🧚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Fairies & Fae

Oh my. What beautiful places! I loooove clear water like that. I would love to visit those someday. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_heart:


I love your pictures they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing its so sacred and enchanting!
The bridge like you said, I would not mind visiting!
Hers a song you all might like!
Lisa Thiel Fairy Ring

for this challenge, I am going to charge my fairy dust. This is a personal talisman / Amulet to charge!
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Aww thank you I had a listen to the song and have saved it as I think it will be a nice chant for when I decide to work with the fairies. Thank you very much for this :woman_fairy:


HearthWitch just released a video reviewing some new books for 2024 including some fairy books. :books:


Challenge Entry

Before I added the ingredients to my fairy bottle, I cleansed my sacred space and the bottle with some palo santo, lit a white candle.

I wasn’t my sure which flowers to add at first, but I added some jasmine (for joy), peonies (for happiness), peach blossoms (for new beginnings) and chrysanthemum (for optimism). I didn’t plan to add this, but I thought the fae would love my adding glitter. I did feel a, how should I describe it, light as a feather.

I also did a reading with my Unicorn oracle deck for some advice on how to make it through the winter. During the colder months, we tend to want to hibernate and not do much. But it’s also important to stay active. I know if I don’t moving around that much in the winter, I won’t be that warm.


Challenge Entry

I have always Loved the “idea” of Fairies and always thought of them as benevolent, if not a bit mischievous. I always try to leave space in my gardens and yard for them to dance. They are always welcome in my home and yard, especially my gardens, but they are of another world and I do not entice or wish anything of them other than their happiness and the Joy they bring to the Great Mother and the elements in my area. :pray: :gift_heart:

There have been times when things turn up missing. I had a pocket watch that I could not find for a long time. My SO and I kidded each other that the fairies took it for some reason. A while later we found it on the counter in plain site and we figured they were done with it and returned it. lol :sweat_smile:

Another time my SO was missing some lace and some pink fabric that she had been working with in her crafts. We laughed and said the fairies were having a wedding and would return it when they were done. They did. :silver_heart:

There have been many times like this as well as other signs of them being here. I have not physically seen any of them, nor directly interacted with them, but feel they are real and happy they are here. May the Fairies live a wonderful and peaceful life here and May we all enjoy each other in our own ways bringing Joy to each other and the world. :people_hugging: :heart_on_fire:



Challenge entry :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

So I hadn’t much interest in fae other than the movies which I loved. I was a lil scared. Lol

Until I listened to this book Enchantment of the faerie realm by Ted Andrews.

Since then I’ve been collecting items to make a fairy land. I even made a post about it.

So here some items I’ve gathered so far. I haven’t started making anything yet.

There’s more pics on my faerie Friends post.

Another reason I want to incorporate the faeries in my life is that I garden. I feel like they go hand and hand.


Was just thinking it’d be cool to make a fae graveyard with the skulls in my landscape out of respect. So the fae can visit their passed on Loved ones.


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Fairies and Fae

We Icelanders have long believed in all things mystical and magical. I remember telling one of my cousins about a household item that went missing that I, while not needing it at the time, was quite flummoxed over losing. He, an educated and wise man, stated flatly, “The little people needed it.”
“It’ll come back?” I asked in youthful bewilderment.
“It’ll come back.”

Months later, when I needed it, there it was.

And as frustrating as it was, for some reason it all made perfect sense to me.

Ever need some small little handy thing, but you don’t remember where you put it? You search far and wide and are just about to give up exasperated, then suddenly…there it is?
Yep. That’s what he meant.

In Iceland, it is not unusual to find the fronts of little homes nestled snuggly in moss-covered lava hills and dunes. These houses are created for the elves (faeries) called Huldufolk - the ‘hidden’ as in magical or prophetic, people. As a matter of fact, there’s a famous story of a roadway that was diverted so as to not disturb the Huldufolk. I have marveled at the craftsmanship and imagination utilized in creating them! They are quite lovely!

There’s also a strong belief in trolls, whose sleeping bodies make up many rock formations, as well as other mystical creatures such as ghosts and huge underwater worms to relate a few. Many homes are said to be haunted and the Volva, female witches, are very active in society.

Personally, I’ve always though this was due, not only to the extreme Northern latitude of the country which leads to isolated and prolonged dark winter nights, the numerous tectonic plates upon which Iceland (Vestmanneyjar and Surtsey) sits, and its proximity to geomagnetic North. These three combine to provide some of the most spectacular Aurora Borealis effects and odd electromagnetic geological effects as well.

All three individually are capable of creating sensations that would mimic elves, ghosts, trolls and the like in the mind of an ancient peoples, not to mention the effect of all three combined on one small island!

Of course, the elves, ghosts, trolls, etc., would completely disagree with that explanation! :rofl: :kissing_heart:


I was going to do something else, but I am running out of time. Thus, I have to resort to this being my Challenge Entry:

I remember writing in my books while on break, working third shift at gas stations in Fort Wayne and New Haven, Indiana. I’d see the butterfly winged fairies. Sometimes they would dance on the counter before me if I had music playing. Other times, I would see a figure out of the corner of my eye and turn in time to see a customer drive up. I considered them my friends and protectors. I always called them little angels.

I have since taken to enjoying their company in my home. At first, I may see a sparkle of light near an electrical outlet or phone plug. They occasionally appear as small shadows running along the baseboards. I always greet them pleasantly when I see them. Once in a while, I may see the image of a cat or small animal in my home, knowing they aren’t there to hurt my birds. As we get to know each other better, I see the butterfly wings more often.

They do prefer a clean house. When I am ill, though, I can’t keep up with the work. During the worst of it, friends will keep house for me. There is a payment required, though. When I start feeling better, the mess is multiplied so I end up cleaning what they kept hidden while I was unable to do enough. I don’t mind because their help comes when I most need it, and the payment comes when I have more strength.

The moment I know I have to move, I let the fairies know. I give them the option of moving with me. If they want to come along, they can put their belongings with mine, and I or my movers will safely take their things to the new place. They always have the option of staying with me or staying in the old place or heading off in another direction. Before I lock the old place for the last time, I thank the apartment and the fairies who chose to stay for their friendship and work in my life and wish them happy times with the new residents.

This past couple of moves, I have been alone. I can’t blame the fairies for not wanting to come with me. Cinnamon Tree was in the process of being sold, but I didn’t know it. The place was not fit for man nor beast. Thus, I am starting over with making fairy friends. Just before lights out, I saw a bright sparkle of light nearby and greeted them heartily. I asked forgiveness for not being able to keep the place as clean as I used to. I’d seen other faint sparks near the phone cords just before the phone went out, before Thanksgiving; but their presence has been hit or miss, lately.

I’m looking forward to creating a doll house or two of Legos. There are two sets I haven’t opened, yet. Otherwise, I want to use various sets to cobble together a version of the mansion on Unicorn’s Harvest for the fairies to enjoy. Cleanliness, first, of course… and before that, I do need health and strength to be able to set up a cleaning pattern and keep up with it. Until then, the fairies are welcome to enjoy the Lego sets I have out: Cape Canaveral, flowers, a clipper ship, a Viking ship, an Oriental temple, a bonsai in full bloom, books as play sets, Tiamat, and a phoenix. I have a dragon set waiting in the wings for Chinese New Year, too.


Sweet idea and use my table cloth the shiny one with the skulls


Thankyou. I just had the thoughts that maybe no human has done this for them yet. That they might appreciate it. I know I would.


I love this. Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences. You know what’s funny before I read this. I was at my altar staring at the candles. And like four or five times I got a very bright flash to the side of my left eye. I had to turn and look Everytime trying to figure out what it was to no avail. Maybe it’s the fae saying hello and approving of my fae item gathering to build a land for them?


Sounds like it. Next time you see it, talk to them before you try to refocus. You won’t see them at first anyway, but your vocal attention will let them know you are aware of their presence and are welcoming their opinions. Let them help with the building, too, if they express ideas.


Sounds good appreciate the sound advice :100: :cowboy_hat_face:


:rose:Devene awesome sign! I love all the :fire:passion :fire:that went into your garden​:fairy:! I know the fairies​:fairy: are very happy! :sparkles:
I had a garden once at my place! Now I need that creative energy again which
I’m thinking I better get busy! I have a new yard now! So I need to get some supplies! I’m thinking Temu!
Here is one mystical garden, hanging on my wall. I pulled some cards!

Fairy door I ordered
MossFairys :fairy:

“ I am free, I am powerful. I now allow myself to enjoy this freedom and power.
Say this cause I’m fighting addiction and I have the will to do better”:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Well, I guess I have a shadow but shining the light on it is in the workings! Thanks thank you to my fairies :fairy: they will help me shine light were ever I go!

Really great deck!


I know court is coming but I’m feeling optimistic, I’ve always loved the outdoors and hated being inside! My goal this year is to be as creative as possible! I’m finally landing on a possible Carrer path that excites me! Park and Recreation so much pleasure
I love leisure activities, hiking, fishing, yoga and I believe the fairies will enchant my life and well-being! I’m thinking of getting my carrer then moving forward towards a new adventure like as if I were a kid again! I remember the days when I’d ride my bike :biking_man: in quest of an activity! I want to break free at last! I can’t wait to see new parks like Yosemite Park, Yellow Stone, and well you can imagine? I thinking of getting a RV and doing some traveling! I have a dream and feel safe and protected by the light! My fairy :fairy: dust along the way can be magickal too!


I found this on my walk!


I can only imagine how beautiful it will be! Praying for your strength as you move!


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Challenge Entry - Fairies & Fae

Ooooohhhhh Fairies! My goodness! Thanks to my Irish grandmother, fairies have been a part of my world for as long as I can remember. :woman_fairy::man_fairy: From making fairy homes and gardens to fairy jars and offerings. My grandmother loved nature and loved teaching. To learn from her was a joy and an adventure!

We’ve always had fairy gardens and homes wherever we have called home…from the southern beaches of Florida to the northern forests of Pennsylvania. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

When you first begin working with the fae you should start by building a relationship with them through offerings. Do not try to communicate with them or anything. Simply invite faeries into your space and give them offerings. This will help you build trust with them and open doors to them reaching out to you.

Offerings to leave fairies

What you leave as an offering will be dependent on where you are leaving your offerings. In your own garden, you can leave more without worry that you will harm wildlife.

When leaving offerings in the woods opt for foods that will wash away or herbs that will break down over time leaving no trace behind.

Food offerings for fairies

Food is one of the best offerings you can give fairies.

Milk and honey are vital to faerie magic and a powerful offering to give. While milk and honey in their original form are powerful for faerie magick, those are really the limits for food in their natural form.

For other food, you want something that has been altered by humans. Alcohol is a great option if you wish to buy your offering rather than make it yourself.

Whiskey, rum, and wine all make amazing offerings to the fae that can be poured right into the ground where you are leaving your offering.

The fae love when offerings are created by your own hand. This fills your offering with your own energy connecting you to the fae that accepts it.

Baking bread, cookies, and cakes for the fae is an amazing way to give an offering to the faeries. The fae have an affinity with sweets.

It is always a great idea to share a plate of your holiday feast with the fae as an offering. This can be a blessing in the winter when food is limited and holidays are plentiful.

Natural offerings for the fae

In the peak of summer offering herbs and flowers out of your garden can be a nice gesture but is not going to get you much favor. After all the fairies in your garden already have access to these.

Herbs and flowers from other parts of the world are a great alternative. If you wish to offer the fae plants from your garden preserve them by driving in the summer.

When winter rolls around you can leave offerings of dried flowers and herbs in the snow. This is a great way to help the fae work their magic with the plants they have grown familiar with while wandering in your garden. Dried flowers in the snow is a great way to create beautiful art for your offerings.

Giving music as an offering to the fae

One great offering you can give you the fae is music. From the energy the sound produces to the energy you place into the music as you play, the power of sound is an amazing gift when building a relationship with fairies.

To offer music, you can sit around and play an instrument, sing a song, or just play with a drum or singing bowl.

You can give the gift of music even when you are not around by springing bells or placing wind chimes in your garden.

Crystals and shiny things

The fae love small shiny objects. This is why when they are feeling playful (or you have angered them) it is not uncommon for them to hide things like jewelry and keys. Offering shiny objects for the fae is a great way to give them gifts they will enjoy.

Placing small crystals around your yard, adding pretty trinkets and sparkly items is a great way to attract fairies and give them something that will make them happy.

Nature items as offerings for the fae.

Not all items in nature can be easily accessed in one place. While the fae can travel they still find offerings of times they can not find nearby a wonderful gift. Salt, sand, shells, clay, bones, acorns, and pinecones are all great options for gifts for fae.

I could go on and on and on and on for pages upon pages. Go into nature and Just Be. Use your imagination, follow your spirit and inuition. The fae will find you too :woman_fairy::sparkles:


That’s where I have been getting my stuff is temu🌹 that lil house is awesome