🎲 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Divining Differently

Well, I think I’m going to try both things. I ran across an article a couple of months back on how to make your own scrying mirror but didn’t have the perfect frame (still don’t) and I just put the idea off. With the challenge, it rekindled the idea of trying it out, so I bought a dollar store picture frame to see what I think.

I am looking forward to trying it out.

I am also excited to try out my new ogham staves for divination - another one of those things that if I enjoy it and connect with it, I’d like to make a nicer set from sticks in my backyard.


I think I would try vision divination: I charge a hat with specific energies & then wear it during meditation, enter an altered state of consciousness & get visions when I close my eyes


That sounds interesting, I haven’t tried that before! I’m interested in how that goes! Good luck on your journey!


A few days ago I found an empty drawing book. I had bought a set of acrylic pens for use at the activity centers. And started to draw a cloud on this empty page. After that I felt the need to draw a sign on this cloud in gold. I drew the rune Fehu without knowing it was the rune Fehu. I looked it up afterwards. Fehu stands for abundance possessions , wealth , succes. The cloud for me stands for worry.
Next to it I wrote wealth will triomph over worrying

And on the other page next to it I wrote my own thoughts and insights.

I will do this more often. Just draw something which flows out of my mind and then imagine a rune on top of it. That’s the theme
And then try to find words with it. I have done two more

It is supposed to be a rose🤪
The rune on top of it is manas
The text with it love carries humanity and it has many layers.

It s about accepting our humanity and our vulnerability and within it being worthy and carried by love.

I try to do this without thoughts and analysis so it comes from my unconscious mind.


@martje wow, great job! That’s awesome that you can do intuitive divination. I’m still working on trusting my intuition again & resetting some old patterns.

:fehu: is a great rune & :mannaz: is a good one too. You could put them together & make a bindrune too! I really like this practice, I hope as you continue more information comes to you :heart_eyes:


Thank you Siofra, you make me smile :blush:


Thank you! I appreciate that :hugs: It’s a great entry, I still don’t know what I’m going to do :laughing:


You will find something, I am sure


@crystal5 Pendulum work is a great divination method to jump into- I hope you have fun with it, Crystal! Good luck! :grinning:

@Amethyst If you ask me, whether or not the tool feels right is the only thing that truly matters when it comes to judging a tool/method of divination. I bet your runes have been waiting for you to find the right time to bring them out- have fun with them this week, Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Wysteria_Norn It’s my pleasure- thanks so much for sharing both your thoughts as well as how you weave divination into your practice! I wish you all the best with your scrying and mirror magick if you choose to explore them- good luck and have fun! :mirror: :sparkles:

@Eliza_01 Hooray! Maybe I’m biased (I am :laughing:) but I was hoping someone who give tea leaf readings a try for this challenge- it’s such a soothing and fun method of divination! If for whatever reason you’re not able to get any loose leaf tea, cutting open a tea bag will give you some material to work with. It’s not quite the same as the loose leaf teas (especially the really funky ones like dried oolong), but it certainly works and gives you plenty to read from! Good luck and have fun! :coffee::two_hearts:

@katnabis Ohhhhhh that’s a very pretty scrying mirror :heart_eyes: :mirror: Beautiful work- may both your new scrying mirror as well as your lovely Ogham staves serve you well! Happy divining! :blush:

@john.knox Vision divination sounds cool- good luck and have with it, John! :tophat: :sparkles:

@Martje Beauiful artwork- that creativity of yours shines so brightly, Martje! :sun_with_face: May wealth triumph over worry and that you find the love and acceptance of humanity :rose::fehu: :mannaz: :blush: This is a very lovely entry, Martje- awesome work!


My husband bought me a set of runes!


OOH, how pretty! Good hubby there, @crystal5!


You’re too kind. I’m not unhappy with my first attempt at making staves but they are a bit… rough :laughing: I will give them a couple of tries to see how I like them.

(edit: ok I’m hooked! I think I need to be on the lookout for sticks in my backyard and at work to make a nicer set!)


Whale :whale: of a hello!! LOL
I am so glad that we are touching on the tarot! One of my favorite loves of the craft!
I just wanted to say thank you to Francisco and all who make this all possible! I love the printable’s for my journaling! I like to use my app on the yoga app with Yoga With Adriene to do journal writing and try to get in the energy of the cards!
I also like to have a oracle deck too! I am sure you all have many decks! I should let you know I have many! I have been blessed with alot of decks!

Kassandra- I like that you also have dark decks and I never use to work with the dark decks. I started out with all light but know I try to embrace my dark side!
Katabis_ I really love your creativity this is something I would like to do! I still have not acomplished making my own runes yet! I have not even really learned to much with the runes honestly. But I would like too!! I have tried to work with them but honestly I am slow to learn and its taking me awhile to really get a grasp of the cards! Just creating to runes probably helps have a better relationship with them! You inspire me and thanks for sharing your creativity!
Joey- Hi I have not introduced myself to you but I am glad that you are learning! Nice to meet you you Joey! Do you know anything about the tarot spreads? I have a book bye Barbara Moore and she has many spreads to empower your readings! I am just learning to make my own spreads. I really need to have a big cup of coffee though!LOL

Amethyst_ I always need to use a book when it comes to the runes lol :smiling_face:

How exciting Jane and do you know what tarot deck you want to get?

Stavroula- What does your pendulum look like? I am excited for you! I still need to get my pendulum out cause I have some serious questions to ask spirit! I really want to get a pendulum that has all the chakra colors on it! I still need to make a board for my pendulum. That would be nice to interact with it and make it my own! I hope you get the answers you need!
Pheonix_Fire - I learned too to put the crystals that are really small in the tarot box or oracle decks!
Well I will share with you all I am a fanatic about making my own boxes and since the move well I just got out of a storm and kinda still in it due to my son who has mental illness. Anyhow I will share with you my box I made for my tarot deck!



Thank you! Making things is partly frugality and partly the feeling of satisfaction that I get from creating. Funny you should mention making your own runes! I’ve always been interested in Rune but never connected to the glass stone sets I’ve had so I decided to make mine from a material I already use to make my jewelry - metal clay! It took me longer than I expected but I love the connection I have with this set.

If it’s something new I’ve never tried before, I go a basic, less complicated route and create it. Then if I really enjoy it, I usually end up making the item again with more patience, and better materials.

I say go for it! Find flat rocks in your yard, use popsicle sticks or even print them out on cardstock! You might find it more fun to learn them on a set you made.


In a pinch you can take your tea bags, cut them open and use them that way without buying loose leaves! :teapot::coffee:


[quote=“Siofra_Strega, post:25, topic:26850”] :black_heart: :white_heart: :brown_heart:
put them together & make a bindrune too! I really like this practice

Yes, the bindrune is such a great idea @Siofra_Strega - @martje I love your creativity and how you let it guide your outcome. :green_heart: :green_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:


I’m a huge proponent of making them, but I happen to have these from amazon and am considering making some from them - what do you think?

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@jan_TheGreenWitch Oh, those are really cool! I love the natural bark and they should be the right length too.

I say go for it! I’m excited to see how they turn out :heart:


If it’s something new I’ve never tried before, I go a basic, less complicated route and create it. Then if I really enjoy it, I usually end up making the item again with more patience, and better materials.

I say go for it! Find flat rocks in your yard, use popsicle sticks or even print them out on cardstock! You might find it more fun to learn them on a set you made.

I do find that the experience of creating your own makes the learning process more meaningful!
Also I learn better this way making my own helps jog my memory!! :brain::face_in_clouds:
I really do appreciate your work! It is complete Katnabis! You are the Queen :princess: of wands! I like the popsicle sticks! Very well done :+1: :+1:

I made some runes but since the move my runes got put on the shelf! Little by little I will create my own! I made my runes out of an Oak Tree :evergreen_tree: The oak Tree really speaks to me cause it helps me to remember how I am grounded and a strong person even when I feel weak!
I started my journey with the runes and well know since we’re on the subject, I just might make one tonight! “Thanks for sharing your so creative” I’ll be your muse anytime!
Hers mines and I am still working on them though I thought I would share where I at. I used the wood burner one of my favorite things by far to use in the craft! I just love woody Art :framed_picture:!



I have had pretty good results with Blue Lotus Flower, have you tried that for lucid dreaming, sounds like something similar?

I believe that if you go into a lucid dream with a question, you can achieve answers and insight as with any other means of divination.