🌹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Beauty Magick

I draw a tarot card today and got “The High Priestess”, in the course I’m currently doing about Tatot reading it mentioned the Salomon’s temple, and looking further to that I found Aserah or Astarét; a canaanite Goddess of the sky, beauty, fertility, sex, war, love, and passion and was equal to the God Baal. I’ve read and watched some Youtube videos about her, then did a meditation I found about her on Spotify and I had some sort of revelation. My problem with inner beauty, sexuality, and more specifically, my polycystic ovaries come from a childhood trauma that I need to take care of. I don’t know how to start yet, but this is definitely a good start.

It’s just curious and amazing how everything starts talking to you when you begin to listen to yourself. How our ancestors admired and adored both femenine and masculine as equals, how important is to remember who we were and bring back this femenine empowerment, when you don’t, you start losing half of yourself, as I’m feeling right now.

I’ll totally do some ritual this week focused on my inner beauty, thank you for bringing this up!


Hello all!

I don’t do make up really, or follow any beauty regimens so I was at a loss of what to do for this challenge. So I did the Self-Love and Appreciation Break and it was lovely! Focusing on what you like about yourself helps drive out the bad thoughts. I’ll have to do that one more often!


That’s such a good way of putting it too ! It’s like protection form the outside world. And underneath the shields of (makeup) is your true self that maybe, sometimes you don’t want people to see. I like the thought that we choose what/when/how/where & why we give ourselves away to the world! The Power of Makeup is Real Y’all ! Cuz I never thought about it like an energy in itself but makeup definitely gives me the confidence to Rule the Day!!


You are so right tho! Cuz I feel like I’m real self-conscious if I don’t put on “my face” lol…. I really should try more self appreciation’ maybe I can start wearing less makeup’ and more of myself!
Thank You for this! :cupid:


I missed you @Limeberry !! :slightly_smiling_face: glad to hear your energy levels are back up.

Take care :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


:rose: After Sun Face Toner :rose:

My best friend is pregnant and struggling with the heat so I made her this toner - it’s refreshing and calming, perfect to help the skin recover during and after a day in the sun and it smells awesome :heart_eyes:

NB: This is not a replacement for SPF and please research essential oils before using as some are not recommended for various medical or pregnancy related reasons :upside_down_face:

Recipes are in % format so you can adjust based on the batch size needed.

Stage 1

  • 65% Rose Water
  • 20% Witch Hazel
  • 10% Aloe Vera Concentrate

Stage 2

  • 2% Emulsifan (optional - will bind water, concentrate and oils to eliminate product split)
  • 2% Essential Oils (optional - if using, check suitable for you to use)
  • 1% Preservative 12 (optional - will extend shelf life, can be swapped for vitamin E)
  • Combine Stage 1 ingredients
  • Combine Stage 2 ingredients separately from Stage 1 if using Emulsifan, as ingredients will need time to solubilise (this could take up to an hour). Err on the side of caution when adding Emulsifan as it can make the product too sticky if overused! :persevere:
  • Combine both when ready into a small spray bottle.

Charge at Full Moon for added sparkle :sparkles: and use whenever you need a refresh :kissing_heart:



I must know about these soaps!! They look lovely too! I don’t have a bath tub so I’m always on the hunt for alternatives for bath rituals.


Thank you!

@Jeannie1 & @jessica55 I got the Witchy Soaps from the Tamed Wild site. I get their subscription box too. I adore their site & products.

I listen to either Woke Nation or my Brigid Playlist. Sometimes I work up some herbs/salts to add to my shower. I add them to boiling water for about ten minutes. Strain out the water into a bowl & let it cool. Use incense, diffuser, scented candle with Lavender & light a candle in a safe place in the bathroom. Once in the shower :shower: I use Lavender & Oatmeal (Aveeno or CVS equivalent) body wash, shampoo, conditioner, then by a cup just about full pour the enchanted herb water over you, (I sometimes say positive affirmations, a prayer, chant, meditate on something), then use whichever witchy soap you need to, & get out of the shower. (Or soap then herbs or no herbs. I don’t always use herbs)

I dry then use the Lavender & Oatmeal (Aveeno or CVS equivalent) lotion on my feet & ankles, legs, hands, arms. Then use the Positive Radiance with SPF 15 lotion on my face & neck. (Also Aveeno or CVS equivalent).

I might add my Rose Water (I made it during one of my Rituals to Goddees Artemis) to my wrists depending on how I feel & if I want to be close to my Mom (her name was Rose & the red rose :rose:was her favorite flower) It just depends on what’s on my mind. :two_hearts:


You’re welcome! I’ve never gotten into the habit of make up and I’m nearly fifty now. I’d like to think I look to be in my thirties or so. So whatever I’m doing it working. LOL!


I don’t really have much experience with beauty magick, and I’m not sure if what I’m going to write about is actually beauty magick or just more along the lines of veiling, but I figured I’d share regardless :slight_smile:

A few months ago, I got a moldavite pendant necklace and fell in love with it the moment my hands touched the mailer it arrived in. After I cleansed it (and put the pendant on a new chain because my neck was too Chonky™️ for the small, delicate chain it came on), I put it on and immediately felt its energy flowing through me.

I noticed that I felt a bit more confident when I was wearing the moldavite, so I charmed it with the intention of working with its vibration and energy to make me more confident and productive. When I’m feeling confident, I’m at the peek of feeling my internal beauty, which distracts me from my depression and anxiety (the most beautiful thing in the world, in my completely biased opinion! lol).

I also practice what I consider to be a form of veiling to try to protect myself from other people’s crappy energies. Every day, I put on one of many bandanas that I’ve charmed to be a sort of barrier to keep my from “absorbing” other people’s energies. I’ve definitely noticed that on days when I don’t wear a bandana/hat/beanie, I’m much more aware of other people’s negative energies and am much more exhausted by the end of the day. This keeping out of people’s negativity helps boost my confidence and also helps with my depression/anxiety like the moldavite necklace does! :smiley:

Again, I’m not sure if that’s actually a form of beauty magick or not, but I figured I’d share my thoughts on it anyway :sweat_smile:


Oh, I’ve been eyeing their subscription box!! I haven’t checked out their other stuff yet though!!! Know where I’m heading payday!


You always find the best things ever! Someday I want to make my own soap. My mother in law made some soap. She said it was pretty easy! But yeah I bet that shower was great! Red Jasper is one of my fav crystals!

I definitely want to try this in my shower! I like the idea of pouring the enchanted herb water and chanting or meditating! This is an amazing spell to do thank you!


I hope I am in time :blush:

I definitely agree with all this, since physical beauty and self love plays a very important part of your everyday lives, well for me if course

For this weekly challenge I have decided to do simple :kissing_smiling_eyes: since being beautiful can be as simple as just smiling :grin:. Although I had wanted to perform a ritual for this change I did however just stick to my chanting of words for this challenge, for this week was a bit tight for me.

Words have a way of appealing to my work and my day to day function as a practitioner of the craft. So I sourced a simple chant spell for my daily use from my witchy spell caster app.

Below is a copy of this spell

Along with this spell I plan on using my moon water hair spray for an extra asset to compliment this spell. This spell would be safe to perform at any given moon phrase.

No matter whether you choose to increase beauty physically, mentally or spiritually. Do remember that being beautiful inside or out surely counts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed Be💫

N :candle:ckw :candle: ck


In my opinion jewelry really helps me too wade,
I bought Amethyst, Citrine, Black tourmaline, Blue Jasper and more. Especially the black tourmaline to help me combat with other peoples negative energy ! I work with older people and they get grumpy alot. I just designated a bowl just for my crystal bracelets to help me during the day! I didn’t even realize I was working on my inner beauty!

I feel the same exact way and using the crystal bracelets and learning the correspondences help! I just go to Pinterest, if I cant remember. Wearing the bracelets helps cope with my anxiety and confidence. I think you did a really great job working on your inner beauty magic! Actually, I think that I will add this to my BOS it is deserving. And maybe one day ill give them an intent too when I wear them! So I think I will do that!
thanks for all the perspective! I feel you had a lot of inner wisdom to share and I appreciate this a lot! Thank thank you for your thoughts!
Blessed Be!


Your self-love shower sounds amazing @Siofra- good for you for treating yourself! :heart: Those witchy soaps are stunning and as an extra bonus you get to keep the crystals after the soap is gone! What a fun treasure :soap: :sparkles:

Lovely exploration of Tarot @WhiteFox, thanks for sharing about your connection with Aserah! And I agree- sometime everything is right there before our eyes :blush: Once we open them, things tend to fall into place quickly! Great job and I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge- thanks for joining in! :sparkling_heart:

Beautiful work @Amethyst! The Self-Love Break is a favorite of mine, I’m glad you enjoyed it too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is a really powerful thought, @Steph! :raised_hands: As much as I dislike the commercial beauty industry, I agree that makeup itself can indeed be very empowering. I don’t wear it often, but for theater or costuming it is an important key to “become” another character :lipstick: :old_key: And we can certainly use makeup to design our own personas with which to take on the world! :muscle: :earth_africa: :grin:

I am loving your recipe for the face toner, @Abs53- thanks so much for sharing! :sparkles: Will this lovely treasure be featured in your upcoming shop? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There are so many possibilities with charming jewelry- I love what you’ve done with your moldavite, @wade! :blush: Charming bandanas and clothing is really clever and it looks like it has worked well as shielding for you :shield: I would definitely consider the clothes and accessories adorning you to be part of beauty magick- great job! :two_hearts:

Words hold astoungind power, and you have mastered them well @NickWick! Thanks for sharing the Glamour Spell- I think it will go very well with your moon water hair spray :full_moon: Beautiful work!


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Gorgeous job to everyone who delved into beauty magick this week! :heart:

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Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :rose::sparkles:


It’s called Magic!! :cupid:


LOL! It’s called not caking on make up and drying my skin up.


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