✅ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Conditional Magick

Thank you, my dear!


No you dont have to do a ritual or “spell” everyday or anything everyday. You’re still a witch. I stir my coffee & set intention MOST mornings, but if I don’t get to it, there’s always tomorrow.


Challenge Entry

My entry I performed a new moon prosperity spell I started by writhing a cheque to myself on the night before ritual when the moon was waning at 2%. at dawn the next day I prepare a cleansing shower while facing east and after blessings the flowing water and consecration of said water I wash my meridians with hands free shower head in fashion that they are cleansed with meridian massage. I focus on the bad and blockages washing away down the drain. Next at 11:00 pm on sept 24 st my altar outside
I filled my torches and prepared my altar. I laid out my crystals in sacred geometry of the tree of life of my body. I placed my cheque upon my crystals placing jade and emerald on top of my cheque. Next I lit my candles. I chose 2 black full tapers as my candles as I prefer them, I light both candles at both ends and hold them in air above a votive holder at 45 degrees as they burn I slowly place together and as the bottom of the wick burns I push together as one. Now standing straight and together I move to prepare my offerings. I take the remaining wax from last week’s candles and place both black and red wax in my triple moon s as altar with 4 pieces of coal and citronella oil same in my ankh altar next I bless the offerings conjure the column s as and call forth the guardians of the watchtowers. I next call local spirits and ancestors as well as all magical entities and dragons both good and bad and give my offerings as peace offerings and to ask for help with my magick. After I close and dismiss this offering i anoint my third eye and temple as well as Dantans with divination oil. ( I made yarrow, dragons blood, sage mugwort and artesmisia sage s as nd wormwood sage) I give offerings to my deities in my larger triple moon altar. Offerings I give are caa as California sage, black sage rose hips peppermint and mount Shasta sage with a touch of palm santo wood. I also burn white sage and witches sage sticks while tracing spirals as I turn clockwise 7 times before and between offerings. Next I am surrounded by a cloud of mist and they air gets very very cold the little 8oz bowls of wax charcoal and oil ignited travel up the 2 foot chimney of steel to envelop the offerings and shoot flames an additional 2 feet into the air. I take this time to meditation and qidao taichi I also activate my energy centres on my tree of life and I focus on my breath slowing my breath to 2 per minute 5 seconds inhale hold 20 second exhale 10 hold exhale 10 repeat minimum 10 times. Both my offerings are cremated completely and the fog lifts the two candles are now one votive with twin flame it is now 3 am I extinguished the torches. I clean my area I place my cheque in mason jar surrounded and submerged with my crystals from altar to charge my intention and place jar on my shelf upon selenite wands and allow to manifest without anymore interference from my I just let it become manifest. Thanks for reading my submission


@TheTravelWitch_Bry, @Garnet, @Medea, and @MeganB: The original video was another witch talking about how dangerous it is to try to marry/get romantically involved with Gods, especially Hades, as Persephone will not tolerate it (Look at Minthe, who he had a relationship before her - she got turned into a plant!). Another devotee commented on this video that she also commented about sending out a hex to all of his devotees because she “doesn’t share well.” I know I’m not the only one with wards/other protections that send energy back. There are others who add nasty hexes on top of the return-to-sender, so I’m sure she got a lot of energy she didn’t want.

Challenge Entry

For my entry, I am discussing my Mabon ritual instead of the wards/back-to-sender spells.


  • items to represent the four quarters: cinnamon for fire, feathers for air, an air plant for earth, and a small bowl of water for water.
  • If performing inside, 4 small offering bowls for each quarter
  • incense
  • bell
  • offering bowl/basket with items to represent Mabon: acorns, pinecones, various herbs/flowers, apples, etc.
  • offering plate with bread/muffin
  • Chalice with wine/juice
  • Wand, athame
  • 1 black stone - I used raw tourmaline
  • 1 white stone - I used white quartz
  1. I had to perform this inside as it is still a million degrees outside here in Houston. 30 minutes before sunset, I placed a blanket on my floor and placed the elemental representations and offering bowls in each quarter.
  2. At the West, I created my altar by placing my offering basket with the black stone on the left and the white stone on the right. I then added the chalice of juice and a plate with bread in front of it (between me and the altar). I added Frankincense incense and a yellow and an orange candle on either side of the basket. At the center, I placed by pentagram candle holder with color-appropriate tea lights to represent the 5 elements.
  3. I took some time to ground and center myself, followed by a meditation visualization of a sunset, thinking about how this day fall in perfect balance.
  4. Turning to search direction (starting in the west), I said the following:

I call to the Powers of the West and the Element of Water;
let your intuition flow as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the North and the Element of Earth;
let me be grounded in your strength as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the East and the Element of Air;
let me breathe in your wisdom as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the South and the Element of Fire;
let your spark energize me as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

  1. Going back to the center of the circle, I called the Lord and the Lady:

Goddess of Water, tide puller;
God of water, cycle mover;

Goddess of Air, breath of life;
God of Air, of wisdom rife;

Goddess of Earth, grain grower;
God of Earth, seed sower;

Goddess of Fire, hearthkeeping one;
God of Fire, of the blazing sun

You who are All: Lady and Lord,
Dark and Light
Deed and Word,
Day and Night
Sun and Moon
Blessings Bright
Harvest boon

May You be here, at twilight’s hour
As I honor You and toast Your power.

  1. I sit for a moment to feel the Lady’s and the Lord’s presence. Then I picked up the stones, one in each hand:

Day and night hang in the balance;
Today in equal measure, they meet.

Tomorrow the dark takes over the year
and the hours of light retreat

The darkness users in the chill
with leaves that whirl and winds that howl,

The snows may fall, the rains may cease
with empty fields and barren bough.

Dearest God, in Your waning strength
You move towards Your deathly sleep,

Yet memories of Summer shall warm my soul,
and the promise of Spring I keep.

Lovely Goddess, in Your womb, is the secret of what lies in store;

Rebirth of our God,
Rebirth of our Light
and Rebirth of our land evermore.

For the mystery that you’ve taught me
of the cycles of seasons are not in vain:

The darkness does pass,
the light does return,
and that which falls rises again.

  1. I then added the stones to the offering basket, sitting and meditating for a while.
  2. I then picked up my chalice, held it up and said:

Bless this juice, infused with your love that is poured on the Earth;
As you’ve freely given, I freely give in return;
Accept my thanks and love at this Harvest season for Your bounty.

  1. I then poured a small amount of juice into the offering basket. Standing, I offered a small portion of the juice to each quarter, starting in the West, moving clockwise, and saying:

May the delicate balance of mature’s energies every flow in harmony,
With the Goddess and God, with each other, and within me.

  1. I took a sip of the juice and then placed the chalice back down.
  2. Next I picked up the offering plate with the bread. I held it up and said:

Bless this grain, infused with your love that springs forth from the Earth.
As you’ve freely given, I freely give in return;
Accept my thanks and love at this Harvest season for Your bounty.

  1. I broke a piece of the bread off and placed it in the offering basket.
  2. I then walked the circle as above, breaking a small piece off for each quarter, while saying:

May the cycles of the seasons keep turning,
May the Power of the Wheel keeps burning,
So mote it be!

  1. I then took a small bite of the bread.
  2. I say and reflected on my life and on the fruits of my labor and about the things I need to let go of, the things that have held me back but don’t feel bad about them - Knowing that this is the season in which i can put.
  3. I then turned to each quarter in turn (starting in the West again), thanking each Elemental energy and bidding it go in peace.
  4. I then bid farewell to the Lady and the Lord:

In life there is death; in death there is life.
And the circle ever goes on.

My thanks and praise go with you this season,
in celebration of this Mabon.

For the season does turn you toward slumber as we move toward the icy realm of the North;

But Your presence remains in my mind and my heart,
and I carry you with me henceforth.


That was profound. Each day in many, many ways you are growing stronger in you is the power.



My Challenge Entry - Conditional Magick

Magick with Conditions

Witching Hour by FrozenStarART
Witching Hour by Frozen Star Art

I just read through the instructions/suggestions for this challenge and I have to laugh. I spent the week thinking about doing this on a completely different track! So, after reading it carefully this time, I realized what it actually is… so crazy :rofl:

I was thinking about performing spells with conditions, ie., if this, then that, or the other, but not whatever. About as clear as mud right? I have learned that Change is the only Constant! And I don’t like change, so for most of my life, I have always had a plan B and plan C just in case plan A goes awry.

I have written spells with conditions, which are not based on the moon phase, time, day, etc. So for my entry, I am sharing examples of these spells.

Protection Spell with Good and Evil conditions:

(God, Goddess, etc.)
Your protective shining light,
surrounds me, above and below,
on my right, on my left,
in front of me and behind me;
repelling all evil,
allowing only good to enter.
I am safe, protected, and thankful.
Blessed Be.
So mote it be!

Healing Spell with A conditional outcome:

(God, Goddess, etc.)
I ask for healing for (name/s) and his/her family
with the best possible outcome for all involved.
I am thankful.
Blessed be.
So mote it be!

These are simple spells, which I would customize for a particular situation.

The protection spell allows good to enter while repelling (returning) evil and the healing spell allows or asks for a conditional outcome depending on what’s best for everyone involved.

Deviant Art


Thank you, @Garnet!! It means a lot to receive your praise! I can feel myself getting stronger. Just need to keep up my daily practices.


Omg. I am finally settling down to read some posts to find that this very point was discussed an hour before I posted mine! Lol


Challenge Entry

This Witchy Challenge for the Dark Moon I am honoring My Dark Mother Heckate!
For the Season it would align with the Deipnon and The importance of the dark moon and modern Hecate and witchcraft and I honor her this new cycle! I am building my relationship with her. I just did a commitment ritual yesterday and today but that’s different.
For me I had to charge my crystals in smoke today to set my intention and help me throughout the week. This I believe to be conditional. Also my Book of Shadows entry

I made a pie :pie: as an offering to Heckate
Recently My mom passed away and I’m still learning to except the fact that my family still has not sold property.
My intention is not to worry!
I made a new Spells8Book of Shaedow and used a spell called Spell to sell a house!

Hers the meditation I did the Libra :libra: meditation

I hope this all lines up with the challenge!
I really thought every thing out!
You can see heckates pie :pie: I made

Going to the grocery I picked up 5 granny apples a pie shell and a topper! Used the excess pie crust to Implement my sigil. I needed evoke balance, fairness and judgement! :libra::fire:
I almost forgot to put the ashes on the picture but that’s what I am doing right now!
Tomorrow and over the next couple weeks I’ll make sure I write the end result.
Hail Heckate!


I am sorry your mom has passed. My sincere condolences.

I hope the property sells soon!

What a gorgeous entry. I like your BOS. Your altar looks amazing and your pie is making my mouth water!


Challenge entry:

I performed a spell to deepen the connection with my higher self. The spell required ingredients and to be performed during a new moon on a Sunday.
The ingredients were simple, saltwater, olive oil, candles to be anointed with the saltwater and olive oil. And a crystal. There was an incantation and I had to charge the crystal with the lights from both candles.
I have fairly heat tolerant hands. I was surprised with how much heat the 2 candles gave off. I had to hold the crystal fairly high above the candles. The crystal absorbed the heat from the two candles and the intention of strengthening my connection with my higher self. I can use this crystal in my meditations and any time I want to be reminded of / strengthen the connection.


This is amazing and deep and beautiful!


Thank you for this post. It was perfectly timed with a question I had.


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

Even with a theme that can be tricky to define, everyone is doing amazing with their entries! Thank you to everyone who has jumped into Conditional Magick!

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, please know that you still have some time:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: September 27th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :white_check_mark: :sparkles:


Ah! I have to get mine written up… I’ll put on my list of things to do in the forum… :rofl: I do have to get it done though. Really just writing it up about my New Moon things that I had done & the things that kind of fell into the mix. :revolving_hearts:

Everyone has had great entries so far!

PSA: If you notice an edit symbol at for your post or get a notification… it was me :grin:… all I did was add the words:

Challenge Entry

To the beginning of your entry so they are easier to find when going through the replies on the thread :smiling_face:

At some point today I will write up mine & get it posted :infinite_roots:


I was finally able to do the spell to find your dovah mindopah (dragon teacher), even though I was missing an object. My amber bracelet is missing, unfortunately. I have searched everywhere (even in the trash) and it just seems to have vanished. :sob: But I had been wearing it a lot, so I focused on my wrist during the part where I needed the amber.
The conditions weren’t completely met, but my dragon teacher did come to me after a few moments. It was a strange feeling. My body felt warm and heavy as we talked. Our conversation was around 45 minutes. At the end, I was given homework for the new lunar cycle. :rofl:


Challenge Entry

Hello!I’m still alive and finally fpund the motivation to do a challenge. For this one I based my magick around yesterday’s new moon in Libra, using it to set my intentions and find the balance between setting goals and taking actions towards them.
Blessed Be! :heart:


Challenge Entry

For this harvest I got some seeds to sprout. This is magical in my like I am trying to be magickal when it comes to nature.
Is this conditional?
Jeannie[quote=“Jeannie1, post:58, topic:28248, full:true”]

For this harvest I got some seeds to sprout. This is magical in my like I am trying to be magickal when it comes to nature.
Is this conditional?


Thank you yes I hope it sells too and I hope :crossed_fingers: for a new start and new beginnings!
I appreciate your encouragement and I am trying to really love myself to the core. I understand I have so many inner critics inside and I hope to have nothing but love for the self! This is why spell work to me and my relationship with my God and Goddess is important!
Love :two_hearts: and light


Try using a pendulum to help you find your bracelet! I hope you find it!