:genie_lamp: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Manifestation

During my cleaning whirlwind around my home & yard… I honestly missed that the last half of the week was… the last half of the week. I’m going to think on this one… I honestly am not sure how to approach it this week :thinking:


Tomorrow is New Years Eve @Susurrus! I know you can think of something to manifest! My manifestation has started, but it won’t be done until tomorrow.


OH, so… yeah… forgot about tomorrow being New Year’s Eve… I’m sure I can come up with something :hugs: Thank you, @Ostara!

@Artemisia I love that & it’s so very pretty! I think I have a jar :jar: or 2 like that one around :hugs:… I tend to collect interesting, different, and pretty ones to me…:rofl I also have to get on my Witch’s Ball, which would go well with manifesting for 2024! So would the pinecone now that I think about it :face_with_monocle:

@tracyS… I’m not completely surprised that your lovely beastie doesn’t want to share his things :rofl: I’m sure the wonderful Mr. Lucifer will appreciate whatever comes to you for his own holders & items. Loki will probably be much happier, too!

I will say that I have always had separate spaces for my 2 deities. Even with them being related, (However that relationship is) they each have their own separate areas. It started without me even realizing I did it, then it was like a lightbulb :bulb: exploding over my head about it :laughing: Sometimes they let me know without me realizing it then later it’s like Oh! This makes so much more sense why I did it this way!

@BlueAngelite, that’s a lovely spell to do for traveling! Thank you for sharing & I hope you arrive safely & enjoy your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry - Manifestation

This is my first entry, so I hope I’m doing it correctly :blush: Over tonight and into tomorrow, I will be taking a cleansing bath with rose quartz and lavender :purple_heart: Lighting my white candles, grounding and centering while listening to various tracks from Larimar Sound Alchemy on YouTube. Then I will go through my house to do a smudging while chanting, “I clear this space of all negativity with the energy of Love and Light. I open the doors of Positivity. May the new year come in bright.” After the smudging, I will sit at my kitchen table (because that is the heart of my home) and I will write out my intentions for the new year on my bay leaves and burn them. Tomorrow morning I’ll take the ashes out and let the wind take them.

It’s very simple and yet profound. Oh, and if you’re curious about some of the music I listen to: https://youtube.com/@LarimarSoundAlchemy?si=dTUl1FgahxzIXUrn


Weekly Challenge Entry

Manifestation Box to manifest self-love, job success, and prosperity

Wooden box to keep on my altar until December 31, 2024.

Paper to write down my intentions.

River rock for making a bind rune that the lovely @BryWisteria shared 3 days ago to keep from holding myself back.

Gold candle for self-confidence, prosperity and abundance (I carved the words into the candle).


  • Allspice (luck, attracts business)
  • Cloves (protection, money luck)
  • Basil (wealth, prosperity, love)
  • Lemon grass (prosperity)
  • Cinnamon (financial wellness, removing negative energies, bringing positive energy)
  • Chamomile (money, peace, love)


  • Rose Quartz (self-love)
  • Tigers Eye (luck, calming)
  • Citrine (financial abundance)
  • Aventurine (luck)

Cotton string to seal the box with drips of gold wax on the knot.

This was a 2-day working. I put everything on a tray so I could move it off of my main altar. I finished it this morning. I have never done a 2 day spell before, so we will see how this turns out!


That is a beautiful entry @Kajsa!


Thank you @Ostara Yours as well!


Thank you! Congratulations on your first Challenge Entry! :clinking_glasses:


Challenge Entry

To me, manifesting is doing something (or using something) to put yourself in the right frame of mind to accomplish your goals. But before wanting to manifest something, it’s important to look at what is and isn’t possible. As much as I would love to fly on a broomstick, that’s not possible (unless I’m working for a company that could develop the technology to produce a flying broomstick :laughing: ). But being more relaxed and having a positive outlook on life is within my power to manifest. To do that, I might drink chamomile tea, diffuse lavender essential oil, and start my day out with a positive affirmation.


I love that Kasandra!


Excellent points! I have always said if you want something bad enough you will get it but you need to be realistic and mindful of your intentions… Ex. The broom stick (you made laugh I visualize everything when people talk).

Mote It Be


I am loving :heart: everyone’s entries this week, especially going into 2024.

(I tend to visualize everything too, like running a running movie sometimes)

I’ll be posting my entry tomorrow. I’ve been thinking a lot about it & I figured out how I want to do this one :hugs:


Challenge entry

I’m working on our new home. It is going to be our safe space where we can be creative, nurture each other, and live happy lives together. Every day, a little bit of work goes toward this.

The physical aspects are very mundane. But the inspiration comes form the intuition, the heart, and two linked souls working together.

It’s a work in progress and takes multiple forms of energy to achieve, but we are in no rush. We want to live our lives at our own pace, free from the pressures and expectations others try to force on us.

I saw a shooting star on one of the late nights we moved stuff over. I wished for a happy life with my partner.

My partner and I watched some fireworks through the window from our living room last night. We expressed our gratitude to each other for being able to be here with each other.

I think the overall story is that we are constantly manifesting the life we want, intentionally and step by step, but at our pace and in our own weird, quirky way, and that’s what’s best for us.


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Challenge Extension!!!

:exclamation: This challenge is being extended :exclamation:

The holidays and turn of the year are very busy times! Out of respect for the hustle, bustle, and craziness at this time of year (as well that post-holiday exhaustion!), this challenge is being extended to give folks who wanted to join but haven’t had the time or energy a bit of a breather.

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the NEW deadline:

Tuesday, Jan 9th at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

A huge round of applause to all of those who have shared an entry so far- you’ve set your sights and done some lovely manifesting work! :clap: :sparkles: Thank you for sharing your entry, and I’m wishing that every intention you set for the months ahead comes true in positive ways for you. So mote it be! :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have time left to do so!

Blessed Be and Happy New Year! :genie_lamp: :sparkles:


Thank you! I needed it!

That said, here is my Challenge Entry

Trigger Warning: Illness

Please do not imitate me. This path is not healthy.

I have been attempting to manifest freedom of Will all summer, using spells to cut away bindings, removing energy sappers, changing diet, learning new ways to survive in an inconvenient world, handling stress, dealing with new germs, defending my rights to peaceful existence, rebuilding dignity. The most recent has been like fighting against children who want to play dollies, but have no concept of free will or the thoughts and feelings of others. I don’t want to hurt such a child, but they have to learn, somehow, that I am not lifeless!

Last week, I contracted a high fever that lasted several days… on top of laryngitis and a bronchitis like cough. I’m used to bronchitis and pneumonia at this time of year, so the rest was easily handled: low water intake until I get back control over my body. During the fever, I had no food, either. No big deal for me: I’m big enough to be able to handle it. Others do not have that padding as a protection, so please do not imitate me.

At the end of the fever, I noticed my body had hit the reset button. It was as though I were back in my extreme youth, fasting for religious purposes (should never have happened at that age). At least it taught me what the reset felt like.

Though the cough still hurt muscles I hadn’t used since my last bout of pneumonia, it had changed from digging for the “treasure” of clogs at the lowest levels of my lungs to a lighter, dry cough. Muscles in my lower abdomen were able to regain control, and I could feel what was going on inside of me again. My body was back under my Will.

I began self care over the weekend. Finally!

Now to set that trigger spell: if someone grabs me like a dolly, taking away my free will, they need to have a shocking experience so they let go. Rescuers and true caring will not be shocked.

What have I learned? Giving up when there is no answer is not an option because no one is there. The law does not protect the consumer nor the owner when it is busy taking care of itself. Crying out for help in a world of screams in terror and agony over survival is not an option. Deities at war leave daily existence in the hands of those too young to fight or even understand the daily process- thus trust only the familiar spirits, even if they are too busy to pay attention. Battling Deities are not the ones in control of abundance. Even when I think it is safe to step out of my protections and learn something, it is safer to assume that everything can change in the blink of an eye: be ready to return to safety at a moment’s notice. One mistake can take years to pay off.


@BryWisteria oh, thank you so much for the extension! :partying_face: I have a bit more time to put this entry into words that aren’t my own brain’s train of thought switching tracks every 3 seconds :laughing:

@starborn yay for making your new space your own for you & your partner! I’m so happy that you are taking the time to make it comfortable & safe for you both. :revolving_hearts:

@georgia I do hope that you continue feeling better, & I’m glad that you were able to look at the lessons learned & find time for self-care. Something I need to remember & implement more regularly myself :people_hugging:



This week, I tried something a bit different. When manifesting, part of my practice is to write things down, almost as though recording it on paper is a way of making something physical from my thoughts. Funnily enough this is something the Egyptian beleived - tonwrite something down was to make reality. Therefore, I decided to write my affirmations using hieroglyphs. I suppose this is kind of like a sigil but that there are many symbols. The good thing is that is can be on display and people will be none the wiser to what it says.

With it being new year, I actually wrote this for all of us in the coven. After writing it, I read it aloud in front of my altar (in the Egyptian form) before making offerings of incense to my deities for support in manifesting it.

On the back it has the script showing how it is said as well as translation into English. This cannot be seen from where it sits.

It is my hope that its presence on my altar next to my deities will continue to assist in its manifestation as I work with them on a daily basis.

Blessed be



I have been thinking a great deal about manifestation myself lately. Last night as a part of my New Year celebration i spent some time doing a ritual i found on here where you write a list of negative stuff that happened over the past year and tgen disolve that list in salt water, then the next part was to write down your intentions for 2024 and keep the paper somewhere safe so you can go back to all of your intentions as needed. I found it really impactful and inspiring.I’ve also been putting the stuff together to make a vision board for 2024. I have some magazine word and photo clippings and a canvas so far, but i still need glue, and i woukd like a few more visual clippings.


That is a wonderful blessing for all of us. Thank you so much @Cosmic_Curiosity may it come back to you, as well. :gift_heart:

Sounds good, so far. May it be a beautiful addition to your home and work for the new year!



Thank you for the extension @BryWisteria that will give me time to add pictures.

I’m going to post this part just in case

This one was easy and hard. Easy because Ooo I have so many things to choose from and hard because Oh I have so many things to choose from

I decided to go with the spell jar I created for my Niece

Spell Jar for Healing and Strength

Green Candle - Healing and Manifesting Growth
Allspice - Strength in adversity
Bay Leaf - Victory
Lavender - Peace
Plantain - Healing
Sage - Protection
Ginger Essential Oil - Empowerment
Clear Quartz - Healing
Rose Quartz - Love

Put items in jar a BAM only say the property as you put each item in the jar

If using a small jar/bottle add the Ginger Oil on top before sealing instead of giving it a shake

Hold the jar knowing that you are strong and feel that strength and visualize what healthy and gratitude for your health looks like

Power Statement:
I am Strong
I am Healthy
I am Grateful
(In this case I substitute She and will have her repeat it herself with I )

Seal with wax from candle
Repeat Daily with the same Visualization and Power Statement