✅ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Conditional Magick

Conditional Magic Challenge Entry

As a Gnostic Christian Chaote, who returned to witchcraft after being distracted from it for a couple of decades, I can honestly say that there are few required conditions in my practice, hence the chaote.
For example, I don’t abandon a ritual if the match doesn’t light immediately. I take that as a ‘signal’ for me to clarify my intention as if my psyche is saying, “Hold up, now. Is this what you intend, and is it a good intention?” If a candle goes out prematurely, I make a similar assumption. If it is the first or last to go out, I calculate the significance according to the intention placed on it.
Here are the only real conditions I’ve found needed for me personally:

  1. My altar gets my focused attention. In other words, I find myself gravitating to fiddling with it, thinking about it, or simply longing for a ritual. Hence, although I am aware of the moon’s phases, and respect them deeply, I tailor my ritual towards my longing and add the effect of the phase rather than the other way around. For me only, it makes the ritual more spontaneous, passionate and personal - highly cathartic.
  2. I contact my selected entities immediately after casting the circle, prior to starting any complete or partial ritual. I thank them profusely as well, for, well simply being there.
  3. I chose my incense carefully, geared specifically for the intention of the ritual or event. Although I allow the candles to burn uninterrupted at their own pace, I don’t complete the ritual until the incense is completely burned. For me, that is a part of my offering, my sacrifice, or my willing gift where each herb or resin was chosen for it’s unique qualities. Hence, each is a required token for that specific ritual or event.

Well, again, I’m a ‘returner’ to the witchy-fold, so an admitted “work in progress,” who finds the work more appealing and revealing with each passing day.

What DOES come as a personal surprise to me is that, personally and professionally, I am a very compartmentalized, organized person. Yet, I’m a chaote. A perplexity wrapped in an enigma…or simply weird! :rofl:


HI! I know late to the party this week, but I have read all the entries so far, but I can’t appropriately respond to all of them right now.

I feel like not only am I the “Master of Chaos” but that a lot of what I do is actually conditional. (My daughter was teasing me & said I’m not a real witch because I’m not doing spells every day :rofl: I was like… you have too much screen time… so took care of that for a day & she changed her tune :rofl:)

Anyway, I do have a thing I would like to do this weekend because it’s the Dark/New Moon which is highly associated with the Morrigan & she’s been hanging around something heavy for a few weeks now. I met with her through meditation earlier this week & it was exactly what I needed to hear then some other things happened & I have to honor her in some way this Sunday. So there’s one condition down! Now I have to bring it all together & make an entry that isn’t word salad. :joy:


I have fully embraced the Daily Rituals.
When I have time, I follow the meditation for the candle of the day and charge a Crystal of the day.
If I am short on time, I do one or the other.

I am currently setting my intention for the day based on the daily correspondence. I select the crystals I wear based on the color of the day and the intention. (I am in the USA so the night before I change my location to Japan so I can see the colors and crystals for the next day.)

I have my color changing candles set to pink, I lit my self love candle, my tea in my pink mug, and I charged my rose quartz. Some days I correspond my intention with a chakra focused yoga practice. Today I may focus on the heart chakra.

I may take it a step further and use the correspondence to select my clothing color.


I use Silk & Sonder to organize my life. I love that each month I get a new planner/journal and a fresh start. I have started filling out my intentions for the next month on the new moon after a new moon ritual.

(Wow! This month has gone fast! I just realized I will be setting my October intentions on Sunday. I will be setting them in the early morning hours of Sunday because I will be more focused and my family will all be sleeping. )


I am on a Magickal roll today! I cast a little glamour spell while I put on my makeup and did my hair.


So heres my progress
Spring equinox big theme for me right now…

Spring equinox: balance rebirth growth
New moon : beggining, bew project, renewal
Monday: healing wisdom and intiition etc
Noon : strength courage protection success oppotunities money issues

Finding balamcibg tarit spread
Rebirth and renewal
Spring equinox spread
Spring equinox rebirth spread
Ostara - spribg equinox spread

So monday new moon ( first one after ostara date will do spreads. ) im still loking at crystals n colour correspondances to include. But thays my progress so far. Ill record tgem in my book of ostara… i habenr decided which decks to use, but i know one at least needs to be a tarot deck.

After tgat the plan is to plan out spels to help on anything brought up in the readings. But this is my first step working on :grin:


I like this challenge, reminds me of the old grimoires, or the repressed text from the Necronomicon where some spells are done once a year during a certain celestial alignment, as in the gates of the Necronomicon. Where a ritual is done when the bear hangs in the sky.

I am waiting until tomorrow night then I will be performing a new moon prosperity spell at the rise of the new moon. With my weekly offerings to my deities and ancestors as well as local spirits and djinn (elemental spirits). Lately I’ve been recording my workings and uploading to my private YouTube. That way I can review each weeks workings to work on posture or speech.


Ooo… thats a great idea!


Love your journal, where did you get it. Hope it isn’t Canada, they may be mad at us because of poor Meghan…


It is Silk & Sonder - created and published in California, USA.

Here is my invite link for $10 off and an introduction created by the creator, Meha.
Hi! I am loving Silk + Sonder - a self-care app that makes daily wellness easy and fun. Plus, you get access to a thriving community full of inspiration and support. I think you’d really enjoy it as well. Join me here:


The new moon rises in the morning! My favorite time of the day!


Challenge 112 Entry:

This week challenge helped me to see what I’m doing wrong during the casts of my spells, and learning is good!

My most ceremonial moment is before casting the runes. First, I put my altar cloth and I clean my space, inviting to my deities to come to this sacred space I’m creating. After that, I light some candles and I put a representation of each element to the altar, I light some inciense too, and I place my crystals.

I meditate a few minutes to be able to contentrate and when I feel the presence of Odin and Freya, I start casting the runes.

When I finish with the lecture, I thank the deities for their help and clean all my space again.

I find a beautiful, intimate moment in that “ceremony”, and it brings me some peace. It’s my little “me” moment.


@SpanishWitchy that is a great ceremony for casting runes!

I do a single draw from a pouch. My way of doing it is a little unconventional. I have a mesh bag that my agate runes are in & I inhale for a few seconds then exhale for a second into the bag… I do it three times. I stir them up while I have my hand in the bag & I ask my question & draw 1 then place it in front of me on my cloth or what have you.

I only do a single draw though… I’ve kind of gone back to basics with Runes & Tarot so single draw for a little while. When my 3 card tarot draws started not making sense to me at all, I went back to one card. :laughing:

I’m very impressed with your rune ceremony! Great entry & way of connecting with them!


I completed the tourmaline meditation and the black candle meditation then added them to my table. My colored candles are supposed to be white to balance with the black. Today is a house cleaning day and I will cast a home protection spell.


This challenge comes at an interesting time for me because of Hurricane Ian :cyclone: We are getting ready and preparing for it to make landfall late next week – the current projection is for Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. I have something set up that I do under the right conditions and we are now in the right conditions.

I set this all up on June 1st at the beginning of hurricane season. So, what I’ve done is created an incense that is part of a larger ritual for honoring hurricane season. This incense includes two ingredients that are central to my current locality and I have called on the spirits of these plants to help me in both honoring hurricane season but also to ask for those Spirits aid in protecting my home and neighborhood.

Without giving everything away, since this is very personal to my current location, I held a ritual on June 1st in my backyard. I called on the spirit of two plants and one of the winds. This was one of my most-connected rituals, if that makes sense. I created this incense, burned it during the ritual, and pulled cards. The cards themselves revealed these three spirits which I took as a good omen. Then I set the rest of the incense aside for use during hurricane season when my home would need protecting.

I don’t often work with conditions in my spellwork. Usually if I need to do a ritual or cast a spell I don’t wait for the right moon phase. I don’t wait for a certain sign to be at a certain position in the sky. I just cast the spell with the ingredients I feel called to use and let it go. This though, this situation required the conditions. And here’s to hoping and praying and casting spells that it goes the way I need it to. :crossed_fingers:


This one was a bit difficult for me because the spell I wanted to do called for the Evening Star to being seen. I finally gave up waiting for the skies to clear and calculated when it should come out thanks to sunset. It’s from the book Everyday Tarot Magic by Dorothy Morrison.

At the first sign of the Evening Star, you take the Star card from your tarot deck and imagine the light of the Star enveloping you and surrounding you. When you feel all lit up say:

“Star of radiance, so bright
Heal my body with your light
Mend my heart and soothe my mind
Throughout me let you magic wind
Through all tissue and all bone
Through all veins where blood does roam
Through all muscles – up the spine
Until it cleanses every spot
Of illness, sickness, and whatnot
And leaves me strengthened with a wealth
Of renewed vitality and good health
Healing Star, I implore thee
As I will so mote it be!”

~ Dorothy Morrison

I’m hoping this not only kicks the last of the Covid out of my lungs but helps my leg too! We’ll see.


Yes to this! :raised_hands:

I love your post Garnet – it brings up a lot of good points, some that many of us need to be reminded of :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And your song to call dragons? Perfect! :pinched_fingers: I couldn’t help but sing it lol

I really like mornings for working magic but that’s mainly because that’s the time I have to myself lol

I’d say yes! Also – a hex to all devotees of a particular God?! What?! That’s intense :scream:

Yes! :heart: Liminal times are perfect for working magic!

This is exactly what the challenges are for! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Even someone like me that’s been practicing for years learns something new in every challenge lol

haha that’s a good question! :gem: I love how you said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because that’s true! If it works for you then that’s perfectly fine :blush:

I think we’re all a bit weird in our own ways :rofl: I admit I’m not much of a chaote but I like how your focus is on your altar space and the energy around it rather than the energy of the moon or other correspondences. I think that’s perfect!

This used to get to me so much :laughing: I used to feel like I wasn’t doing enough because I wasn’t doing something every single day anymore. I used to, but it was usually something very small just to keep me connected. Not anymore! :heart: I hope you have a good New/Dark Moon :new_moon:

Your little daily rituals sound so soothing :heart_eyes: I may adopt some of your little practices into my own routine and make it work for me :blush: I need more soothing in my daily life lol

I think it’s great progress! :clap: your ritual (I think it’s a ritual?) looks like it’s coming together nicely! :hibiscus: The Spring Equinox is a beautiful and renewing holiday in my book.

Good luck and many blessings for prosperity! :heart:

It’s a beautiful ceremony :heart: :sparkles: There’s nothing quite like feeling the presence of the Gods during a ritual and being able to communicate with them through our tools!

Here’s to hoping and praying for you! :star: :star2: :revolving_hearts:


Thank you! I actually just added the current :sparkles: Spell-A-Day : September 25th to my plans to get me ready for my offering & prayer to the Morrigan & then some specific journal prompts while her candles are burning.

I’m making it a point today to do some things around here for myself that I have been neglecting. Especially yesterday. It’s like a “Me Day” with a house full of people :joy:

I hope everyone has a great night also! :new_moon:


That does bring an interesting question to my mind. Do we need to cast spells every day? And a step further - what counts as a spell? I think the answers are definitely something that needs to be found as an individual. Personally, lighting a candle or brewing tea can be a spell. Meditating and savoring the beauty of the world around us can be a spell.


I Believe: