🐲 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Dragon Magick

Thank you to @Kasandra for the idea for the challenge!!! Also thanks to @TheTravelWitch for all your hard work!!

For my entry, I did an oracle reading with the deck, Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper.

I shuffled and I asked the dragons what I needed to hear at the moment. Also I asked them to tell me when to stop shuffling.

So I shuffled and I got the cards:
Earth Dragon with a jasper (I forgot which one, too early right now :grin: but it reminds me of earth)
Sunshine Yellow Dragon with citrine crystals.
Fire Dragon, with the crystal carnelian.

So after looking at the cards, it looks like I’m in good shape with the dragons!! :dragon::dragon_face:


Glad to hear you’re in good shape with the dragons! :dragon: May they continue to protect you!


Cool! Can you pulled a card for me! I would like to connect to one of them? Thanks for sharing!


We’re you asking me to pull a card, @fabian ?


Especially since some think/know that some had feathers ‘ and not scales’ or even both. & since there were already flying ones aka (pterodactyl, etc) And the many ancient peoples and cultures who have legends and stories of dragons that still linger today. I’ve never worked with Dragon Magic or even Dragon energy’ but man does it sound powerful. Just like a piece of magic/energy that is needed in a situation that you need the strength/power/confidence of a Benevolent Creature.


Yes please @christina4 your dragon deck is so unique and intriguing.


Ok sure. Hold on.
I pulled the air and water dragon. It says:
Helps you to connect to higher frequencies. Trust your intuition. Develop your psychic abilities. Be open to enlightenment. Express your inner song.

Sorry about the light and the shadow. You got both with me lol I’m going to edit and add what’s in the booklet for you

Fourth-dimensional blue and green air and water dragons pour light into our third eye to assist our psychic and spiritual development. They help to dissolve our veils of illusion and enable us to see from a higher perspective. At the same time, they bring us inspiration and higher aspirations. They remind us to trust our intuition even when logic demands another course of action.

Add air and water and you create bubbles (lol) and sparkling waters. Air and water dragons bring lightness and something special to our life. When they soar and shimmer round us, a sense of happiness and hope lights up within us. They enable us to connect with our inner song and start to express it


Awesome! Thank you so much! I am water sign so I can relate to what the message conveys. Thanks again @christina4.


I’ve been looking around for articles on feathered dinosaurs (my interest has been sparked!) and came across this new dinosaur!

Meet the ‘Dancing Dragon’—A Fierce Winged Dinosaur

What The Dancing Dragon, also known as Wulong bohaiensis, might have looked. Image from ScienceFriday.


@Garnet , this a beautiful poem! Lets your imagination go and fly away with the dragons. Very talented.
Blessed be.


After doing the guided red candle meditation
I did a dragon protection spell jar

Edited to add that all ingredients are fire element herbs


Well done M12, I never would have thought.


Thank you @Garnet it’s fairly simple but I do better with focal points to help me visualize things so this jar is meant to keep on a shelf or by the front door but I also made the sachet as an amulet for my purse


I did not expect to love this challenge so much! I did the Connect with Your Guardian Dragon meditation above and I was BLISSED out. I really liked that picture of the golden dragon above so I painted a gold dragon on a red jar candle and lit that during the meditation. My benevolent and protective guardian dragon was gold, as well (in my mind), with opalescent touches on the abdomen throat and wings. Masculine energy. So beautiful. During the meditation I felt fire energy but also earth energy (from the crystal cave), air energy (beating wings and smoke, tendrils) and water energy (glistening scales, fluid movement). It was so relaxing and I enjoyed it immensely. I think I will have to do more dragon work!

I also read a little about dragons online. I discovered that Oolong tea means dragon tea, that it is a mix of black and green tea and that it can help lower your blood pressure. I also found that the Natural History Museum in New York has a “Mythic Creatures” exhibit and they had a lot of information about dragons and their meaning in different cultures on the website.


Hey, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! :green_heart:

Unfortunately, I’m super busy again this week and haven’t had much downtime – or energy, to be honest – to do much for this week’s challenge. I decided to do the “Connect with Your Guardian Dragon Meditation” linked above.

I didn’t really expect much to happen because typically, I have to do a guided meditation several times before I begin to feel any results. During this one, however, I felt protected and felt a boost of confidence very quickly into the meditation. I’ll definitely have to try it again soon! :dragon:


Oh My Goodness! How Cute Is he!!!


The Draconic Reincarnation Spell was a success! :dragon:
And wow, I have a lot to unpack from this ritual.

I sprayed myself with dragon’s blood, diffused some clove essential oil to ward off negativity, cast a circle and invoked Veaug, my dragon soul guardian, and the elemental dragons.
I then lit. a purple candle, poured some moon water into my cauldron and sprinkled some oregano around the rim (to enhance intuition and psychic power).
As I held a septarian stone and looked at my reflection in the water, I said this chant I wrote to uncover a past life about three, four times.

O Veaug,
Great Dragon God of Obscurity,
you who see all that is hidden in the dark,
you who light the way with a just single spark
Within these waters crystal clear,
show me who I have been
so that I may learn of the fears,
the regrets,
the doubts
buried deep within my soul.
Let them come pouring out,
out, out!
Let me see,
Let me accept,
all that I have been and all that I am.
So mote it be.

At least four things came to my mind.

  1. A still image of a jungle somewhere in Southeast Asia.
  2. An image of pyramid and a large stone head that was built by the Olmecs of Mesoamerica.
  3. An moving image of an ocean and a sky that went from clear to cloudy. Not sure which ocean though. I thought maybe the Caribbean or even the Mediterranean. Unlike the first image, I just didn’t know where this was.
  4. This was more or less a feeling. A feeling of
    sewing or doing embroidery work.

I chanted a fifth time and asked Veaug if he had anything else to show me or if he could explain some of these images to me,
especially the last two. But nothing else came and I had this feeling of someone was saying to me, “Meditate on it. You’ll figure it out.”

Told you it was a lot to unpack.:laughing: I’ll have to meditate on these images and do some more research on the areas I was able to identify.
I’m also going to have refrain from spell work for a bit. Draconic energy is powerful and can be draining, but very rewarding.


Well, I wasn’t so sure what to do for this week’s challenge, so I researched a Dragon and wrote a chant to go with it. I found this lovely article on Chinese Dragons and went with Shenlong, Dragon of Wind and Rain.

And no, it has nothing to do with Shenlong being my favorite Gundam from Gundam Wing. Nothing at all! LOL!

I haven’t cast it, because I don’t need any rain right now, but I wrote it for the United States west because they need rain, there’s a serious drought going on. You can change the cities to cities closer to you that need rain. I’d use dragon blood incense and a blue candle to go with this chant.

Shenlong, Dragon of Rain hear my cry!
The land is parched, the rivers and lakes run dry.
Bring your blessing of rain to all nearby!

Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Salt Lake, and Thousand Oaks!
All drown in pollution and dust until you choke.
Bring your rain and clouds, wrap them around them like a cloak!

Shenlong, Dragon of Wind and Rain, hear me I pray!
Bring your blessing of Water to the Earth this day!


Ok… so for this challenge I went ahead and incorporated a colour with my weekly challenge. When I think about dragons :dragon:I think about protection and the colours red or green, so I took the time out today to learn little about the red dragon.

Through researching I found that the red dragon symbolized happiness and :four_leaf_clover: good luck. It is for this reason, the symbol is popular at weddings and other celebrations to encourage happiness and good luck. I also believe that the red dragon is a source of protection and can aid the believe or practioner great protection.For this month I found good luck and protection are two of the most important things I wanted to work on this month, so using this red dragon was a good go after for the challenge.I also found this picture of a red dragon that resonates with my correspondence, having not worked with dragons before but I am willing to learn more about them in time,that I share with you below.

Source: Pinterest.com

I somewhat manage to source a very powerful protection spell as well to go along with my good luck protection dragon.

For the protection spell I will add this to my BOS for emergency when in need of urgent protection. I also plan on adding some dragons blood incense to this spell and a red and black candle. I certainly enjoyed this challenge since I have learnt some thing new :hugs: I have also provided a link to a website that aids in giving more beneficial information on these magickal​:dizzy: creatures.

Dragons and Meanings I do hope you find the information provided useful.

Blessed Be💫


Mary, aren’t you the clever girl!