💰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Ka-Ching! Money Magick

Lol ok im such a spaz, i blame the fact its nearly 3am but i just realised i can cgeck on phone without needing to move. The incence for cleansing i used was nag champa. :woman_facepalming: silly me i should of realised i could check on phone without the need to get up. Hopefully some sleep now will allow me to recover from the day. Lol


You know i dont think ive ever bought a lottery ticket. But lol that sounds like a good idea😁 hope you win something with your ticket🤞


This challenge seems to have been timed perfectly for me, and this is the first challenge I have ever posted! (also my first post ever, been here for awhile, but still sort of figuring myself out finding my place etc.)

I have been doing money magick a lot lately, for one, to find a pop up that fits within the budget of my vacay account so we can go on an actual vacation in August when the landlord is remodeling our kitchen. We have four large dogs and airbnbs and hotels are outrageous with their fees. Staying in one place for two weeks when it’s actually the last of summer and my partner has work vacay time just wasn’t appealing either. So I cast a few spells for the perfect for us pop up to show up…with a green candle and an abundance bowl. After about a week, it did! I bought a cute little pop up that we are getting cleaned up and prepped for our vacay!

Then I ran into the issue that well, I just spent all this money for the pop up and several other things, so outside of my emergency fund and house fund, my bank accounts look kind of small. That gives me anxiety. So I made a anklet with a runic formula for material wealth and prosperity and have been wearing it for a couple days. I used square marble beads to write the runes on and used little green beads in between them. Green of course being associated with money and marble has always been associated with luxury to me so it feels very right. :slight_smile:

Blessed be to everyone! May your lives be filled with abundance of love, money, and joy!


I was driving home from the store and I remembered that today was a big jackpot for the lottery. It is over a billion dollars. I don’t play the lottery often but sometimes I do, because even though I don’t win, the exercise of playing makes me think about what I would do if I had incredible resources. Today, I didn’t have to think more than a few seconds. I remember seeing a story on the news a few weeks ago about disabled people who were stranded in a dangerous area of Ukraine. Some of their caregivers had left but there were still some with them. They were in terrible danger. It reminded me of something I have thought before: that a society should be measured by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. I thought then that I wish I had the ability to somehow rescue them all and provide for their needs. When I heard the lottery was a billion dollars, I thought, surely that would be enough to do that. It is a very big wish but I am not afraid to make it tonight. I read about money spells today. I put my lottery ticket in a bag of chamomile and a cinnamon stick. Then I made my first money bowl. It was easy - I happened to have a green bowl and a green candle and money herbs are easy to come by. I added these to the bowl, along with my intention, six dimes (I just like the number six) some green aventurine and a citrine. I have lit the green candle and fate dictates it, then I will do this thing. I know my chances are slim but isn’t that what magick is about? Hope and wishes? Miracles have happened before!


Same and I just found my bay leaves right before seeing this! :woozy_face:🫣


Ok, so this is the first challenge I’ve done with the group and I hope this counts!

A little back story…. We’ve been financially challenged for awhile now, being as I just graduated with my MBA in March and have been fervently searching for appropriate work since then. It was getting so frustrating that I was about to leave my degree behind and just go find any job I could just to make it through. However, I stuck it out in hopes that I would still find the right job. A couple weeks ago I got an invite on Indeed to apply for a job that seemed like it would be a really good fit, so I applied. I went through my initial interview and landed the second one. During this time I felt like I just knew I was going to get this job (would that be an example of intuition?). So I did my second interview last Tuesday, and I had been itching to work some magic.

So here’s where I think the actual challenge entry is. Last week after my first interview, I made a candle to bring me good luck and fortune in terms of this job. I made it a green candle and put whole allspice, powdered cinnamon and powdered ginger in the wax, and then I added some essential oils related to prosperity that I cannot for the life of me remember what they were now (I now learned the value of writing everything down). Now, keep in mind that during this process I was not working in a dedicated space, do any type of formal ritual process or anything and I was even letting my daughter help me. When the candle was set, I took it out of the mold and let my daughter light it while she said “Mommy is going to get the job at ******” (I’m just editing out the company name for privacy sake until I grow more comfortable with everyone :blush:

Fast forward to the day after my second interview. I remembered seeing the “On the Wings of Flame” spell that @TheTravelWitch_Bry had posted and felt like it would be a good one to try out, so I used it to request a positive email that I would be offered the job. I had to make a couple minor tweaks due to what I had available, but I felt really confident that I would hear something pretty quickly. So remember I had the second interview on Tuesday. I didn’t hear anything Wednesday. I didn’t hear anything Thursday. By Friday I was starting to get a little discouraged and began to think that I should maybe just move on and continue the job search. Then, at 3:30 I received an email with an official job offer!!

So I’m hoping this counts as a challenge entry for this week, but more importantly I wanted to express some sincere gratitude to those who encouraged me on my introduction thread to just follow my heart. Hopefully you guys can help me find some patience as well :joy:

I also wanted to get a little sappy and just tell you all how much I love this group. You are all so wonderful!


@brandy9 congratulations :tada: on receiving the email for the job offer! That’s great for you! & yes this counts as a challenge entry, a great one too! Awesome job for your first time participating!

A new job certainly counts as abundance & prosperity & Money Magick! I’m very happy for you! I hope you love your new position! :heart:


@Siofra_Strega thank you so much! I am so happy and so terrified about it all at the same time!


Hello everyone! I am not sure if it counts but I would like to share what I do as ‘’money spell’ as I don’t really do anything practical like a money jar or spells but I keep a sort of positive attitude.
A bit as a joke, when I speak about money or being able to afford things, I just keep keep saying on a regular basis that I have a lot of money :joy:. I act like I can afford basically everything and pretend I am rich.
This positive attitude about income and expenses made me so far able to live a decent life even if I am not rich and wasn’t born rich.
My relationship with money is that it’s not the goal but the means by I can live a decent life and I don’t rely my happiness on it.

So my spell is really believe I have a lot of money and can buy anything I want😂


Today I’m making the Prosperity Anointing Oil from the main site resources. I will tuck bottles in the spaces where bills are paid in this house so that money comes in to replace that which flows out (balance is a natural force!).


Last night I cast The Ocean’s Charm money spell. I was specific with the amount of money that I wanted (that doesn’t mean too much overtime :sweat_smile:) and I listed ways I’d prefer the money to come to me: I’ll curb my spending habits by instead of spending money on Door Dash (I really need to cut back on using them) I’ll invest it or win the lottery (it would be nice to win that current billion dollar jackpot).

I translated the prayer into Dovahzul:
Kogaan Venriie do Lein (Thank you Elements of the Universe)
Fah tinvaak wah zu’u, birgah zu’u, ahrk drun zu’u faal Ofanaat do Lass (For speaking to me, providing me, and bringing me the Gift of Life)
Laasi jahrii do faraan ahrk yuld (My life is full of wealth and money)
Zu’u prunt ko krosoni ahrk paagol voth pruntaas (I succeed in my work and I walk with success)
Ko tozeinvu drem ahrk ko tozeinvu ven ol nii los (In perfect peace and in a perfect way as it is)
Ful, nii los (So mote it be)

I had to change some of the words because the latest version of the Dovahzul dictionary doesn’t have a word for prosperity.


:slight_smile: This is such a good challenge! I am considering myself fortunate somehow, not because I am rich or wealthy (which I definitely am not) however somehow, I never got to the actual “bottom of the sack” so to say and even when the situation seemed bit perilous, there was somehow a resource that would help me make ends meet.
Given the above, my only money spell so far was a “Money Flow” spell as I wanted to keep and maybe enhance a bit what was somewhat happening naturally for me from a financial perspective.
So a while ago I have done this Money Flow Candle Spell (I will also post it below) and believe it or not, a few days later, once pay day came along, I actually was extremely pleasantly surprised to find an additional 10% bonus in my salary that I was not expecting! Regardless to say I invested all and more in some nice withcy books and supplies. :slight_smile:
Here is my Money Flow Candle Spell:
I have used a pointy emerald to inscribe a $ sign and a pentagram on a green candle. Anointed the candle with a mix of patchouli and basil essential oils. Rolled the candle in some dried dill and alfalfa herbs and focused on my intentions of having an uninterrupted flow of money to secure what I NEED.
Pretty happy with the result!
Planning to try my first Money Bowl on Monday and I am excited on how it is going to turn out but that is a story for another day.


Welcome to the forum @jesikahlyn and @amber49 !! And welcome to the awesome Weekly Witchy Challenge that @TheTravelWitch_Bry puts on every week! I am so happy :smiley:so you joined in. Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: is a wonderful place! If you have any questions the forum is a great place for finding information and advice :wink:
May the abundances you desire come your way very soon :money_mouth_face:

Bless Be


Merry Meet and Welcome Home :infinite_roots: @jesikahlyn

It’s awesome that your popup manifested so quickly. I love the idea of creating an anklet with runes. I would love to see pictures…but only if you want to share.

Anyway, I’m so glad you joined us, if you have any questions, just ask.

Wishing you all the abundance you desire Jessica!
With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always!


Welcome @jesikahlyn this does seem to be a perfectly timed challenge for you then & yay for a vacation :tada:

@amber49 it’s nice to see you in the challenge as well! If you don’t have bay leaves you can always write your intention on a piece of paper too!


Thursday I started the Seven Day Money Visualization Spell with a green candle. I did end up missing yesterday and had did it again today. @Siofra_Strega told me to keep going and just add an extra day to make up for the day I missed so i will definitely do that. Again @Siofra_Strega thank you so much for the advice.

Thursday August 4th i have a job interview as a Medical Assistant for Central Outreach Wellness Center and I’m so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait too start.


This is a great idea, I will try this too! X


I’m excited for you to take on the pop up trailer journey, we love ours and I’ve really enjoyed getting to redecorate the inside. Go to the pop up princess and look at all the great ideas!!! https://thepopupprincess.com/
Have fun!!!


Ah I love this challenge! This kind of magick can benefit anyone! Here is my entry :slight_smile:

Crystals & Ideas for (money, abundance, wealth, prosperity) 💰


It was about time my money bowl needed a refresh so I took the opportunity to use that for this challenge. I typically refresh it every 2-3 months and like to change it up a bit with either alternating crystals or herbs, but there are a few ingredients that are always in there. This time around I used citrine, chamomile, basil, ashes from cinnamon incense and then the stuff I usually always add - salt, green aventurine, coins and or/bills, cinnamon, bay leaf, my specific amount of financial action written on a coffee filter (I hear it’s great for burying, burning, etc) and a candle dressed with prosperity oil. Also this time instead of a typical bowl, I opted for this container/vase shape that I snagged from the dollar tree. I think I originally wanted to use this as a vase and never did. I think it works for this purpose though. I cast my circle and start working the items that go in the bowl/vase. I set my intentions while hold each item that will go in it. Depending on the item I may also anoint it with the prosperity oil along with the candle and I will put a sigil or signal on the bay leaf. I lit the candle, placed it in the container and meditated while it burned down. I let it burn all the way unintentionally so, I I added another green candle to it a few minutes ago lol. I like to snuff out the candle after meditating for a few minutes and then relight it every once in a while and meditate again until it’s all out. Then that’s my cue to get ready for a new money bowl.

(Apologies in advance for the remainder of this post that makes it a bit lengthy. I didn’t want to add multiple posts after I read through everyone’s entries lol!)

@martje That’s a really nice set up for your prosperity altar. I really like each element that you added with such thought

@jessica72 great idea of idea the clear quartz to amplify! I’ll have to remember to include that for my next one and the jars so so cute and perfect

@Ostara Interesting money bottle spell - I really like the use of 5 in the spell

@BrightBear absolutely agree that that the new moon in Leo is a perfect time for this type of spellwork. And simple is sometimes the most effective in my thoughts!

@rowan I really like that tip of stating the intent for a white candle that’s being substituted for a color. I think I’ll have to incorporate that when I need it!

@Siofra_Strega Also taking notes on your entry! Seems like a peaceful and aromatic jar

@christina4 @jan_TheGreenWitch Wow, both of your affirmations are really good - thanks for sharing them

@MeganB Hey! Now that’s a fun action to include - getting a lottery ticket! Great expectations in all sorts of creative ways

@Phoenix_Fire ugh - those scams are everywhere. Excellent defense to protect your income

@jesikahlyn that’s awesome! Happy that it did manifest for you and welcome!

@mary25 The lottery magick really does seem fun! I may try this at some time

@brandy9 oh wow! Congratulations that is super amazing!

@WitchOfTheForest I agree with you. I definitely think that our words have transformative power so saying it and acting like it just enables us to invite all of it in!

@kasandra I also have been more specific when doing my money bowls lately. I think it strengthens the intent

@Anjelique Never thought of use a pointy crystal to inscribe on my candles. I think I may borrow that idea!

@destinee2 congratulations on the interview! I hope it all works out well for you

@Missa Thank you for the list of crystals. Nice to have handy!