🐲 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Dragon Magick

My crystal Dragon :dragon: is Obsidian
Black Obsidian

Obsidian, another non-mineral, is a volcanic glass, born literally of forceful fiery energy.
Birthed in a volcanic eruption when molten lava spews up from a volcano, obsidian flies out & then cools quickly once it touches the cooler land or much cooler water, sometimes forming tiny bubbles
This contains vulgar language so I blurred it out for those of you that don’t like profanity.

I thought it was interesting, Obsidian, another non-mineral, is a volcanic glass, born literally of forceful fiery energy.
First I meditated with a crystal to allow my fiery dragon’s energy of power to be in the crystal. This energy is sent to the source which was the obsidian pic down below. I relaxed outside and visualized a red and yellow triangle that was apparent in my mind’s eye. For meditation, I used a technique called “the complete breath”
inhale deeply to counter for pushing the belly out as you inhale. Hold the breath four counts and hold the lungs empty for four counts repeat.

My dragon fire was completely inside me and I visualized a fiery light all around. With every breath, I held in dragon breath till it filled my aura. I started to fill my scales down my back turning into the dragon archetype. I filled my obsidian with my breath and it was charged for dragon power. “There are no limitations to my reality I am a dragon”!
The phases of the moon since I’m practicing on Sunday the days and hours of the moon are good for works of intuition Fertility and gross. Visionary works and works with the inner mind work invincibility and deceit. This is all paraphrased from my book.
1.The robe
2.the cord
3.the amulet/Tailsman
I consecrate these items and my magical tools
the water and the book.
First I opened a circle & I blessed and concentrated all my sacred objects. When everything was assembled I said out loud let this road be a mantle of power and a blessing of protection and me.
(For the girdle formed by several windings of the cord around the waist.)
I bind this cord as an emblem of magic as a sign of the web of the world and as a symbol of my dedication to art.
(For the lamen)
Let this tells a man to be strong to bind the power of the dragon on to me that I may speak with every kind of spirit and that and safety.
Here are my sigils

I think of the Dragon :dragon_face: being strong and doesn’t take any shit energy! I like that because I have a soft heart :heart: but that doesn’t mean I should take any shit! (I got this from Hecate)

I am a villain I am an outcast hidden behind the shadows with conflict grief and pain.
At times I feel like I am going insane.
My old bones are tired from the choices of my past.
My old soul has been weekend by all that what was done in vain; things just don’t feel the same.
I’ve been stabbed in the back and I even have the scar to prove it! In my fears and regret lies and deceit. I was buried and felt I’d be better off buried in the grave and everyone would forget me lonely and isolated as if I were better off dead “at the Darkest Hour light came to light” (The power of myth Joseph Campbell”. How do I slay the Dragon in me?
I ask myself to manifest a dream and even though I was a scared Dragon. I took a big step to call upon my Dragon to assess my Unleash me from my ugly self!

Great Dragon,
Unleash your fire within me and Kindel the flame. Help me to find my voice again.( the third chakra). I am ever so passionate when I called to you Dragon to face my fears. I ask to give me the courage to change. I am ugly inside and it’s too hard to look at some times but believe me if you would honor you and I plea to you! I would be a good Devote.
“Show me your power” “Show me your strength”and allow me to go deep inside and help me to land on my 2 feet again.
Help me to create some new ideas that will stir my life in the right direction. Out of nothing, help me to be strong. Dragon :dragon:
I am “ready” for your fire energy to move forward. To take a giant step! One strong breath of flames to help me tame.
It’s like a blessing but a curse inside guide me! “I need clarity”!
Dragon help me to align my thoughts with reality within the physical world.

Dragon fly Animal Totem
Nymphs to a Dragon fly!
Dragonfly they move from egg to lava to adult they come from the water and then air. So think of the element water & element in the air elemental. Air communication & water is healing. The nymph starts life in the water and then they shed their skin then they can fly.They start out really ugly then they end up looking beautiful. It’s not about how you start but how you finish. I am not afraid to change. I manifest my life and plan out the next 3 to 5 years or 10 years.Trust everything will be OK release review plan. Interest self moving to the next steps.
Creating boundaries and think to yourself I have the power to restructure and if you don’t meet those needs take control and hold the key you are a leader. Change is a must to adjust expand what are your ingredients.
I was weaker now I am stronger
I lacked confidence but now I have what it takes

Here’s a website I found about Dragons
Thank you I hope :pray: evryo e would be so blessed to have this fiery Dragon :dragon_face: by your side!

Thank you Kassandra for this purpose of taming the Dragon inside me! I also have the Dragon Oracle and Dragons Tarot. I took a picture so you can see. I was thinking about the ocean today and how I should expand my opportunities for the future. I might just quite my job and go to beauty school! I want to ask to and be more direct about what I want! There are so many options when I think of the ocean :ocean: I think how wide it is. I want to expand my thinking and manifest opportunities! To go further & father places. Places I never thought I could go too! So I understand why you thought of the ocean!

Thank you to all our leadership you know who you are!

:sparkles:Iris- I like ur Dragon figure looks fiery! Your alter looks great!

:sparkles:Soifra- Thanks for the witchy tip on using the Dragons blood. I have some safe that I purchased that is Dragons blood.



That’s pretty good all in a :chestnut: nutshell! This is one of the main reasons why I like working with the Dragon is because It’s associated with everything you said!

I see you did a wonderful job with that poem. I envy you! I love how you express yourself so well!
You gave me inspiration to write mines! You have so many talents! :fire:

:sparkles:Travel Witch,
Me and my cousin were just talking about the tea Rex and how the tea Rex wad a dinosaur and the dinosaur could have been a dragon.
Awsome findings!

:sparkles:Christina- I love :heart: ur deck! Thanks :blush: very lovely I indeed!

:sparkles:Steph- I love the myth about dragons because they tell a story of the hero!the hero is the person who is on that journey. The western dragon represents greed however the Chinese dragon is different it represents the vitality of the swamps and comes up beating its belly and bellowing it’s that lovely kind of dragon one that use the bounty of the waters and is the great glorious gift :gift_heart:

:sparkles:Megan12- I liked your protection amulet and so many herbs 🪴 I have so many and I am going to try to use more in my magical workings!

:sparkles:Mary25- what a beautiful color and I really think the Gold Dragon gave it a special touch to your spell!

:sparkles:Wade- I know the feeling and not having time so I am glad you made some time for yourself!

:sparkles:Amethyst- I like the Chinease dragon much better than the western that is evil! :four_leaf_clover: Thanks for the information! I didn’t know that there were nine different dragons this was very informative thank you!
& Water :sweat_drops: is very precious and we need water to survive so I appreciate you thinking about mother earth!
What a beautiful chant and prayer!
:sparkles:Nick Wick - I will save this protection spell thank you! thank you
I appreciate your help and finding This amazing spell!:grin:
Thank you all blessed be!


Beautiful Dragon Oracle reading, @Christina4- the cards are gorgeous and they have some beautiful wisdom! Nicely done! :dragon_face: :flower_playing_cards:

I agree @steph! Dragon Magick really does open the door into the ‘unknown’ and to challenge us to look beyond what we accept as reality :door: . There’s a lot to be gained in working with these powerful creatures! :dragon_face: :blush:

Ahhhh I love the feathered dinosaur, @Kasandra - I’m sure it was a very fierce creature, but the picture looks so sweet! :heart_eyes: And a huge congrats on the Craconic Reincarnation Spell- I know you worked hard and planned a lot for this ritual, and it sounds like it was roaring success, even if Veaug gave you a lot to unpack- good for you! :tada:

Once again, beautifully done on your dragon spell in the other thread @phoenix_dawn! Thanks for sharing :heart:

I’m so glad you enjoyed the challenge, @mary25- it sounds like you had a lovely experience meeting your guardian dragon :yellow_heart: And such a lovely dragon you connected with- I love how you captured His likeness on the candle. It will make a lovely addition to your altar or for more dragon spellwork in the future :blush:

Sorry to hear its been hectic for you lately, @wade- may things calm down soon and that you can find more time to relax and recover! :pray: I’m glad you enjoyed the meditation and felt an aura of protection- may your guardian dragon watch over and guide you :dragon_face: :heart:

A gorgeous poem for a lovely dragon, @Amethyst- your talents shine brightly once again! :clap: And you are so thoughtful to write it for an area that could use the blessing of rain :cloud_with_rain: I love how it is so verstile- a very useful spell indeed! Thanks so much for sharing it :blush:

Thank you for your wisdom on the red dragon, @NickWick- when I think of red dragons, I always think first of Smaug from The Hobbit, who did not give red dragons a very good name :laughing: Your researchof red dragons reveals a much nicer and more beneficial side- a delight to learn about! :pray: Thank you for both the wisdom and the lovely protection spell :sparkles:

Good for you, @Jeannie1- strength comes in many forms (like the Tarot card Strength reveals) and the dragon is a quintessential symbol of both internal and external strength :muscle: :heart: May the dragon help you to stand up for yourself and know when it’s time to say no to BS :crossed_swords: Be strong and proud of who you are inside and out! :raised_hands:


We are in the process of packing up here as we will be moving out of our apartment next week! :house_with_garden: The original plan was to head back to the USA and visit family for a bit, but as the borders are still currently closed to the EU, we’ll be staying with my partner’s family here in Poland.

With my crystals wrapped up safely and my amulets, charms, and even some dried herbs tucked away, I figured it was a good chance to cleanse and bless a few Draconic items in the hopes of protecting everything in the suitcases :shield: :baggage_claim: Unfortunately, it looks like things may have to stay packed up for quite a while :sweat_smile:


The two dragon bracelets will go in one suitcase each, while the Dragon Talisman (an omamori I bought at a shrine in Japan) will stay in its place guarding the front door to our apartment until move out day :door:


Like @IrisW mentioned in her post, since starting this challenge I have been seeing dragons everywhere- they’re in the news (they just uncovered the remains of a “Dragon Man”), they’re on decorative buildings in Warsaw’s Old Town, and we are planning a trip later next month to see the famous Wawel Dragon in Kraków (who shoots fire when you send a text to a certain phone number :fire::iphone: )

In the theme of dragons, new beginnings, and exciting adventures, I’ll share one of my favorite fun facts about dragons:

Did you know? That on maps (both historical and fantastical) there are often pictures of dragons and/or the words “Here be Dragons”- this is because dragons were a symbol of the unknown, something beyond the edge of the map :map:

[Pic from Dragon Mapping]

Dragons are a symbol of what lies beyond boundaries- they are a marker for adventure and a sigil of greatness that lies just beyond the edge of your comfort zone :compass:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: June 29th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :dragon_face: :heart:


The fun fact was interesting! But I hope you have a smooth move! After the borders open back up, of course.


You’re absolutely welcome :sparkles::hugs::sparkles:


Wow that’s super neat!! I have to learn more because now I’m interested :sweat_smile:


Beautiful! :heart_eyes::dragon: You did a great job!


You’re welcome, @Jeannie1! If going to beauty school is something you’ve always wanted to do and you’d be much happier, I’d say, go for it! :facepunch:


Oh… I love that お守り(omamori)! :heart_eyes: It’s well-made and would be great to hang from any door in an apartment or house. Good luck moving into your new apartment! May the red dragon continue to protect you and your partner. :dragon:


It makes a lot of sense that red dragons would be associated with happiness, luck and protection, since red is a lucky color to the Chinese people.
I’ve been trying to visualize what Tysteal might look like. Because she’s a sheppard goddess you can turn to for good luck and protection, I imagine that she would be a red dragon too!

Image Found On Pinterest.


Thank you! Right now the Western US is melting, I hope to send them some much needed rain.


Thank you for liking it! I was worried that I didn’t capture the feel of a dragon but I like what I wrote. Maybe because I’m used to thinking about dragons and fire and this one is a water dragon. Who knows?


To celebrate Dragon Magick, I prepared my own Dragon Blood essential oil. I used Dragon Blood resin, a carrier oil like grapefruit seed oil, lavender EO, and sandalwood EO. It is said that Dragon’s blood resin can put power behind intention and manifestation. It is popular for banishing, love, protection and healing spells. I also notice that my spirit animal, the seahorse, can be considered a sea dragon. As a water sign, it was amazing to find out how connected I am to the sea and the water element. I’ve grown fond of dragon magick and I can’t wait to learn more. Thanks again !


I think I’ll say a draconic prayer for rain as well for the American west. Saw that it’s been 100-110 degrees in Seattle and Portland! :hot_face: That’s insanely hot for that region, even during the summer! How anyone can still deny that climate change is real is mind boggling.


Hello all! For this challenge I decided to use the “Connect with your Guardian Dragon” meditation. I lite a red candle and cinnamon incense on my altar. I also surrounded the candle with black tourmaline for protection, red Jasper for energy/clearing the mind, red garnet for relationships/strength, and red coral for harmony/love.

A little background on me. I have aphantasia, or the inability to see images in my mind. When I meditate and “see” things, they come to me as descriptions, a sense of something, or just knowing something.

I definitely met a dragon but need to do more research to determine who it is. They did tell me that they are orange and yellow and a fire elemental dragon. I got the sense that they were an Eastern style dragon but it had wings, which I know is not a thing in Eastern lore. I was filled with red colored energy during our interaction and felt that they are very protective of women in general. I also felt that they were very large in size. I did not have a sense of gender from them.

Overall I really enjoyed this challenge and think I will continue to research to see if I want to work with my dragon further.

My altar set up before I started (I’m in the process of updating my altar area).


We can send them some of ours, Houston is drowning. I feel like I’m in Waterworld! And it’s not keeping the heat down a whole lot either, just adding to the humidity. :hot_face: :sweat_drops: :sweat: :swimming_woman: :swimming_woman:


I know! It’s unreal. Climate change can be so easily proven, sad to say. Why won’t people believe?

I knew this was a thing, but now I know the word for it! Because I can’t visualize a darn. I can feel it, I just can’t see it!

Eep, not good. Houston has been getting a lot of floods lately. Too bad you can’t send that rain further westward! Stay dry!


Yes!! Feeling something is most often how I get things. I have clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance so I get messages through feelings and sound mostly. I didn’t know the word for it until earlier this year thanks to TikTok!!


:star2:Travel Witch,
Hers my amulet looks like yours! Mines is a earring!

I did a reading this morning, & I thought Maybe I could get an interpretation from someone.
Hers a Cheatsheet for reversals.
The first one has an reversal and looks as though this energy was determined there was a deep wound. However I was wrong The lovers the pact with the dragon is a primordial marriage with the forces of nature. Staining himself with the blood of the slain dragon of the concord force of nature the mortal champion becomes in vulnerable contract friendship marriage disappointments.
The present I feel like it shows an interpretation for stability in the present moment. However I was wrong.
True meaning
1b.The four of wands a Babylonian lady goes to her lover and enters the city through a gate of Marduk undertaking!

2a.This is off of my intuition, The future shows balance, harmony, and creative energy in regards to the rods. It depicts four people directing energy to into the dragon :dragon:
True meaning

2b.The two of wands among the rocks of the African deserts and graffito depicts a dragon that rolls over the valley rule.

3a.This is the first Interpretation before I read the book, Just off of my intuition. So In the past there was a deep scar, as if I was in a pool of blood :drop_of_blood: and know there is some stableness and in the future I will have more balance.

True meaning
3b.Looks like I made a marriage with the dragon and I am going to rule. I am thinking this is a lot more encouraging than what I was thinking.
Thank you for any of your interpretations.

:star2:Kassandra- beauty has always been a passion of mine so I think it will be a great opportunity for new beginnings.

Blessed be!