🫧 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Cleansing in the Craft

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I’ve been noticing more and more how clearing clutter and cleansing open up my space for positivity to flow. This week I made a Smudging Mist using sage, cedar and lavender essential oils added to moon water. It smells amazing and feels wonderful.

Thank you for the inspiration!

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Glad you like it! They also have five-minute meditations if you want one for the middle of your day!


Challenge Entry

I am continuing to experiment with essential oils and therefore created a cleansing and protection blend that can be put in my diffuser. That means that i can use it before spells/rituals but also at different points when i feel.it is needed during the day.

I looked through my BoS at the oils I have and selected 4 based on their properties and notes. For their cleansing and protection properties, i chose:
Clary sage

I normally use a 30,50,20 split but as i was not using a base, i divided it to create a 40 60

Based on the capacity of the diffuser, i then calculated how many drops of each would be used.

I then added to my diffuser to enjoy when required.

Blessed be



Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Cleansing in the Craft -ENTRY

I have not been focused or positive in many parts of my life lately. Too much going on and I feel overwhelmed. This Challenge is right on time. Just researching and reading other’s Challenges has already put me in a better place mentally. I have never “celebrated” or acknowledge the two equinox festivals of Mabon and Ostara. I will be joining in on festivals here in Upstate, New York.

“Of these eight annual Sabbat festivals, four are classed as “lesser,” and four as “greater.” The two equinox festivals of Mabon and Ostara, together with the two solstice festivals (Midwinter or Yule at the winter solstice, Midsummer or Litha at the summer solstice) comprise the lesser Sabbats. The Wheel of the Year is completed by the four greater Sabbat festivals of Samhain (Summer’s End), Candlemas or Imbolc (Brigid’s Day), Beltane (May Day), and Lammas or Lughnasadh (First Harvest).”

⦁ Mabon, celebrated on the autumnal equinox (which, in the Northern Hemisphere, is today), is essentially a festival of traditional thanksgiving for the fall harvest, which makes survival possible during the long winter months ahead.
⦁ Ostara, observed on the vernal or spring equinox (which, in the Southern Hemisphere, is today), is a celebration of the ending of those long cold winter months, honoring the birth and renewal of spring, and hailing the return of fertility to the Earth.

I have always believed that the key to success is ORGANIZATION. This tea recipe is just what “the doctor ordered”! As I am rearranging my morning rituals, meditation times and so on… A cup of Watermelon Tea just might help me get organized.

Watermelon Tea :watermelon:

:watermelon: 4 cups chopped seedless watermelon
:watermelon: 6 cups black tea
:watermelon: 1 cup mint

To Prepare:

:watermelon: Puree watermelon in a food processor or blender with mint
:watermelon: Prepare black tea, let steep for one hour
:watermelon: Add watermelon puree and tea together

According to Willow Wisps aka Nami, Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamins, healthy heart, some cancers along with many other benefits. I have much stress happening in my life and I am afraid it is lowering my resistance making me more sept able to “sickness” and negative energies. This looked interesting. I will make this Watermelon Tea along with a few other potions. Physical benefits of Watermelon Include: It really helps you hydrate. Hence the name, watermelon is very high in water and therefore great for hydrating. It contains lots of Vitamin A and C as well, and has some anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. It also has compounds that are said to help maintain a healthy heart and prevent certain cancers. Metaphysical Properties of Watermelon include: Due to it’s high concentration of water it is often associated with cleansing and healing, as the water in it can help was the bad energies and illness from your life. The fruit is sacred to the Deities Set and Yemaya. it is also said you should give a watermelon to someone who needs more peace in their life. (Nami, themanicnami.tumblr,13 MAR 2019)

An Easy Magic Recipe by Francisco Huanaco (Spells8,2018) with a chant to cleanse the home from negativity and evil spirits. Cast this spell with salt to attract protection and spiritual healing. This is something I also need to do with my starting my life fresh.

⦁ Coarse salt (sea salt, Epsom salt, or others)
⦁ Broom


⦁ Sweep the floor with a regular broom, so that it’s physically clean before doing the spiritual cleanse.
⦁ Take a handful of coarse salt and place it on the floor.
⦁ Use the broom to carry the salt and sweep it all over the room, as you repeat the following chant:

As I sweep these crystals with my broom, I send all Spirits out of this room” (Francisco Huanaco, 11/7/2018)
⦁ Finally, collect all the salt and throw it in the toilet bowl, asking that the Water takes away all negativity that has entered the home.

Next: I will conjure some magical energy to assist in helping my odds for success this week in court for my Civil Case.


As I mentioned above, the situations in my life have been coming at me hard and fast. I have a Civil Suit against an individual (I can’t say what I really want) but this has me very occupied in a bad way. Although, Spells 8 has helped me mentally and physically, I still have moments that are debilitating. This week should be the last court date and I will get my final results. I already won my first round with an Illegal Lockout. I will preform the following:

⦁ Burn a brown candle on or after the Full Moon. Dress the candle with some tobacco beforehand. As a sacred herb, tobacco facilitates communication, so it can help break through barriers in complex legal quandaries. (HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2022)

St. Expedite was said to have been a Roman centurion around 300 A.D. and now comes to the aid of those who need swift action. As you can tell from his name, he’s all about expediting solutions to your problems. You can obtain a card with his likeness or print one out. Place it beside your brown candle and pray to the Saint, asking him to quickly bring your legal problems to a favorable conclusion. (HOUSE OF INTUITION, 2022)

This Challenge will put me in a good place and focused. I am looking forward to reading all the other Challenges.

Blessed Be to all,


#tea magic - Witchy Things, Willow Wisps (or Nami), 3/13/2019

‘Elemental Protection’: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt – Spells8, Francisco Huanaco, 11/7/2018

Francisco Huanaco, 11/7/2018


Thank you so much for sharing. This one is going into my BOS, with credit given of course.

Blessed Be!


Thank you @AileyGrey. I purchased that one from Etsy. I’m glad I did as it seems the store owner is now taking a break from Etsy.
Here is the link, just in case you are interested in finding something similar.
Lapis Lazuli Chakra Pendulum 1190 - Etsy


Challenge entry
I first cleansed my face with a nice mask- egg whites, lemon juice, and honey. I whisked the ingredients counter clockwise to banish the impurities in my skin.

Later, I had a coffee bath. Coffee releases negative energy.

I lit a beeswax candle.

I added a cup of brewed coffee counter clockwise while focusing on it releasing and being grateful for that. Add in 1/2 a lemon to also release negative energy (added counter clockwise) and bring in joy and happiness (added clockwise). I also added in salt for purification (counter clockwise) and protection (clockwise). After a nice long soak, I sat in the water as it drained and imagined the negativity being drained down into the earth for transformation. I thanked Mother Earth for that. This is the website where I got the bath recipe. Coffee magick - Green Beanery

Blessed be.

*edited to add source


I love this. I always say that the key to success is organization. It is nice to hear how your son helped you! I am fairly new here and I am keeping notes on how my “Sister Witches” preform spells or how often they cleanse “everything” or how they do a cleansing for their self.
Great post. Blessed Be,


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I feel squeaky clean and refreshed just reading all the lovely entries shared- thank you so much to everyone who has shared their cleansing work with us this week! :blush:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :bubbles::sparkles:


Oh gosh! It seems like I really am getting a loooong list of catch up challenges! :sweat_smile: I couldn’t do this one either! :pensive: But that’s only because I came from my practical exam today a little while ago and now I feel really tired…:worried: I really wanted to do this one! (As obviously I think my tools need cleansing!) But I guess, luck’s playing with me currently. :flushed: Anyways, I will not stop trying to take out heart and time for the upcoming challenges or the catch up! :innocent: :smiling_face:


I’ve used many tools and oils to cleanse my home, sacred spaces, and body of old and grey energy, but I’m excited to share my most recent cleansing practice: intuitive dancing.

No music. Little or no light. I wake up in the early morning, enter my living room space (primary alter to my right /kitchen and dining space to my left) and let my body move instinctively and interpretively to an internal “1-2, 1-2-3” rhythm. I swing my body dramatically in wide, open movements and honor my home and body with one of my favorite chants “blessed be this alter, and everything here on, good to all and harming none.”

This practice has unique meaning and benefit for me because I have limited left-side mobility after a childhood stroke. Dancing alone pushes out inseurities and busts through limiting thoughts. Wide movements and cleansing visualizations bring about an energetic reset in the home.

It was an accidental discovery for me. Dancing as therapy and for celebration has been long practiced, but dancing to cleanse energy happened when a muse visited my basic morning strech session a few months ago.


This time I decided to go with late on the day cleaning as my weekend was pretty busy XD moreover, my father is came to stay with for some time so it was not easy for me to do anything related to the craft (he does not know about it). I started my cleaning/ cleansing spree at my home office that has the most stagnant energy in the house and then the bathroom.
This is an article I found interesting as well that help me focus a little bit better on what I had to start first



This is in regards to: Sound Healing for Psychics. It is an excellent site that I think you would be very interested in.
Great post. Blessed Be…


Challenge entry

I chose to do a spiritual cleansing bath with some fresh sage from my window garden with a green candle for self-growth & I did the chamomile tea ritual while soaking.

Here is a friendly reminder to double check your supplies before starting. Notice the salt is missing from my tray. Luckily I had some lavender Epsom salt bubble bath in there so I didn’t have to make a dash lol


Thank you! I will definitely be checking it out!


Hi @tracie4, just wanted to pop up and say welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:


Challenge Entry

So, this is kind of in 2 parts really… my space also is my husband & my bedroom. Sunday, we spent the better portion of the morning :sunrise: cleaning up the room :laughing:

I got all of my things reorganized & in their homes. I also went through my things & removed the things that I don’t use or haven’t used in quite some time.

I cleaned & spruced up my Ancestor Altar & :triquetra: Brigid’s space. Then went through my jewelry & did the same to my main altar & :triskele: The Morrigan’s space :raven: I have a few little, finishing things to do to each of them, but they just feel so much better.

I refreshed my daily diffuser with a spring cleansing & meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: blend using:

  • Frankincense
  • Bergamot
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • Eucalyptus

I tend to use it when I’m doing my thing, working with Brigid, or meditating :woman_in_lotus_position: I only keep it on for shorter amounts of time.

Today though, I had one of my windows open a bit to let the fresh breeze :wind_face: in, so really didn’t use it today… I wanted the crisp new air to clean out the, (I call it stale & stagnant) air from the house :house: being mostly closed up over the winter :snowflake: & bring a nice freshness to the room :hugs:

I made up another one in my larger diffuser for when we sleep :zzz: using:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree

(Allergies :sneezing_face: are starting early here :laughing:)

It was so nice when everyone had left to go to work or school today :smiling_face: & being able to just enjoy the newness & freshness of my space… it is a much better overall feel & energy in the room. Very comforting, calming, & peaceful to me. :relieved:

I missed that feeling & like everything was just the way it should be & kind of a fresh start :sparkle: :dizzy:


I love the pickle spell! I’m gonna try it.


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