👛 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Making Objects Magickal

I do the same thing! I have earrings where the posts came off of them, but the rose & dragonfly I kept. I put them on a piece of selenite on my altar with my crystal turtle friends. :joy:

@BryWisteria usually I charge them for protection, but how much protection do I really need if everything is for protection. So I did it for continued health. I have had a really good 6 months physically, I didn’t have to wear my braces until recently with the cooler weather so that seems fitting to get me through at least the fall.


Whoa. Great spell and nice handwriting! I always envy people with good handwriting. LOL.

Thank you! I need to take a picture of them hanging and post but it went well!

That’s so nice you got to get to know your grandmother a bit! And lovely amulets! Good job!


I bless my amulet and objects through spell. This spell make objects magical heavily. This is the spell:

Reference: Protection Chants For Protection Spells - Wake up and Unhypnotize


Thanks Christina! I have been thinking about having a familiar!


Making Objects Magickal:

:white_heart: I enchanted My “Dragon Heart” that I wear on my person near my heart and NEVER take off. After cleansing myself with a ritual bath, I then cleansed and cleared my entire house inside and out with sage and palo santo. After the cleansing rituals, I cleansed, consecrated, and charged my Dragon Heart.
I cleanse it regularly to rid of the negative energy it absorbs and re-charge it in different ways depending on timing. This is what I did last night under the full moon:
First I created a space by moving a small table outside under the moonlight.
On the table, I had a lit white candle (for a protective barrier) and a lit violet candle (to create a halo of protection over my being).
After casting my circle, I created a circle of sea salt on the table, then placed a sigil (that I created for balance and protection to guard and ground my aura and spiritual energy) inside the circle, then placed my dragon heart on top of the sigil and said:

“I call upon the power of the full moon’s light, Heed my call
Charge this Dragonheart with your power so that it may protect and inspire my inner power, so it protects me from all that would harm me whether
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually”
"By the power of the moon placed upon this Dragonheart made of labradorite that protects me at all times, No harm shall pass this shield of stone. With the rule of three, let it be, and so it is. Thank you moon, I am grateful for your energy.
so mote it be
I then ended the ritual and let it sit on the table in the moonlight for 3 hours before putting it back on.

This is the Dragonheart that I always wear close to my heart. It’s made of a piece of Labarodite often called rainbow moonstone. It protects me against the negativity and misfortunes of the world and strengthens my faith in myself along with my trust in the universe :purple_heart:

I would send a pic of the table and space I created for this but I am a weirdo :upside_down_face: :laughing: because I feel like the act of taking a picture of the space will take something away from the magick I craft… so I must keep it to myself. :shushing_face:

-much love and many blessings


Im not a super DIY person but I found several videos on YouTube that definitely can help taking everyday objects and using it in your witchcraft practice!

  • What Are Your Non Magical, Magickal Tools?
  • Practical Household Magic Tips Witchcraft
  • 5 Surprising Items You Can Use In Witchcraft
  • 10 Essential Witch Items You Already Own


This here is very much creative & imaginative!
I like how you incorporated the shield :beginner: `

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I like all the correspondences that comes with white moonstonene!
Thank you for sharing your gifts of knowledge and sharing so much creativity!


Oh, Tem, that is just beautiful. You wouldn’t need to wear it, I can almost see the power emanating around it.
Is that Selenite? Well, my good son, you have a gift!
PS: I feel the need to say this to you. “Don’t let anyone pull you down.”
It may mean something or it may mean nothing but when I saw your lovely talisman, that thought came into my head.
Be kind, Be loving and be yourself.


its a rose quartz, but my camera makes it look white with the wood floor background on it. Its definitely rose/pink in reality.

Thanks for the kind words. Nothing is pulling me down currently, but hey, I may be looking back at those words as the day goes on. As I’m off to a potential protest today and may need to not allow peoples words to drag me down for doing what I do.



@Jeannie1 It was my pleasure! I am so happy you got something out of it and thank you for the wonderful energy :hugs: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :white_heart:


I am going to enchant a couple of items for this challenge, Two skeleton keys for my grandbabies to protect them (plus they like skeleton keys so win win lol) and a necklace of mine.
I’ve lit a white candle, and cleansed the items with smoke from a dragon blood incense.

I call for these items to protect their keepers from harm in any form,
to surround each keeper in safe guarded arms.
Let no force of negative intention break the bond that these charms now hold,
Let wandering fingers tempted to touch, be suddenly stone cold.

The keepers of these charms are protected and lifted up in white positive light.

So it is spoken, So Mote it be.


@Jeannie1 This is so beautiful! I absolutely love it! A perfect way to honor the protector of all witches, Hekate :black_heart:


That’s awesome Moonshadow, I am working on finding an amulet and talisman. I found a watch :watch: and a sign. First I need to write about what I am going to use it for this challenge. I just loved your crystal, I want to add it to a collection! I’m so bad I just listened to Missa’s video and she explained how I have everything “Witch”and I feel I need more all the time!

Missa- I love the videos that you placed for us thank you I watched him and I just wanted to thank you and show my respect.

Phoenix Dawn- I’ve been meaning to tell you I never learned about the meaning behind Phoenix dawn but I found out today and I am going to look it up tonight because I was intrigued by the symbolism. My Friend and told me about it. Ow, and I see you are working with Ganesha I have thought of working with Ganesha I think it’s so inspiring to know more about all the Goddesses and gods so Awsome! The trinkets are really cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have an elephant :elephant: and I like when I read the Happiness Hypothesis by Johnathan hate he talks about them a lot and he said that

“The story begins with a count of the human mind works. Not a full account of course just of ancient truths that must be understood before you can take a vantage of modern psychology to improve your life. The first truth is the foundational idea of this book. The mind is divided into parts that sometimes conflict. Like a rider on the back of an elephant the conscious, reasoning part of the mind has only limited control of what the elephant does. Like an animal nowadays, we know the causes of these divisions, And a few ways to help the writer and the elephant work better as a team. The second idea is Shakespeare’s about how thinking makes it so or as Buddhists said “ Our life is a creation of our mind” and this is a beautiful creation you used for example

I thought I would share my thoughts I see how you are doing a great :+1: job managing your thoughts and it’s great :blush: that you give it so much thought! “I believe in you”


Thank you @Jeannie1 I’m so glad I have friends like y’all. Thank you for being a part of my family :heartpulse:


The amulets are beautiful, @Christina4- and all the more powerful as heirlooms from your grandmother! I’ve always found items with sentimental value to have a unique power to them. Lovely work! :sparkles:

Enchanting them for continued health sounds like a great plan, @Susurrus. May they help to keep you healthy and well! :heart:

Thank you for sharing the Charging Amulet spellwork, @Princess_Tara! :hearts:

Great work sharing and cleansing your Dragon Heart, @moonshadow- it sounds like a very powerful protector for you. And so lovely- labradorite makes for a beautiful piece! :sparkles: Thanks for sharing!

Awesome resources, thanks for finding and sharing them @Missa! :blush:

I hope the protest went well for you, @Temujin_Calidius! Good for you for not allowing others to drag you down. Stand strong and proud! :pray:

A beautiful enchantment, @Rowan- I’m sure your grandbabies will enjoy the Skeleton Keys! May the keys and your lovely magick watch over and protect them :old_key: :sparkles:


I love these videos because I didn’t know about this info when I began my journey. Thanks girl!!!


Oh that’s beautiful! I have same one…somewhere. it’s like crystals disappear when I’m no longer needing them and brand new ones arrive somehow. I have no idea how this happens. I lost that necklace because it was one of my favorites and I always kept it on my bed post. Then after a week or two of giving up, I find a moonstone. 🤷


I came back to your skull!! I really like that!! Would you mind if I crafted mine similarly for my Samhain altar?


This is honestly one my favorite techniques to practice :herb: I started doing this before I found out about Spells8🥲 as I’m writing this it is currently 1.11 am mountain time. I’m a huge believer in angel numbers my spirit guides play a huge role in my every day life lol they’re constantly sending me little nudges in the right direction like finding the enchanting your jewelry for example I originally stumbled upon a video on TikTok and that’s how I began now each morning I won’t put my necklace/earrings whichever jewelry I may be wearing that day until I can feel it is fully charged and I feel like it’s purpose is fulfilled. Magick is such a beautiful thing :sparkles:


Oh, I also make protection candles when I feel needed rosemary essential oils crushed rosemary lavender essential oil ground cinnamon and nutmeg it also smells just like fall.and I also make a simmer pot with moon water too :relieved: I sage and say a protection blessing by Bridgid sorry it’s all coming to me in sections :joy: