🕓 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

Challenge Entry: Deities & Deity worship; #1
I have been working with Persephone Goddess of Spring and Goddess of the Underworld! We have done meditation and our favorite way to communicate is tarot! I have also made some Persephone oil to anoint a candle when I talk with her. She is helping me find my voice and to stand up for myself instead of backing down and just doing what others ask of me to keep the peace! Her presence to me feels comforting and safe but also like it’s time to get my message through that hard head of yours :joy:. My first meditation with her I got very emotional and cried but I felt so much better afterwards. She definitely holds a special place in my heart!

Challenge Entry: #2 Finding your Witchy Talent;
So for this one I make my own intention candles, wax melts and bath salts! I have been making candles for a year and had my own small business but had to shut it down for a little while because of life! I just made my own ritual candle for Persephone, my most popular among my customers is the Positive Energy candle, and I have had positive feed back that the candle helps rid the negative ugh feelings out of their homes! I do enjoy using the craft to help others!

Challenge Entry: #3 Peering into Past Lives
I did the three links on past lives that were listed and here’s the results.

  1. Slate’s Reincarnation Machine- Cozy PowellColin Flooks (29 December 1947 - 5 April 1998), better known as Cozy Powell, was an English rock drummer, who made his name with many major rock bands like The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath. More from Wikipedia Victor Emmanuel ||I (Italian: Vittorio Emanuele III; 11 November 1869 - 28December 1947) was King of Italy (29 July1900 - 9 May 1946). In addition, he claimed the thrones of Ethiopia and Albania as Emperor of Ethiopia (1936-41) and King of the Albanians (1939-43), which were unrecognised by the great powers. During his long reign (46 years), which began after the assassination of his father Umberto I, the Kingdom of Italy became involved in two World Wars. His reign also encompassed the … More from Wikipedia » Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (February 8,1591 - December 22, 1666), best known as Guercino or Il Guercino [gwertfino], was an Italian Baroque painter and draftsman from the region of Emilia, and active in Rome and Bologna. The vigorous naturalism of his early manner is in contrast to the classical equilibrium of his later works. His many drawings are noted for their luminosity and lively style. More from Wikipedia » Anna Sophia of Prussia (11 June 1527 in Königsberg - 6 February 1591 in Lübz) was a German noblewoman. She was a duchess in Prussia by birth and by marriage Duchess of Mecklenburg. More from Wikipedia Ashikaga Yoshimasa (足利義政,January 20,1436 - January 27, 1490) was the 8th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1449 to 1473 during the Muromachi period of Japan. Yoshimasa was the son of the sixth shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori. On the August 16, 1443 (Kakitsu 3, 21st day of the 7th month), 10-year-old shogun Yoshikatsu died of injuries sustained in a fall from a horse. He had been shogun for only three years. Immediately, the bakufu elevated Yoshinari, the young shogun’s even younger … More from Wikipedia »
  2. Past life Calculator- WHO YOU WERE IN THE LAST LIFE:You were a male in your previous birth. You were born somewhere in Australia. Your family had connection with Government people.WHAT YOU DID IN THE LAST LIFE:You were living nearby a forest. You were involved in cutting the woods in your previous life. You had cut off many trees in your life time and out of that you earned a lot of money. The sins committed by you in your past life will have their own effects on your present birth. Either yourself or one your children will have severe health problems in this life. There will be problems from Government and you are liable to lose money.
  3. Past Life Regression Test- Your answers to this test indicate that your most important past life lesson is learning how to be more grounded. You might be feeling unsafe, insecure, unbalanced or unstable in your life right now as a result of your present or past life experiences. However, once you learn now to be more grounded, you will feel more centered, stable and secure.
    Here are some tips:
  • Connect with the energy of the earth.
  • Go for regular walks, strolls or jogs.
  • Walk with bare feet on a patch of grass.
  • Sit underneath a tree with your back to the trunk.
  • Get enough vitamin D by spending time in the sun each day.
  • Consciously spend time with other people. Put down your phone, laptop, book or other distraction and allow yourself to experience the joy 74 of being with another human being. Wear red colors (the vibration of this color is linked with the root chakra).
  • Visualize a red stream of light extending from your legs and feet deep into the earth.
  • Dance.
    I also done the Lunar Nodes and that one was very interesting. You’ve spent many lifetimes tending to your spirituality, which shines through your South Node in Pisces. This means you’re naturally gifted when it comes to strengthening your intuition and refining your connection to source. Chances are, you’ve spend many lifetimes as a religious monk or maybe even a priestess for an ancient goddess. You have no problem being on your own, because you know that meditating in solitude is the fastest way to connect with your higher self. You may have been a mystic, a Tarot card reader or a healer.
    You could also have been an artist who used creative mediums to explore the outer realms and express your imagination.
    However, in this life, you’re meant to become more present in the current moment. Instead of dreaming of distant realms and faraway lands, your South Node in Virgo wants you to refine your connection with the material realm by doing something that requires focus, diligence and a more organized and strategic routine.

Challenge entry #3 – Lunisolar Calendar and Chinese New Year

This was a bit long, so I posted it over here:


I wasn’t sure which direction to take this challenge. I don’t work with the fae or fairies at all - I keep a respectful distance :joy: Anyway, I grabbed one of my books that I haven’t read yet on Fairies and wanted to share some information with you! This book is Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk by Morgan Daimler.

This passage reminds me of the conversation we were having about familiars where @john1 mentioned that someone could have a fairy as a familiar! If you have this book, this passage is on page 161.

The familiar spirit, often simply called the familiar, is one of the most well known companions of the classical witch. When most people think of the traditional witch’s familiar they automatically imagine a demonic one; However, there is a long history of fairies taking the role of the familiar spirit with some witches in Europe, just as some witches met not with the Devil, but with the Queen of Elfland. In these cases the fairies seem to have been less like servitors, as some classic familiars may appear, and more like advisers who aid the witch by giving them knowledge and acting as a go-between for them with the world of Fairy.

In Eastern Europe there was a concept of witches or healing women having either good or evil spirits who aided them. In some views what differentiated the familiar as either a fairy or a demon, as either a ‘good’ spirit or an ‘evil’ one, was the actions of the human being and the use they put the knowledge they gained from the spirit. This reflects a deep-seated conflation of Elves, fairies, and demons that existed, particularly in England, and shows a striking similarity in the supernatural afflictions caused by and magical cures used against both groups. This gives us not only a blurry line between fairies and demons as familiars, but also shows us that there was truly no hard and fast line nor rigid definition separating the two types of spirits in common understanding.

This section is super long and has a lot more information in it than I can quote here, but it’s very interesting to me how fairies have been associated with witches and familiars – I learned something new because I had never heard of this before!


I’ve always found spirit flight and hedge riding very difficult. It’s one of those skills that requires quiet and concentration, both things that are lacking in my house :joy: I’ve done it a few times, but it’s never been easy. I find dream walking easier, though I’m not sure if that counts as hedge riding… :thinking: who knows! Anway, I wanted to give you a recommendation for hedge magick and spirit flight if you’re looking to learn different techniques. It’s titled A Broom at Midnight: 13 Gates of Witchcraft by Spirit Flight by Roger J. Horne!

Each chapter, each gate, is a different technique for spirit flight that the author shares. It’s got a lot of information for anyone looking to venture into spirit flight and crossing the hedge! I thought I had done a book review on it but I must not have. If I find it, I’ll link it here, too.


What I believe about familiars is they’re just the spirit even if you’re familiars physical vessel passes away you’re familiar spirit will stay with you until there next vessel to go inside of


A very simple yet effective method of magic and spellwriting involves a pen and a piece of paper - that’s all you need! Take your paper and write down what you want. Really think about it - get detailed and put your energy into the writing. Then, carry this paper around with you somewhere it won’t get lost. A wallet works really well - bonus points if your manifestation involves money :money_with_wings: it reminds me of writing lines when we would get in trouble at school. If you write it enough times, you start to believe it. When you start to believe it, the doors of possibility open to you. When that happens, anything is possible!


Awwww how cute, I see the grey kitty now that you mentioned it!

Love your fairy garden, it’s so cute!


I showed it to my husband and said do you see anything? He didn’t see the cat until I pointed it out. Lol! I didn’t see the cat when I took the pic!


I love that Megan. It’s so true! It’s just that simple.


I bookmarked this one, seems like a good one to have on hand! Thank you for sharing it.


Challenge Entry #2: Magical Names

For my coven name, I chose BlueAngelite because it was the crystal :rock: I felt most connected to when I joined the coven in December (not so long ago). My little blue angelite stone I purchased from an Etsy shop. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I kept it on my desk as I worked and held on to it when I meditated or needed strength or clarity.

The properties of Blue Angelite include:

  • improving spirituality and spiritual awareness

  • promoting communication and self-expression while dispelling fear, anger, and anxiety

I knew I wanted to get better at intuition through working with tarot :tarot_card: and oracle, and learn more about paganism and witchcraft. So I chose BlueAngelite as my name as partially a hope in manifestation of my spiritual goals and acknowledgement of my strengths on my path.

I also work with a person for spiritual direction every month. And he led me in a guided meditation one time where I visualized a bubble :bubbles: or sphere of protection all around me. I described it to him afterwards and it was all water colors, blue and greens. So for me blue and green represent the colors of protection and safety. So even though I typically do not love the color blue, or often wear the color blue (I’m much more a mostly black/grey color scheme), or love angels in any way!!! :angel:t3: This is how I ended up with this magical name.


Your very welcome Artemisia! I love this spell. :eye:


My fairy garden at night with solar mushroom lights.

Sorry about my finger in the pic. Lol!


Sounds like interesting reading, I might have to see if I can find a copy!


I didn’t realise it would be so easy. :astonished:

I thought I was failing at first, but it turns out that white is actually an aura colour. :partying_face:

This shows a well-balanced personality, calm and open to possibilities. Those with white auras may have a tendency to take on the energy of others. White is the rarest of all aura colors. - https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/a35015599/aura-colors-meaning/

White auras and the color white in general represent a state of purity. They surround people that shine inside and out. People with this aura have a pure heart and are the most resistant to corruption and other negative energies that surround us. These individuals can possess psychic abilities and a deep connection to people and nature. - What Does a White Aura Mean? | Keen

:muscle: Take that, Zerg creep! (I couldn’t resist a Starcraft reference.)

Individuals with a white aura are protective by nature, defending the weak or vulnerable from enemies real or imagined… white aura people have a lot of empathy and are similarly prone to be drawn to those in need. Those who have a white aura are often tuned in to when something is wrong, or someone is struggling. Unlike empaths, however, their innate innocence allows them to be fooled by the deceitful. Many people with a white aura have similarly been manipulated solely by an unrelenting desire to do good and be helpful.

Oh, crud. That is so me. I’ve been in so many stupid situations that I shouldn’t have been. :sob:


That’s me to! Ughhh, I think I have a white aura. I could write a book. :frowning_face:


Stick with me, I got you covered :wink: :laughing: Where’s my empath badge? looks around for it :mag_right:


I took the quiz on the Oprah Daily page (first “source”). My results were:

Here are Your Personal Aura Color results.

Your primary aura color is: Yellow.

Your secondary aura color is: Blue.

I’ve often wanted a yellow aura.


:grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation:

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Amazing entries, everyone! I’m really enjoying reading them :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Devenne You’ve got a lovely entry, Devenne! Just want to double-check (as I don’t see a name of the challenge listed and there are a few deities/gods challenges) that you are hoping for the “Blessed by the Divine” badge, yes? :grinning:

@Artemisia I had to double-check on it, but I don’t think there is an Empath badge yet! The closest thing we have is the “Empathetic” badge which is one gained through exploring the forum (not a challenge badge). Picture blurred for those who don’t want hints about how to earn forum badges

Empathetic Badge

Perhaps we’ll have to have an Empath challenge at some point with a matching badge! :thinking: :laughing: :+1: