💰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Ka-Ching! Money Magick

I’ve got to explain some about my magic. See I pay someone to take me to the doctors each week and the insurance pays me back about half of it for gas reimbursement. I filled out the forms and mailed a whole bunch of them last week and it should get me a good chunk of change back. It usually takes forever so I wanted that money back faster.

I dressed a green candle with High John the Concorer’s oil and basil. Then I said this chant:

I’ve filled out the forms, I’ve done my time,
and now the day has come for me to rhyme.
Money come quick, as quick as can be!
So I can put it all back into the economy!
May my gas money come before the next new moon,
for that would be a really good boon!
No more or no less, I hope the Gods agree,
For harm it none, so mote it be!

I also listened to some music to bring abundance, an abundance-guided meditation, and used incense that’s supposed to attract money! And I cast this morning because Sundays are for success!

I’m really hoping they’ll get my check to me soon! This should help.


Blessed be one and all~

I am noticing that with every money spell that thanking the divine is not included (for the most part) it is imperative (IMHO) that thanks be given no matter how much is provided.

I have attached my own simple spell and daily ritual/s that seem to ensure that there is money flowing freely in my home.

First I place a coin wrapped in red felt in the south east corner of my home facing the windows. This coin is actually under a plant so that as I water it, I am in essence watering the money to help it grow. Kind of based of Feng Shui and the bagua.

As for actual spell work, this has worked for me a couple of times in the past:

Green candle
Green Adventurine (4 stones/crystals)
Citrine (4 stones/crystals)
Images of large denomination bills (preferably 50’s or 100’s)

Consecrate the candle with oils and herbs related to wealth or money
Cast the circle (informal is okay) and be sure to include the banishment of evil or unwelcome influences)
Place the Adventurine at the four cardinals
Place the Citrine at the four corners (forming a literal square around the candle and Adventurine.

“Money tree Money tree
shake down on me
Not for the wanted
but for the need.
I thank you for your blessings with this humble plea
So it is asked
So mote it be.”

Keep the candle lit for a small time infusing your need while it burns.

Kind of simple but again, there is no mandate for this to be a full-on casting.

Again, should you be blessed with the much needed reward, be sure to thank the divine profusely!!! Ignoring the blessing is a sure fire way of having it stripped from you soon after…



Today I performed a “Road Opener” spell. ⛤ Road Opener Spell with the Elements - YouTube

I am open to the universe opening the road.


I did this prosperity and wealth meditation
you should try it! I loved it so much it put a positive outlook into my life and week! My intention is to get a better job! I really want to work with animals so I am just saying that it is my birthright! I enjoyed making a prosperity oil and dressing my candle :candle: I laid all my money on my bed :sleeping_bed: and put it around me in a circle then I placed all the money on my alter space!
Prosperity Meditation

So mote it be !
Blessed be!
Thank you to the God And Goddesses
Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! You all have so many talents and am grateful eat for each one of you!


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

It has been an honor to see how everyone approaches and explores money magick in various ways- whether or not this is a usual part of your practice, thank you so much to everyone who has shared their thoughts and magick this week! :yellow_heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, please know that you still have some time:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: August 2nd, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :moneybag: :sparkles:


Hello, unfortunately, I missed the previous challenge, but I suggest that we have a similar space in the forum so that everyone can share their handiwork at any time, a page like a challenge that is all integrated as a source of inspiration. other members. . . . About the money challenge: 1- My grandmother used to sew bags for washing in the bathroom from a special type of fabric (bathroom linen) for herself and for all her children and grandchildren, but instead of washing, she used one of these bags to keep money. He had chosen his own and believed that keeping money in this type of bag would bless his money. Now my mother also keeps her money in those kind of bags and I believe that the bags are very magical because she can always withdraw more money than what she puts inside and this surprises me. . . . 2- In Iran, many people who work in traditional markets believe that red onyx opens the doors of prosperity and blessings for them, and all the old businessmen have at least one ring with red onyx on their hands. . . 3- A few points about money is that we should first choose a job that we like, not a job that pays more, secondly, we should consider ourselves worthy of the best and ask more and more from God, the universe or Whatever power we believe in, the third point is to see abundance, God’s power is infinite and there is infinity in everything, even money. Four: Belief in God, higher power, angels, higher self or… Believe in him and his power and ask him constantly and don’t lose your faith even in bad situations, he will give you miraculously and when You get what you want, don’t give reason and logic because he surprised you! . . Fifth: Be sure to allocate 10% of your income to give to the needy or to give gifts to your loved ones. These few tips have brought many miracles to me, I hope you will also benefit from them without being ashamed to ask for money to have a better life. And happier, whether spiritually or materially, we deserve the best and we came to this world to have the experience of material life, so wanting material things in the material world is not a bad thing, whatever you want will be given to you with faith and persistence and Positive focus, don’t think about not having and lack so you don’t get the opposite answer. With respect, love and light
Oh and money :moneybag::money_mouth_face::moneybag::money_mouth_face:


I like how you said we should

we should consider ourselves worthy of the best and ask more and more from God, the universe or Whatever power we believe in, the

Zari You know how many times I have counted myself less worthy and I’m probably a really good person I just for some reason always felt less worthy of anything! Although I’m tired of feeling heavy and like it’s killing me for once in my life I really want to feel worth it and make it worth it this is the temple of good enough!

God’s power is infinite and there is infinity in everything, even money. Four: Belief in God, higher power, angels, higher self or… Believe in him and his power and ask him constantly and don’t lose your faith even in bad situations, he will give you miraculously and when You get what you want, don’t give reason and logic because he surprised you

Zari- I am constantly praying and not losing my face even through my trials for example first my son got shot then my second son tried to commit suicide along the way my husband picked up drugs and know It seems that I have a feeling of hopelessness although I am trying to stick to my guns and have faith and believe that there’s good things out there for me in this world so that way I can live out my personal legend and my dreams! But you are right even though I can appreciate Christianity for music and at the same time by practice witchcraft! I also go to all my higher powers! I just know that I have to learn and listen to my heart and everything will follow!

Be sure to allocate 10% of your income to give to the needy or to give gifts to your loved ones.
Yes :+1: even when I feel poor I always try to give away what I can! My friend’s kid just passed away. Well me and a group of friends chipped in to get her flowers :rose: There is always a need somewhere!
Today this lady had roses :rose: on the side of the road I brought them to my clients house to surprise her! I try to extend the love :heart: that we all need to feel supported!

These are wonderful laws of attraction to manifest in our lives!

You also said

Zara- It’s a good way to be positive and I hope that we all have a sense of joy and happiness in our spiritual and physical world when it comes to the material things it helps!
Thank you and bless you!


Money Challenge

For this chanllenge I decided on the money bowl.
I made a small little spell to go with what aligns with my feelings and desires and added correspondences accordingly.

I am new to money bowls, and I am adding money to my pot every few days.


Hi Amethyst you dressed that candle so adorable and wow abundance screams out loud with the power you have behind that chant! You are going to attract so much wealth! Dreamy and inspiring! I love that you honored the Queen of pentacles, she is abundant and wealthy and grounded!


Money Challenge

I got this spell from the beautiful @Siofra_Strega from March 2021. (I hope you don’t mind @Siofra_Strega).

small jar
green candle
turquoise, green aventurine, emerald, or amazonite (or a combination of them)
pink salt
a few coins
bay leaf

Write money & your name on the bay leaf & light the green candle

place the green stones, quartz, then oats/rice, mugwort, pink salt in the jar with a few coins


Towards this wish the money grows
With these coins, it overflows
coins that jingle, coins that shine
so mote it be the money is mine

burn the bay leaf and seal the jar with wax from the green candle.


Thank you! Actually, I pulled the Queen of Pentacles spontaneously that morning when I did my tarot pull. I think that’s a good sign! I’m glad you liked my little chant!


Money spells are something I should probably do more often. They tend to work well for me, but it’s rarely in the form of actual money showing up. Typically my husband or I will land some side work shortly after I do the spell. We don’t always work for cash either; a lot of times, we’ll barter. I’ve written blog posts in exchange for acupuncture sessions!

Anyway, I happened to have a money candle on hand, which I had originally bought just because it smelled so nice. I set it on my workbench and did a brief meditation, then left it to burn while I went back to work. My desk is a few feet away from my workbench, in the same room. I used to keep a candle on my desk if I wanted to burn it for a while, but one of my cats has a tendency to launch herself at them, so I’ve found this to be safer.

So yes, super boring so far, but here’s the interesting part. I noticed as the candle melted, the wax pooled in my direction. Also, the candleholder has the zodiac signs on it, and the wax ran through Sagittarius (my moon sign), which I took as a good sign.

That was Thursday. Last night a local small business that I’ve been romancing for a couple of months reached out, and today he signed on as a client! So I’m definitely feeling a lot of gratitude right now. I hope everyone’s spells give them what they need right now!


Weekly Witchy Challenge - Ka-Ching! Money ($) Magick
Challenge entry Garnet

I wasn’t going to join this weeks challenge, I guess it had to do with asking my parents for money . Blah, blah, blah.

Then I found this adorable little bottle spell on the internet somewhere, probably Pinterest, I don’t remember. The idea kept coming back to me and I decided that if I got nothing back, didn’t matter, I had fun.

I didn’t have a green bottle but added some green food coloring to the oil.
I had no glitter, so I added a silver hair and a gold one. Peppermint, grapeseed oil and a small tigers eye. I plugged it with a cork stopper and tried to seal it with wax’
I dropped it
This really and truly this hasn’t been my week.
Well I said every 4 letter word I knew, cleaned up the mess. And went to bed. (Have you ever cleaned up oil and glass?)
Well I wish you all lots of money and no accidents
Love Garnet


My Challenge Entry - Ka-Ching! Money Magick

I wavered back and forth on whether I could find a comfortable fit for me and money magick. I had actually decided earlier today that I didn’t think this was a fit for me. I was thinking about posting my Chose Not To Participate Entry when I thought to myself:

why don’t I want to do this? - I’d tried a money spell before and it didn’t work. Plus I’ve had the universe balance out two prize windfalls I’ve had in my life with some pretty heavy negative things.

Ok, sure, but really why don’t you want to find a way to help your business grow? -Because I am afraid to try and fail. It’s safer to not try at all

I didn’t like that answer despite it being true. I decided that maybe why my last spell didn’t work was because I wasn’t actually putting my intentions into it, but was rather just going through the motions and could say… see? I told you it wouldn’t work. Why bother?

I’m still not sure if I’m 100% behind myself with this but I did put more thought, more effort, and more focus into this Abundance Jar Spell.

I harvested some fresh rosemary, basil, and sage from my garden. I do need to dry them before putting them in the jar so they are hanging in my office to dry, but when they do I will add them to the mint already drying to add to the jar.

I have chosen cinnamon, tiger’s eye (for bravery), labradorite (for calm and clarity), amazonite (for determination and calm under pressure), sunstone (to boost self-worth and confidence), Ruby Zoisite (to prevent overthinking and lighten mood), an acorn (for growth and potential), coins (for prosperity) and a sealed parchment with my intention written on it.


It worked!!! I was all caught up in the weekend with my daughter coming in to town but I needed to give everyone an update on my abundance “money” magick spell……

As I have said previously, I do not ask for the universe/goddess/deities to provide anything for me, but when it comes to this, I have no problem at all with skin in the game with intention and asking for abundance in both health and wealth. I set my intention which is represented in my entry above and let the candle burn for 3 hours. Then I set the ingredients aside in a money bowl.

Saturday afternoon, we were outside having dinner and someone drove up into the driveway. We live in the country and nobody just stops by. My partner walked over to the car, and introduced himself to the man who got out of the car and we discovered it was his 2nd cousin who had just returned from a remote family reunion of Michael’s (my partner) which we never typically attend. He was driving back up to Boston and stopped by and for reasons that are long and we won’t go into here, he had $5000.00 that he was giving to Michael for a situation from about 15 years ago.

Michael did not know about my money jar or spell, but immediately told his cousin that he had not seen in about a decade that he wanted him to donate it to a charity or take his kids on a nice vacation or something but that we did not need the money, and to be sure to pay it forward. We don’t know what he will actually do with that money, but I hope he truly does pay it forward. This may or may not be an outcome of my challenge entry but it sure is a weird coincidence.

Set your intentions and be focused and pure, and I feel this is just as real as any other spell we do, my sisters and brothers. :candle::green_heart::heavy_dollar_sign:


Weekly Witchy Challenge - ABUNDANCE (Money Magick) - Entry

I did a lot of soul-searching and reworking my beliefs about money. It wasn’t easy, and it was time-consuming BUT it was necessary.

Abundance Magick

New Affirmations (insights received)

  • I am open to receiving what’s already mine.
  • I believe in the abundance I deserve.
  • I am tuned in to abundance.
  • I call the abundance that belongs to me.
  • I am infinitely grateful.

I was born to enjoy life. I affirm that I am now willing to open to the abundance and prosperity that are available everywhere. In doing so, I notice all the blessings that are flowing through my days.
~August - Louise Hay’s 365-page-a-day calendar for 2022

Earth Dragon
Stay grounded. Stuck energy is clearing. You can move forward in life.
It is time to clear unwanted energies that are preventing your life from moving forward. Call on the earth dragons and ask them to remove all that is not in accordance with divine light. Ask them to ground you and your vision, for they are now boosting your spiritual journey and you are ready to fly. Notice the progress you make.
~Dragon Oracle Cards, by Diana Cooper

Abundance, luck, hope, prosperity, wealth, fortune.
~Spells 8

Abundance Oil Blend

  • Wild Orange - Oil of Abundance
  • Spikenard - Oil of Gratitude
  • Citrus Bliss - Oil of Creativity
  • Elevation - Oil of Joy
  • Tangerine - Oil of Spontaneity
  • Litsea - Oil of Manifestation

  1. What will it take for me to believe I am worthy and able to receive more? Am I limiting gifts that would otherwise flow to me? Do I have a subconscious belief that life should be hard?
  2. I now allow abundance to flow to me in unexpected and surprising ways. I am now ready to open to receive all good gifts and have permission to do so.
  3. See yourself open the door of abundance. Notice everything you need is peacefully present.

~Essential Emotions, Process, Release & Live Free, 10th Edition, 2021 Essential Emotions LLC

Abundance come to me
I Chant Fehu three times three
Abundance come to me
By my will so mote it be


Oh wow, @Garnet so sorry for your experience but maybe it was not the right time. Cleaning oil is indeed a nightmare but it is done, you have conquered this already :slight_smile:
Something similar happened to me recently. I actually just got over COVID and the first few days were awful. Despite me knowing better (I never do spell work when I am sick or tired as the energy I am sending out in the Universe is not the best at these times) I tried to do a small “Feel better” Spell Jar. And of course I got my sign! It just cracked in my hand! So I dropped the idea and just stuck with affirmations and positive thinking until the disease finally left me be.
Sorry for the long story, hahaha. What I am trying to say is that there is a time for everything so just try again and you will definitely be successful! :slight_smile:


@marsha Love your affirmations! Simple, relevant and I bet also effective!


@jan_TheGreenWitch This is a great example of the magic that lies within us! Thank you for sharing! And enjoy the gift of prosperity you brought upon yourself :slight_smile:


Beautiful @katnabis