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Of course! I’m glad you like it enough to keep it!


My Challenge Entry
Although I’ve been a witch for almost 2 years now,I have too admit I’ve never had a daily practice until a few months ago.When I wake up the first thing I do is, say good morning to me deities.I then meditate and pull a tarot card for the day.When I wash my face I also imagine washing off insecurity and then when I moisturize,I say self-love affirmations.
Blessed Be


Ahh, that definitely helps then :sweat_smile: In any case, I’m happy to provide some inspiration wherever others find it :heart:

I probably could lol but honestly, that’s too early in the morning for me to bother :woman_shrugging:t3: I might make a little routine out of a nightly cup of tea and have a chant with that. Maybe one day!

Oh no, Jeannie! That’s horrible news :scream: I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that. 60 days is not enough time, in my opinion. I’m hoping you can find something quickly that’s within your budget and fits what you need!

I’m always wanting my routine to be better lol but you’re right, something usually develops over time. My routine nowadays just depends on what my day looks like. I’ve been trying to squeeze meditation in at least first thing in the morning after my fiancé gets out the door for work and before my daughter wakes up for the day. It’s about one of my only times of quiet!

I can relate to that feeling, Steph. And I’m sorry you’ve been going through a rough time. I’m hopeful for you that it’ll all work out the way it needs to :pray:t3: and like you said, you’ve got the backing of your Gods!

I need to know where you got this lol that sounds so cute! And definitely something I need to have, too :partying_face:

That’s a good way to do it, in my opinion! Better to add things slowly rather than too much all at once! Also, I love your altar space :heart:

Ohhh, I haven’t put cinnamon in my coffee in a long time! I used to make it in the French press with cinnamon, turmeric, and a pinch of salt. I need to start doing that again. Thanks for the reminder!

That’s just as valid as having each one picked for a reason, I think! I like that you carry them around with you during the day to work with as you need to. And I have definitely learned that lesson, too :laughing: if I’m going to carry a crystal around, I need to check all of my “pockets” :bikini: before taking a shower!

I’m also a big fan of the spoon theory, though I think it was originally developed for the physically disabled rather than mentally ill. I find, though, that it works just the same :woman_shrugging:t3:

We’re so happy to have you here! I’m glad to know that you’re finding your way, whatever it looks like for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m sorry to hear of the struggles you’re going through, though :pray:t3: it’s nice to have a companion by your side and a support system here with friends!

Ehh a daily practice is relative to the person :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m a bigger fan of having a consistent practice rather than a daily one. If it’s important to you, then it works! I like the idea of saying affirmations and washing away insecurity while washing your face. That’s perfect!


Thank you @MeganB I feel better than I was for a little while, got into my head, and was doubting myself a little. When you hear works as you said “adding things slowly rather than too much all at once”, is better. Thank you for liking my Altar, it’s small and I do hope to make it a little bigger and better.


The sppon theory really is a great idea. I had no clue about it until i got my Lupus diagnosis and was having a looky-loo on Pinterest for Lupus memes (side note… how does one actually pronounce that… it “meeeme” with the emphasis on the e, “memmme” with the emphasis on the m or is it the Jess-ism and thought it was a “meh-meh”?


I was so happy that @MeganB knew about spoons :spoon: :spoon: :spoon:! I’m a spoonie too. I have a Spoonie Strong pin in my car clipped to the ceiling liner.

I got the pentacle :pentacle_tarot: chandelier from my husband. He made it for me at work as a birthday present last year. Along with an athame that I actually use for the Morrigan. I use the Selenite athame for everything else.


@debra2 – I’m glad you’re feeling better about it :people_hugging:

@jessica72 – Yes, Spoon Theory is very helpful! And I pronounce it “ME-m”…rhymes with stream :laughing:

@Siofra_Strega – Spoonies unite! :spoon: Your husband sounds like a keeper for sure lol that’s an awesome gift!


There are several ways that I incorporate magick into my everyday routines. I’ve mentioned on other posts about my coffee routine (stirring clockwise with a cinnamon stick while saying my affirmations). I also do simmer pots on the weekends when I do my cleaning. Depending on the season and what I feel the energy of our RV needs will dictate what goes into the pot. I bring it to a simmer and keep it going through the day while I clean. I make my own cleaners using vinegar and water and will often replace tap water with moon water when making a new batch.

I have a bonsai tree (to bring balance, simplicity and harmony into my home) and flowers on the bar across from my door. The flowers change with the season and my mood. Currently all my herbs and succulents are also inside while it is cold. I talk to them during the work day as they are right by my desk. :slight_smile:

I also keep an obsidian dragon and a rainbow fluorite Venus Statue on my desk. Obsidian brings balance, creativity, and clarity to my days. And he’s cute (I think he was modeled after Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon). Aphrodite insisted I get the carved beauty. Rainbow fluorite was the perfect material because it supports you during work to reduce stress and improves mental clarity and concentration. She also wanted it because it helps promote self-confidence which is something she is helping me with. The Venus Statue itself is found throughout many cultures but has not been well studied. The best interpretation I have come across is by Helen Benigni in The Emergence of the Goddess:

These Venus figurines are indicative of what Jung and Neumann see as the primordial or primeval, non-derivative expression of the idea of the feminine as sacred.

I have witch bells on my door to ward off evil/ negativity. I have different sets and change them out with the season. I’m working on creating my spring set to replace this winter set next month on Ostara.

Lastly, I always wear my smoky quartz to keep me grounded as an empath. I always have a handful of additional crystals in my pocket on any given day depending on what I am pulled towards or what I want to achieve. Today I have amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and emerald.


EVERYDAY MAGICK for me is all here in my vision board!

Crystals and candles bring me peace and comfort most days of the week.

I journal in my Book of Mirrors more and more each day. My book of shadows is a work in progress…

I love meditating everyday and chanting when I’m stressed.

I love tea and this weekend I went to my favorite town…Idyllwild up in the San Jacinto mountains. It was amazing! It’s very magikal and witch friendly!

I got to listen to a tarot reading for a couple while buying my Florida water.

I love baking and hope to learn how to infuse all my goodies with magic and herbs. Idyllwild has great herbs!
I also bought some tea from my most favorite shop there…Merkaba!
I have included the website here so you can check it out. High quality and so much love goes into that shop!


There is so much I still want to learn and incorporate into my everyday life. Right now, Tarot is my focus!


Hi, I’m Jana. I am new and hoping that I am posted this correctly! I work with wood and just recently I started making magick wands. We need more magick and I found some gorgeous ash & oak branches from our trees & while on a small hike at Castle Wood Canyon with my husband, I found a lovely ponderosa pine branch. I also found three blades of grasses the wind twisted together. It felt like I was given a few gifts that day. I had some issues posting my pics so I hope all of you get the gist of the wands. I used some natural stones and some ‘jewels’ that I have found over the years, and purchased a few pieces from Michaels. :grinning:I’m grateful for this group. Peace & light.


For the Weekly Witch Challenge - Everyday Magick, I decided to make a photo collage of some of the things that fill my days with Magick :magic_wand:

  1. Plants, including a 4 leaf clover and flowers from my yard
  2. Crystals
  3. Tarot
  4. Astrology
  5. Cats
  6. Suncatchers and wind chimes
  7. Books, learning, reading, etc.
  8. Spells 8
  9. Runes
  10. Meditations
  11. Journaling
    And more…
    With much love :heart:

Everyday for me includes, meditation, journaling, shadow work, coffee every morning setting with intentions, I wear my crystals daily, daily oracle pulls, reading and etc. I had really thought that maybe I wasn’t incorporating enough magic into my daily life but I appear to be incorporating a lot!


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

So many wonderful entries full of clever ideas and great ways to add a bit more magick to the day- thank you all so much for sharing your everyday magick! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :broom::sparkles:


Ooh! Those are beautiful!!


Thank You! I’m still trying to figure it out, I’ve been feeling like a transformation is either happening or has just begun. So I am excited for the Future ‘ I feel like I now Know how strong I really am’ and I got myself out of that bad place and for that I am so Grateful!!
& To your Kind Words
My Transformation will transform My Life Into What It was Meant To Be !
And So It Is !
Blessed Be :cupid:


@Ostara I love your daily practice of drawing an angel card :angel: I’m sure it helps to set a positive tone from the get-go and also something happy to return to when challenges arise throughout the day! Thanks for sharing, and I’m so happy this challenge theme has been your favorite! :blush: :heart:

@Amethyst This is such a beautiful tea chant, Amethyst- maybe I’m biased because tea magick is a favorite, but that is really something very special! :heart_eyes: Your circle opening and closing chants are beautiful as well- I can feel from your words how much love and care you put into your casting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@IrisW I’m glad you enjoyed the theme, Iris! :blush: You have so many wonderful ways to add a touch of magick into your day- thanks for sharing them all! :two_hearts:

@Janis I think that’s a great idea of walking while being aware of the directions- a lovely way to enjoy nature with a heightened level of mindfulness and awareness! :national_park: :compass: Gorgeous chants as well- I love how you combined directions with the elements! Thank you so much for sharing :heart:

@CrashaNova Those are all lovely ways to make your days more magickal- I especially love your coffee magick! Mindful stirring and tapping are small actions that carry a lot of magickal potential :sparkles: Thanks for sharing! :two_hearts:

@LadyAuld.ofChico I don’t see why it couldn’t be a type of witch- you make a lovely Candle Witch, Lady Auld! :blush: It sounds like you’ve built a very lovely practice with your candles, you’ve found so many wonderful ways to include them and your energy work in your day- beautiful! :candle:

@mary25 Friday nights with Venus sound like both lots of fun and a great way to indulge in self-care. I love all the mindful little touches you do to make the moment special, Mary! :astrology_venus: :sparkles: Thanks so much for sharing!

@Garnet It sounds like your moments of magick have been with you throughout the years, Garnet- you do some really wonderful things that bring you smiles and joy during the day! And haha I love that candle, it sounds like you children share your fun sense of humor :laughing: :+1: :heart:

@Flowing Taking time for yourself can be harder than it sounds, but I agree- it is always worth it! You have a lovely self-care practice, Flowing, and those candles of yours are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your continued rune studies! :raido: :grinning:

@MeganB No worries about running out of spoons for the day, Megan- that’s a gorgeous list as is! So many great tips and tricks for adding a bit more magick to the moment, thank you so much for sharing them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Christine13 Well said, Christine! :raised_hands: And wow, it’s so fun to look back- your journey into magick has been an amazing one, and I’m really glad that you found your way here too! :heart: You have so many ways that you incorporate magick into your everyday and it sounds like you were doing some of them even before you realized it was magick- you said it perfectly, magick is part of who we are and is thus with us all the time, jus waiting to be recognized! :sparkles:

@Jeannie1 I’m so sorry to hear about the surprise notice, Jeannie :pray: I hope the Ace of Swords is a herald of positive new breakthroughs to come for you. May it point to possibilities and new insights to help you get to where you need to be! :sword_tarot: Sending positive thoughts your way :heart:

@Sarall Dabbling and experimenting with new things are lots of fun in magick at any stage of the Craft- there’s always more to learn and explore! :blush: It sounds like you’ve found some wonderful ways to incorporate everyday magick that work for you, Sarall- great job! I really love the idea of magick clothes with candle colors :candle::rainbow: Thanks so much for sharing!

@Steph I’m so sorry to hear about the dark clouds weighing you down, Steph- but despite the heavy things on your mind, I think you are so amazing for being able to see the progress you’ve made as well. Congrats to you on your enhanced intuition and learning to listen to your inner voices- those are valuable skills, may they help lead you on a bright road forward! :pray::sun_with_face:

@Siofra_Strega What a fun list, Siofra- you have so many great methods of adding magick to your days! :star_struck: You’ve taken your practice and woven into your everyday- you’ve made a blessed and magickal life for yourself! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Debra2 All beautiful additions and inclusions to your everyday, Debra- what a wonderful list! :heart_eyes: And so mote it be- may your everyday be full of joy and always blessed with your beautiful magick :heart: Thanks for sharing!

@morganbritney Hooray- I’m so glad you liked the theme this week! :blush: And ohhhh I always love of touch of magick with a morning drink, your coffee ritual sounds lovely! :coffee: Thanks for sharing!

@Jessica72 It sounds like your crystals are safe and sound in your pockets- a good way to keep them close with you even while you’re at work!:+1: :gem:

@PhoenixFire Congrats on all of your spellwork this week, LaShawna- that’s amazing! :sparkles: You have every right to be proud of your Craft and find joy everyday in your magick. Thank you for sharing your wonderful entry- I’m cheering you on as you continue on your magickal journey! :sun_with_face:

@Jem1 Greeting your deities is a lovely way to start the day on a positive and blessed note- I think that’s wonderful, Jem! A meditation, card draw, and cleanse also help to set an uplifting tone for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing! :blush:

@Amaris_Bane I love your bonsai tree- it’s so cute! :heart_eyes: :deciduous_tree: I’ve always felt there was something magickal about bonsai, it’s like the energy of an entire tree condensed into a sweet little potted plant. I am sure both your bonsai and your lovely herbs and succulents appreciate your attention during the day- may they continue to thrive! :potted_plant: :two_hearts: You have so many wonderful magickal tips, thanks for sharing!

@stephanieanne76 Look at that amazing vision board! :heart_eyes: Oh that is so cool, Stephanie- it’s bright, colorful, and you’ve made it your own. Such a lovely piece! :art::sparkles: You have so many additional ways of adding magick to your day as well, thank you so much for sharing them all!

@Jana3 You’ve posted perfectly, Jana- and what a lovely challenge entry it is! :clap: Goodness you are very talented, those wands are amazing! :magic_wand: I think woodworking is really cool- and I love how you’ve combined your artist talents with your magickal practice :blush: Thank you so much for sharing your entry and the pictures of your wands- they are a delight to see!

@Marsha Ahhhh look at lovely collage! :heart_eyes: And who is that sweet kitty I see? Looks like you have a very charming helper :cat: :heart: Everything you’ve included is so beautiful- and when it all comes together its a picture of your wonderful practice- a very clever idea! Thanks for sharing, Marsha! :sparkles:

@Rachel21 It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realize it until we think on it- it does indeed look you naturally do many things to add magick to your day, Rachel! :grinning: Thanks for sharing what works for you, it sounds like you’ve got a great system going! :+1:

Thanks again so much to everyone for joining in the Everyday Magick Challenge! :tada:

The Props and Presents Post is now live and badges have been awarded to all challenge entrants.

Well done- may your every day continue to be magickal! :mage::sparkles:


Where to begin.

For me, my day starts and the night ends with 30 min meditation at my alter I use the flames of my candles to assist me as I draw from the lay-lines. With some form of witchy music in the background. some days I may pull a card from my tarot deck or I will draw a rune from either my witch runes or my elder set.

I wear a pentacle pendant 24/7 except for showering. I wear a collection of bracelets of semi-precious stones for different situations and some all the time such as hematite, rose quartz, and tigers eye.

Clothing wise I were a collection of wool witchy hats as part of my style just because it’s fun and i don’t care what people think. I walk with an ornate Staff that Has some runes of protection carved into it.

Home wise I have a small hand-made besom over the entrance to my home to sweep away negative energies as people enter. My home is surrounded by various witchy charms such as witch bells, and more.

While many might not feel it is adding magick to my everyday life I do and send a few moments every day on the different pagan forums and discords I belong to.


Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful everyday magick tips, @LadyDennaRahl! Although the challenge has already ended, I really appreciate you taking the time to share :pray: Thank you!

It looks like you’ve creatively woven your magickal practice into many aspects of your life. I think that’s both amazing and very clever! :sparkles:

And I think I would love your witchy hat collection- good for you for wearing your practice with pride, and in a very fashionable way! I bet the hats are both beautiful and keep you nice and warm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


This reminds me that when I was a little girl I would do things 3 times. I always thought I must have been neurotic but maybe not.:grin::mage:


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