:fehu: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - All About Runes

This is so intriguing!!! I have sent it to my sister and my Husband. They are adventurers just like I am. I’ll have to let you know when we make a trip that way to see it. Thank you for the info.


I made it!!! I had a VERY bus y week and I thought I couldn’t make it, but Im here!!

Thank you so much @TheTravelWitch_Bry for hear my suggestion and make the weekly challenge about runes, it made me feel very happy!! So, here comes


Runes was the first divination method that called me, even before tarot, and they’re all over my house.

I have four runes set made of crystal, two labradorite sets (one is smaller because is the one I have in my portable altar), another made of fluorite and the last one is made is obsidian, the very first I had. The Witches runes are made of wood and I bought it in Aliexpress :sweat_smile:

I have to runes decks, the red one is one of my favourites (I saw it in a store and I kept dreaming with it until I bought it) and of course books!! Five in total, but in the picture I only showed four.

I also have a little obsidian obelisk with more runes in it in the table next to my bed.

Some of the things I made for my altar like the pentacle also have runes in it.

Runes is my favourite divination method, the one that never fails to me and the one that makes me feel “powerful”!


Runes have never been a strength of mine, nor an interest if I’m being honest. Instead of focusing on the Elder Futhark (or the Ogham) I decided to try my hand at writing Theban!

The Theban Alphabet is often called the Witch’s Alphabet, though it’s unclear if it was ever actually used to hide the writing in a grimoire. It is often attributed to someone named Honorius of Thebes, but the origin of Theban script is entirely unclear.

I decided to make little page for my grimoire of Theban script, a tiny blurb of information, and then I wrote a little phrase and my name, both in Theban.

It was interesting to write Theban. I don’t think I’ve tried to write Theban script since I was a teenager :laughing: but here it is! Most of the letters seem to be a combination of the Latin letters h, m, and n. It would take me a while to not get a few of them mixed up because of how similar they are.


CHALLENGE ENTRY - All About Runes @jan_TheGreenWitch

I love casting runes. I do this more than any other single form of divination. I do single rune pulls from the Elder Futhark rune sets and I only have 3 sets but I love them! I use them primarily to carry around with me, for decisions day to day, or big decisions, or even just to start each day.

So to challenge myself with this WW challenge, I decided to do a Rune Chain for House cleansing and protection that I found on Pinterest. I bought the round wood disks from amazon and have both a burner and a brown sharpie to use (probably sharpie) and the leather string. I did not have time to do it since I was at the doctor so much this week (even spent most of today there and will be back tomorrow for the entire day), so if it doesn’t count for the challenge, so mote it be, either way I will post a picture once I’ve finished with it! Here’s the information - it’s VERY COOL!. Check it out on Pinterest too!


Challenge Entry - Runes Runic Magick Challenge Spells8

Good evening everyone :blush:!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday.

For this weeks challenge I explored my Runes deck and a couple of apps that I’ve had on my phone / iPad previous to this challenge but never really explored the Runes section or read through the information about the gods and goddess in relation to the runes.

The two app that I would like to reference would be ‎Runic Formulas & Book of Runes on the App Store which is neat because of all the information it provides, and ‎Moonly App — The Moon Calendar on the App Store this app I use daily to check the moon, and the daily tarot. I find Moonly neat for a number of reasons, such as the cool function I stumbled upon (rather finally payed attention to) being the Runes cards!

To start I had mentioned when this challenge started that

My gosh does this statement seem to be very true! For one (on a humorous note) my dogs name is Loki, when my husband and I purchased him Labor Day weekend, his personality screamed mischief, and humor with a touch of don’t mess with me lol.

When thinking about this challenge it made me giggle to think that “Loki” would be my introduction to the gods in this kind of light. My second inkling, is the tremendous amount of Viking music I’ve been listening to over the past month (such as Ódinn - YouTube ) while I’m at work, for no other reason then I’ve been extremely drawn to it.

With the thought of Loki in mind, after posting at the start of this challenge I decided to pull a card from my deck. When I first read it I was surprised thrown off and almost hurt, only to be relieved and forced to laugh at the fact that I flipped my card wrong :sweat_smile::weary::joy: and it was not supposed to be upside down.

(Above image I believe is from Spells8).

Over the days that followed I read through the introduction to Runes on Spells8, read through the Runic Formula app about the gods, and goddess and searched through the forum the find information about the Nordic goods. To make a long story short, I ended up of Freyja, the more I read about her the more she seemed like she might be the one reaching out to me. Until Saturday hit lol and I did the daily Runs read through Moonly and got

Which I found to be interesting due to where I’m at in life, and my husband and I looking to have kids in the future. As my weekend progressed, I decide to remain consistent, each time asking the runes who might be trying to get my attention, my Sunday read provided me with the following

Today in hopes to shed some light into who might be trying to get my attention, I decide to figure out my birth runes, I thought this may provide me with some introspection as to who been trying to say “hey, I’m here,” and discovered the below using the Runic app

Overall I think it might be Frigg who’s been trying to get my attention, but I honestly I feel like this is going to be topic -un digging for me that’s going to be a journey and not something that I’ll be wrapping up anytime soon.

Thank you all for reading and going down the rabbit hole with me.

Only the Best,


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Runes - Entry

I reached into my little red bag of Witch’s Runes to pick one for this challenge, but I came out with 2. So two it is!


Keywords: decisions, blocked paths, opportunities, liminal space, spirits at the crossroads, free will, your decision, also crossed swords

The Crossroads, or Crossed Swords, is both a symbol and an actual place of power. It’s often used for magick if you are going through a big change or wish to make a big change. When we reach crossroads in our lives, we have to make a decision, using intuition. There may be a new path presented or the path may be blocked. This can also indicate a spirit of the crossroads is calling us.


Keywords: womb, creativity, passion, feminity, healing, home, mother

This rune can represent the Divine Feminine in us and all around us. Used in spellwork to call upon the Goddesses. One’s womb is full, with a baby physically, OR with a creative idea or project. This rune is also linked to Mother Earth because she is our mother and from her womb, we are born and we return.

Other Worldly Oracle
Wizard Forest
Crazy T’s Knotty Yarn


Thank you :pray: for the link, it is very interesting :thinking: :heart:


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

Since I have been working with Hekate, Queen of the Witches, I thought it would be great to have a set of Witch Runes. So, I made a set with some black stones I had in my craft supplies.
Also, I found and printed some BOS pages to go with them. I searched all evening trying to find where I got the pages but had no luck yet! I will add it later if I find it :wink:
Here’s my set:

I still have to consecrate them before I use them. I think they turned out great for a marker and rocks! I will get a nice set if I find I connect well.


Challenge Entry #2

Despite having an entry in early this week… well early for me :smiley: I had a last minute urge to look into and then make my own set of Witch Runes.

(Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ed/2b/b1/ed2bb1d5f847fb9def96e29bc0dda4c4.jpg)

I rolled out a sheet of white polymer clay, cut out 13 shapes, carved the symbols, baked them then painted them with black symbols and used a color-shifting purple/green glaze.

They aren’t perfect by any means!

I may have to make another set in black clay as well.

Enjoyed participating in and reading others challenge entries!


Those look amazing. Since I got my first runes I can’t wait to use them as well but still have a lot of intro to Wicca and Witchcraft that I want to do first.

Here is what mine looks like.


Wow, I didn’t know there was a Draconic Alphabet!! Definitely, I need to try on these too! Can you please give me the meanings of each letter, please? I would appreciate a lot!


I really appreciate you putting all that together and sharing your knowledge with me! So I just wanted to share with you a moment . I am born 11.06 pm Hagalaz is my rune

Rune 9 – HAGALAZ
Hagalaz is symbol of confusion and catastrophe. Think of destroying bad old habits and changing for the best.
I will keep this rune close to help this energy thanks :blush:
Kassandra - I like the creativity you used to incorporate the crystals! I was just thinking about how I really want to incorporate my crystals in my herbs while doing my divination I sort of got out of the habit of doing all of the above and I want to have a good practice and be mindful of my sacred space.

I wanted to try a different method of divination with runes. Instead of pulling the runes out of a bag, I asked a question and rolled three of the amethysts like dice and see which rune they landed on.
Thanks for the tip I will try rune casting with crystals it’s a great way to add some extra interpersonal interpretations!
Katnabis- I really like the way your runes have that vintage look to it or I just like the way the clay looks very nice thank you for sharing!
Marsha - I like how you incorporated the cross roads because I think that everyone in the room is dealing with some crossroad we always have to make decisions in our life and some of those decisions can be really harsh or really hard to make. Thank you for sharing
Blessed be!
Sarall- I love :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: your black stones!



This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Thank you so much to everyone who jumped in to explore runes this week- it’s one thing to know there are many ways to use runes but it’s something else entirely to see the many wonderful and creative ways the coven uses runes in their practices! Great work to all of the Rune Readers this week :pray::blush:

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Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :fehu::sparkles:


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Those are very nice runes! They look like hematite. I can’t decide which stone to purchase a set on because they are all so beautiful!

I made a set of Futhark runes too but I haven’t used them. I put them on wooden cubes so they roll like dice.

I have been studying tarot for about 2 years now and its a lot to remember.

I like the witches runes because there’s only 13 and I recognize the symbols a lot easier and its less to remember!

I love the Spells8 videos for learning. Maybe they will get a video set for the Witch runes too :wink: I’m still working on the Rune set of videos.

I wish you lots of luck in your studies :books:
Everyone is very helpful in the forum so feel free to ask questions :wink: I’m so happy you’re here :grinning:



Here are the meanings of the runes taken from the website dragon-runes.com.


You are correct. Thanks for the welcome and yes everyone is very helpful and willing to share their knowledge. I’m glad I came across this site.


I’m making some time right now to go through everyone’s entries and read them all! :heart: Apologies if I miss a comment but there’s a lot of great writing here!

Those are absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

I have family that is really drawn to the Norse pagan practices but I very much am not :sweat_smile: it’s cool to learn about though!

You’re in luck with the Runes then because it’s just a bunch of lines! :laughing:

I did not know there were Egyptian runes :thinking: they look really interesting! Almost like they’re just different hieroglyphic images on each rune stone.

That’s so cool! :star_struck: I’ve never really thought about Viking ships cruising the rivers of the United States but it seems like that’s a very real possibility!

That is such a pretty set of runestones :heart: I’m sure they’ll serve you well!

Bindrunes are interesting because they’re like a sigil made entirely out of runes. They can be made for any intention, too – you just have to combine the right runes together!

That’s a great rune spread! I’d argue that the last rune, Mannaz, isn’t just about your doctors but also about accepting help from the people close to you!

I really like that incantation you came up with. It’s beautiful and perfectly matches your runes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations! :clap: That sure is an amazing feat to complete a course that quickly. I think that’s great! :partying_face: I hope you enjoyed the course and that you learned what you needed to know about runes :blush:

Witch’s Runes seem like something I can easily get in line with doing :thinking: I may have to think about making some of my own!

Nice! That fits you quite well! :dragon:

Hooray!! :clap: :tada: :partying_face: Your runes are really pretty, too! And is that a crochet blanket I spot?! :eyes:

Interesting! I’ve never heard of Rune Chains before :thinking: So it’s kind of like a bindrune except in a chain rather than all put together?

There’s so many great entries this week and I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s but please know I read them all! :revolving_hearts: :pray: :sparkles: