🗺 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick on the Go!

As we wait for the USA to reopen to the EU, my partner and I haven’t been doing too much traveling lately. But we have been enjoying our weekly adventures into the woods! :evergreen_tree:

So for anyone who can’t go adventuring at the moment, here are some pictures so you can come along with us in spirit :blush:

Wild boar tracks in the morning woods

Heather in a woody field

The heather is currently in full bloom- full of happy bees buzzing in the more open parts of the woodlands. In Poland, the month of September is named after heather, it’s a very popular plant around these parts!

If anyone is interested, I wrote a piece last year on the Magickal and Medicinal Properties of Heather- it’s a lovely plant :purple_heart:

Strange shrooms- NOT EDIBLE

We found lots of mushrooms- many of which are not edible, but several of which are! :mushroom:

I am still a very low-level student in mushroom foraging (you can read more about it in: Into the Woods for Shrooms and Blues) so everything I forage needs to be double-checked by two mushrooms experts before it’s given the okay to eat :laughing:

Edible mushrooms- boletes and a few rare porcini

:exclamation: :mushroom: Mandatory mushroom/foraging note : There are many deadly mushrooms and plants out there- many varieties can be difficult to identify. If you go foraging, always forage with an expert and never EVER eat mushrooms or other plants if you are not 110% sure that they are safe.

Before heading into the woods, I’ve been saying a quick prayer to Artemis- Deity of the Woods and the Wild. I’ve been working with Her a bit since coming to the countryside, and She has really become a go-to deity of the woods for me :bow_and_arrow: :deer::woman:

As we head into the woods, I say a mental prayer. It’s different everytime, but goes something like this:

Oh, Artemis- Lady of the Woods
Watch over us as we walk your paths
So that we may return home again safe.
Guide us through burrough and brush
Over hill and riverbed and field
And should the Lady like,
Fill our basket with forest bounty

So far we haven’t come home empty-handed yet! :pray::heart:

Forest floor

Blessings to all from the countryside and woodlands of Poland.

Love and Light! :evergreen_tree: :sparkles:


That’s a beautiful spiral @JasmineTheBlueJ! You did a great job with that. I hope you left it like that to make other people wonder if there were faries in the park! Your other pictures are lovely too!

Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry! I’m glad you liked it! Although I’m the type of person who would never leave their hobbit hole unless I have to. No travels for me if I can help it.

What a lovely prayer! I’m sure Artemis quite likes it, even if it is a bit different each time! Good job!


For this challenge, I did a couple of things. I did a road opener spell. It’s already working, I got a new job!!!
And I also try astral projection every night. I remember a few. I went to a forest with flowers made up of flowers. And there was a waterfall so majestic! And nature everywhere, even fairies so petite and prettyfull!!

Last but not least, I wear crystal jewelry!! It’s considered magic on the go!!! I wear these the most:

The one on the left has moonstone and rose quartz. The one in the middle is clear quartz and the last I recently placed a rose quartz inside for self love.

Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for the opportunity to do this challenge!!! :love_letter:


@christina4 congratulations!! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:


Thus cute little besom has just arrived in my Wonky Broomstick subscription box. Less than 4 inches so perfect for magick on the go! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much!!! :heart:


Aw :two_hearts: I loves it!!!


What beautiful countryside.


You had a lovely night, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!


Happy Anniversary to @IrisW! I’m happy that it went well for you.

I really have to come up with something for this challenge. Time has gotten away from me this week. I will think on it a little bit & post something for it later today.


Firstly Happy anniversary @IrisW! :revolving_hearts:

For this challenge, I had every intention (there’s that word) of heading to the beach for sunrise :sunrise:
However, lack of sleep last night caused my need to stay in bed longer. SO, I ventured into my back yard with my little travel altar to meditate beneath my dad’s favorite tree, our leaning maple. I sat in the grass beneath her listening to the sounds of nature. It was wonderful :revolving_hearts:


Congrats on the new job!!


I was trying to wait for the wooden box to come in, but this is cutting it close.

I went through my space to see what I thought I could use in my travel altar.

I chose 1 white candle, 1 black candle, a lighter, incense cones & stand, quartz crystal, Amethyst, rose Quartz, Carnelian, Red Jasper chips, Lapis Lazuli, & Tiger Eye chips in bottles, 3 seashells, my wand, & my very 1st altar cloth :grinning:


For this challenge I made a box :package: It has a lighter, incense, and several stones. I made my box out of an old cigar box. It is for Hekate, Hail Hekate!
What I did was paint my box gold because it is golden. She Often uses golden sandals and there’s a connection of her saffron giving an association with the shade of yellow we can use gold as the color to symbolize Hecate as a world soul.
I used a photo and photoshopped it!
I used red velvet to honor my creativity, sexuality, passion, and romance.
I used black roses :rose: to symbolize her Mediumship her protection banishing and sending away any negative energy a reversal. In the book lesson, nine keeping her Keys white is for psychic development protection attracting purification and I used a white candle.
I used a rose :rose: pink candle for compassion, Happiness kindness, and love
Purple Candle - So control connection to the deities
A Gold candle holder for a combination of Hekate aspects!
White Candle for development protection and attracting purification
The caduceus wand I made with cats eye, and moon Stone and in the book by Cunningham‘s crystal gym and metal magic a travel stone is good to use and stars represent protective attributes And they are called these “movement stones” they deflect negativity cat’s-eye star ruby star sapphire moon stone Tigers eye Sunstone it is known as Chatoyancy.
Totem spirit oil for the crow and owl :owl: and butterflie tailsman!
I also made Hecate oil and used it for my travel box so when I want to leave I have some oil to use for my invocation.
Two really long matches too ask her to give me her tourches and summon her! I raise up my torch, to help me with my willpower to overcome and be strong enough to fight for my life!
In a small prayer :pray:t4: I light these torches to lite the way! I hope to learn to have a strong will to live a happy fulfilled life with the abstinence of anything that will harm my life. I hope to be healthy and carefree not feeling any negative emotions so high intend in banishing my negative emotions in they will all dissipate into thin air!
My chant
I have the will to fight for what is mines and is my right!
I have what it takes!
Her 13 keys of wisdom
1 Faith
2. Strength
3. Will or Desire
4. Perseverance
5. Acceptance
7. Wholeness
8. My truth
9. My voice
10. Compassion
11. Risk
12.Self control
I had a yellow altar cloth to help with any depression. I used mugwort in my box and black salt!
Apothecary Hecate oil for my invocation ! I used many different crystals just to name a few amethyst obsidian, fluorite black tourmaline, black smoky quartz. I also have honey and a little tiny jar I have a crow pendant and a owl Crystal that is Tigers eye. I also used a necklace inside of my box do use it as an amulet and it is a butterfly. I hope I didn’t forget anything if I did I apologize! I had fun putting together all of my correspondences in my box for travel.

I had so much fun being proactive in my spiritual journey!
Thank you :blush:
Blessed be!


Hola a todos!

So, I’m in Bogota right now (I live in Sogamoso) and I brought my tarot cards, my crystals, the bell, my book of Shadows, incense burner, moon water, my wand, and my candles.

I’ve been using my tarot cards and crystals every day and I’m planning to call the quarters this week and see if I can meditate in my friend’s house inside it.

Thanks a lot for encouraging me to practice magic out of home, it feels weird but that’s the good part of it!


Christina- :sparkles:I adore your gems!
Peaches - I envy your box it looks perfect!
Iris- Perfect magic on the go! Thank you for the spell! Blessed be!
Travel Witch- Stunning pictures of the woods 🪵
And I adore your talent! You are very magical indeed!
Amethyst - I hope your meditation went well, I meditated at home nothing like going outside and feeling nature gives you the natural resources we all desire! Thank you for the poem sounds great :blush: So clever!
Siofra- My box was a little overcrowded with stuff I like the simplicity! :+1::+1:
Jasmine the blue- Beautiful pics thank you for sharing your love and your :peace_symbol:! So blissful!
Steph- Really great that you went on vacation that’s good I am happy for you! I planned to go out in nature and my plans fell through!
Garnet- Looks like you had fun :star_struck: I am glad your travels were safe and you had fun!
Blessed be! :star:


Hello all! Update on my traveling magick adventure. So my friend is Christian but was more than excited when I asked if I could make blessing/protection jars for her home. I won’t get into the details of the jars as they were specific to her needs. I made the jars ahead of time then headed to her house. Once there, we did a sound cleansing with some lovely music she picked out. Once the house was cleansed, we then began placing the jars, starting in the east most of her home and working clockwise. We worked together to design the affirmation/spell wording to again make it personal to her. Once we had all four placed, we said a house blessing prayer and thanked the spirits for their assistance.

This friend has known for a while that I wasn’t Christian so was not surprised when I came out as a pagan witch to her. She’s very accepting of others and is sick an amazing person. I enjoyed being able to bless and protect her new home.


@Amaris_Bane it must’ve been a very powerful and we’ll executed ritual because just reading your entry I felt a sense of calm and tranquility wash over me! Good job, girl!


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Bravo to all of the brave souls who explored magick on the go this week! :compass:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :map::heart:


Thank you, and well put @Amethyst! :blush: I love traveling abroad, but I can attest that thanks to books and stories, sometimes the best adventures are the ones enjoyed right at home in the comfort of your own space :house::heart::open_book:

Congrats on the new job, @Christina4! :tada: And that’s an amazing success with your astral projection travels, good for you! Your crystals are lovely as always and I do imagine they make it easy to do crystal work on the go. You’re very welcome, Christina- thanks for joining in! :two_hearts:

What a cute little besom, @IrisW! That is indeed perfect for spellwork on the go- who would have thought you could bring an entire besom on the road! Love it :broom: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks, @Garnet! It is a lovely spot :national_park:

You have a lovely travel altar, @Peaches! And the maple sounds like a treasured place for a magickal meditation :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles: Thanks so much for sharing!

Lots of beautiful treasures to fill your travel altar, @Siofra_Strega! You’ve got a great diversity of things for your box- it’s coming along gorgeously! :heart:

The depth of symbolism really takes your box to the next level, @Jeannie1- this is amazing! You have a real treasure trove of a travel altar- may Hekate watch over you and guide you safely on any journeys ahead! :compass: :old_key: Great job, Jeannie!

Sometimes stepping a bit out of our magickal comfort zones opens up amazing new possibilities, @RyuWyn- good for you! Wishing you a very safe journey and blessed casting at your friend’s house. Enjoy! :sparkling_heart:

You have an amazing friend, @Amaris_Bane, and I think she is also blessed to have you! It sounds like you had a lovely time with the jars and prayer- may they watch over her house and keep it safe! :pray::house: