🕐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

For the Catch Up challenge, I chose to go with the Magic in the Dark Challenge: 🌑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Magick in the Dark

I did the Goddess Protection Spell by the lovely @SilverBear

It’s to be done on a dark moon and after I got the correct words :joy: I could do it. But here’s my finished results:

Im Goddess Strong :muscle:


Beautiful, just beautiful!!! I love the cause or intent you chose to do your workings on!! They’re very strong and important events!!!


Hello @TheTravelWitch

I understand, but if you make it unlimited, then that would be a fun challenge for all. Please think about it. @anneshakargupta


My 2nd challenge this week is going to be :dove: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Earth-Friendly Witchcraft!

I thought I did this one, but it was over a year ago, so no harm in doing it again. Plus the 1 I have after this one is my last catch-up! So saving that for the next Catch Up Challenge as a special occasion.


I’m very glad that it’s only two at a time. I’d feel an immense amount of pressure if it was unlimited and its definitely not fair on @TheTravelWitch having to go through them all. You’d get a challenge badge just for handing out challenge badges :rofl:


Oh goodness so many challenges and so many possibilities. I suppose though for my entry this week I going to do the Magick in the arts Challenge and the Dream magic Challenge.

For the :art: art portion I couldn’t just choose one item because is since becoming a witch 9 months ago I’ve made so many things for my altar and space and as an artist all of my projects are like children, each special and beautiful in their own way. So I’ve put together a little album of my craft crafts:

This is a self love spell jar that I did a couple of days ago

Made out of popsicle sticks this crescent moon shelf is to display my crystals and gems

I got to let my artistic side out in other challenges by making travel altars

Cedar disc hand painted pentacle

My handmade scrying mirror

Candle holders I made from tree limbs my husband cut down

Chakra salt jar I made for the :salt: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Salty Spellwork

Both of my wands are homemade. The one with the howlite tip is a muscadine Vine and the climbing turquoise is a yellow dock stalk

And for the dream magic I made a dream pillow (I must’ve felt a catch up challenge approaching because as my court date this morning was creeping closer is had a significant amount of trouble going and staying asleep and I’ve been experimenting with astral travel and lucid dreaming so I put together a pillow with:
Sage, mugwort, wormwood, anise stars, juniper berries, hibiscus, dandelion leaf, clover, mandrake root, raspberry leaf, thyme, skullcap, valerian root, parsley chaparral leaf and I also included a few lily of the valley leaves, verbena, lavender and spearmint essential oil, a Chevron amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and apophyllite stone with a little pillow batting.

This pillow is no joke. It not only makes me sleepy within minutes but it also helps me stay asleep and actually it keeps me a little bit sleepy when I wake up (though that could be party from the human incubation that I’m doing at the moment too :joy:)


Beautiful spell pouch, @Christina4- it turned out lovely! You are truly Goddess Strong! :grin::new_moon: :sparkles:

If 55+ challenges were open all at once, I’m afraid it would be quite overwhelming indeed, @Princess_Tara :sweat_smile: But I always appreciate suggestions, so thank you for sharing the idea! :pray::heart:

You are amazing for all the challenges you’ve done and badges you’ve collected, @Siofra- just a few more to go! :blush: Looking forward to seeing your Earth-Friendly Magick come to life this week :dove:

Lots of love to you @IrisW- thanks for your empathy! :hugs::two_hearts: Hahaha perhaps the work of assigning badges could earn a badge, but then that would just be more work of assigning badges to do :joy::+1:

You are a very crafty and creative soul, @phoenix_dawn- thanks for sharing the album of your lovely Art Witch talents! :art: Your sacred space is a gallery of both magick and art- it’s lovely to see! And you made such a gorgeous dream pillow as well- full of so many herbs and delights :sparkles: Great job and thanks for sharing! :heart:


I have decided what to do :slightly_smiling_face:
:salt: Salty Spellwork 2 – Imperium salis
:candle: Of Candles and Flame - Witch of the Flame


I love your creativity, mama!!! I’m glad that your getting better sleep!!! And I noticed that I payed for something I could have made:

Look familiar??? :grin: I knew I am had to have those!! Yours is better because you made it yourself!! Ya know!? Xoxo


:joy::joy: @christina4 that’s how I get a lot of my inspiration is looking at stuff either online or in stores.justin had just cut some limbs down at our old house when I came across those online and decided I would just make them instead. I make a lot of my own stuff because when I was in active addiction we never had the money to spare. It’s honestly the reason I got into art work to begin with


That’s a great hobby or coping skill!!! Mine was deep, inner work. And drawing


My :sparkling_heart: Giving Gratitude (Blessed and Grateful) challenge is now done!
I finally cleaned off my altar and decorated it with artificial orange leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and pine cones, and one of those small brooms that smell like cinnamon for Mabon.

Unfortunately, the screw in part on one of the legs broke off. :cry: I think that’s from my tightening them too much. But some Gorilla Glue fixed the problem. I’m hoping the table will last for a few more years. I only paid $15 for it when I got it last year.

Anyway, after I was done decorating, I said a Draconic Gratitude Prayer that went something like this:

Tonight, I give thanks for all that I have.

I give thanks that I am healthy and alive as the pandemic rages on.
For my family.
For my job.
For my kitty.
For my best friend.
For the roof over my head.
For the food that nourishes me.
For my eyesight that allows me to admire the beauty of a autumn leaves each year.
For the Infinite Roots coven and their support.
For my talents of drawing and writing.
For all who have a hand in the creation of books, movies, TV shows, and video games, thank you for the entertainment your hard work has provided me.

And most of all, I give thanks to the Great Dragons, named and unnamed who continue to lend me their wisdom and strength.

To Veaug, I thank you for your assistance in helping me decipher the meaning of tarot and oracle cards and giving me a glimpses into my past lives.

To Tysteal, I thank you for the protection you provide me during the lunar cycle.

To Morthan, I thank you for your abundance of motherly love, protection, and wisdom.

To Grael, I thank you for Earth, the planet that we call home.

To Sairys, I thank you for the clean air I breathe.

To Fafnir, I thank you for the sun that gives us warmth and life.

To Naelyon, I thank you for the water that sustains that life.


2nd Challenge Entry

My final entry for this challenge is for the :dove: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Earth-Friendly Witchcraft!

~Re-use materials~

  • Think back to last week’s challenge about Thrifty Witchcraft- instead of buying something new, maybe you can think creatively and re-use materials you have on hand in new ways. In addition to saving money, reusing is one of the Three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to help reduce climate change and save the planet! :earth_africa:

I actually do this on a regular basis, I reuse jars/bottles. More specifically mason jars or spice bottles to hold my witchy apothecary items. Then I put labels on them & reuse them over & over to hold a specific item/herb/oil. The most recent one that I saved when we were finished with it in the kitchen was a Paprika bottle & a mini jam jar. (My daughter will also save pouches or jars for me when she comes across them).

Most of the items bottles/jars for my witchy herbs are reusable & I keep any extras of things that I have in my cabinet. I do have some things that are store-bought, but they were either on sale or I had some kind of coupon for them or they were originally a decoration!


My first challenge.
Elemental mastery

An elemental healing spell

Come foreword to observe the rite I will now ply

A ritual bath to bless and purify.

Bless this small altar, & if it please thee,

4 stones, the size of a 25 cent piece.

Paint them bright colors,

Red for the fire, Blue for water,

Yellow for air, and Earth is Green.

1 for each element, now should be seen.

Dress a candle of white to brighten the night

Lit with great ceremony, and also with love.

Incense of Dragons Blood For protection and healing.

A night sky full of stars & Goddess above.

Calling the elements
I call with my Heart, Will & Love.

The strength of the Elements I call to you.

The Earth that turns & Water that flows -

Fire that burns & Air that blows

Lastly the 5th element, the one who knows.

Some call you Spirit , I call to you Soul

And the strength of the elements to give my words power.
For those who are damaged & in pain that makes you sour

Crash mighty thunder awaken the sky

Lightening brighten the night so I can see with mine eyes

Send strength & endurance to those who have fear or need

I pray that you send healing to wounds & psyche that are torn .

I’ve called upon your power & your good graces too.

I send thanks to all elements, my beloved Goddess too

As I bring this rite to a final conclusion.

Your presence has blessed us & we feel no delusion.

I release one & all go blessed into this night.

As it has been spoken, so shall it be.

As above, so below

Allow candle to burn for an hour.

Then Put it out.

Wrap it in a clean white cloth Put it in your supplies for

the next time to use.

Clean your altar and make sure incense is out.

Cover your altar and retreat with a bow.

This is an older spell revisited. I tore it apart 5-6 times and rewrote it. So I guess it is new.
Always practice fire safety!


My second submission is on
Elemental earth healing

I speak to the Earth and Mother Goddess,

Man is destroying the world with neglect and greed

I plea for a healing to renew what Earth needs

For its wounds and scars, from mining and gain

Crisscross the land and it screams out in pain.

Earth, you shake in your pain, tremors that turn into quakes.

Trying to shout out your need for surcease.

Let it be so, Mother, let Earths pain ease

Remind man the Earth is only on loan

And that we must take care or our children.

Will inherit but dust and the powder of bone

I ask for renewal and that it harm none.

As I have spoken, let it be done.


@Garnet this is beautiful spellwork and powerful. I get a chill and high vibration through my body just reading over it great job


For my first challenge I chose Salty spellwork
I used salt, fractionated coconut oil, lavender and rosemary oils to create a cleansing scrub. I plan to use it every day when I get home from work and also when I shower to rid myself of all the day’s negative energy


For my 2nd challenge, I’m learning about IxChel
Let me tell you, she is quite the lady! From goddess of birth/fertility/midwives to goddess of the apocalypse :flushed:
She’s also considered a triple moon goddess, however her story varies due to loss of records lost during the Spanish invasion and conversion to catholicism, especially when it comes to who she was married to and her children. Some of whom created the universe. There’s just so much information! I also learned that there are over 200 deities in the Mayan pantheon. Most of what I’m finding, though I haven’t dug too deep yet, is based mostly in Mexico. There are Mayan ruins in Copán Honduras and I would love to visit however, I am too gringa and it isn’t safe, makes me sad. Here is one site that I came across. Ix Chel loosely translates to lady of the rainbows :rainbow:
Incidentally they are not good omens in Mayan culture
Ix Chel


Okay gonna do it. I am submitting my entry. This is just more of mentioning a personal achievement than anything else. I have been working on getting a little astral travel miles. I am not good at that sort of thing at all. Last night I completely know that I took that trip to where I meant to go and interacted with the one I had in mind to meet there. Now of course I was asleep. So dreams is the answer for the rational mind. The thing is though I am not a person who A ever wakes up from dreams, and B never remembers dreams. Just not something I do. Since I am so generally resistant to inducing the state in anything close to a wakeful state I believe that my subconscious decided to help me. Of course I also wouldn’t be surprised if my one that I met there wouldn’t have helped as well. They are one I know would if they could. Of course it can all be explained away. It certainly isn’t something I would have expected nor did I really initiate it. As I said just mostly to share. It is a travel I would do any time. It is a place I would gladly stay at. All that said I am sure it is also a place I will rarely visit without a lot of luck.


The timing is perfect for this to be included in the White Magic Catch-Up.