🧘 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Meditation Magick

I am fond of meditating. I usually use guided meditations and I really like the Spells8 ones and the ones I find on YouTube. I picked up a pack of Meditation cards at Five Below and for this challenge, I opened the pack of 54 cards, shuffled the deck and drew the first card. The focus of my meditation was “Enjoy the Moment.”

I sat on my sofa with my hands resting on my knees, palms up and my pointer fingers lightly touching my thumb. I usually use a soft gaze at a point in front of me rather than closing my eyes. I focused on my breath. Thoughts about my day and the day to come came and go. I just noticed them and let them fade and brought my attention back to my breath. I focused on how my body felt on the sofa When I felt an itch on my skin, I breathed into it and tried to soften the sensation (this also works with pain, most times, it doesn’t go away completely but it does lessen). I listened to the noises in the room of the A/C blowing and other apartment noises.

It was very peaceful and it left me feeling grateful for the life I have in this moment. My life is not perfect but taking a moment to be mindful really brought home to me (no pun intended) how blessed I am to have some quiet, reflective time for myself.

One big benefit of the cards is that it takes the decision from me. Sometimes just making another choice feels heavy. Sometimes, I want to see what the Universe has to tell me. That is why I like the randomness of cards. Anytime I can give up being in control is a good thing for me :slight_smile:

I recommend the Meditation Cards! Thanks for yet another great challenge!


I love this technique I have attempted this once but would like to practice this practice more and make it more of a ritual to do more!
I liked all of your affirmations too great job! Thank you for sharing I would like to balance my chakras as well! Thanks again


I had big plans for this challenge and was so excited to work on it! I thought about it all week and even planned to record and offer my meditation here for people to listen to later. Unfortunately, those plans became impossible when I lost my voice this weekend! I went out of state, and I lost my voice during my drive to my weekend get-away. It has worsened throughout the weekend and into today as I now have some full-blown sinus infection. Good freakin’ times! :rofl: What I would like to offer, at least, is some simple advice as a meditation guide and mindfulness coach, which will have to suffice as my challenge entry. First, meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting quiet and going within first thing in the morning for one minute can count as your daily meditation. Repeating a simple mantra or affirmation for a minute or two can be a great way to start a meditation practice. Sitting in a yoga pose works, but it’s not necessary to achieve a meditative state. What’s important is what is in your heart and intent to create a practice. As I mentioned in my post about this challenge last week, there’s no right or wrong way to meditate; there’s only what’s right for you. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to read everyone’s posts in this challenge. This sinus headache is overwhelming, and reading is tough right now.
I look forward to reading everyone’s entries when time (and health) allows.
Blessings and Light to All,
BrightBear :hugs: :heart: :sparkles:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

The meditators of the coven really impressed this week- there was a treasure trove of meditation advice, experiences, tips, and so much more! Thank you so much to everyone for your entries :heart::relaxed:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details for everyone who submitted an entry. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles:


Silver bear,
Thank you for all your knowledge, I hope your sinus infection clears up soon! Wishing you a healthy recovery, and get well soon!


@Phoenix_Fire Congrats on your organizing, Danni- your altar and meditation space looks amazing! :heart_eyes: Taking the time to cleanse and organize really helps to refresh the space- great job! :blush:

@MeganB A crocheted cushion would look amazing, but I have no doubt it would be quite the project to make one large enough to comfortably sit on! Fabric is a good option- have you ever done those “sleepover pillows” before? You just need two pieces of fabric, scissors and something to stuff it with- it can be made in about 20 mins and is super comfy! :blush:

Picture from How to Make a Knot Pillow

@Sea I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the meditation videos, Sea! :heart: I agree, meditation can be tricky at first, so the gentle guides can really help to ease you into a meditative practice. Thanks for sharing, and wishing you all the best with your meditations! :person_in_lotus_position: :heartpulse:

@ValentineMoonBabe Yes, you ARE love! :heart: I think it is awesome that you keep a journal and record your meditation efforts- now you can look back on where you were and see just how far you’ve come in your journey! :blush: And it sounds like you keep it interesting and fresh with all the great inclusions you add. Awesome work- keep on going strong and having fun with it!

And you are so right about the dog bed- I never thought of that before, but it would be a great (and very comfy) floor cushion! Brilliant! :joy::+1:

@Amaris_Bane Congrats on diving in to explore chakra work- it sounds like you were able to do a full scan of your chakras and learn where your strengths/areas to improve are! That is amazing- and I have to say that I love the affirmations you chose for your Solar Plexus :yellow_heart: Wishing you all the best as you continue to open your chakra- enjoy the process! :blush:

@Jeannie1 I remember you sharing about your yoga experiences in the past, Jeannie- it sounds like you have stuck with your practice and that you are really thriving with it, congrats to you! :heart: I love your meditation spot- how nice to have your plants and fresh air close by, it looks like a great place to relax! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good for you, Jeannie- keep on doing what you love!

@Melinda6 Sometimes it takes a while for things to click into place- I’m so glad you have found what works for you, Melinda! :grinning: It sounds like you are a pro at weaving some meditation time into your schedule and that it really helps you a lot. You’re doing awesome- I wish you many more happy meditations as you work towards your goals! :star2:

@Siofra_Strega Thank you again for your deep dive post exploring your meditation practices, Siofra- it was a delight to read! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Carrie4 12 years of meditations is very impressive- congrats to you, Carrie! :heart: Group meditations can be very powerful, but I’ve also found that can be very gentle too- the same as meditating on your own, but with a feeling of shared energy. And yes! Walking meditations are awesome- although with all of the movement and stimuli, I’ve found it really hard to stay silent while walking around with the group :joy:

@Jem1 It sounds like a very beautiful experience, Jem- I think spirit work is an area of magick that is particularly strong at drawing out emotions and making us feel things beyond ourselves. Good for you for develing into ancestor work- I’m sure your great-grandma appreciated such a lovely offering :blossom:

@Amethyst You always make me smile with your words- haha I get the “bugs crawling feeling” too, and it is when I know I’m at the point where I can’t control my thoughts anymore. I think it’s my body’s way of telling me “meditation time is up!” :joy: Guided meditations are gold- they are really so helpful for guiding thoughts and helping us relax :relaxed: Thank you so much for this sweet morning meditation- I love it! :heart:

@Kasandra Those are some really deep thoughts about death and its importance, or rather, essential role in the cycle of life. It is natural to fear and even hate death at times, but reading this I feel it is thanks to the end that we can enjoy the beautiful things during the rest of the cycle :pray::candle: Beautiful chant, Kasandra- very well written! :heart:

@Mistella We were on the same wavelength, Mistella- you were prepping for the challenge before the challenge even existed! :laughing: :+1: Your intuition is really on point! Beautiful work with the Zodiac meditations- I’m a big fan of them, and I love how you drew on people in your life to tie in with each sign :star2: And congrats on completing the Meditation Roots course- that’s a big accomplishment! Great work and thanks to you for joining in :blush:

@Silverbear Wise words from a wise soul- thank you for your helpful meditation tips and advice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@NickWick Well said, Nick! :blush: Meditation really can be tough- I tried to word the challenge in a way that was honest but also encouraging. I think you did a great job with that here- thank you for sharing about your meditation experience, I’m glad it has been helpful for you! :heartpulse: Tea and music meditations have a special place in my heart too :tea::two_hearts:

@MeganB It sounds like you enjoyed a blissful moment in nature, focusing on the natural world around you :blush: A few mindful moments to refresh and recollect can be just as powerful as an hour-long meditation in my opinion, good for you! And look at those cute little sprouts! :seedling::sparkles:

@Debra2 That is amazing, Debra! The meditation may not have gone the way you originally planned, but it sounds like you got the message you needed to hear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Perhaps consulting your cards could help reveal more information about the shadowy figures- if you feel that is something worth exploring? Either way, great job and thanks for sharing- good luck with your future meditations! :blush:

@AileyGrey Same here! Busy schedules can make meditation a challenge indeed. I can manage a quick gratitude meditation at night, but anything longer runs the risk of me falling asleep :joy: I’m with you, Kristin- morning meditations are bliss! :sunrise_over_mountains: I hope you enjoy your shower meditations and that you can find some that you really enjoy :shower: Happy summer break!

@Marsha It is my pleasure, Marsha- I’m so glad you enjoyed the theme! :blush: And it sounds like you found the perfect meditation- it’s really special when there’s something that just aligns so perfectly that we want to watch it over and over :heart: Great work- I hope you continue to enjoy your work with the Morrigan- may She watch over and guide you! :raven: :two_hearts:

@Janae_Rochele Meditation work can really do wonders for your breathing- I’m glad to hear it helps you with your asthma and the weather changes :pray: And yes! :star_struck: Outdoor meditations immersed in nature are so lovely- it sounds like you’ve got a perfect spot to meditate, as well as a great routine- I love the sound of “Meditation Magick Mondays”! :sun_with_face: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your heartfelt meditation experience, as well as those lovely affirmations. May they continue to echo in your mind and heart- setting you free from the doubts and fears of the past that is gone. Great job! :heart:

@Mary25 Meditation cards are awesome- what a great way to guide your meditation time in a good direction! :compass::person_in_lotus_position: It sounds like you had a really nice meditation and that it was a big success- I really struggle to let go of the urge to itch, or to feel pain. You’re doing amazing, Mary! :star2: Thank you for sharing and for joining in the challenge! :two_hearts:

@BrightBear Ohhh nooo- I’m so sorry to hear about your lost voice! Sinus infections are awful- please rest up, drinks lots, and feel better soon :pray::heart: You are really sweet to still think of the challenge and share your advice despite feeling down- thank you so much for your meditation wisdom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Big hugs and healing light coming your way, my friend- sinus infection, be gone! :raised_hands: :heart_decoration:

The Props and Presents post for this challenge is now live in the forum and badges have been sent to everyone who shared an entry :medal_sports: Thank you once again to all those who joined in! :blush:

I know meditation can be a struggle sometimes, but it is really heartening and encouraging to read everyone’s personal experiences and advice- an extra thank you for being so supportive to fellow meditators, both experienced and brand new :person_in_lotus_position: :heart:

Congrats to all of the Magickal Meditators- may your meditations continue to bring you peace, joy, and many magickal benefits! :sparkles:


I think i might have missed this one but I’ll try anyway.

I’ve been having night terrors due to my ptsd. I thought, what helps calm me and keep me in the moment? Meditating :woman_in_lotus_position:
So, the last time i had an intense experience, i turned to meditation. Without any music or guidance. I closed my eyes. I used my senses and awareness to be mindful in the moment. Then i put a guided meditation on :laughing:
But needless to say, i was back to sleep shortly thereafter. The meditation i used was one on YouTube by Jason Stephenson.


I didn’t know about them! I’ve made blankets like this by tying the sides but had no idea I could make a pillow that way :sweat_smile: Thank you!!


I found a book written by High Magic Damion Echols he recommended


First I tried the “standing meditation”
I like to have more of a visualization. I noticed my thoughts are going wild. I tried to focus on my feet rocking them back-and-forth in a standing position.
Second “Walking Meditation”

I used a quiet room and I walked back-and-forth and I realize I wanted to walk rather fast because I was agitated. However I realize that you’re not supposed to walk fast so I tried it again. I lowered my pace and I felt my mind trying to think I thought and I would just let the thoughts go away and focus on walking. So many things keep popping up!

“Listening Meditation”
I went into the atrium and the sound was amplified. I heard sirens that appeared to be cops and also I heard the sound of a motorcycle the sound of an engine that sounded like a bus. I could tell the difference between the car & the bus and the motorcycle. I heard so many different sounds it was ear opening! I heard my dog licking his self! Lol
“Looking Meditation”
I observe my cat laying on her belly with her leg sprawled out. She seem to be calm she looked at me then I heard her per and her purr and it got progressively louder. I could see her belly rapidly move,. I look over and my dog lay down on my bed his foot twitched, and he looked fast asleep :sleeping: He looked peaceful. He had to be dream state and he growled!
“Eating Meditation”
I ate a bowl of ice cream :icecream:
The ice cream was very sweet and rich, and I loved every bite!

Overall all the exercises I tried helped me to be more mindful about sounds, taste :tongue:, and movement! I can’t wait to get my books out of storage so I can see my other books I have on meditation. I can see how important it is for me to be mindful! I really recommend getting this book I do other meditation too but they were to long to share! Here is a link if you want to check it out I recommend getting the audiobook so you can do the meditations with him. He has many to choose from!
High Magick bye Damien Echols


You’re welcome, sweetie!


I haven’t been able to post everyday but I have been meditating everyday.
Im working on visualisations in meditation so I really enjoy this challenge it’s been really good for me this week

With❤times 3


@TheTravelWitch_Bry :rofl: I know what you mean about having trouble staying silent if walking meditation with others. One time, a few weeks ago, I did a yoga class and at the end me and the girl next to me were talking and got shushed :laughing: oops.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Awwww, thank you sooo much!!! I really hope these meditations continue to set me free from the doubts and fears of the past…THAT I NEED TO REMEMBER - IS GONE. :blush:

Getting on here daily, reading through the forum, interacting with other witches, and completing the challenges all have really put me in a better place. I can’t thank everyone enough weekly for the great opportunities we get to share and experiences we get to try! The kind words are also the biggest part that gets me through my practice; everyone is always so welcoming, encouraging, understanding, and wonderful here. :heart: :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time at night- sending hugs, Christina :people_hugging: :heart: I sometimes have panic attacks at night when my stress levels get too high- I know the things that prevent good sleep are the worst, as they feed into themselves and can become a harmful cycle.

I’m so glad you’ve found meditation as a coping and healing strategy- it helps me a lot too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Keep on meditating and finding your inner calm and safe place- sending lots of love! :two_hearts:

Yes! :star_struck: It’s exactly the same, just fill 'em up with stuffing and you’ve got yourself a nice fluffy cushion :grin: :+1:

We used to make them at sleepover parties- it’s a really great craft for kids, but I think it’s something fun and productive anyone can do. If you give it a go, I hope you have fun with it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for sharing the meditations, Jeannie! So many fun different types to try. This is the first I’ve heard of an “eating meditation”- we were supposed to meditate while eating at the temple I lived at, but I’d never considered it to be an official type of meditation until now. I love it- and it sounds like you really enjoyed your meditations too! Thank you so much for these! :heart::blush:

I’m so happy you liked the challenge and that your meditation practice is going so well- may you continue to enjoy your visualizations, Sea! Blessed be! :sparkles:

Hahaha that sounds like something I would do too :laughing: It’s okay when we’re in the room and sitting quietly, but outdoors? Walking around? There’s so much to see and talk about- it’s not a problem when I’m on my own, but with others the temptation to chat is so strong :joy::+1: I feel ya, Carrie!

I am so happy to hear that your time here has helped you get to a better place- I know you’ve had quite the journey, and I’m proud of you for how far you’ve come! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for the forum, I’ve found that positive people attract more positive people- it’s that love and care that keeps us all together here :infinite_roots: :heart: And you’re a beloved part of the coven community! Keep on shining brightly- we all keep the light of hope and support on together :blush::candle:


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