🗺 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick on the Go!

While organizing and decluttering my big BoS I came across this just now and decided to share it in case anyone needs help creating a travel magic box


That is a gorgeous tarot spread @Princess_Tara- I love the questions exploring how the trip could go, what a fun idea! :heart_eyes: Especially the question about what was forgotten, that’s an important thing to include :laughing: :+1: Thanks so much for sharing!

It does sound like a perfect theme for you this week @RyuWyn- wishing you safe and blessed travels! :pray:

No problem at all, @Amethyst- I agree with @Siofra_Strega! You always do wonderfully. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do! :heart:

Your travel altar is gorgeous @phoenix_dawn, and I can’t tell you how much I love the sound of “drive thru magic bax”- that’s perfect! :laughing: :+1: Your outdoor spellwork sounds very freeing as well. An outdoor bonfire is such a great place for a meditation! May Frigg continue to watch over you and help you find peace from any heavy emotions weighing on you :dove: Beautiful job!


:joy: @TheTravelWitch_Bry Well on occasion I have been places (like courthouses for cases for me or my husband or drs office) and wished for things to have them not go in my favor but I figure if I had a tiny bit of my tools with me at all times I could do a quick centering exercise and slip away for a “smoke break” aka quick manifestation. The drive thru bag has Palo Santo, bay leaves, rosemary, salt, black pepper a couple of small water bottles (I think right now it has moon water and storm water) an incense stick, white led tealight and a few random colors depending on the intention, an incense stick and a lighter that isn’t pictured and painted rocks to represent the god and goddess and the little box has my pentacle painted on it and my bag can serve as both my altar cloth and offering. This way it can easily be set up in the seat of a car, dashboard (should I feel bold enough) etc. It’s not exactly ideal but I imagine it could work in a pinch :woman_shrugging:t3:


Oh my gosh I LOVE the idea of making a travel altar. This time I’m going to try and actually remember to come back and give you a picture of what I make!

Quick Q @TheTravelWitch_Bry : would making a little spell jar count? Because you can easily put it in a pocket or purse? I have an empty one that I’ve been saving for just this exact purpose!


¡Gracias! :bus:


Okay so I’m going to make my own post for this and link back here because I have some pictures to share!


Yes, many times, it is a matter of total relaxation, from your toes to the top of your head (crown chakra). When you have relaxed deeply enough, you picture your ‘spirit/soul’ leaving your body. Then, you fly! The first time I did it I saw miles of corn fields, then mountains, valley’s & clear clean lakes. When I felt the need to land, I slowly floated down. There were massive sculptured lawns & cobblestone walkways & ahead a wonderful oval building, made of white marble. There were wide stairs across the front, leading to many pillars, rather reminiscent of Greek or Egyptian in design. The actual entrance was 12 foot or taller, double doors that opened with big round rings, but as I went to touch one, the doors swung open. I entered a room that was cavernous. There was a huge old fashioned fireplace with a fire, there were 2 wine colored wing back chairs facing the fire. Walking on, I found the most amazing library! 3 stories of beautiful books. There were 2 reclining couches to lay & read upon.
White sheer curtains lifted in the breeze & caught my eye. Walking to them, I found them covering huge opening in the marble, I slipped through the curtains & found myself on a huge veranda surrounded by a hip high stone wall. Looking over it, I found I was at the top of a high cliff, over-looking a sandy beach & a blue green sea. I stayed there a long time before returning to my body. Did more happen, yes, but I hold it close to my heart.

This is the Lincoln Monument building, the building I visited was similar except it was oval and the roof was flat with marble guardrails, it was also located on a cliff over looking a sea.


@Eliza_Beth I’m sure it would count because spell jars are portable magic


I actually went on Vacation recently to the Smokey Mountains’ and I was really hesitant to bring my Travel Alter (just because it was made to travel to my Greenhouse) lol. So it’s not that small’ lol. So what I did was I made Prayer Beads / Rosemary/ Key Chain of sorts. I especially made it with the intentions and corespondents of an Alter. It was a crazy thing too’ we were obviously gonna be in and hiking in Nature so that was amazing, but on the driver there I found this Keychain that I had to add to it ‘ which has now been on my own keychain ever since :cupid::cupid:


@steph what an awesome travel boline! I’m so jealous

Excuse me while I go meditate and run off the green eyed monster


I did the I Release You spell with a few modifications.

  1. Write The Name Of The Person That You Want To Forget
  2. Fold The Piece Of Paper Thrice
  3. Say The Following:
    O Great Dragon Healer, I humbly ask for thy assistance—
    raise me up on dragon’s wings, may I no longer sigh and may I no longer cry, heal my soul from love’s painful sting.
    The past is gone, I must move on.
    [Name of the person that you want to forget], I release thee and I decree that it is what’s best for me.
  4. Take the piece of paper away from your house or apartment and bury it in the earth.

I took the piece of paper to the woods nearby. I found a fallen oak tree that looked like it had been down for a year or two and buried it beneath the trunk.

I leaned against the tree for about fifteen minutes. I didn’t expect how much relief it would bring me. The tree reminded me of the status of my relationship with Will, but after looking at the moss and mushrooms growing on the trunk and the grass, flowers, and trees growing in, around and through the base, I learned that my relationship with Will (not his real name) is not the end. New beginnings, new opportunities, and new friendships have sprouted since then.

I was going to start another topic on my challenge, but I feel as if I no longer have to go into detail about Will. The heartbreak I was feeling a few days ago seems to have been short lived.

I can’t waste time wondering what could have been or why things didn’t work out. There is so much out there that the world has to offer. Yes, you should be with someone who makes you happy, but they shouldn’t be your only source of happiness. That’s the advice my mom always gave me about relationships.


Since I’m not going anywhere this week, I thought I’d write a travel chant for the days when I do go somewhere. Hope y’all like:

Almighty Hermes, God of Travel, hear my plea!
Make me safe during my journey!
Put on your traveling cap and pray,
that no harm comes to me on my way!
May your winged sandals and guide my feet,
so I may be safe where ever the roads shall meet!
And then at the end of the day,
let me come back to my home, where I will stay.
As I’ve said the words to this chant,
let them come true and be there no harm to grant.


@Amethyst great chant. I’m sure it will keep you safe


I took a different direction for this week’s challenge than originally intended (something in the local woods) and decided to venture into my garden instead.

It’s mine and my husband’s sixth wedding anniversary today and we’ve had a lovely weekend. The weather has been poor most of the last month but beautiful today so we’re sat in front of the fire pit in the dark…

I thought this was a good opportunity to do some moon magic, and the date seemed like a good opportunity for something relationship related.

I chose a spell from The Little Book of Moon Magic by Sarah Bartlett, designed for a waning moon for banishing relationship negativity to “get rid of all that is unwanted in your life, to banish negativity around you, and to move forward and manifest your relationship desires in the next lunar cycle to come”.

This doesn’t mean I think that there are major negative issues in my marriage, I just don’t want my own fears holding us back from moving forwards with what life brings our way.

Here’s the spell itself…

What I added was rather than to do it all my main altar, instead I did it outside at the outdoor altar space I’m trying to create.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my husband had brought home some crystals and rocks. This included two rather large pieces of black and red jade that have been set up in the garden.

I set the spell up in front of those…

Then wrote the wording on the paper before repeating it out loud and focusing on the selenite tower as required…

I’ve now blown out the candles and I’m supposed to leave everything where it is (it looks lighter outside in this last picture because my phone camera went into night mode without the lit candles).

May need to modify this last part as I’m not sure the candles outside will survive Sherlock either trying to eat them or wee on them :rofl:


I only realised after posting how much this dude looks like he has a face…


@IrisW yes it really does lol


Thanks, @crystal24! I wrote it with winter roads in mind. It’ll be icy sooner than I like.

Your spellcasting looks awesome @IrisW! The fire pit is beautiful and I like the rocks your hubby brought you.

This had me snorting water out of my nose! :rofl:


This is an awesome topic :
I love all the portable alter kits and need to make one. Usually I pack my books , cards, a crystal or two and Jars to collect magically nature specimens. Nature is a huge part of my magick and often I collect things as i’m out and use them for magick on the go .

This week I meditated at the park and made this beautiful natural offering while I was there

The other images are of offerings made on the go or from items collected on the Go .

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I think those are all lovely things to bring with you on the go- agreed, @phoenix_dawn! It’s great to have your favorite tools close at hand even away from home. Beautifully designed! :sparkling_heart:

Absolutely, @Eliza_Beth- and thanks again for sharing your beautiful protective spell jar in the other thread, you did a great job with it! :blush:

Wow, what an amazing experience @Garnet- it sounds like you had quite the adventure! I would love to visit such a place, the way you described it sounds so relaxing and comforting there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing your astral travel experience!

What a lovely keychain, @steph! That’s a great way to have some tools always close at hand, and in a way that’s personal and customizable to your needs of the journey- great job! :two_hearts:

Congrats on the successful I Release You Spell, @Kasandra- it sounds as thought the Dragon Healer heard your prayer and granted immediate relief from your heartache. May you move forward, blessed by happiness from within, to see all that the world has to offer you :heart::earth_americas:

Ohhhh I am loving this travel chant to Hermes, @Amethyst! :heart_eyes: I’m always in awe of the chants you craft, and this one is no exception- gorgeously written! I read it once in my head and felt so compelled to re-read it out loud that I did. Here’s to (hopefully!) travels in the near future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you and your husband had a lovely anniversary, @IrisW! Thanks for sharing the banishing negativity spell- and wow, what an impressive display, I think you chose a great spot! The rock absolutely looks like a face- half in shadow and half in light, like the waning moon itself :last_quarter_moon: :sparkles: And uh-oh- hopefully Sherlock doesn’t decide to “help” with the spellwork! :joy:

It sounds like you had a blessed nature meditation, @JasmineTheBlueJ! And ohhh I love the pictures- what a neat pinecone spiral! And those decorations are stunning, did you make them? :heart_eyes: Really beautiful job- thanks for sharing!


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: September 7th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :world_map: :heart: