Weekly Witchy Challenge for Aura’s

I have decided to make a potion made of water and dye that will infuse my aura with the color purple. So mote it be!
Drink and be Merry!
So more it be!

For this week’s challenge. I have decided to commit myself to a color every day. I mixed 5 drops of red dye and one drop of blue dye into a glass of water. I intend that the water will help me become the visionary. Purple helps my psyche and emotional, and spiritual balance. Sometimes my dreams don’t align with my future. This potion will assist me with my aura! Sometimes, my emotions run deep with red passion and I can be very sensitive to my emotions. I even seem to doubt myself and with this potion It’s a big step in the right direction! I challenge myself to be strong, confident, and self-sufficient. I will try not to doubt myself. I seem to withdraw emotionally to protect myself from harm. With this potion, I will be vulnerable and challenge my own life. Using my crown chakra!
So I just meditate on what I need, to stay strong and believe and have faith!
Cheers to happiness and prosperity!
Blessed be!


What a fun way to celebrate the 🌀 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Reading Auras !

Thank you for sharing! :grinning:


Ur welcome Ben!!!


@Jeannie1 , great idea for the challenge


Aw thank you Walter, That’s the purple :purple_heart:part of my aura useing my internal wisdom!


Royal purple, the color of Power. Drink up! :clinking_glasses:


Yellow Aura Meditation
The Weekly Witchy Challenge Aura’s
People who have a yellow aura can be measured by their happiness. If you experience joy then you can also play and have fun and joke you probably have a yellow aura. People will know if your yellow if your happy and sometimes people will even leave the room if they experience a person who does not have enough joy in their life.
So tonight I brought an intention to create some joy and happiness into my life!
First I need to change my outlook, I charged my cup with energy using the guided meditation. I drank the yellow water at the end of the meditation. My intention, is to have joy in my life! I want to be more optimistic and shine so I think you should try this meditation it is really good!

May you all be blessed with love and happiness!
Blessed be✨




Powerful purple for the Crown Chakra and wisdom, and lovely yellow for happiness, joy, and energy! :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: Cheers to you and your beautiful magick, @Jeannie1- this is such a lovely idea!

Wishing you all the best with your potion-making and aura work this week. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Great thinking!!! I love how unique this entry is!!!
I’m also surprised that @praecog29 hasn’t said anything about your glass! :sweat_smile:


I was thinking of putting some herbs in the water, to give it more power! For example mint!Well there always tonight


Ooh, great thought!!!


People with a green aura plan to be productive and creative in there environment. People who have a green aura’s have a lot of analytical attributes. I think so far, I would say that I have a lot of countless projects that I have been planning. These project’s of being creative help me to strategize. Green people have the ability to think by delegating projects, although the problem with the green aura is that they fear that they lack! This is Low Self esteem can be very damaging to me . So my intent with this witchy project is to work on my coping mechanisms to sustain my green aura pushing the fear back. Sometimes, I do want to be perfect or look good and when I don’t it does not feel good. So this can be debilitating sometimes! I want to shine like a Peacock!!

Greens are really good at solving problems and making mental productivity so I hope that my potion will help me problem solve. This is why I am charging this cup to help me in my pursuit of solutions. I like to work step by step and with the hope that this potion will be charged in order to give Green’s structure! I am charging up and taking a toast! :tropical_drink:
Healing with Green
What does Your Green Aura mean?
The Green Aura- The Money Aura

I watched this video and I am very much a analyzer and have struggles learning how to play and have fun! Life is really serious at times and some times I just want to let lose and have a good time. So I hope this meditation will encourage you like it did me!
“I am healing Emerald Green”
Blessed Be! :star2:


Thank you for this creation :relaxed: I love the green color! Is that mint? :grin:


This is a beautiful exploration of the green aura and the color’s symbolism. I hope that your work with this energy helps you push back any fear you are dealing with and discover inner confidence! :blush::muscle:

Cheers to you, @Jeannie1! :clinking_glasses: