🧹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Everyday Magick

Well for me I do this little tea chant every day when I have a cup of tea:

Goddess of the roots and leaves,
hear me now and listen to me, please!
The water gets stirred and the sugar dissolves,
may it be infused with your love and resolve.
Bless me with your patience and don’t stray.
Stay by my side throughout the day!

And then I am trying to use my wand more and get into casting a circle every day for practice so I wrote this today:

Opening the circle:

I lift my wand to the sky,
may it cast a circle around me and all that I spy!
A circle of energy to protect me from harm,
So that all negativity will be disarmed!

So mote it be!

Closing the circle:

I thank the energies I’ve called into a sphere,
for protecting me and surrounding me and all that I hold dear.
I take you down now with love and making things just,
may you go gently with perfect love and perfect trust.

So mote it be!

I’ve added that to my morning routine.


I love this challenge! I sat here thinking about it and there’s many ways I now incorporate magic into my life between rituals if not every day then almost every day.

I tend to the plants that I incorporate into my rituals. I light candles and incense on an almost daily basis. I wear crystal pendants to suit or change my mood. I meditate. I regularly do a single tarot card pull. I’m mindful when I’m cooking about the herbs I’m using and their properties. I’m aware of the moon cycle in a way that I didn’t used to be. Walks in nature have always been part of my routine but have taken on a more important role recently and feels like I’m connecting with the earth.

I am though going to have a think about something small that I incorporate every day.


Everyday Magick

I love reading about everyone’s examples of how you incorporate magick in your daily life. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been known to wear, place, and play with crystals daily, pull a tarot or oracle card, and use journal prompts from The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year.

@Kasandra I like the thriceness (is that even a word?) of your daily routine. :triquetra:

@Missa I’ve bookmarked your links and will include watching them in my daily practice. :grinning:

@Siofra_Strega I feel happy reading about your crystal/rune pouch. Blue agate is a go to for me. :pouch:

@jessica72 What a great idea! Looks like some beautiful swirls in your smokey quartz. :fish_cake:

@torista Reading your challenge entry touched my heart. You’ve filled my world with light. :candle:

@christina4 Wow, that sounds like a supportive daily routine. I’m intrigued by the different crystal rituals for each cards. :thinking:

@jem1 My too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@stephanieanne76 Looking forward to seeing your vision boards. Sounds like fun! :framed_picture:

@phoenix_dawn What a lovely practice you have. Your rose quatrz, pendulum and Botswana agate caught my eye. I appreciate you adding the properties of your crystals :heart_eyes:

@Ostara Great practice of taking time to see what the lesson is when facing challenges. :two_hearts:

@Amethyst I enjoyed reading your chants, especially the tea one. :teapot:

@IrisW I can totally relate to your many daily rituals. Walking in nature lifs my mod and grounds my soul. :evergreen_tree:

Recently, while walk our doggo Rio, I’ve been take time to connected with the four directions. I start by walking eastward and turn right until the calling is complete.

The Four Directions

Oh, spirit of the East and the element of air,
the place of inspiration, communication and of open horizons,
and where the crows gather nightly, to share their stories.
I feel the refreshing wind in my hair,
and I acknowledge your presence with me today.

Oh, spirit of the South and the element of fire,
The place of passion, desire and warm summer sun,
and where the snake teaches us of transformation.
I feel the radiant heat on my skin,
and I acknowledge your presence with me today.


Oh, spirit of the West and the element of water,
birthplace of emotions, healing, and dreams,
and where the salmon takes us on a wondrous generational journey.
I feel the wet drops rain on my face, and I acknowledge your presence
with me today.

Oh, Spirit of the North and the element of the Earth,
the place of strength, generosity and knowing when to rest,
and where the bear protects its cubs with wisdom and care.
I feel the firm soil beneath my feet,
and I acknowledge your presence with me today.


Thank you! I liked reading your prayer to the four corners. Kinda makes me wish I could get out there and walk!


I think out of all the weekly challenges, this one is my favorite!


I try to be more mindful and intentional of my practice everyday by doing simple things like ensuring I’m wearing my necklace that I use for protection. I always stir my coffee counter clockwise first and focus on removing negative energy and then stir it clockwise to set positivity for the day. I also tap my spoon three times against the rim when I finish stirring. When I leave or enter the house I also like to tell it hello and goodbye.


Is there such a thing as being a candle witch? I think that might be my label.

Every day I light at minimum one candle. It is typically the color that corresponds with the day. I throughly enjoy selecting herbs and oils to dress my candle for the purpose; love, abundance, protection etc.

Before I take my shower (skyclad! Woot) I vibe on my candle. I take time to find a meditation that corresponds with my candle or sometimes crystal bowls are excellent. I focus my intent on the energy of my candle. Fire Air and Earth are covered by the candle and annointments so I turn on the shower for water.

After I have charged my energy I will shower and focus the candle magick either filling or cleansing my field while the water cleanses me.

I always snuf out my candle with gratitude and save it for reuse this way day after day until it is spent.

This ritual helps me begin my day with grace energy and connection to the Devine (my best friend).

When I go without my daily charge I definitely notice a difference. If the daily color isn’t my vibe that day I will hail the moon or Gaia or preform a simple spell.

Blessed be my friends.


Wow Janis this is really special and beautiful. With your permission may I copy and use for my own practice? You have such a poetic way I couldn’t have written this myself.


@phoenix_dawn thank you for the idea. I wear a lanyard and I’d badge for work. I love the idea of a keychain crystal point to hang on it. Think of the possibilities!! I could hang a crystal to protect me or shield me from negativity bring me luck or money. Girl. You changed my life!

@stephanieanne76 I am thinking of making a vision board for the house I hope to have some day. Do you have any suggestions or tips for vision boards for a newbie to that


Weekly Challenge - Everyday Magick. I was thinking if there was something I did as a matter of course, rather than just for an intention, and there is something I do. On Fridays, I have a kind of girl’s night with Venus :slight_smile: I light a pink candle and I put something on my altar for her, like roses or strawberries. The pink candle is a seven day candle in a glass jar and I wrote on it with a gold pen - the glyph of Venus, hearts, and qualities associated with her, like love, patience, kindness, etc. And I put out rose quartz. Sometimes, I buy a little indulgence, like some ice cream or chocolate. Tonight, I have put out some cherries and a little glass of cherry juice. Then I do something for self-care, like taking a bubble bath or fussing with my hair or a face mask, something like that. Just to relax. Tonight, I’m going to use a face mask and paint my toenails :slight_smile: while I watch a movie. It’s a small thing but I look forward to it.


There are many things I do on and off daily that for years I thought was because I was OCD, turns out, I wasn’t.
Every day I light a candle and do my devotions. I send light (healing, strength, etc.)to those who have asked for it or those I feel the need to.
Silly perhaps but still a compulsion with which I gladly comply…
I use a scented candle with a lid right now. My kids got it for me at Christmas, it says “I hope this candle smells better than the Sh#t ( :poop:) I put you through.” It makes me smile and I’m happy the rest of the day.

Then I open the front door and look at the stars and moon, greet them, thank them and Goddess and go back inside.

Onward to my morning caffeine fix. I use a French press, grind my own beans and savor the smell. When ready I pour the lovely dark brew into my new cup. Hypnotic…

I pour half & into the cup making it a medium light color. Then I pick up the tiny spoon and gently stir the coffee lightly, taking the spoon out. I set the edge of the spoon on the cup rim and allow all drops on spoon to go back into cup. I do this 3 times, then set spoon down. Raising my cup to my mouth I sigh in bliss and sip my coffee.

Sighing, I start the rest of my day.

That is my morning rituals with magic literally and figuratively.
It’s kind of like the Asian tea ceremonies, not as formal but it works for me.
Blessed be, Be Free
Stay safe and know you are loved.


@LadyAuld.ofChico It’s really what is in your heart and what your intention is for the board. They really help me with manifesting my dreams.

I keep old magazines, buy things from craft stores, look over images on Google. I’ll find some cardboard, wrap it with scrapbook paper and I will mediate and focus on what I am manifesting on.

Or sometimes, like this one I will do just for pure enjoyment. It is an activity that relaxes me and I have worked it into my routine for awhile now. I plan on adding this one to my altar.

I want to do one on my vision of a dream home too!


Awww I’m glad I could help. I struggle with lack of self worth and self love/ confidence so rose quartz helps me remember that I don’t have to let people make me feel small.


So my mudane everyday magick is that I make sure to take at least 10min of time to myself. I check on my herbs and water them if needed. Right now I am using snow water.
I make candles from old and broken candles which almost always turn out purple. I even reuse the wick if possible.

I am learning runes, so everyday I learn about a rune. As of this post I am up to Jara.

Oh, and when driving I have been noticing the sky more and how the clouds and birds form unique patterns.


I didn’t end up with the spoons to write a full post for this challenge, unfortunately. So instead, I’m just going to give a list of things I have done or would consider doing to add some magic into my daily life!

:star: morning coffee intentions
:star: kitchen witchery with my dinners
:star: morning meditations and intention setting
:star: spell oils for scent and magic
:star: creating new candles out of old ones
:star: cleansing in the shower
:star: meditation in the pool
:star: cleansing and getting a magical refresh in the ocean
:star: speaking with my plants
:star: glamor magic with spell oils, makeup, and skincare
:star: knot magic with crochet
:star: color magic with crochet
:star: prayers and spells with every stitch
:star: vacuuming with salt to energetically clear my space
:star: sweeping…and cleaning in general
:star: sigils drawn in the air with my finger
:star: spells said and done fully in my mind
:star: chants for lost items

I’m sure I have more, but this is the list I’ve got so far lol

@Kasandra – I like what you’ve been doing with the number three. That’s an interesting and simple way to work magic! I’m glad you got to go on your walk, even though it was supposed to rain :national_park:

@Missa – Thanks for sharing those videos :partying_face:

@Siofra_Strega – I’ve been meaning to make a little pouch to carry some crystals with me. I’ve got a few that I’d like to form better relationships with and get to know but I’m spacey af and always forget about them.

@jessica72 – Those are beautiful crystals! Is there a reason you selected those for each day or was it just random?

@Torista – Your daily routine sounds so beautiful :heart: It’s inspiring to me that you get up an hour before everyone else and spend that time for yourself! I think I might like to do something like that but it would have to be in the evening. We all get up early enough as it is :laughing:

@christina4 – Those are beautiful cards and such beautiful advice :pray:t3:

@stephanieanne76 – I hope you got to make your vision board! I have one in my bullet journal that’s my goals for the entire year. So far…not so much has happened on that front :rofl: but it’s only February!

@phoenix_dawn – I just recently started carrying my tarot cards with me :laughing: I mean, I’ve been reading them for years and I never thought to do that! I love your little pouch and pendulum :heart_eyes: That amethyst point is gorgeous, too!

@Ostara – Oh, angel cards look interesting! That’s a good way to start the day :angel:t3:

@Amethyst – You always have such a way with words. I love your little tea chant :heart: It’s so inspiring! I might just make my own for my daily dose of espresso :laughing: Your circle chants are also beautiful and I’m glad you found a way to practice casting circles that works for you :blush:

@IrisW – Those all sound like wonderful things to do everyday :heart:

@janis – That’s a beautiful chant for the four directions, plus I love the image of the bird!

@CrashaNova – Oh, I love that you greet your home! That’s something I’ve been meaning to do but honestly, I forget :sweat_smile:

@LadyAuld.ofChico – I think as witches, we have a natural proclivity for candles :laughing: but yes, a candle witch can be a thing if that’s what you need! Your ritual you have sounds like it’s very soothing and works well for you :partying_face:

@mary25 – I love that! The connection you’ve created between yourself and Venus is beautiful :heart: I hope your face mask and nail painting was as relaxing as could be!

@Garnet – oh geez :laughing: I love the saying on that candle!

@flowing – I do that with my candles, too! I don’t tend to use a lot of colored candles so they usually stay white :laughing: but it works!


Since I started here on 11/11 there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about magick and how I could incorporate it in my life. It was calling me for quite some time, I just didn’t realize it. But I knew that morning I clicked on this link that it was going to change my life, and it really has.
I’ve always made candles, but now I make intention candles. I’ve been growing and learning about herbs. What they mean and how they help the body. Drinking more teas and making my own blends. I’ve been reading books on foraging and growing these beautiful plants, about spell jars and oils.
I started collecting crystals but actually didn’t know the significance of them until I came here. So I’ve been reading about crystals.
I started learning tarot by pulling one card a day, asking what the universe needed me to know today.
Then I started oracle cards and pulled one of those every morning.
I started getting more connected to the moon and started to learn about the phases and how it effects me and what moon phases were good for which spells.
I’ve been reading about Irish paganism and will continue to read about all the mythologies.
I always loved the woods and hiking, camping, and waterfalls. It brings me so much peace, and now I know why I was so connected to it.
In fact, I’ve gotten so many answers from this sight from questions I never realized I had. I have learned so much about myself just by learning about paganism. I feel more connected to myself than I ever have. My life has more meaning learning about magick everyday.
And meeting all of you wonderful people and learning from all of you!
So magick is an every day thing because it’s who we are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Indeed, there is something very powerful in visualization and a good cup of tea and caffeine. :wink:

@janis I’m glad to have brightened your life. :revolving_hearts:

@MeganB I’m glad you like it, the group tea mediations, as well as yourself and a handful of other witchy youtubers inspired me to be more proactive about starting me day.

Also I work grave shift so getting up early for me is 7pm.


Thank you, my dear! I bet you could make up a good chant to go with your coffee. And I’m working on the circle. It’s difficult for me to visualize and speak at the same time. But I’m working on it! Thank you!


My daily tarot reading for the day was the Ace of Swords :dagger:
What does beginnings power
Astrological signs are air signs Gemini libra and :aquarius: Aquarius
The ace of swords represents theUnbound in power of the intellect. You are being presented with opportunities that will allow you to channel your intellectual energy into a great outcome.
An opportunity has come to you or is on its way in writing publishing or a field that involves mental acuity. This opportunity promises success a feeling of victory and a chance to become a leader in your field. The decisions you make an act upon now will bring improvements to your life and to the state of mind. Believe in your potential you sense in the air around you.
Tarot for beginners
Meg Hayertz

Let’s just be honest right now because I got a 60 day notice to leave after I thought I was going to be able to stay in my house I am having to move. So I do intellectually have to cut through these obstacles in my mind. I believe in my heart that I do have new beginnings, and The Lord and Lady they are for me and not against me!


Everyday Magick Challenge:

I’m still in my first year so I consider myself in the ‘new’ category so I have not got a set routine yet. I am however dabbling with things to see what sticks.

The most routine thing I do daily is pick clothes to match daily candle color. I carry 1 or 2 crystals with me daily. I read or study something to do with the craft daily. I do crafts as often as I can and try to learn new skills but that is not a daily routine. However, I do keep an eye out for new projects to try!

My routine is to not have a routine at this time. I do align with the moon more and I give thanks to it when it is full so, that’s a monthly routine I have set. I think everything else I do is at random or as I feel up to it or have time to apply to it.

I want to have a better routine. I am hoping it will happen over time. I have told myself at my 1 year anniversary I should set my routines but always be open to change and flexibility.

Bless Be All :rose: