🔪 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Creative Crafting

Oh @kasie what a painful experience!!!


Hi witches,
I almost had tears in my eyes after looking at all your art! I love how each one of you put so much love into your Art! I am so happy :grinning:
Thanks for sharing your beautiful art! I love :heart: everyone’s art it shows how gifted we are!

Berta- you did an exceptional job !!! I wasted so much time just trying to figure out how to make a Perfect pentacle! You look like a pro really looks amazing :star_struck: I think my prayers have been answered!

Silver Bear thanks to you I made my first Spell Jar! Thank you :blush:

Roxanne, I love your Besome, You should see I have so many different twigs around the house I think it’s funny!I opened my trunk this morning and there was a twig in there!

Janelle I love your sachet, I tried too a charm bag and carried it in my purse! Really good hope you had a good intention Here are some good intentions ! https://pin.it/1MCvUi9

Haley congratulations on your shop! Very cool!
So excited for you! You must feel so blessed! Thanks for sharing your joy :star_struck:

Brenda- I really appreciate your art too, way to go I love your charm on your spell jar and I can see you put lots of love inn!! Woot woo!!’

Megan /Walter-/Limberry I look forward to seeing some of your art!”

Krissie great job :clap::clap::clap:on Brighid Love how you always stick with the same diety!!
The aTravel Witch Thank you for this challenge!!’
Luv :heart:
Jeannie :woman_mage:
Have fun

Blessed Be


Hooray! Glad you’re excited about this one, @Christina4 :grin:

Writing absolutely counts, @Kasie! :memo: It takes a lot of talent to wrangle words into creating images and even entire universes in other peoples’ minds- true magick right there! And ohhhh goodness- that sounds terrible! Okay, no sewing for you, girl- stick with your trusty pen and paper (or keyboard) :laughing:

Your crocheting is beautiful, @MeganB! Can’t wait to see what you decide to make :yarn:

@Berta!!! I am in awe- look at all those treasures! :heart_eyes: Please tell me you have a shop- you are so talented at crafting :clap: Was your major general art, or did you choose a specific spealiziation? I think that’s so cool you studied your passion and can now make such amazing creations!

Beautiful job spell and dream spell jars, @Brenda10! You used such lovely ingredients too. May they bring you a wonderful job and sweet dreams for many moons to come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are very welcome, @walter- thank YOU for sharing your lovely Brigid doll as well! :corn:

You are very sweet, @Jeannie1- you are welcome! Thank you for sharing such kind words for everyone. How is your wand coming along? Were you able to attach a crystal? :gem:


Whoa mama, you’re talented! :scream: I like them all but the scenes are so creative! Thanks for showing pics! :heartpulse:


It wasn’t too bad, I was mostly worried about getting blood on my new white shirt. But yeah, not fun at all. And that was just on a square pillow! LOL. A craft person I am not.

I thank you and my fingers thank you!


@kasie …I agree with @TheTravelWitch that writing is a creative outlet and an art! And she is great with words… I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Writing absolutely counts, @Kasie! :memo: It takes a lot of talent to wrangle words into creating images and even entire universes in other peoples’ minds- true magick right there! And ohhhh goodness- that sounds terrible! Okay, no sewing for you, girl- stick with your trusty pen and paper (or keyboard)


@TheTravelWitch @Jeannie1 @kasie @walter @marcy @Limeberry @brenda10 @christina4 You ALL have been so kind with your compliments! I am so chuffed. :slight_smile: LOL

To answer your questions @TheTravelWitch I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Ceramics. I worked in metal and sold my hand made items for 25+ years. Then I played around with fused glass for a while and sold those items (mostly to my mom) Our family is just into all that… Mom used to make items to sell at the church or hospital shoppe. Dad built two houses with his own hands and was always making or working on something… like a wooden canoe or a harpsichord. It truly is my sanity… if I am not ‘making something’ I get antsy. I don’t have to worry about the craft stores closing… I think I have enough supplies to keep me going through 3 lifetimes. I inherited all of my moms beads and bits when she passed and friends had gifted stuff to her as well. I have ‘toyed’ with trying to start an ETSY shop again. I had one for a few years but I don’t have anything posted right now. I took some time off to write a book. It was cathartic. My eyes were giving me issues and it was a now or never thing. It is a picture book of colored pencil drawings. Fun…glad its done. Right now I have been too busy creating a garden in the back yard. So perhaps this Winter I will think about ‘making and selling’ again. After two years the eye is finally resolving itself…and I can begin to focus again. Perhaps after my new glasses get made!

Bless you all for your sweet spirits. I adore you all for all the positive energy…the kindness and your sense of humor. I am so grateful for all of you. It is fun to be here. You make my day.


@Berta these are all so beautiful! You are definitely talented.


Thank you so much @Tamera Very kind of you.


The Travel Witch, I went to the craft Store and it was very expensive for the tools!
I just have to find the best bargain!


You can’t believe how thankful I am! LOL.


I think you’ve experimented with just about every kind of crafting and artwork there is, Berta- AMAZING! :heart_eyes: And it sounds like you come from a very talented and crafty family as well. Do you have a personal favorite area of art (I can imagine it might be hard to choose!)?

Congrats on the book- it must be beautiful! :open_book: Sorry it took a toll on your eyes, but I’m glad to hear you’re regaining your strength with time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you continue to heal and can back to making and selling your gorgeous treasures soon. And new glasses are always a cause for celebration! :eyeglasses::grin:

You are so sweet too, @Berta- and with a wild and hilarious sense of humor to boot! I love your posts- thanks for being here too! Big hugs :hugs::two_hearts:

Craft stores can be shocking expensive- good luck hunting for the deals, @Jeannie! If you have a big name craft store nearby, consider looking online or in their catalogs for coupons and discounts :ticket: . I would also check out your local thrift stores to see what you can find for very cheap prices! :grin:


@Jeannie1 … My experience buying the ‘tools’ I need can be expensive, but with a little creativity you can make it less pricey. Garage sales can be a great resource. As @TheTravelWitch suggested it is great to look for coupons, and timing your purchase to when prices are down. For instance: I bought my first set of colored pencils from Michaels on a 50% off day. Also, specialized tools cost more than hardware store tools. SOMETIMES you can make do with a hardware store tool (that is usually more ruggedly built than the craft tool and give years more service). For instance…Many of the “jewelry” pliers at craft stores are crap… my apologies to the French speakers reading this… but they are. They will end up just frustrating you in the long run. It takes a little hunting but electronic tools are pretty nice, delicate and functional. Anyway, sometimes it is worth it to think outside the box. Of course, I was blessed with a ‘lending library’ of options from Mom and Dad… the rule was to just treat the tool with respect and return it where I found it. Yea, I’m spoiled. Happy crafting!


I made a healing crystal grid for my dad, bc he has shingles :pensive:.

And, I also made a keychain for my son.


Ouch! Ooh :open_mouth: I can’t imagine that happening. I just cringed. Sorry that happened to you! My grandmother was so good at sewing. I wanted to be like her and besides learning the basics (I went to an art school), my grandmother taught me so much!


My grandfather was handy with wood making. I wish I had half his talent or knowledge. He made shelves, tables, any piece of furniture. He sanded it all by hand. I still have the kitchen table he made. This craft challenge is bringing up some good memories. I miss my grandparents dearly. We were so close but I know their spirit lives on. Anyway, I’m babbling on. If you start making and selling, please let us know!


Some of that spirit is in you, too. It may not be their exact talents but their love and appreciation of well made things is with you. As I watch my Dad aging I see his spirit is still as strong as ever but his body and will to be in this world is waning. I am so lucky to have him still. He teaches me something everyday… if not about HIS life than something about myself and how I am so much a part of HIM.
Absolutely!!! I will let you know if I get brave enough to start selling again. It is a lot of commitment and work. I rather enjoy the freedom of creating when the mood hits me.


Wonderful… Love the keyring. Did you crochet those components??


I crave a happy relationship with my dad. :pensive: He’s not as bad as my mother but he still doesn’t treat me like a daughter or like my siblings. If he’s not yelling at me, he talks crap and “jokes” with me. Meaning his jokes are insults.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re close with your dad! And, I understand the feeling of creating things when it comes to you. I have published poems and short stories. My publisher gave me harsh deadlines. I would just wake up and write as soon as I grabbed something to write with.
Or, when I’m doing something incredibly important, I’d try to hide that I’m writing instead of paying attention :sweat_smile:


LOL… yep… like that. I was frequently doodling ideas when I should have been taking notes. It’s like my brain simply overflows and I have to write it down or it just flows away down the drain.