🖋 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Handwritten Magick

LOL honest to goodness its great to hear from you.

My Dad’s response when I asked him & it was when it was supposed to hit closer to him, he said, “Eh, its the season. Call me during it to see if I’m okay.” I was like, DAD!!! He was like either way I’ll be here.

That man never ceases to amaze me sometimes.


I love the kitty picture and your entry @Garnet
I would like to print it and put it in my BOS notebook if it’s all right with you.
With much love :heart: always


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Thank you for your entries! They were all really well done! :hugs:

(So worst case, you may have to copy & paste to a Catch Up challenge. I have 2 that i need to do :laughing:)


Oops how did I mix up the challenges? It’s been a while. Thanks, Siofra, I will work on the Potions challenge :slight_smile:


@mary25 believe me, I had to go looking for the new challenge too because I was confused :rofl:

Leave this one, & when the next catch-up happens, you can copy & paste this one into the catch-up for 1 of your entries.

I’m missing 2 I know they were 2 in a row, do you think I remember which ones? Absolutely not :rofl:

I will set a reminder for myself so that any that are entered after the closed time… I will grab them & add them to the next Catch-Up… provided I can set myself a reminder the right way :joy: Also a little bit of a learning curve, I know how to do it for some things & not others with my phone to alert me. I can never remember when I need to though. :hugs:


Thank you, Siofra! :heart:

Yes, although the Handwritten Magick Challenge closed last week, there is another challenge currently running! Feel free to catch the Potion Challenge- although at this point in the week it’ll only be open for another day! No worries though, as a brand new challenge will begin on Wednesday :trophy:

Hi Garnet! While usually I would recommend late entries to hang on until the next Catch-Up Challenge, I completely understand your situation. I know Hurricane Ian hit your area really hard and that it was a true act of nature that prevented you from sharing your entry. In this unusual case, I would be happy to count your entry- thank you very much for sharing it! :heart::pray: (And I hope you are all doing well and that the post-storm cleanup has been going okay!)

I was cheering for you so much while reading this- you and your courageous heart never fail to amaze me, Mary! :heart: And wow- it sounds like a really amazing (and intense!) experience channeling the energy. I would definitely hang on to your workings here to meditate or dream on or perhaps incorporate into divination. Sometimes messages are immediately relevant while others take time to reveal themselves.

You’ve done really amazing work here- thank you so much for sharing your entry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: While I’m afraid this challenge has closed, I would be honored to accept it as an entry toward the next Catch-Up Challenge (which is coming up very soon!). If that is okay with you, please just write a little note/leave a link back to this entry during the Catch-Up Challenge and I’ll count it- it really is a great entry! :star2:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


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