🧚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Fairies & Fae

Ooo… I’m a bit upset I’ve had a very insane & chaotic week keeping me from the main forum :sob:

I have absolutely :100: enjoyed everyone’s entries, experiences, beliefs, suggested readings, & research on the Faeries & Fae.

In my own practice I have & also haven’t worked with the Fairies and/or Fae. I had stopped until I learned more about myself, beliefs, & practice. Although I have always been intrigued, curious, interested, in fairies. From the 1st time I saw Peter Pan with Tinkerbell through adulthood. When I was on social media I would find pictures/thumnails of fairies to use as my profile pictures. A lot of times (after looking through them) they reflected my mood at those times. My husband gave me a black hoodoe with a red fairie in a red corset on it. It’s still 1 of my favorites to wear. I have seen & own most of the Tinkerbell movies that were made by Disney & I believe every version of Peter Pan movies that have been made, whether they are animated or live action. Along woth others that were about fairies.

After my daughter was born & when she was younger, she absolutely enjoyed fairies and everything she could do with them. We had fairy themed birthday parties, made fairy houses, watched the movies, she has fairy wings, wands, & crowns, when our family went to King Richard’s Faire* (A Renaissance Festival in New England), she got fairy items & her hair done there too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m excited to have my own entry for this challenege! :star_struck: I have been learning more about them since I started practicing & respect them but I don’t specifically work with them or intentionally disturb them in any way.

I’m excited to explore this one firther! :heart_eyes:


Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst:

For this challenge, I decided to research what kinds of fae and fairies might inhabit my area. I figured there must be some in the area, the Appalachians are an ancient mountain range.

Sadly I only found one reference, and while I’m going to post it because it’s interesting, I’m amazed that there wasn’t more information on fairies outside of Europe.

Anyhow, what I did find was a reference to the Sluagh of Irish folklore and the Moth Man. The Moth Man is a famous West Virginia cryptid who was active in the late 1960s in Point Pleasant WV. Anyhow, here’s the video for anyone interested.


You can do it. I believe in you!:gift_heart:

Congratulations! Enjoy! Is the carreer local or national? Tell me more?

I always enjoyed going places with the Ft Wayne, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department. Didn’t have to worry about transportation once I got to the bus site, the food was good, and historical and artistic sites were amazing! Albuquerque doesn’t seem to have much. I also enjoyed connecting with State Park workers up at Pokagon: they seemed knowledgeable and so much fun!

Thank you! :gift_heart:

@Amethyst I have seen both horror stories and positive things about the Mothman. I’m surprised you didn’t find more about Rip Van Winkle’s fairies. Mr. Washington wrote his story based on old wives tales and stories of the area which predated him. They are quite prolific, as are Native American stories of spirits which act like fairies in the Appalachians. They may be farther north than your area, and I did have to focus my search with intent in order to find these stories, but I did quite enjoy reading about them.


Wow alot of interesting stuff here :grinning:


Not sure if this is counts as a challenge entry but we gonna say it is :joy:
Challenge Entry:
This is as close to faeries I’ve gotten to, I got this book a long time ago at a book fair in school. It was a kids fantasy book on different kinds of faeries and even came with a kit to call the faeries( faeries dust, rose petals and a pendant) I loved this book!


Well, I was looking for West Virginia fairies, not Northern Appalachian. Still, you’re right, they should have shown up in a search!


I looked over Soifras videos, tried to get as much information as I could possibly gather! Far and the sidhe.
I think giving the fae an offering would be thoughtful, she said some people say they can get upset if you forget about them. Don’t upset them some say but she never had bad encounters with them.
She said that they are really great at providing protection for the farmers!
It was really informative and I enjoyed her story about fae who put an invisible necklace on. I thought it was really interesting :face_with_monocle:
Today I came across a mushroom :mushroom: on my walk guess what it was ? A fairy mushroom :mushroom: I wonder if it was the fae trying to get my attention!? Could it be?
Interesting Fairy Ring Champignon
I am looking for a way to grow and thrive, and just dreaming and hoping to create something out of some passion for the green world. I feel a little discouraged :face_with_diagonal_mouth: being that I am 42 but I am taking a course to further my knowledge in Park, and recreation and leisure activities . For my own personal growth. It gives people purpose,and experiences all over the world for me and you ! Art :framed_picture: and so much more :earth_africa:


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So many fabulous and fantastical entries- it’s been a delight reading the entries so far! Thank you to all those who explored the world of the Other, dipped into some fair folk magick, and shared wisdom about fairies and Fae. If you haven’t had a chance to share an entry but would like to- no fear!

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :fairy: :sparkles:


This is my entry

So far just 11 or 12 I have. Seems like it’s in my bloodline

Hearing White noice I had that my whole life
Electric Fields to I feel when lightning strikes outside


I have 8 plus two I’m not sure about. Unsure about electromagnetic sensitivity, though I can’t wear magnets. People have come to me as though I’m a therapist just because I’m a good listener, though I’m not drawn to any healing profession.

When I get into staring contests, my eyes do something that shocks my competition. I have no clue what it is or what it looks like. It always happens when my eyes shift from surface or full face to details within the opponent’s eye. Feels like blinking sideways or the use of some separate lens within my eye.


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Fairies and Fae - ENTRY

I love :heart: my fairies :fairy: I have 4 in the house, including one that recently came into my life. They like to be outside but I keep them warm and safe in the house in the winter. We had so many hail storms last summer that I didn’t think it was safe to put them out.

I have one that is very pretty, and she knows it! Gizmo, my :cat2: cat, likes to “abduct” her and try to play with her, but that terrifies her. So I save her! :rofl:

There’s another one that is only happy when she has crystals around her! She complains quite loudly if she doesn’t have her crystals. Another one is a wood :wood: fairy who loves mushrooms. :mushroom:

I haven’t gotten to know the new one yet! She is not talkative :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I sense that she’s shy and unsure of her new home!

I just realized I have never asked them their names!!! :thinking: I will have to do that, but it may take time to get answers… :hugs: another story, another time!

With love :revolving_hearts: and magick :dizzy: always


I’ve been receiving sighns all day every day! I found some feathers today on my walk.There black from a black bird. I found a tree :evergreen_tree:and it gave me a
Sense that the Fae is around my neck of the woods!
I received there blessings and protection!




As much as I wanted to dive in, I decided that as much as is going on right now this really isn’t the time.

I went on a bit of a resource finding mission though. I found a lot of fluff as well as some decent looking stuff.

I haven’t done much more than look it over real quick but I thought this looked interesting :laughing:
Faerie Crystals - Crystal Vaults


Wow @Jeannie1 that’s amazing love the picsso beautiful and that’s Kool there protecting you. I think they protecting the witches cause we’re supposed to be protecting all nature and earth (our witch duty)


I repotted my plant yesterday into a bigger pot! Sometimes on my walk near my husband pick up trash, Where homeless people leave a lot of their personal belongings or trash behind! I did my clients yard and actually turned out really good. Sometimes I find black widows in the house and I get them and I put them outside. So yeah, I would say I’m a lover of nature and a little legged friends. Eventually me and my husband decided to move towards the mountains :mountain_snow: so I’m thinking about owning my own horse someday! I know horses can be really therapeutic and they teach us a lot.


Nixi, :first_quarter_moon_with_face::new_moon::last_quarter_moon_with_face:
I really like the fairy cross and the crystal fairy dust! :deer::fairy:t3::unicorn:I was wondering what that cross represented cause I thought it represented Hecate at the cross roads but either way I think I will be getting me one of those crosses hopefully thank you for sharing!


@Jeannie1 wow I know people who own horses lot of responsibility with them 30 year lifespan your amazing keep up the good work I want to see many pictures your work :grin: :heart:


I have the feeling that Magic would be the same way. He may be 9 but he thinks he’s a kitten


Challenge Entry

As many of you may know, my practice has evolved more than several times as I went through & decided to work on different things. I made changes in my personal life & with all that came an evolution of my practice to a more Irish Pagan/Witchcraft & beliefs. In my return to practicing, I can remember when Brighid & I first connected, then a while later with the Morrigan. Now I work with both, but I couldn’t effectively work with them without understanding & knowing them properly. Both of them are part of the Tuatha de Danaan.

My entry is a bit different but also of Irish beliefs, stories, lore, history… whatever you would like to label it as specific to Ireland.

As far as fairies… they are the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) not fairies, fae, or faeries. In Irish tradition, there can be a few things when referring to them as fairies: disrespectful, dangerous, or bad luck. So, Irish tradition is that they are not named directly, even as Sidhe or a type of Sidhe, so they don’t feel disrespected or attract their attention. Many different descriptive terms are used when referring to them instead of a direct name or title. Many different types can move freely from the Otherworld to our world, usually through the use of the forts or mounds.

They have many forms, from the hauntingly beautiful creatures, mermaids, to more ghost-like figures of a woman or a woman that had lost herself to suicide (Bean Sidhe or Banshee) or in some other way hadn’t completely crossed over to the Otherworld, Leprechauns, Changelings, “Fairy” Cats, “Fairy” Hounds & others. They are not ‘evil spirits’ but also not the types represented with twinkles, sparkles, fairy houses, or friendly residents of the forests. When humans meet them, they could be friendly and helpful but, equally, be of a more malicious type or mindset. When coming across them, a human can’t decipher their true intentions when meeting or the mood they are in at the time.

They include the immortal race of the ‘Tuatha De Danaan’. Specifically, they were the Tribe (People) of Danu, and their King is the Dagda. As an entire tribe, the possibility of just ordinary people without all having God, Goddess, King, or Queen status with a full range of supernatural powers is highly likely. They arrived and lived in Ireland by creating a mist that people couldn’t see through, so it wasn’t known exactly where they had come from.

The Sidhe are very varied in provinces. Not only are they immortal, but they can also change forms and have other magical powers. They have their own territories, forts, and mounds. The Dagda divided the mounds between the Tuatha de Danaan which became their homes and palaces filled with many wonders. The mounds appear to be natural formations throughout the land but are sites with ancient tombs, forts, or archaeological monuments. Each of these connects to the Otherworld.

Humans have wound up there when they encounter one or more of the Fair Folk. The human is there for what seems to be a short time, only to find out when they return that it has been many years. Once they have returned, they age rapidly, catching up to their time away.

It is well known in Ireland and their native tradition that whether intentionally or accidentally being around one of their forts, it is in your best interest to be extremely careful & aware. The possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time is very likely. Should this happen, it is a possibility that you may be injured or stolen. The most dangerous of those times is the liminal time of the day, season, or year. The mounds are very protected from intruders by the fairies & can be largely found close to water sources. The fairies will severely punish those disrespecting their mounds, territories, or themselves.

I haven’t learned enough to decide whether I want to work with them in my practice. I also don’t live in Ireland, but I would respect their traditions if I ever came across them or decided to interact with them. If they can freely cross from one world to the next, it is possible that they can travel to other lands away from Ireland. So, I have to learn more about them and those possibilities. Is there a likelihood of having any around me, and they may have some connection with those of Ireland or Irish practices?


@Jeannie1, I’m known for walking in my neighborhood picking up fallen branches and litter that is left in the road, on the edges of people’s yards and driveways, and I have a couple of neighbors that we are friends with that I will go clean up fallen branches from their yards too. One time I walked up my street onto the main boulevard and removed branches from a tree removal that the homeowners had left on the edge of the sidewalk on trash pickup day. I still don’t know why they thought that the company would pick them up or even the town when they came to check the roads, lines, or hydrants :laughing: Someone walking on the sidewalk saw me walking with the branches and told me that I was a good neighbor removing them from the sidewalk. :blush: