🖋 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Handwritten Magick

This is beautiful @SpanishWitchy
It’s so neat, I wish I could write without making so many mistakes. You did a really great job.
With love :heart: always


Challenge entry - Handwritten Magick

Well… the hurricane / tropical storm meant I had to juggle and rearrange and then clean things that I wasn’t expecting so my entry isn’t what I’d hope to submit this week BUT at least I am submitting something this time.

I took inspiration from a fellow Artemis devotee on here :wink: and found a prayer to Artemis to hand copy into my book.

which I found online and for the sake of time (and frankly lack of energy), I’m including the graphic that I found instead of hand typing it out for you to read.

(Graphic source credited originally to Sir David Cherubim copyright 1989)

Absolutely not related but I’m doing it anyway… one of the unexpected outcomes from the storm was a huge bounty of wind-fallen seeds, fruits, and nuts that called to me on my Saturday run. You should have seen me with all this stuffed in the pocket of my running shorts!!! :laughing:

Acorns, Sycamore fruit, pignut hickory nuts, pecans, Sweetgum gumballs, and a pinecone.

Guess I gotta admit I have very strong Green Witch tendencies! :deciduous_tree: :herb: :seedling: :sunflower:


My entry for this challenge is a ritual I made for Aphrodite :hibiscus: My BoS is a divided binder as it keeps my mind organised (virgo in 10th house haha) The ∃ & ∄ are mathimatical symbols that mean exist and does not exist and i use them intuitively since scool years :sweat_smile:
My BoS is mostly in greek but I have some notes in english as well


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Cheers to the witches who hold magick in their hands and aren’t afraid to show off their skills! To those who practiced Handwritten Magick by working with heart and hand this week, thank you so much for joining in the challenge! :heart_hands: :two_hearts:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details for everyone who submitted an entry. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

EDIT: Here is the Props and Presents post for this challenge! :trophy:

Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :fountain_pen: :sparkles:


@Artemisia I just love Artemis and the prayer! Plus the bonus of all the acorns an foraged items are perfect, I imagine you did look like a little squirrel tucking away all your goods as you ran lol!!! :fallen_leaf:


Wow that is really impressive Maudot7 and I love how you stuck to the Wiccan rede it all rhymes ! :grin:
I actually put cream on my face two days in a row! I am trying to put in that extra loving care! I see you are doing all the work and you’re going to look like a goddess !


Thanks @Jeannie1!

[quote=“Jeannie1, post:54, topic:28497”]
I actually put cream on my face two days in a row!
[/quote] too funny! If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I would say more sunscreen and stop wrinkling your brow. Lol. I too did not put cream on regularly when I was younger.
Thankfully, I still look young for my age. But look at me now, enchanting cream to help make up for lost time :wink::grin:


Can someone who had a slight bump in the road (Ian the terrible), enter your
W. W. Challenge and still get a badge?


@Garnet… Bry will be back on Monday, but I will definitely leave her a message about your question :revolving_hearts:


113 - Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Handwritten Magick
Challenge entry - Garnet

My Goddess, My Goddess -
Send out your most blessed dragons and Wyvern
Blessings are to the Mother and her children

I call upon the Dragon - EARTH
The danger comes, help to save my home and hearth
Keep my people safe spread your wings
Protect us from all flying things.

Blessings are to the Mother

I call upon the Dragon – WATER
Hear my plea, calm your waters, settle the sea
I see and feel your anger as you crash and swirl
This isn’t the way to clean land or the sea.

Blessings are to the Mother

I call upon the Dragon – AIR
You’ve tortured the land and hurt many people.
What are you doing? What do you want?
We cannot fight you, your rage we must bear.
Quiet your ire before you destroy the world
We didn’t ask for this, Please treat us with care.

Blessings are to the Mother

I call upon the Dragon – FIRE
Fire, Fire, sing your song
to the angry Water and Air
Sooth them sweetly as only you can
Grant us peace before dawn.

Blessings are to the Mother

When it is done and nature’s anger wanes
We will tend to our ill, and feed those who hunger.
We will search for the missing and bury our dead.

My thanks to the Elements and the Dragons for their service
Thanks to the people who serve and protect.
Who came from everywhere to help.
Blessings to those with loss

As I have spoken so let it be done.
Thanks to the Mother, most blessed of all

My hope and love for all -
If I had Dragon’s blood ink, I couldn’t find it. I did find this really dark red ink
Then my scanner wouldn’t work. What an adventure this week has been.


What an adorable picture!!!


Believe it or not, I’m sitting in Florida. LMAO. Thinking…
“Is that all you got? Come on, throw it at me.”


LOL honest to goodness its great to hear from you.

My Dad’s response when I asked him & it was when it was supposed to hit closer to him, he said, “Eh, its the season. Call me during it to see if I’m okay.” I was like, DAD!!! He was like either way I’ll be here.

That man never ceases to amaze me sometimes.


I love the kitty picture and your entry @Garnet
I would like to print it and put it in my BOS notebook if it’s all right with you.
With much love :heart: always


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Thank you for your entries! They were all really well done! :hugs:

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Oops how did I mix up the challenges? It’s been a while. Thanks, Siofra, I will work on the Potions challenge :slight_smile:


@mary25 believe me, I had to go looking for the new challenge too because I was confused :rofl:

Leave this one, & when the next catch-up happens, you can copy & paste this one into the catch-up for 1 of your entries.

I’m missing 2 I know they were 2 in a row, do you think I remember which ones? Absolutely not :rofl:

I will set a reminder for myself so that any that are entered after the closed time… I will grab them & add them to the next Catch-Up… provided I can set myself a reminder the right way :joy: Also a little bit of a learning curve, I know how to do it for some things & not others with my phone to alert me. I can never remember when I need to though. :hugs:


Thank you, Siofra! :heart:

Yes, although the Handwritten Magick Challenge closed last week, there is another challenge currently running! Feel free to catch the Potion Challenge- although at this point in the week it’ll only be open for another day! No worries though, as a brand new challenge will begin on Wednesday :trophy:

Hi Garnet! While usually I would recommend late entries to hang on until the next Catch-Up Challenge, I completely understand your situation. I know Hurricane Ian hit your area really hard and that it was a true act of nature that prevented you from sharing your entry. In this unusual case, I would be happy to count your entry- thank you very much for sharing it! :heart::pray: (And I hope you are all doing well and that the post-storm cleanup has been going okay!)

I was cheering for you so much while reading this- you and your courageous heart never fail to amaze me, Mary! :heart: And wow- it sounds like a really amazing (and intense!) experience channeling the energy. I would definitely hang on to your workings here to meditate or dream on or perhaps incorporate into divination. Sometimes messages are immediately relevant while others take time to reveal themselves.

You’ve done really amazing work here- thank you so much for sharing your entry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: While I’m afraid this challenge has closed, I would be honored to accept it as an entry toward the next Catch-Up Challenge (which is coming up very soon!). If that is okay with you, please just write a little note/leave a link back to this entry during the Catch-Up Challenge and I’ll count it- it really is a great entry! :star2:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


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