🌹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Beauty Magick

Using Beauty Magick :rose:
Before jumping into this challenge, it may be helpful to take a moment to ask yourself:

What does “beauty” mean to me?: For me, beauty does not mean my physical beauty which is temporary. I want a pure beauty that arise from knowledge. A pure beauty arising out of knowledge power.

Where do you usually find beauty- in the mirror? In your favorite things or most beloved people? In the world around you?: The inner beauty need no mirror. So, I look into the mirror often.

Part-02: Share Your Experience:

  1. Your experience with beauty magick: I chanted this spell for beauty and it taught me that my real beauty is knowledge which is permanent and indispensable.

Inner Beauty Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A handful of grass
  • 7 teaspoons of water from tap or for better results from a pond or river
  • A teaspoon
  • A flower (optional)
  • Yellow, Blue or green wool
  • A small / medium bowl
  • a fork or spoon or you hand for a better effect

Rip the grass and chant something like this:

“Green grass so bright
So light, Light up the sky tonight”

Add the water slowly and chant something like this:

“Glistening blue drops
Of magic glow
oh please do this, show
Me my beauty”

Add the flower (if used) and repeat the Grass Chant referring to your flower.
Make a circle with your wool around your bowl.
Now say each chant as one (Grass chant, Water and Flower chant (if used) and add to the end of the blessing:

“Beauty shine forever and on
Lets get going for it is my plea
Listen to this my gentle song
I wish to be Beautiful

So mote it be!”

Reference: Sacred Chaotic Geometry — Inner Beauty Spell


Sorry that you hit your head and fell. Funny thing with me is my coffee maker stopped working. And I’m very nervous right now because my mother hasn’t woken up yet. She’s gonna blame it on me. I’d prefer to get hit in the head :pensive:


Last night, I did the Guided Meditation for Beauty - Law of Attraction with lit pink candle and rose essential oil. :rose:

During the meditation, we had to visualize our future selves on a TV screen, that we look exactly the way we want to—bright eyes, glowing skin, ideal weight. I started to visualize myself as a someone you’d see on a digitally enhanced magazine cover, then switched to viewing myself as I am now—healthy but with all the imperfections that my body has.

I’ve used apps before where you upload a picture and erase any blemishes, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results; the perfect person just wasn’t me.

I then did drew a card to see what messages the dragons had for me.

Father Time appeared again.

During the meditation, part of me was thinking, “Okay, I’m supposed to visualize my future self, but how far ahead in the future exactly? 20, 30 years?”
I then had to push aside images of myself as a fragile old woman.

As I was meditating what Father Time has to do with beauty, I started thinking about the elderly. It’s sad how they’re still treated in the West. We tend to see the elderly as weak and fragile, both physically and mentally. Some of them are putting in nursing homes and are just forgotten about, meaning they rarely get visitors. Many fairytale villains are old, ugly witches, giving us the impression that old and ugly = evil and young and beautiful = good. I think these reasons are why some people are afraid of getting older. Not just because of health problems, but because they’ll lose their beauty.

Father Time reminds us to stop chasing the clock, to not live in the past or fear the future. I think he wad trying to tell me to take care of my body and don’t fear how I will look in the future.
Beauty isn’t the unrealistic beauty standards our society has placed on us.
Beauty is kindness.
Beauty is love.
Beauty is joy, happiness.
Beauty is anything that makes the world a better place.


I’m actually gonna be 32 next month, but if you saw me in person, you’d think I only was 23 or 24!
My metabolism doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Maybe when I’m in my 40’s, when I start to look like I’m in my 30’s, my metabolism will start to slow down. :laughing:


I have acid reflux, so eating too much and too fast at once will hurt my stomach and give me that awful burning sensation in the back of my throat. :confounded:
I used to take PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) to reduce the amount of acid my stomach produces, but taking them in the long run would put me at a greater risk for bone fractures. I stopped using them altogether when I went to the ER for a terrible pain in my small toe. I had a small fracture and I didn’t even hit it on anything!
Now, if I have a flare up, I’ll eat or drink something with peppermint, cinnamon or ginger.
My sisters say, “your acid reflux doesn’t seem to bother you anymore.”
Oh, it still bothers me from time to time. I’ve just gotten better at managing it.:sweat_smile:


I’ve gotten more into makeup probably within the last 5 years or so’ and I love trying new looks. I’ve read a lil about Glamours. I feel I do greet/dedicate the day to positivity while I put my makeup on and get ready for the day! But… one of my favorite things to do’ is play with my makeup to make homemade eyeshadows and scrubs and oils ‘ all with intention. But I would love to try a Glamour one day on a date or something!



I love putting makeup :lipstick: on it helps me to feel more confident. When I allow my face to breathe, my skin is appreciative! I see other women who were no makeup but the artist in me in the morning thrives on feeling confident! I use black eyeliner, powder, and mascara! When I put my face on I feel like a woman!

Funny thing is nothing has changed about my makeup, maybe I’ll look into the glamour videos to see if I can find a new look!
Thank you for sharing Steph!


This is me in the morning, if I don’t have coffee, I would not be doing any makeup or anything! :laughing: lol


Haha :rofl::laughing: that’s me too!!!


Ah! I did the thing! I’m back in the challenge game :joy:
Golden Glow Oats Recipe :sun_with_face: Beauty Magick - Recipes - The Spells8 Forum


Hi! This will be my first challenge, looking forward to it!
I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate more magic into my daily routine and this seems like a perfect way!
Also have been having some confidence (circumstantial) issues as of late. Hoping this can get me moving in a better direction.


Ah! Hi! How are you? I’m so happy to see you back in the challenges.

I still have no idea what to do… I suppose this could help with my self love & creativity, but I really don’t know where to start. I don’t typically wear make-up, nevermind making it.

I have seen everyone’s entries so far & they are amazing! Great job! I’m hoping something sparks some inspiration :joy:


Here’s my entry for this week: My weekly challenge entry - Beauty Magick 🌹


HI! I’m good! My battle with energy and motivation is going well at the moment so hoping I’ll be a little more involved as long as I can keep it up :joy:
How are you?! I’m sure you’ll think of something great to do!
I was definitely thinking of inner-beauty and self-love with this challenge!

I love this paragraph from The Inner Beauty Bible by Laurey Simmons:


A body is nothing without a soul that radiates inner beauty.
Invest the time in yourself and go inwards and meditate. Spend more time in silence and increase your inner beauty which is reflected through the body. There is no need for any makeup or beauty products that will cost a fortune. If your heart is pure you naturally shine and glow. Grow your inner beauty. Your eyes will speak what your heart says. Your face will reflect what your heart is. Your body will glow with the radiance of your heart and soul.


Good for you for taking time for some self love @Siofra- and witchy soaps and music sound like a wonderful accompaniment for a wholesome shower! Enjoy :shower:

Welcome, @MyLyn! Sorry to hear that you’ve dealt with inappropriate comments about your weight too. But that’s a lovely message about treasuring beauty outside and within- I agree that it’s your own perception that is the most important! :heart:

Looking forward to seeing what you will decide to do @Jeannie1- you are both beautiful and creative. You have every right to be proud of your talents and traits! :sparkling_heart:

Thanks again for your lovely post in the other thread, @IrisW- the Glamour Magick you found is a real treasure! :blush:

That’s a powerful revelation @anneshakargupta- I love the idea of “beauty from knowledge”. A strong inner beauty that lasts longer than any outward appearance :books: :two_hearts:

The guided meditation sounds lovely @Kasandra :blush: And Father Time offered a very interesting meditation on beauty and the concept of beauty over time. I agree that society as a whole could benefit greatly from reassessing the concept of beauty and appreciating the beauty of the kindness, warmth, and wisdom of the older population :older_woman: :heart:

A makeup dedication sounds like a wonderful and uplifting morning ritual @steph! I have some friends who refer to makeup as their “armor”- protecting them from the outer world and helping to increase confidence :shield: :lipstick: Makeup can indeed be a powerful tool! :blush:

I loved your oats recipe, @Limeberry- thanks again for sharing! :heart:

Welcome @Bee12! I hope exploring Beauty Magick can help you find fun ways to use magick daily and hopefully give your confidence a boost too- good luck! :two_hearts:

Inner beauty is indeed a powerful force, @Moonshadow! :pray: By accepting your inner beauty, it really can manifest itself externally too.


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: July 20th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be, beautiful witches! :rose::sparkles:


Wow this really coincides with my weekly challenge that I interred!
I always have had low self esteem but I used a spell that will help my self-critical mind and feel good about who I am when I put my lip balm on in the morning!
Thanks Limberry loved your post! Miss you on the forum too so much!


I took a self-love shower. I played my Brigid Playlist on Spotify & used my self-love rose quartz soap. When I got into my room I used my lavender & oatmeal lotion on my feet & ankles & hands & wrists. I used an all-natural lotion with SPF 15 on my face.

I know it’s simple & not very magnificent, but these showers always make me feel better. I’m washing away all the stress & negativity of my day & I just feel so much better afterward.

I actually have 4 witchy soaps - Red Jasper for Grounding, Rose Quarts for Self Love, Amethyst for stress relief, & Citrine for healing & abundance. I love using them when I take my showers. They make me feel so much better.


That is so awesome thank you! I definitely need that recipe!