🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Yes Ma’am.


I am so glad to have a catch-up challenge! I really wanted to do last week’s challenge but ran out of time with my trip to Minnesota to visit family. Looking forward to doing 🐯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese Zodiac for this challenge.

Oh and I still need to finish my wand and consecrate it for the 🌳 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Sacred Trees and Wood as well. Hmmmm let’s see if I can finish one of them tomorrow and do the other over the weekend!



For this challenge, I wanted to share the little witch that set me on the path, oh, 50 years ago? LOL Maybe some of you read the “Dorrie” books by Patricia Coombs. I used to check them out again and again from the school library. Dorrie was a little witch who had a black cat named Gink (her Mom was Big Witch). Dorrie always wore striped, mismatched socks and I used to wear striped socks to be like her…what am I saying, I STILL wear striped socks to be like her! The books are out of print and out of my budget, but I found my favorite, Dorrie and the Weather Box, in a collection of stories for children. Dorrie wants to go on a picnic but it is raining. Her mom is away so she decides to make a weather spell. But she ends up making it rain inside. I thought that was hilarious when I was 7 :slight_smile: Maybe some of you read these books long ago…Here are two pictures from the book :slight_smile:



Oh girl! that Cap is like, way-cool! You’re an amazing Aunt and you have a brave and wonderful nephew!

Sorry, I had a little brain fart there. LOL!
I see that you’re a newbie, Welcome and much love.


@Kasandra You’re absolutely right- it never hurts to ask! :blush::+1: I think the divination and meditation both sound lovely, Kasandra, and I wish you all the best with your exciting spellwork this week! :sparkles: Good luck and may Aphrodite give you Her blessing :heart::rose:

@Jessica72 Great job once again on your entry in the other thread, Jessica- I am still in awe of your stunning crystal collection! :gem::sparkles:

@Garnet Thank you for clarifying, Garnet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Artemisia I hope you had a lovely trip to visit your family, Kat! :blush: Enjoy your work with the Zodiac this week and have fun finishing/consecrating your new wand. I’m so excited to hear about it! Please show pictures of the final look (if you can)- I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! :magic_wand: :heart:

@Mary25 The “Dorrie” books are so sweet, Mary- I can tell by how you write about them that are a real treasure for you! Seeing the cute pictures and hearing about your favorite picnic story made me smile, they really are adorable books :open_book: :woman_mage: :two_hearts: Thank you so much for sharing!


Weekly Witchy Challenge-Freedom in Forgiveness entry
Weekly Witchy Challenge-From the Shadows
I feel like these work together well what do you think? <3 thanks for listening all…

When I was sitting in my Imbolc ritual speaking with Brighid I was washed with emotion. Details left for the personal she guided me to go back into Shadow work. Wasn’t fun the first time, I’m not exactly thrilled. But I answered yes ma’am and away we go.

I have tossed Shadow work around in my head since the other night. Trying to just let her lead me to what exactly needs to be released. I came upon a Tarot Reading to help pull out what exactly is being blocked from transforming.

Oh Tarot - How honest you are.

It’s shadow work so I want to keep some of my most shadowy things to my own, but I will share with you that I am an alcoholic. I have been in sobriety for five years. I am proud of that, not so proud of the actions that brought me to that moment. In short, the tarot brought up those situations and labeled them as “heartbreak”.

At first I did not understand, but now I realize I had broken my own heart. In comes the forgiveness. I am grateful every day I did not hurt someone physically with my drinking. I know that decisions I made did weigh heavy on my family emotionally which is just as traumatic. My children were very young, my daughter old enough to remember. I will hold onto those years forever… I have to forgive me. We did those things, but without them I would not have grown into the mother wife human person I am today.

Not something I can crank out in an afternoon and feel total forgiveness. I feel like I am at the start of a journey. How do I begin to love us for making those choices?

I am attaching the awesome Tarot Shadow Worksheet I used. I believe I found the link through our forums. It is deep and time consuming, I am making this a multi-day experience. The intro describes it to be a 1-2 hour worksheet, not in my Traumatic Case

benebell-wen-workbook-independent-shadow-work-cartomancy-session-v2.pdf (1.2 MB)


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch up - Inviting Abundance

I decided to do the Road Opener Spell by Spells8, with feeling stuck and having a hard time with a specific situation.

I also did the Enabler Chant for Good Luck & Prosperity, from Spells8
I can, I want, and I deserve to Thrive

I was happy when I could do a Catch Up Challenge :mage: :magic_wand:

Blessed be :mage: :dizzy:


*Weekly Catch Up Challenge Entry

As many know, I have had quite the last year & a half & this is not the first time that I have confronted my shadow. Since my birth mother’s passing, a lot has come up that I was resisting, however that turned out not to be in my favor.

I started feeling compelled to do shadow work but was procrastinating then came the pull from the Morrigan to do it & get it done. Still resisting. She’s letting me know that she means business.

So, it’s been a while since I last saw my local witchy friend, Samhain to be exact. I went to coffee with her & in an unconventional way I basically yelled, everything I was angry about from birth until my birth mother passed away. So there’s some complex & delayed grief going on because there were also unresolved issues with my mom (stepmother) that are also conflicting feelings. They were in the yelling process too. Really no one was spared, in my friend’s words, I was raging out. So lots of tears, hugs.

Then I went to my psychiatrist, told her about the last few weeks & things happening & I showed up to her office crying. The first time in the 15 years that I have been seeing her, I was not even close to fine. She also does psychotherapy. So we did a guided energy release moving up through my body. I left no longer crying & feeling better. That was 2 Fridays ago.

All week, I felt the pull & finally gave in & did some exercises in a workbook that I purchased from LonerWolf - Luna & Sol. It works with their books they have & 1 of them being the Awakened Empath, it’s about how to know if you are an empath or highly sensitive in any way, what types there are, your dominant empathic gift, & the shadow self of the empath & how to work with it & protect yourself to separate what emotions belong where or to who.

I got a lot up & out. I stopped at writing a love letter to myself. I had never heard of that before, but it’s harder than it sounds when you’ve had some things happen over the years. I still couldn’t sleep & wanted to acknowledge my place in that shadow & what I had on my mind. So I wrote an email to literally no one, it was just the first place open that I could just type. It took me 2 hours. There’s a lot that comes up, a lot that I acknowledged, a lot that I proved wrong.

I went out to the living room & was talking to my husband about the types of shows that I watch & why & out came everything that happened to me & why I do some of the things I have done & why I feel the way I do & that I am getting help & I’m trying so hard to be the best mother I can be because I didn’t really have a healthy mother/daughter relationship with either mother. Then my daughter came into the room.

I cried, I didn’t want her to know. I acknowledged she was there, she laid across my lap & told me she loved me. She said I am a great mom & she knows that I could never do those things.

(She heard the end, this was like the part where I need a paper towel & a hug & just to say that I love her & I will do anything I can for her always & another hug wasn’t refused. She just knows that my mothers didn’t say very nice things to me when I was growing up)

So, I’m in it. I’ve gone through the deepest part. Now it’s the residual & off-shoots that I am working on. It’s been a process since last month.

It dawned on me that it’s the New (Dark) Moon, so the Morrigan would want me to do this work now because she is the Goddess of the Dark Moon, Shadow Work, Slaying your Demons & taking your power back. But also, it’s time for it to be done for me to move forward in any way, & baby steps forward are still forward. & Brighid is always there during my rest days to help connect with myself & healing & self-care for a couple of days well, a week. :heart:


@Siofra_Strega I felt privileged reading and experiencing that as an empath, there were tears. Good, cathartic, cleansing tears. You really have a special relationship with your daughter, and reading about the two of you always makes me smile. Much love and respect to you, and with the Morrigan on your side too those demons really better watch out! :smiling_imp: :black_heart: :heart:


:gem: Heed the Call of Crystals - Crystal Collector

  1. For this challenge I collected all my smaller crystals (about 20 of them) that I had dotted around my home that didn’t make it back to the drawers.
  2. Resorted them by colour and type.
  3. Updated the identify tags the crystals as best I could.
  4. Cleansed them all with Pablo santo smoke and thanked them for sharing their energy.

I’ve wanted to pour some love into my crystal collection for some time now and after seeing @jessica72’s beautiful collection and it being a catch-up week and all, I had the inspiration I needed.

I started collecting crystals a number of years ago after discovering a metaphysical shop while vacationing in Maui with a dear friend. It was the first time that I actually felt energy from them and I was hooked.

My initial collection was small till I was generously gifted dozens of various crystals and stones from a friend when she found out that I was taking a Crystal Healers Course.

I so appreciated her generous gift but found that I was way too overwhelmed with having them all out on display.

I first tried sorting them alphabetically and discovered I was always rearranging them when I added a new one to the family. After a few difference systems I landed on the one I use currently for my art supplies where I sort based on colour.

The crystals are stored in a set of Alex drawers from Ikea that have wheels on the bottom which make is super easy to move them all around the house. I wheel them into the living room when I’m working on a grid or outside on a sunny day for quick charge and to marvel at their beauty.

I like being able to have them all in one place as I can get side-tracked really easy looking for things and this helps me with keeping my focus and still have the flexibility of changing my environment.

Thank you for the opportunity to share these special souls with you all.
Janis :triskele:


What an amazing idea for portability. Awesome way to store your crystals. They look good!


:seedling: From Seed to Sprout :seedling:
Bad news… My interpretation of my candle wax reading is we’ll have six more weeks of winter. :cry:
I invoked Brigid, lit a yellow candle (for Imbolc), and let the wax drip onto the water in my cauldron. The wax looked a lot like a tadpole and frog eggs. At first, I thought, “Tadpoles hatching? Spring!”
But I think it means six more weeks of winter.
I remember a Christmas when my sister gave me a frog terrarium where I could order some tadpoles from a farm and watch them grow into frogs. SpongeBob and Patrick (yes, this was in 1999 when SpongeBob first aired) arrived in February, but the mail carrier left them in the mail box, even though the package clearly said, “Live tadpoles. Front door delivery only!” The poor things were half frozen. Luckily, we were able to save them and they lived to the ripe old age of five.


:joy::joy: same here


I love the storage and how you combined them through color. I need a stand like yours!! Maybe a couple :laughing: I started putting a lot away in boxes. And I have different storage containers everywhere ugh I feel so bad because at this point I don’t use them all.


Boo for 6 more weeks of winter, but Yay for strong tadpoles & living to 5 years old! Great job there!

I can’t help with the wax reading at all. I have never tried it either. Great Entry for the challenge!


For the catch up challenge, I chose the Sacred Wood and Trees. I have my wand that I foraged and I placed crystals (clear quartz and aquamarine), feathers, crystal beads (black obsidian) and regular beads on. I picked this one because of it’s shape.


Thank you @CelestiaMoon, “cathartic & cleansing” that’s how I would describe my crying to my husband & then my daughter. (She is an empath whether or not she knows it. If she thinks I’m crying, she is right there & there is no getting her to go to another room.) She needs not wants to be with me & give me hugs. It’s like if she thinks there is something wrong with me, she is going to do her best to find out what it is & if she can’t figure it out.
She writes me little notes like, “Every kiss begins with a Reese’s” & attached it to a Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup. Then give it to me with a hug & sit next to me. She & I will “fight” over them… I always let her win, but the “fight” is the fun part. Those are our favorite candies. She’s was a good addition to my ever listening husband yesterday.

I still have the little note attached to my vanity mirror on my dresser & the Reeses’s is resting on the side of a mask, like you would wear to a “costume” party that involves tuxes & ballgowns… :joy:

“You are getting it out mum, tears come out but they can’t go back in.” Were her exact words while she was looking up at me laying on my lap & I played with her hair & said thank you, I love you. :heart:

The pink mask is from my daughter, as are the other circled items. The note, the Reese’s, the bandana. She gave me the blue bandana because my hair was in my face when we were out by the fire & she didn’t want me to burst into flames. Although I’m not sure that’s exactly how it works, blue is my favorite color. I still wear it as a headband in the house or running errands or going through the neighborhood.

DISCLAIMER: I’m the only 1 awake & that is my bed with 1 of my fur babies because that’s where we remain while everyone else is asleep. :smile:


Wow, @janis! Awesome collection of crystals! You rock! LOL!

Very pretty wand, @christina4! It looks very witchy!


:clock3: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!
:sun_with_face: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Solar Magick - Solar Mage

I have been missing the sun, so I decided to add more sunshine to my life. I chose the Solar Magic challenge as my 1st challenge, and I drew the Sun Card from my Thoth Tarot Deck this morning!

Today I
I created my sacred space and filled the space with Golden Light. I used the Sun Card, my Goddess necklace with Amber, Citrine, and Ametrine. The bags are Citrine crystals in fabric, lined with copper-infused fabric. I placed the bags on my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Golden Light feels like sunshine and happiness to me, it’s beautiful.
The 3 crystals, also have special meaning for me:
Amber - Crone, Past, Ancestors, Wisdom
Ametrine - Mother, Present, Nurturing, Creation
Citrine - Maiden, Future, Curiosity, New Beginnings


Whoa!! That’s some crystal love, right there! I like the drawer idea, but I’m a long long way from needing a drawer. That’s amazing :grinning: