🌺 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Blooming with the Moon

It’s time for a friendly reminder!

Thank you so much to everyone who has planted the seeds of magick and watched them bloom- may the Full Flower Moon blossoming in the skies above bless your spellwork! :full_moon_with_face: If you want to enter the challenge but haven’t done so already, please know that you have one more day left to do so:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: May 17th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :hibiscus: :sparkles:


Spirit of Mystism
Clear Quartz your vastness, your vibration flow through me and clear my way!

The full moon amplifies your frequencies, power and light.
You permeate my vibrations!
The light surrounds me and my family will have the unity we desire!
This is a small fraction of my own personal way I work with the crystals and write to them in my journal! I write evryday in my Bos

Tonight I charged my clear quartz and I was encouraged to do a spell by spells 8 infinite roots called the Family unity spell!
I felt a problem rising up awhile ago but I feel I can take care of any problem. To be clear I feel scared and alone at times. So I decided to do a unity spell!

I bind any hamfull impurities or benevolent energies in my home. I pray for streanth to be a strong woman my husband needs right know. I have been trying to use crystal healing.
Me and my husband went for a walk and I got some roses :rose: we picked together that we’re white, and red and pink. I took a couple of strands of hair that was not easy to find. I ripped out my hair found some hair of his in his hat and found a cat and dog hair. I bind these negative energies from my relationship. I wrapped the hair and tired a not and wrapped it in a long string of :yarn: yarn. Then I toed it to my roses :rose:
I used my prosperity oil and rosemary oil and annointed my mind body and soul!
I prayed and charged our rings in the moonlight!
I just moved and all my herbs and crystals are in storage but I just tried to do my best :star2: that’s all we can do just improvise and use what you do have!
Thank you for this spell
Thank you Hecate and Persephone and Aphrodite.
Thank you to Hermes and the Lord and Lady for all that you have done for me.


@Jessica72 “My energy feels like a bug zapper” is my new favorite phrase :joy::+1: I think the idea of replacing any jewelry that holds bad memories for you is a great idea. Cleansing is powerful, but sometimes even if the item itself is purely cleansed, our memories and the energy they hold continue to linger. Good for you for treating yourself- and look at that gorgeous jewelry! May your Moonstores (and Labradorite!) help light the way forward for you- I hope the full moon finds you well, and that you enjoy your enchantments! :full_moon_with_face:

@Kasandra You are very wise, Kasandra- and absolutely right that some talents take time and nourishment in order to bear fruit. I’m cheering you on as you balance your responsibilities and your studies- you can do it! :open_book: :two_hearts:

@katnabis That is perfect timing indeed- and look at that cloth! Is that an altar cloth, Kat? It is stunning- moon phases and zodiac signs are peak witch aesthetic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing you all the best with your crafting and spellwork!

@Rachel21 Hooray! I hope you’re enjoying the full moon above- blessed spellwork, Rachel! :sparkles:

@Martje It’s always a good time to work on self love- the love bracelet, rose bath, spell jar, and love oil all sound amazing, Martje! :heart: And what’s the perfect way to top it off? With a cup of self love tea, of course! :tea::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you enjoyed your spellwork and had a wonderful time nurturing your self love and care!

@Ostara The information about leaf growth is amazing- whenever someone talks about the moon’s influence I find myself mentioning the tides :ocean:, but now I can talk about growth in nature too! :leaves: That is so cool- thank you for sharing it!

And lovely idea to charge and cleanse your deck under the moonlight :tarot_card: It is such a gorgeous one with those golden touches! :sparkles: I hope the charging went well- give it a fresh new read with its new energy! :blush: Good luck with your housecleaning as well! :herb:

@Wysteria_Norn What an achievement to grow plants in moon soil- that certainly opens a lot of new possibilities! :star_struck: And WOW about the asteroid too- goodness, the skies are really full of wonders right now :milky_way: :blush:

@Amara Welcome, Amara- thanks for joining in for your first challenge! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sorry to hear that you and your partner are growing apart- I hope the rekindle spell helps to reignite the spark between you :fire::sparkles: Good luck and blessed be!

@Janae_Rochele A night by the fire working by moonlight- it sounds amazing. And what a special moon to work with, it was a gorgeous one over the weekend and is still blooming brightly tonight! :full_moon_with_face: Hope you had a lovely time with your moon work and bonire :fire:

@Phoenix_Fire I can imagine it can get confusing with opposite seasons, but I believe moon phases are the same everywhere in the world (it’s just the look of the moon that is “upside down”). That being said, the unique name and nature of each full moon does vary between the North and South (Flower Moon here is Beaver Moon there). Have you seen the Wiccan Calendar for the Southern Hemisphere that @Temujin_Calidius made? It’s a great recourse that may help you keep track of things on the Southern Hemipshere schedule :spiral_calendar: :blush:

Your painting is gorgeous- I really love how it turned out! :art::star_struck: Great work and thank you so much for sharing, Danni!

@Amethyst Dried flowers hooray! :heart_eyes: Ohhh there are so many fun things you could do with dried blossoms- and it sounds like you found the perfect use for them in this healing spell :sparkling_heart: And of course, it wouldn’t be an Amethyst spell without a gorgeous chant to go with it- I love this one! :heart_eyes:

Beautiful work, Amethyst- may your healing energy shine brightly and may good health bloom along with the moon above!

@Mary25 I am so sorry to hear about the recentl loss and everything you are handling at the moment, Mary- sending big hugs and love your way :people_hugging: :heart: Despite all the darkness and chaos of the situation, you are really amazing for seeing the hope that is there. “Death” is certainly tied to Scorpio and Pluto, and it is also a card of change. Sometimes painful and difficult change, but a fresh start and rebirth none the less.

It sounds like it was a beautiful ritual- and a perfect one for the challenge! :bouquet: I hope the lovely spellwork and light of the Flower Moon help to illuminate a path forward for you, towards positivity and many blessings :full_moon_with_face: :pray:

@Siofra_Strega Wow that is a lot going on- no wonder you’re feeling that way! It looks like your chart has some answers for why the energy is flowing the way it is. Good to have some stable signs as well to help keep the balance! :scorpius: :balance_scale: :grinning:

@TheMuslimWitch It sounds lovely- and how exciting about a new moonstone ring, perfect for the full moon! :full_moon_with_face:

@Jeannie1 Beautiful chant, Jeannie- may your clear quartz and the full moon’s blessings help to protect and guide you and your family :full_moon: It sounds like a really lovely unity spell- may it help to ease any uncertainty you feel and deepen the bonds of love :rose: Beautiful work- thank you for sharing!


:grin: I may have to pull out my chart & see the rest lined up against the current transits & Moon. It can also explain my 13 year old’s switching moods… changing hormones are so much fun to work through :joy:


A shoutout to @Siofra_Strega for posting a spell for patience here on the forum! I accidentally spilled a bit of the water on me during the spell, but at least, I smelled like jasmine. :laughing:

“Blessed water, cool my spirit. Fill me with your soothing peace. Like the ocean, I will ebb and flow with ease.” :blue_heart:


My challenge entree

I made four bracelets, three for friends. Two of them are going through a difficult time, one of them has her birthday this week. I made a circle outside with pink shawls, added tea lights around it, some rose quartz and clear crystals. Inside the circle a big bowl filled with water and a sachet with herbs ( rose petals, cinnamon, lavender, basil) and one sachet with little rose quartz and little moonstones) and on top of the water pink roses in two different shades.
I called in the elements and asked them to help with self love.
I was a bit restless and couldn’t concentrate myself very well , so I gave it over and just hoped that the energy of the moon and the elements would do their work. Around the roses I laid the bracelets.
I also made a spell jar, a perfume with the rose oil,
and for the birthday

It’s a self love package :smile: I will bind them together with a pink ribbon


You’re welcome? :wink: Which spell was it, if you don’t mind me asking? I have a couple on the site from the forum, a few in the forum, & a few that are in the forum & a pdf… Lol :rofl: & I still haven’t found the secret to patience :thinking:

Jasmine… that’s what I wanted to put in my planter by the porch gate! Thank you for the reminder as it does smell lovely :heart:


The ingredients for the spell were a blue candle, a cauldron, fresh water, and an essential oil of your choosing.

I think it was a pdf because the link opened a picture of the spell in your handwriting.


That’s lovely!
I spent about 3 days creating my own Tarot Oracle Cards. They are a large eclectic deck and have been extremely accurate. So I encourage you to do so if you feel it’s what you should do! I was toying with mass producing and selling this deck online, but there are so many great ones out there…
One thing…When I get a new deck, I charge them in full daylight, then I keep them on me or near me for days on end, & under my pillow at night. During that time, I shuffle them randomly and often throughout. I bond with them if you will. So if you have a deck that you initially felt would be perfect, but haven’t connected with yet, maybe consider trying other bonding practices.
Thanks everyone!


Thank you, m’dear! I’m so glad you liked this one. I did it yesterday and I learned that it’s difficult to crush roses when they are dried and you’ve got other stuff in with them. Took me forever! LOL!


It is an altar cloth and embarrassingly, if I’m being honest, it’s my first altar cloth ever! I have wanted to get one but being semi-in-the-closet at home, I have not attained one just to have it stored away hidden. This one is perfect for me as it’s witchy in a less in your face kind of way (if that makes sense) and came at the perfect time.


I adore the container!! Did you make it yourself? So very pretty <3


@Kasandra yes! I have actually used that one recently! Jasmine is 1 of my favorite smells. :smiling_face:


I found two half boxes at a pond store and pimped them, thank you :blush:


Yes! It’s one of the nicest scents in the world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My Challenge Entry
Oh boy, was this an interesting one. After researching what this month’s full moon represented and ritual ideas, I decided to a catharsis ritual to release any hidden emotions that are blocking me. I made a playlist of emotional songs and grabbed my watercolours. During the session I reallly allowed myself to feel the emotions that the songs brought up and I transferred them onto paper. Afterwards I opened my window to let the air cleanse my room whilst i took a shower and then I made myself some chamomile tea and read a bit.
Blessed Be


For several weeks now, I have been working on several different things that are semi-related to some of the above-mentioned benefits of the Full Flower Moon of May: i.e., I have been working some abundance and prosperity spells along with focusing on my meditations to improve my ability to manifest growth, joy, and abundance into my every-day life.

There are many magickal things to do leading up to and during a full moon. The full moon is also said to impact various components of our daily lives (even for those who do not practice magick). For example, it is long said that the full moon impacts moods, causing some folks to display “crazy” behaviors (by the way, the word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin Luna, because it is believed that people were more likely to exhibit erratic behaviors during a full moon). There are even research studies that show that emergency room visits and accidents increase during the full moon! Isn’t that bonkers?! :crazy_face:

In addition to having an impact on humans, the full moon also has an affect on animals as well. Dr. Frank Brown of Northwestern University reported that hamsters spin in their wheels far more aggressively during a full moon. He also notes that deer and other herbivores in the wild will ovulate during the full moon. Animals are also known to mate at higher rates during the full moon as well.

The full moon is also associated with environmental changes. The most well-known of these is that the moon is said to impact the tides of the ocean and other water ways. The moon is also used by some to determine weather patterns. In some folklore, it is said that if there is a halo around the moon, this means that bad weather is on the way and in some places this may indicate coming snow or other foul atmospheric conditions. I did not know this, but there is also a phenomenon related to the lunar halo known as a “moonbow.” A moonbow is created by the light refracting off of the light of the moon, creating something like a rainbow, but it is only visible at night time in part of the sky opposite of where the moon is visible. How cool!

There is also a lot of other superstitions related to the lunar phases, and particularly full moons. For example, for the first crescent moon of the month, it is said that you should take your coins out of one pocket, and put them into the other pocket to ensure good luck for the next month. Some people believe that the 5th day after a full moon is the perfect time to try to conceive a child. In other cultures, there are lunar deities that are honored and revered by many. Many people have entire shrines or altars dedicated to these deities because they are so highly revered. In the Chinese and Indian cultures, there are also offerings made to deities throughout the year, along with full moons.

One of the Deities that I honor on my altar, and one which I invoke frequently is Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads and the goddess of the three paths. Hecate is the protector of everything newly born and she is the goddess of witchcraft. Hecate is also associated with the dark phases of the moon, often appearing barely visible and only spotted as a translucent or faint light. Hecate represents the need for solitude and independence. Hecate is also thought to be the crone portion of the triple moon goddess and she is a cousin to lunar goddess Artemis.

The moon cycles are very powerful and particularly full moon times are especially helpful in our practice. The moon cycles impact everyone differently, and it is important to listen to your body and instincts when considering ritual work or spell work.

I am still trying to learn what works best for me. I do know that over the past few days, I have felt stable but also quite exhausted. I do feel strongly that the moon cycle impacts me and my energy level, as well as (in general) my mental stability. In this case, for the full moon yesterday, I chose not to do any particularly impactful ritual or spellwork, because I was not in a great energy space to do so. However, I did meditate, try to center myself, and tried to feel a sense of focus and determination. I also felt particularly compelled yesterday to organize my space, clean up, get rid of old and unnecessary items, and so on.

I will continue to work on perfecting my craft, paying attention to my body, and what I am needing at any given time, especially during crucial times in the lunar cycle. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :waning_gibbous_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon:


I don’t have much of an entry this week. I tried to take a few minutes last night to spend with the moon. I wanted to do more but the bugs weren’t fun, the sprinklers came on, and I just couldn’t. So anyway, here’s a picture of the moon about an hour before the eclipse :woman_shrugging: taken by me.


Wow that must have been powerful!


What a super lovely evening! It started to get so cloudy around 9 that I got worried we would miss the eclipse, but luck had it and it cleared up by about 10. I ventured in and out of bed to watch and it was so beautiful! I also made my very first batch of moon water (yay!) that I have set aside for some other time and completed the beautiful flower moon meditation. I didn’t get o use my candle and water and red ribbon (yet) because of a finicky 3 year old, but I’m hoping to do a redo tonight with some of moon water, flower petals, and my intention ribbon. Spell work is starting to feel more natural now and that is exciting to me!