💰 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Ka-Ching! Money Magick

Today’s affirmation seems appropriate for this week’s challenge.


Thank you for your response @jan_TheGreenWitch
I appreciate your support, it’s time for me to heal my money issues… more to come!
Love always


I appreciate you addressing my concerns. I suppose money is a touchy and uncomfortable issue for me and has been all my life.

I’m looking through a bunch money and abundance spells to see what bits call to me so I can focus it in a way that my goal isn’t just bring me cash, but rather helps my passion businesses more successful which in turn would make me feel more accomplished and self sufficient.

If anyone has any suggestions on spells /meditations /devotionals that fit what I’m trying to accomplish, I’d appreciate guidance to spark my creativity in trying my hand at creating a spell. :heart:

Last little bit of anxiety brain stuff. Anyone remember the Monkey’s Paw short story? That lesson sticks in my head. :smiley:

Thank you all for your love, support and guidance with this!


You and me both! I’m right there with you. :hugs:

Money stresses me out so much. :roll_eyes:


To me, this is a matter of mindset, and I call this a “scarcity mindset” which is a fundamental belief that there isn’t enough money (or whatever else is needed) to go around. In truth, asking for money or anything you need does not take away from anyone else. You are worthy of all good things, @marsha, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I say all of this with love, sweet soul. :heart: :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this, @Rowan!! This is so creative and fun! May you always be blessed with all you need and more! :heart: :hugs:


Ooh, what a fun challenge! Mine is very simple. I like to do money spells on Thursday, and the new moon in Leo definitely felt like a perfect time as I am a Leo moon. I didn’t have any green candles, so I lit a white one and wrote a chant on a white postcard with green ink.

I grow, I glow, I share with others what I know~
And as I do, the money does flow~
As I will it, it is now so!

Short but sweet. :candle: :magic_wand: :heart: :sparkles:


Thank you @BrightBear !
By the way, when in a pinch and you dont have the exact color candle needed…
Set your intention for that white candle (in this situation) to be green. One thing i do is as I light it ill say “I lite this green candle for this spell” or “This is a green candle” either aloud or to myself. :slightly_smiling_face:
Continued blessings in all your endeavors.
Bless-ed Be,


Challenge Entry :moneybag: :money_with_wings:

Last night I knew it was Thursday & we had the Group Ritual. Earlier in the day, I had drawn “The Cow” for Tending Brighid’s Flame, which ends with, “You Are Abundant”…

After that, I decided that it was time to cleanse my space today, so I put sage & palo santo oils in my diffuser for my room.

I gathered the items that I would need & set up my altar. (It’s been a while since I have done an actual spell for something, so I knew I needed to focus on what I was doing. New Moon Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:

Once that was finished, I asked Brighid for her continued love, healing, & guidance of my home while inviting abundance & prosperity to our home. I lit Brighid’s incense & my green candle. I placed two Green Aventurine stones next to Brighid.

I placed Green Aventurine chips, a small piece of Amazonite, & a tumbled Clear Quartz in the bottom of my jar. After that, I put in Dill for luck & prosperity. I added Basil for the flow of money to the home & protection from negative energies, & then I added Clove for protection from negative energies, good fortune, prosperity.

Once I had everything in the jar, I did a meditation for Abundance & Prosperity & let the incense & candle burn through to the ends.


Oh, this is a great idea! Thanks!!


You’re Welcome. :grin:


Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a challenge. I did create a money bowl and i say affirmations. When i can, i add anything possible to the bowl. My affirmation/chant is:
‘May I receive the money of my dreams
In place of nothing as what it seems.
May the Universe be on my side
Blessing me with finances abundantly in tides.
Always for the greater good
And keep me grounded
With many hopes unfounded.’

I made it up on the spot because i feel it should come from yourself to add your own personal energy to the intent.

I love each and every one’s challenge entry so far. They’re all very beautiful!! I love you all!!


The buddha was Hidden in the green sachet :smile:
Thank you Bre for your always uplifting words :kissing_heart:


@Kasandra Why do you say tread carefully?


@crystal5 You’re right, Crystal- that affirmation aligns perfectly! :grinning: :+1:

@katnabis It sounds like you’ve taken a deep look at how you feel about money magick and are putting a lot of thought how the theme could potentially work within your practice- I really applaud and respect that, Kat! :clap::heart:

In regards to helping your passion flourish and encourage your business, there were some great suggestions shared in this Spells for Career Success Discussion. Maybe some of those could help spark your creativity? :blush:

And YES I remember the Money Paw Story- or rather, I remember going to see it in theater with a school group as a child and being absolutely TERRIFIED :joy: Absolutely no memory of the story, characters, or morale- only the fear lol :laughing: :see_no_evil:

Which actually sparks an idea- if you feel a lot of stress around money and financial matters, perhaps some Shadow Work on the theme could help you dig a bit deeper and perhaps work out why you’re experiencing these feelings? It may help you unravel the reasoning and open up new perspectives for you. Just a suggestion offered to a friend! :blush:

However you choose to proceed (or decide not to move forward right now) with this, I’m cheering you on and wishing you all the best with it :heart:

@BrightBear That was absolutely beautiful, BrightBear- what a great and positive perspective about setting aside the “scarcity mindset”. And that chant!?! Gorgeous! :clap::heart: Thank you so much for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Siofra_Strega Lovely work, Siofra- may Brigid continue to smile upon you, and may your home be blessed with the abundance and prosperity that you seek! So mote it be :blush:

@christina4 It’s always wonderful to hear from you, Christina- I hope you’re doing well! :two_hearts: That is a beautiful affirmation and I’m adding in my wishes that your money bowl brings you the prosperity you hope for- lovely work, thank you for sharing! :grinning:

@Martje There he is!!! Hello cute golden Buddha :yellow_heart: He is absolutely lovely and a great addition to your prosperity altar, Martje! The pleasure is truly all mine, thank you again for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@maudot7 Forgive me for jumping in on this, but I just have to say that Kasandra’s advice is well-given! She will likely have more input for you, but I completely agree that it is wise to be wary and mindful about money magick.

As with all spellwork, it is important to keep your intentions clear in money spells. If things are left very general and open (i.e “I wish for more money”), it leaves the door open for money to come in unexpected ways- such as extra overtime at work, poor interest or mortgage rates on an otherwise exciting new loan, etc :worried:

A more directed way could be to include a focus on wholesome energy- i.e “I wish for more money to come in a wholesome way”. This still leaves things mostly in the hands of the Universe or your deity to direct how the money comes (I’m firmly in the belief that higher powers have a, well, higher perspective than we do and will know better than we do what is best) but at least you’ve clarified that your wish is set in a positive direction :compass: :moneybag:


Jan’s Challenge Entry:

I decided to write a chant for this challenge since I was trying to incorporating chanting back into my practice (thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry) I chanted with a plant to bring growth, a Happy Money bag Buddha, a Devine feminine candle/green lighter, and a Money Tea I made: (Black tea, vanilla, spearmint, sage, raspberry, red clover, cinnamon bark, cinnamon, jasmine, ginger, orange, allspice, clove).

The divine feminine is a force which guides the soul to ascension. I will tap into the potential that’s already here and ignite my passions and bring them to light with attracting abundance.

Jan’s abundance chant (said 3x), then meditated:

I attract abundance and prosperity.
I am worthy.
I am enough.
I will use my abundance in health,
And my prosperity to benefit good.
Abundant gratitude and service
Will be my trade.


Because when I once cast a money spell, there were unintended results such as overtime at work. :smiling_face_with_tear: :sweat_smile: When working with money spells, it’s best to think about how the money could come to you and what way you want it to come to you.


@Kasandra and @TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you for your answers.

Before intentionally becoming a witch I would set my intentions for things. I now understand some of the results :joy: :crazy_face:.

I am certainly more wary when casting so thank you for the feedback.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry anyone can jump in at any time. People here have such great experiences and knowledge. Please don’t ever feel like you have to apologize, especially with me.


I don’t have a photo because it’s an ongoing spell but I did refresh my money altar and miigghhhtttt have purchased a lottery ticket to go with it! :laughing: :dollar:


So i printed the cheque from spells8 and got a jar that id previously used for a money spell to build on previous spell n association. I added cinnomon, all spice and ginger as well as coffee to help tge process and star anise for protection of funds ( after a voice mail saying id been charged couple hundred bucks on paypal n id not made a purchase, i think ir was a scam to get my details as a panicked look at paypal showed nothing. ) i figured protecting my income was important… i also put a new pillar candle after i hid my check under the candle n i lit it. I added amazonite to my already established altar. I also did a three fold incence burn, one for cleansing away negative energies around earning income or money. One for all dealings being out of love n care and also care for myself ( as to not burn out) and yo love the work i do ( so alot of love lol ) with rose incenve. I cant remember name of the cleanse one nag something. Its nearly 3am n spent most of day wotking on an assignmemt task n only finished nkt long ago n leaning over the painting all day my back killing me n im too exhausted to get up n look lol i did try post this earlier in day when took a break but internrt beung weird so it kept being weird but anyways the last incence was sandlwood for protection of income and buisness n work etc. The candle in photo burnt all way down today. So i will need to change it up tommorrow.