Weekly Witchy Challenge-Freedom in Forgiveness entry

Here is my entry for the Freedom In Forgiveness challenge.
So,first I journaled about who I wanted to forgive and why (I do not wish to disclose the details) and then I planed what I was going to do.First I did two journaling prompts about forgiveness which were “What does forgiveness feel like to you” and “How do you feel after this person hurt you” and then I wrote them a letter saying how they have made me feel.If I’m being honest writing ''I forgive you" was the hardest part of the letter but I wrote it and then signed my name at the bottom.
The next thing I did was go to my Inner Temple to burn my letter (due to where I live I can’t burn items) and then afterwards I grounded my self with my smokey quartz and then said a prayer for them.
Overall I feel a lot more free.I’m someone who holds on to things and thinks about them for a long time so I’m really glad I took part in this challenge. :grinning:


Sounds like a beautiful ritual! You did a good job of it!


I tend to do the same things unless I expressly release it in a similar way. I have done a lot Journaling & releasing because sometimes I am self sabotaging when I keep it for so long.

Wonderful entry & thank you for sharing :two_hearts:


I’ve been finding that journaling has been helping me a lot. I stopped journaling for a little while and I noticed it. It really sounds like you made a real effort with this one and I’m so pleased for you that it seems to be helping. Thank you for sharing such an awesome entry!


It took a lot of strength to do that, Jem- I am so proud of you! Though it was a difficult step, you took it- and now you are further along on your path to healing. You took back your power and took the situation into your own hands, moving to put the negativity behind you and find your freedom. That’s amazing- a huge congrats to you! :heart:

This is a beautiful and really inspirational entry to the Forgiveness Challenge- thank you so much for sharing your spellwork experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles: