⌚ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - It's Time for Time Magick

This is just…amazing @Cosmic_Curiosity!! I like your entry a lot! It is full of insight on what meaning every day holds! You know, that really inspires me to do particular things on their assigned days! Thank you again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:


Amethyst’s Challenge Entry

It’s funny but my brain handled ideas like time easier when I was a child. Maybe it’s because our brains are more flexible to the twisty-Turney timey-wimey thing that is time. Back when the last five minutes till school out took a day at the very least.

I went and found This meditation on time. It’s difficult to follow though because the audio isn’t that well and at the end, he just sorts of trails off.

But the basic idea is that time is just a construct. We only have the present. But you need the memories of the past and what happened to help you with what’s going on in the present. The future is all anticipation. It makes sense but it’s all jumbled when I try to write this out. I watched the video more than once but some of the ideas still went over my head.

I then put it out of my head and did this lovely meditation for a brighter future, which while it doesn’t have much to do with time, did make my head stop hurting. LOL!

But yeah, time travel makes my head hurt. I think you have to be a Time Lord or Lady to really get it. Good luck folks.


I am pleased that you like them. I hope they are of some value to you.


Challenge Entry

Meditation With Your Cat To Slow Time

  1. Turn off all electronic devices and cover the clocks in the room (or go to a room with no clocks).

  2. If your cat is nearby (and doesn’t mind), sit or lay down next to them.

  3. To enhance this meditation, wear or carry Tiger’s Eye to invoke the spiritual energy of the cat.

  4. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. For now, time has halted. There is nowhere to be or no place to go. There is no past or future. Nothing to worry about. There is only now. The present. This moment.

  5. Become aware of the sensations in your body and whether it is night or day. The cat doesn’t go by a clock. They know when to eat, when to drink, and when to sleep by the sensations in their body and the amount of light outside.

  6. With this in mind, say:

Three or nine,
I have plenty of time

Next, pet or give your cat a scratch under the chin and say:
Like the cat,
I have time for a nap

  1. Sit with your cat for a few more moments (or for as long as your cat feels comfortable doing so). Feel how calm your cat is and now they are not stressing over what time it is.

  2. Perform this meditation whenever you need to slow down and stop chasing the clock.


This is soo damn calming dear @Kasandra! I just felt a small wave of relaxation and tranquility only by reading this entry of yours!! Love it! Thanks…blessed be, you and your little fluffy friend! :sparkling_heart:


**challenge entry **
Ive been needing to find my centre and ground myself lately and I’ve been trying to get into meditation regularly and today when i had to head to shop i had my music on (cant go to shop without it) and i got back and was taking my shoes off and the song " there is no time" by kelliana came on and as was sitting i took a moment to centre myself as i listened ro the song. Later i lit a candle and listened to it again and i stared into the flame and centred andgrounded myself. The words are simple enough for me to remember cayse it repeats 4 lines over and over so i want touse tjis song wgen ever i need to recentre and groynd myself in the chaos of life these days. Ill put the words below and i took a photo of the candle, its a nice big one i got given as a gift with a wood wick. It makes a crackle sound lol i freakedvout at first till i lookec it up and apparently iys supposed to do that lol

There is no time ( by Kelliana)

There is no time but now

There is no place but here

In the sacred we do stand

In a circle hand in hand.


This is the link to where i found the lyrics to share them. Its a simple song but still very cool and powerful which is why i liked it and cause it was about being in the moment and relatef to time i thought it might be fitting for the challenge😁


Challenge entry
Time the maker of all dreams, the healer of all wounds. Time we created the clock and the stress that goes along with it. I have read that time is not linear. That what we heal now can heal our past as well as our future. This is great news, especially when we have had childhood traumas, like I do.

According to some, we can heal family/generational problems by healing our present. This is good news to me and something that I do work on.

The concept of time or rather the sensation of time is remarkable. Time can go so slow when we’re waiting or doing something unpleasant. Time can go too fast when we are looking at our children growing up and when we are doing stuff that’s fun.

For my challenge, I decided to do a few things with time. 1. Ensure that the waiting time I was going to experience while waiting for my 14 yo son to complete his first job interview :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tired_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:was going to go by fast. The best way to do that, I thought, was to bring my tarot cards with me. I saw on YouTube by the Witches’ Cookery a suggestion to pull a quest for the year rather than worry about resolutions. Note, I haven’t done resolutions for years. My ongoing resolution is to try to be a better person today than I was yesterday, etc… So I brought my cards with me. I pulled the first of 4 cards, basically, the quest card. Then I was inspired to put that card back in and shuffle again-I don’t normally do that. Anyhow, I shuffled and pulled my second card, which would be my companion’s card for the quest. It was the same card as the first. Again, I was inspired to put that card back in the deck shuffle from my third card, which is the enemies card, and lo and behold, that same card came up. I do love the concept that everything is on a spectrum that what is good can also be bad and vice versa. But wow what a quest I’m gonna have this year! Thankfully, the fourth card was a different card but it was the 7 of swords :crazy_face:. Well, needless to say, I was so enjoying this Tarot pull, that I didn’t notice the half an hour that had gone by, it felt like it had only been a few minutes. In fact, I almost didn’t have enough time to get it all done, but the really cool thing is I had enough time to do what I set out to do.

  1. The second part of my challenge entry: I was mulling over this challenge when I pulled my card of the day from my Dragon Path Oracle cards, and the card that came up on Saturday was called Father Time. I chuckled to myself given that I was thinking of doing that challenge that day. I love this universe.

It really struck me when I read “stop setting yourself unrealistic time skills and such high expectations as well as anxieties from not feeling good enough.” I knew that this was where I needed to be today and probably every day. So my focus was to ignore time (except for the two scheduled appointments I had yesterday). My focus was to be fully in the present moment and quiet the thoughts and frets of my mind. To not think about work, not think about all the chores, to not think about anything really except that present moment. I find the more I fret, the less energy I have to get anything done. I get too fractured in my brain thinking of all the things I have to do so then I run away, figuratively, and do some thing else that is non-productive but trying to help me escape from my brain, if that makes sense. So yesterday, I spent the day going with the flow the first thing that I felt inspired to do I did. I didn’t worry that I wouldn’t have time to relax on the weekend by doing the sweeping. I swept while the kettle was boiling. Funnily enough by the time the kettle was boiled, I was also done this sweeping. I ended up getting more done and feeling more centered. I still need to work on this, but this is going to be an ongoing challenge for me in the weeks and months to come as I try to switch to being fully present to the moment at least a few minutes each day if I can’t do it fully :wink:

Thank you @Kasandra for this great challenge entry and this opportunity to be reminded of what time really is and isn’t.

@Siofra_Strega , you are always there to fix up my posts with the technical stuff (thank you!:grin:). Well this time, I figured out how to bold on my cell phone for this one and add in a link! It actually wasn’t hard and I don’t know how I missed it be before…but let’s not go there :wink::joy:


You are very welcome @Phoenix_Rose, I have been slacking on it since around November for the Challenges, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things for them. Great job figuring it out! I will always assist when needed… so no worries there! :revolving_hearts:


I love the kitty meditation! :cat: :two_hearts:

I learned recently that the Ancient Greeks knew two kinds of time, chronos time :clock1: and kairos time :dizzy: Chronos time is the time that we can measure, that runs in seconds, minutes and hours. It’s literally “day to day” time. Kairos time however is what we enter when something captivates us, when we’re lost in doing what we love, doing our rituals, sitting down in meditation or maybe just getting from one place to another. It’s the liminal time between time, when there’s a feeling of something significant, something sacred. Everyday reality has no place here, and neither do devices for measuring everyday time.

I’ve long since stopped believing in objective reality. How could we know anything about that, since all of our perceptions are colored by our ego-minds that have all kinds of silly filters on them :face_with_peeking_eye: There is a thin sliver of reality that most of us can agree on, that many people mistake for all that there is. That’s our everyday reality that lives in chronos time. That’s not very interesting to me, that’s why I sought out this magickal path in the first place :grin: What happens in kairos time feels much more fascinating to me, from synchronicities, to feeling the presence of deities, to collective consciousness spontaneously emerging from shared rituals :sparkles:

In kairos time every second is a first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I made it I’ve been sitting here eating Oreo cookies :cookie: I know some of you will like to share this with your loved ones.
I wanted to make this experience fun so I did. When I think of time I think of the twelve moons however this year there are thirteen moons.
New Moon shawdow work -:new_moon: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Magick in the Dark
The Full Moon- Full Moon! Scorpio Energies and a Simple Ritual :full_moon:
Waning Gibbous-Waning Moon! :waning_crescent_moon: Quick Incense Cleanse Ritual
Last Quarter Moon-
Waning Cresent
First Quarter Moon
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Wanning Gibbous
Last Quarter Moon
Wanning Cresent
New Moon is the dark moon and this is a time we’re Hecate has a deipnon and since this is a new moon we can think of all the things that we can pray about and give an offering!
I ushally leave her a good meal as an offering.
Full moons are awesome for me because I could look back in the past month and go OK. What do I need to get ready for what are my intentions? What do I need spiritually.
Wanning- for me the moon is getting smaller is so it is the time for me to let go of whatever I need to let go of so I will do a banishing ritual.
Waxing is for growing it’s what you want to grow! Something you want to bring towards you!
These cookies were so so delicious :yum:

Celestial Moon - I really do agree and you did an amazing job explaining Kairos time I understand completely!

I love looking at the moon it’s a time of reflection for me and I really want to journal
Got this New Moon this is for new beginnings so I will celebrate :tada: the past and thank Hecate and any other diety I am working with.

I was inspired by Pinterest, and if you look up phases of the moon on Pinterest you’ll see many crafts that are fun that will inspire your creativity and magical life.
Maudot7 - it is so fascinating fascinating the synchronicity’s that you had that you were just working on your oracle cards and Pop there is all this information about time, and I like what the oracle deck had to say about “entering the void”” interestingly enough I just learned about this topic on jeff marr podcast. Time is just an illusion! I love this you nailed it thanks this is so interesting to me! I used to be so worried about the future all the time. I like what it said about not being fretful and the fact that we should not put any time constraints on ourselves or expectations. I have been dealing with this because I am 41 years old, and I felt as though time was ticking and so this was a great subject thank you.what deck was this again thank you :blush:
Phoenix- Thank you for the Lyrics of the song :musical_note: perfect :+1:
Kasandra- I like how you did everything in rhyme and also the cat was catchy! I love cats!

Hers my kitty :black_cat: just to add to your post!


I am finally understanding this because I’ve been watching a lot of Near Death Experiences
It’s just an Idea that is humans put and time always gives me anxiety :frowning_with_open_mouth:
Since coming to the craft I have been more disciplined with my meditation practice.
I am still try to process some things of the past and that being said, I am also trying to process my junk writing :writing_hand: it helps! And yes meditation is a break from my analytical headspace! So thank you for the meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Namaste

Also I thought it was funny how you said the “time lord” lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: made me laugh :laughing:



@Jeannie1, WOW! I must say…your Entry is toooooo yummmy!!! Haha! My mouth is watering everytime I see something sweet! You know side effects of being a sweet-tooth! :yum: Also, I wanna ask one thing, WHO IS THIS LIL GOLDEN FUR BALL??? What’s her/his name?? :face_holding_back_tears: I am absolutely in love with your kitty! And I think…the way you made all the moon phases out of super delicious oreo cookie vanilla cream…well, this is tastily gorgeous dearo! Thank you for sharing such refreshing and deliciously awesome entry!! Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

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If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

January 10, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their time magick so far! :raised_hands: :heart: The entries I’ve read have all been show-stoppingly creative, clever, and Crafty :sparkles: We’re not out of time yet, though, so consider this a final call for anyone who hasn’t yet shared an entry! :alarm_clock:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :watch::sparkles:


Okay a bit late here, but I finally took out time to post my challenge entry part 2! Thank god! Hehe…here goes! :smiling_face:

My Challenge Entry Part 2…

So, first of all let’s talk about Astral Projection :
As I read about astral projection here in Time Magick Challenge, I was instantly on the 9th cloud! I reallg took it so seriously that I got myself an amazing astral projection guidebook! As I started reading it, I focused on a few words where I completely agreed with @TheTravelWitch_Bry 's post that one has to prepare and master a few other things like lucid dreaming & meditation! Though, lucid dreaming is not anywhere linked to astral projection…it certainly does prepare the mind for experiencing projection, at last! I also read the author’s own story that how she mastered these two abilities before projecting astrally! Soo, I decided to master this first before practicing astral projection and as I also voted here that I had lucid dreamt before, many times! I would like to share how I had travelled time, while being in one of my longest Lucid Dreams! :
"I dreamt of a vast huge blue sky…as I felt myself flying up in the air! I flew over the markets and buildings as I enjoyed myself thoroughly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also remember it clearly because I did so even in the dream that I was dreaming, hence, a lucid dream! I could go wherever I wanted and literally saw myself pulling my hands up to lift me up in the air higher! I flew soo high that I saw the aerial view - one you would see from an aeroplane window! So it was an amazing experience overall where I felt like conquering time!..
Now I shall tell about my today’s daily devotional Meditation as I invoked goddess Selene!:
I felt serene as I watched the sacred candle flame dance…I am definitely not a flame reader but I felt like I got every answer to my questions by the different flickering patterns of the flame! For example, when I asked for a sign of Goddess Selene’s presence…I asked the flame to grow taller…it grew and stayed tall till I lovingly extinguished it! This was…something else. Thank you that’s all lovely friends…Blessed Be with Love and Light :sparkling_heart:


I may or may not have watched too much Doctor Who. LOL!


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Time Magick - Entry

Time Warp
by Dominik Mayer

I began exploring Magick when I was in about 3rd grade, and my search continues until this day. When I was in my thirties, I was walking, crossing a street actually, and I was suddenly above, looking down and watching me walk. I was greeted by Christ, or this is how it appeared to me. Considering my Christian upbringing, this makes sense. It seemed as if we had a very long conversation, but I was back in my body by the time I got to the other side of the street. For the next 3 days, I was blissful and could see everyone’s spirit guides, but that went away.

Then I spent the next several years searching for that divine happiness. Then one night I had a dream, and someone kept telling me to do it! I kept saying no, but she was so insistent, that I finally gave in. I was immediately transported to the stars, and I had found the Universe within me. It’s much easier now, as I meditate, I enter the castle within and I have found peace and love there. I have also learned how to travel to different dimensions.

One of the first things I learned is that time works differently when I’m in that space, so much seems to happen in a short amount of time. How long did it take me to cross the street, a few minutes? I’ve always been kind of a rebel so I think that sometimes I need a nudge to knock some sense into me!

When I have these downloads of information from what I feel is a Divine Source, it takes time to integrate and process what I have learned. It’s a continuing process, and thus, I like to think of it as Warping Time!

All in good time . . .


Challenge Entry

I spent yesterday planning, I found my Weekly Witchy Planner & printed it out with the regular day-to-day things that I know will happen. I added bits of time for my own “witchy” things to do that have kind of been piling up.

My days usually consist of a pretty good morning routine that does include daily things I do:

  • my daily tarot draws (right now they are 2 card draws)
  • my daily Brighid Oracle draw
  • lighting my healing/purification candle & my protection candle in my space for the entire time that I am there
  • working on the classes that I am currently taking (right now they are learning my intuition & reading tarot cards intuitively & with different techniques to help me with the cards)
  • journaling, whatever it may be about, my workings, my day, witchy wellness, intuition, dreams, etc.

I also have weekly things that I do:

  • lithomancy (stones) & rune draws (Elder Futhark & Witches)
  • oracle draws for crystals
  • upcoming moon phases & associated activities that I could do
  • astrological events/aspects that may influence my days

So now I have my planner & every day will set an intention, I will add in any specific goals or certain goals depending on the day & what would be a good thing to practice that day. I’m also picking away at my list of things that I haven’t been able to get to since I started with illness the day after Christmas.

Part of that list is:

  • organizing my items & consolidating (thank you @Amaris_Bane… I’ve actually found quite a few things that I no longer use or have used in… I don’t know how long & some things I thought were lost)
  • I have a freezer spell that I need to get to at some point
  • A good cleansing of my space

I also have added daily meditations & meeting with my deities either just for guidance or for a specific reason, whatever it may be, I will write the intention in my planner as it arises & journal about anything that may have been received during my meetings.

So my time magic is actually creating some kind of order in the chaos of my days to make sure I get some “me” time in there. & paying attention more to the days of the week & things that correspond with those days. At the beginning of my planner is correspondence for things on each day of the week.


Challenge Entry

For my entry, I decided to work on my daily routine. I have added 10 minutes of meditation immediately upon waking up. I then take care of my dogs and make myself coffee (before caffeine is life). I then take a few minutes at my ancestors’ and deities’ altars, lighting their candles and some incense and saying a prayer to each. After that, I do my daily tarot reading and shadow work journal prompt for the day.

At the end of the day, I take a few minutes to reflect/journal about the day and write my gratitude list. I then say my bedtime prayers and go to sleep.

There are other things I plan to add throughout the day as part of my “new year resolutions” to connect with my spirituality more.


Millie is my cat she comforts me when I go into dream states and helps me calm my nerves cause I really have a hard time just sitting down and not doing anything so by the time I sit down after a long days work, Millie, my cat helps me by purring. I feel so lucky to have her she helps the time go by so much quicker! When I am lonely she is there by my side!
So yes I am trying my hardest not to sit here and eat the whole box of Oreos so I pounded them of on my husband and kido so they could learn the phases of the moon with me! I hope they learned some insight on the moon and the light it has to offer!
Ow yeah astral projection happened once for me when I went into a deep meditation and fell asleep! I only went to the top of my roof in my room and I sorta got scared. But just trust yourself and you’ll be fine! Happy travels there infinite possibilities! I also remember having a vivid dream about jumping off roofs and flying, and I had so much fun, I think of my dreams. I am much more confident, know!
Here is a link to help your travel ! Where would you go??Astral travel



WWC Entry I Guess -It’s Time for Time Magick

Well mostly I wasted time. :wastebasket:
I lost time. :blossom:
I found some time :chakras:
I waited for time :weight_lifting_man:
I made time. :cake:
I timed time. :clock11:
I ran out of time. :running_woman:
Yep, Thats pretty much how my week went :woman_shrugging:
Bless Be


Challenge Entry: It’s Time for Time Magick

I’d hoped inspiration would hit and I’d think of something for the challenge but all week I struggled to find something. I’ve read and reread the original post at least 4 times top to bottom hoping something would strike a chord.

Looking at the Journaling prompts made me think of something from my childhood. When I was in grade school, I lived 13 blocks away from the school and walked to and from most every day. As is pretty typical of kids, I would dawdle somedays coming home whether it was playing on the snow, picking flowers or playing with friends.

I knew I was exlected to be home by a certaib time and on days that i was clearly going to be cutting it close, I had a certainty that if i focused, concentrated my mental energy and hussled more quickly that not only would I not be late, but that by shear force of will - I could roll back time a little.

Sounds crazy now to say outloud but as a child l was wholly 100% certain that it was something I could do.

Who knows? Maybe I could and as I grew up I convinced myself I couldn’t.

Something to ponder late night in bed :laughing: