circle for healing and strength for everyone and I made my new protection oil as well :slight_smile: Grapeseed oil carrier, Geranium, Pine and Lavender essential oils :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It looks amazing!


Greetings everyone, I hope all are doing well. This challenge is a nice one so I am glad to see so many sharing their altars. Here are some pictures of mine. I have three altars, four if you count the table that holds some of my books, my Tarot and Oracle cards, and a few other things.
This first one is my main altar and the main place where I do my rituals and spell work.

The second one is used when I am doing any extra energy work or when there is a Sabbat, although it is left in place all the time.

The third one is used when I am working with the elements and calling on the quarters and I use it at least once a week.

And the last one is my Tarot table which probably gets used as much as my main altar (please pardon the dust). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I would like to eventually have a room dedicated exclusively for an altar, but I will make do with what I have for now. Blessed be and have an amazing day.


So many beautiful altars at night, light up with candle magic. Lovely! @IrisW, @Liisa, and @Saulamay thank you for sharing!


Thank you :two_hearts: I enjoyed this challenge :heart: Blessed Be :heart:


You did such a beautiful job on the alter! I love the maypole! And I love your statues I am looking to get Cernunnos for my god but I love your style!

Lisa, I like how you incorporated all the flowers!

Missa your alter looks charged, and I love the light!

Steph, you have an abundance Of beauty!

Lisa, I am impressed extremely positive vibes and I just want to go to your altar space :full_moon_with_face:

Saulamay, I love the wood and your mini altar with the pentacle looks amazing!

I tried to corporate pink as much as I could for the love :two_hearts: of the pink moon! The black tourmaline to absorb all the negativity! and decided to work with Aphrodite! The Goddess of love! I wrote my husband a cheesy love :love_letter: letter! If you didn’t notice there is a harp on my alter and I played some music! I heard the beautiful vibrations that we’re harmonized! I called on Aphrodite
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Goddess of love
And passion mighty
Look down from above
And hear my prayer :place_of_worship:
Grant me, Self love

Blessed be!:sparkles:


I love it!


Here’s my altar for this challenge. I tried to keep Beltane in mind with the colors and the oracle cards.

Here’s what you couldn’t see on the left lol


OH my @Jeannie1! That’s so pretty! With the flowers and all the candles and that huge crystal in the middle? That’s so great!

So nice @christina4! All those crystals! Very nice.

I’ve got to get off my butt and finish mine today!


I love seeing everyone’s altars because they represent a piece of who they are & they are all gorgeous. Great job everyone!


@Saulamay @christina4 @Jeannie1 I love your Altars :heart_eyes: :star_struck: So many colours and unique items on each fo them :heartpulse: Well done everyone they all look amazing :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


@Saulamay You would do an amazing job decorating an entire room as an altar, a shrine or a temple!! :hindu_temple: Your altars are smashing!!

@Jeannie1 I love the photo with the lights turned off, the candles make it a very inspiring view! :candle:


Okay, so I have two altars. One in front of my computer, where I spend most of my time, and one on a bookshelf behind me. Then I have another shelf which I’m starting to decorate with altar items, like my cauldron and chalice, and my box of crystals. It’s not done yet so I’ll just show you one level of it with my new God and Goddess miniatures.

That’s in front of my computer.

That’s from my corner shelves.

And that’s from my bookshelves. All of them are decorated for early summer/Beltane.

Hope you liked!


You are so talented. come rub some off on me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol
I love the beautiful :innocent: halo!


The God and Goddess statues are gorgeous, @IrisW! :heart_eyes: What a wonderful addition to your Beltane altar!

Such a lovely sacred space, @kara4! :books::blush: You have so many wonderful elements around your altar room- from the books to all the lovely details. What a delight to see! :sparkles:

Stunning, @Liisa! Look at all those fun treasures on your altar! :star_struck: The lights really enhance it- everything is so sparkly and bright :candle: I love it!

I love the idea of your altar slowly spreading throughout your house, until your whole home is a sacred place @praecog29! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Absolutely beautiful- thanks for sharing!

So many lovely altars in your home, @Saulamay! :heart: Each one has so many exciting components- it was fun to look at all your beautiful treasures. I love the aesthetic you have! :sparkles:

I love the idea of the letter for your husband, @Jeannie1! I am sure he enjoyed it :love_letter: :blush: And such gorgeous altars- you look ready for the Full Moon! Wishing you a very blessed pink moon as well :full_moon:

Gorgeous Beltane altar, @Christina4! I love how you included Beltane colors and your beautiful oracle cards :flower_playing_cards: :two_hearts:

Ohhh I am loving your altars, @Amethyst! Thanks for sharing the pictures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And with your lovely kitty guardian watching over the sacred space :cat: So beautiful!