🧘 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Meditation Magick

@Amethyst This is lovely! Thanks for the channel recommendation! I, too, love guided meditations!


@MeganB good gracious at my typos! I must have been really struggling! That should say cheat! Cheat and buy the pillow form! So glad you can decipher that sentence! LOL


It wasn’t too hard to figure out what you meant :sweat_smile:


I have used bath rituals & mediations & just tweeked them for doing in the shower. A lot of times even when its a regular ole shower to others, I let the water just run down my back, front, wherever & use the water to cleanse or wash away negative energy, stagnat energy, that which no longwr serves me. A lot like @SilverBear

Sometimes the bath ones need to be tweaked with how you feel comfortable. Myself, I turn on a playlist from Woke Nation or Brighid or Celtic Relaxation music on YouTube or Spotify. I use a soap that has rose quartz tumbles in it, lavender & oatmeal body wash & moisturizer. I wash & physically cleanse my body, then use the rose quartz soap with mindful breathing to breathe in love & calm & breathe out negative thoughts, feeling, energy & cleanse myself with self love & calm.

I have also placed specific herbs in a mesh bag & hung it from my shower head to use the benefits that way too for bath rituals.

Once I learned some breathwork, my meditations & visualizations have gotten much better. & being able to send energy to specific parts of my body is awesome too from learning those skills.


Thanks! I hope you get good use out of it!


Hello everyone!
I want to mention before sharing my Challenge info this week that on Tuesday night, I was feeling super drawn to changing my den around to create a space more open and comfortable for meditating. When I read the Challenge on Wednesday…all about meditating, I was super jazzed to be in tune with the assignment already! It’s always a pleasant experience when you “feel” something, and it shows itself soon after if you know what I mean. (I had no idea it was World Meditation on Saturday)
For this week’s meditation challenge, I jumped in and completed the Magic in the Moon course. I’ve been laid up with COVID this week, so it was perfect timing to lay around and meditate for quite a while. During the 12 zodiac meditations, I thought about people in my life that have those zodiac signs and the characteristics of those signs/people, and how I can implement that into my own life. I completed the Meditation Roots course that I had not previously finished and did the Morrigan Meditation that @SilverBear shared with the group. I enjoyed that one immensely. What a lovely way to spend my downtime. Thank you for the Challenge! My heart and soul feel nourished :mage::candle::magic_wand: Blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



this coming week I will start with easier poses… don’t want my body going into shock…

I am so glad that you will try this you can ease into yoga! Good luck with all of your poses. Always keep in mind some days will be easier! You don’t need to be perfect! Eventually you will get a flow going’
Also thanks for sharing how


. I choose 1 crystal to work with each week from my oracle deck & then I use crystals that associate with the energy of my chakras & hold them in my hands with clear quartz during chakra meditations. I keep those crystals on my nightstand each day.

I like that you chosen one crystal a week and apply them to your chakras! I’m sure after sometime you probably already memorized all the chakras! I remember some of them but always need to refer to my chakra poster! I hung it up near my yoga room so I could emplement them in my daily routine! But all my stuff is in storage! Can’t wait to start again with a new start! I love that you also decided to have a good ritual doing journal work! Today my husband really upset me I think it’s a great idea to dump all my trash and heavy emotions out to release my baggage :luggage: I carry around! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But going an extra step to burn it is even better! Sometimes I get really tired and don’t have ambitions! Thank you for reminding me to stay positive and maybe my mental health could change! These are all great tips I just pray :pray:t4: that I can stick with it for once! This would be a great intention to use for me for a full moon! Thanks so much for your help! I didn’t realize journalism was a type of meditation, I do practice journaling it’s very meditative!


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their magickal meditation experiences so far! :relaxed: If you want to enter the challenge but haven’t done so already, please know that you have one more day left to do so:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: May 24th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles:


Ah meditation - When I first started I hated it. I could not sit still, or quiet my mind. I had it in my head that when you meditate, you had to “turn off” your brain. That is NOT the case. You physically can not do it.

You just sit or lie or walk – you try to be in the moment, if something comes in - acknowledge it and then let it float away without judgement.

Connecting with the breath is my #1 go to when I feel panic attacks coming on. It’s always there and keeps me ground. It’s my anchor to this world. The breath; what a wonderful thing to have.


The shower meditation is really easy. I just sit on the shower floor close my eyes and imagine I’m in a rain forest.

Lately though I have been meditating with a red and black candle. I saw something on instagram with black and red candles and they were gorgeous. So, I took a black beeswax candle and a red beeswax candle and unrolled them. I trimmed the beeswax sheets and rolled the black around the red and they turned out beautiful. It looks like the candle is bleeding when you light it, (I guess I’m kind of a sick person because to me a bleeding candle is beautiful)! Anyway, it’s an easy way for me to meditate.


Breathwork… I am a big fan of this… it’s actually how I get to sleep on restless nights too! :dizzy:

I was very much the same, it had been recommended through the years by friends, therapists, medical professionals… I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t understand it, my anxiety would start at the thought of it & my anxiety wouldn’t let me sit & do nothing for any length of time. This went on for years I would outright tell therapists & the like that I won’t do breathing or meditation because it didn’t work for me & I wasn’t interested. I was so… shortsighted & uneducated & not willing to try anything else like there was something that was going to just make it all go away on its own one day. :woman_facepalming: I also didn’t feel comfortable or open with any of those people, so the likelihood of me doing anything they suggested that meant opening myself up was not going to happen.

Well, then 2020 happened along with joining Spells8 & going through the courses… I found my way with breathing & meditation. Even yesterday I had this great experience! & it propelled or fueled me up until after 5 PM when I did a 5-minute meditation to switch from the outside work & excitement to just relaxing & recovering for the evening. I even went to bed BEFORE my husband asked if I was ready. Whether it’s a 20-minute or a 5-minute meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: (guided) I can feel the benefits & change my whole anxiety/panic situation in just a few minutes or using Breathwork… about 3 or 4 mindful breaths.

I decided to watch a movie :movie_camera: & then read :open_book: for a little while before I went to bed so my brain wasn’t figuring out everything from last night until June 2. (There’s a reason my brain is preoccupied with those dates, but by the time they get here, I should be okay… It’s a boundary thing, I’m getting there) When I got into bed I laid down & used my breathwork to help make falling asleep :sleeping: a little less of a tug of war with ready for bed & brain going everywhere but to sleep.

@Ostara & @Silverbear I did try a shower meditation & used the water to cleanse away the yuck energy & feelings that were weighing on me. I let the water run down the areas that were full of tension or pain to soothe it away down the drain. Then I moved to the couch & got myself set up for the evening laying with puppies :paw_prints: & watching a silly movie. :smiling_face:

I’m also on Day 5 of my meditation challenge (??) & today I choose 1 crystal to work with for the week & start work on my sacral chakra. At the end of each week, I will do meditation or work with both chakras at the same time through different exercises. I really want to look more closely at the poses & see if I can find maybe 1 pose for each chakra that I am able to do without creating too much of an issue with my Ehlers Danlos & those pesky loose tendons & joints.

On the weekends I recharge my Earth Star by doing my gardening barefoot & sitting on the ground while I’m working. This is also an easier way for me to do it due to my lower back & SI joints & hips. I sit on the edge & either pull the weeds or plant the seedlings :seedling: Now it will be more of a maintenance thing inside the fencing & around the outside border.


My weekly witchy challenge-Meditation Magick

Since meditation can be described as:

Mediation can be challenging at times especially when you are not good at staying still most of the times, nevertheless it is beneficial for us and comes in handy when dealing with the craft and other day to day functions.

I am a lover of tea, and its one thing that helps me to stay still and keep calm when my day is going a bit to fast or if I may need a little time out to meditate. Mediation assist me especially when I need to

  • Focusing on the present
  • Reduce negative emotions
  • Increasing creativity in my work

because of this I have decided to stick with a simple Focus & Alertness Meditation.

There is also the Black Tea Focus Meditation audio as well. Music can also help is successful meditation.
Black-Tea-Relaxed-Focus.pdf (293.8 KB) Source: Spells8.com

Black tea has antioxidant many properties that improve your overall health. Harness this energy to feel empowered today! I plan on adding this printable page to my collection.


Again, not much of an entry today but I’m trying to practice mindfulness today. I brought the kids to the park and sitting here with my fingers in the grass, taking a few breaths, and being consciously in the moment is doing wonders :blush::sparkling_heart::sparkles:


To me this is meditation :blush:


For my Meditation Magick Challenge

I found a good spot on the living room floor, and grab a large pillow for me to get comfortable on. I had placed my headphones by me. A white candle and matches. Pen and paper for an intention I was seeking some kind of response.
I don’t usually have very good luck with meditation, the mind wandering in a different direction. I decided not to listen to music in the background, thought that would just help to distract me, so I wanted silence and no distractions.
So I sat on the cushion, placed the candle on the floor in front of me, placed my headphones on, lit the candle, wrote out my intention of question, folded the paper, and placed it under the candle. Closed my eyes, did the breathing exercises inhaled, held, exhaled, and did this for a few minutes then went into normal breathing. I kept my eyes closed and focused my mind on the candle in front of me, after some time I could see figures moving about in my mind, not being able to see the faces, they seemed a little out of focus so I couldn’t make them out. I was given the impression that I knew this male person talking with me and saying something and then things just kind of vanished away. So I opened my eyes, took off the headphones and noticed that the candle had burned out. I then looked at the paper under the candle that it was moved, my intention was gone and the only written thing was LOVE YOU.

So I guess something worked this time and I was given an answer but not from who.
So I will keep at my meditations and get better at them and stronger.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


I love beeswax candles! We started making them for candlemas two years ago. Now I’m kind of obsessed! That sounds gorgeous!


Wow! My week has been so busy! It’s been pretty hard to fit some good meditation in! I have been practicing meditation a lot over the last few weeks and I’ve learned some things about myself: I love guided meditations, I love visualizations, and I meditate better in the morning (probably because I’m the only early riser in my house and it’s quiet and still). I crave quiet and still.

I am determined that daily shower meditations are going to become a thing so I have started a shower meditation playlist on YouTube (I’ll share it as soon as I have it a little more cohesive) and also a playlist on insight timer. My plan is to go through several and see which ones I like the very best! I’m so excited about my upcoming summer break sonI can enjoy some slow, languid mornings!


I just posted my Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Magick - Challenge Entry, it’s lengthy because it shows how meditation is sort of intertwining within my daily life now from where I was in July of 2020 & completely new to even the idea of maybe trying to meditate. Now it’s a functional & flowing part of my day to help me with transition & change & other situations.


:person_in_lotus_position: Weekly Witchy Meditation Magick Challenge - Entry

Image: My God Pictures

I listened to the meditation that @SilverBear posted a total of 4 times and I loved it. So I decided to research and learn more about The Morrigan

I just loved the transformations :heart: It what easy to see in my mind what I was hearing in the meditation. I just don’t have the words to explain what I saw and felt, the first time I only listened I didn’t have my eyes open. I did finally watch it with my eyes open :face_with_peeking_eye: I know that I will want to listen to it again and again.

I really enjoyed the meditation challenge @TheTravelWitch_Bry and the Morrigan meditation @Silverbear Thank you both so very much!


First, I have to say that Meditation is what keeps me SANE. :blush: :wink: :upside_down_face:

For this weekly challenge, I decided to medicate with white candles and Clear Quartz for new beginnings. I’m still personally struggling with things in my life and I love to light white candles for a fresh start. I always do Meditation Magick on Mondays! I love meditating with white candles so I feel like I’m starting a new week. The last week, last month, last year is all over with and I have a problem with holding on to the past. I can’t ever let go of things usually, and with huge changes that happened in my life last year, I’m having a hard time letting go of my old life.

I like to visualize a white light of energy as I found a meditation video on here that I loved describing a white candle, white light, new beginnings, etc. I envisioned this white light all around me protecting me, comforting me, reminding me that new beginnings are okay, and embracing them. I set an intention of what I need to for a better me, for my higher self. I thought of all of the things blocking my crown chakra and what they are. I wrote them all down, and it was many things. I get overwhelmed with how much I feel that keeps me from progressing forward and moving on with my life. Each week, these entries help me improve and get one step closer to the progress goal I have set for myself.

It was nice to sit, relax in silence, release all of the tension from my brain, down my back, to my toes. I felt the protection of the white light around me and I know that better days and new great things are still to come. These things will come at the right time, I believe everything happens for a reason, when it is supposed to. I allowed my body to cut cords with anything that no longer serves a higher purpose. I let go of all of those doubts I wrote down, I’ve been through many things, and I can get through these things.

The Affirmations I loved from the video kept me going, and I just made sure to repeat them over and over…(I still am right now)

  • The flame of the white candle embraces my whole being.
  • By the power of this energy, I can no longer be connected by doubts and fears.

I hope everyone enjoyed their meditation as much as I did!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: