🧘 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Meditation Magick

@sea As a kid in school I was a daydreamer. And what are day dreams but you sub-conscious superseding your conscious, for what ever reason. Pain, loneliness or sheer boredom.
love and blessings
You’re not alone


@ValentineMoonBabe , Well said my lady, well said. You have to love yourself and get comfortable in your own skin. In the meantime, I love everything about you.
Love and safety


Yes! I’m an empath too and have been working to ground and protect myself from mingling my energy with others. I’ve been working on my psychic powers as well. It still amazes me how everything is connected.

Thinking about it now, I might take your approach and spend 2 weeks or so on a chakra, learning what I can about it and incorporating aspects of that knowledge into my practice.


Omg ima try it


Thank u for sharing


I love journaling and I also know that is a part of my mediation process. I usually try to work on my breathing. With my asthma acting up every single time the weather changes, I love to focus on my breathing while meditating. I’m really into chakra healing and have recently fallen off from it. I’ve been wanting to pick it back up and truly focus on myself again. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to meditate with candles at my alter in my office and my own sacred space!!! PERSONAL SPACE!!! But I really love to meditate outside on my yoga mat on the concrete IN THE SUN and just enjoy listening to the birds chirping, wind blowing, and the outside noises that are actually quite calm. I have so much I’m doing with my Meditation Magick tonight and this weekend. I HAVE BIG PLANS, can’t wait to share them all with you!

I HOPE EVERYONE HAS SOME WONDERFUL, RELAXING MEDITATING TIME! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:


So even though what I’m doing is probably not technically Meditation, I find it to be something I can do with the benefits of Meditation but not the struggle.

What are your thoughts?
I think hollyGray that yoga :woman_in_lotus_position: is a very mindful attemp to better your life and I think your minimizing your practice. I think showing up for yourself is most important! I also do yoga cause I have a really hard time meditating but I am reminded that meditation can be an act of calming the mind and going to a relax state.
I am just going to piggyback off of Travel Witch Bre, has stated in her opening statement about meditation she said meditation I quoted her statements and paraphrases her!
benefits of meditation can include:

After doing yoga I do Gain a new perspective after a long day! I have so many stressors and worries and fears and yoga helps my heart, mind and soul! It’s very rewarding!
I find that I can relax my muscles :muscle:t4: or do a stretch and I can do a hard flow and go fast! Usually it depends on how I am feeling! If I am feeling really low mood I can do simple flow. It helps my self awareness in other words it helps to reconnect to spiritual practice which is a ritual I do often that helps with my self awareness!
Travel Witch said if it helps you to “Focusing on the present” if it
“Reducing negative emotions”
and Increases the “imagination and creativity” helps with my

  • building “patience and tolerance” “Lowers heart rate”
    “Lowers resting blood pressure”
    “Improves sleep quality”
    Personally yoga :woman_in_lotus_position: has meat all my needs and believe many witches practice yoga! I am glad that you found a Beneficial practice to you and your livelihood!
    I am actually going to the atrium right know to do yoga check it out this is my practice!
    So this is my new safe haven and I can appreciate my time to myself! I build my strength every day!
    Sometimes when I do poses at night I look up and see the stars and it gives me peace :peace_symbol: Here is what it looks like

    Even if you don’t have much space you can do yoga anywhere! I can’t wait to go to the beach :desert_island: or a creek or any nature park and make it an adventure! I am going to start giving myself more credit as well! I just realized by listening to Travel Witches opening statement how beneficial yoga is to me!
    :woman_in_lotus_position:Jeannie :person_in_lotus_position:

This is so perfect of a challenge! I have pretty severe adhd and have been told a thousand times by my therapists to try meditation but have NEVER been able to do it! However, something about spell casting and the meditation videos have been working so well! I have done the daily meditations each day and some night time ones before bed. It has helped me so much! To the point where I am out of sorts if I don’t get my meditation time in the morning! I (of course) forgot to fill my Adderall prescription for the past 2 weeks but focusing and utilizing meditation has saved me so I didn’t lose my frickin mind and/or job (did finally call the prescription in today so will have it by tomorrow!)

For the challenge, I have been doing the meditation 101 course this week and am on lesson 4: visualization. It has you visualize your dream job. i already have a pretty amazing job ( work from home, child protection and court stuff) but much to my surprise, what came into my head was a stay at home mom! It is truly my dream job and visualizing it was so amazing, I am going to continue to work towards that goal and meditate so that this dream someday comes true! So happy to have found my witchy way which has opened up so many new avenues and help for my life!


@AmarisBane I have read a couple of beginner books that I have listed in this session of the book club, @Janae_Rochele you can see them too if you would like as a refresher. I chose 2 weeks for each chakra because of things I have sorted through & anxiety & blah, blah, blah… plus I use Insight Timer & I’m doing a “challenge” there called “From Surviving to Thriving” in the groups’ section (the challenge is also free in May because it is Mental Health Awareness Month) & after the challenge part (they are over 15 minutes but under 20 minutes the last 5 minutes being a meditation) I do a root chakra meditation from the same app & I have used another meditation for my root chakra… as soon as I go through my history I will link it :rofl:

I also incorporate crystals into my energy work or chakras. I choose 1 crystal to work with each week from my oracle deck & then I use crystals that associate with the energy of my chakras & hold them in my hands with clear quartz during chakra meditations. I keep those crystals on my nightstand each day.

I also have a love of writing/journaling :pen:. I journal about my day & sometimes free write an email to no one or a letter to someone but they never get sent… I delete them when I am ready or I burn them in my fire pit to release those feelings I just put on paper. I actually just got a newer journal that has a raven on the front. It’s very calming to me to write it out while I’m thinking about it. I haven’t tried it after meditating. Right now I am working on doing it each day before I fall asleep, but depending on the day that can be a sporadic occurrence :joy: I have a library of journals, I like to get the leather-bound ones with an image pressed in the leather… I usually get them from Etsy & Lohman Trading there. They have a lot of nice ones that I like. I will have to try it after meditating one day.

I tend to meditate a couple of times a day. The morning is usually the challenge & chakra then I do either a chakra or meet with my deity meditation. Which is the Morrigan :raven: & Brighid :candle: & @SilverBear just created my new go-to meditation for meeting the Morrigan called The Morrigan - Transformation Meditation. I work with Brighid :triskele: when for guidance & healing even when the Morrigan :triquetra: is with me & also giving me a guiding hand.

@HollyGray & @Jeannie1 I think from what I have learned about yoga poses & energy… there are some poses that I can do without causing myself too much pain. I have been thinking about trying it to help with meditation while holding the pose & breathing. I actually came across a section of my books that shows different yoga poses & how to do them. So I think this coming week I will start with easier poses… don’t want my body going into shock… :smiling_face:

I also would say that yoga is a form of meditation because you hold the pose, breath, focus, & then release the pose. You are focusing your breath & body into a relaxed state with smooth energy flow. I believe that constitutes a form of meditation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Siofra_Strega I’m definitely going to check those out! I’ll check out the app as well. Thanks for sharing.

In a different post about the lunar eclipse I mentioned that I follow Yasmin Boland and her Moonology practices. Your practice of burning written letters reminds me of her forgiveness practice. You write down everything on a piece of paper. From people who have hurt you to people you have hurt to actions you do that hurt yourself or others. Once you have everything out on paper, there is a small ritual where you light it on fire to release it all to the Universe/Divine.

I have a half-a$$ journaling practice but keep trying to make it more a habit. I use a planner that has a full page of notes next to the day. At the start of the day, I write three things in grateful for: something big, something small, and an experience. Then at the end of the workday, I have a series of questions I go through. I start with ranking the day 1-10, skipping 7 (because I tend to always say 7 if I’m asked a number 1-7 and I think it went well but not great so it makes me actually evaluate the day). Then I write out the days wins, What did I accomplish today? List ALL my wins, which situations/aspects of work did I enjoy the most today, what went well for me today, what went wrong/ what can I improve tomorrow, where am I blocked/ where am I blocking others.

I have a set of end of day questions I would like to start journaling on but I’m not consistent on the end of workday ones yet so I’m trying not to do too much.

@HollyGray and @Jeannie1 I agree with @Siofra_Strega, yoga is a form of meditation to me. I actually use savasana as my meditation position as it’s the most comfortable for me. I think with meditation, you make it what it is for you, I don’t believe in any hard fast rules for anything.


So, this is what I’m supposed to be doing before I fall asleep. I don’t know why I am shying away from those things or even thinking about them when I am journaling. I can relate to the “half-a$$” part because there was a time when I did a lot more journaling. When I picked up my journal the other day, it had been 2 months… :woman_shrugging:

I actually started releasing them with fire from my practice with Brighid :flame: & working with Her & asking for her guidance & that’s actually what I am doing in a chaotic type of ritual that is becoming more structured as I progress through my current journey & it’s obstacles & overcoming them. I write down whatever it is from any perspective that I need to release for my highest good… so it could be any of those things too I suppose where I am sending them back to the Universe to do what needs to be done with them :hugs:

You are very welcome for sharing. It has helped me a lot since it was recommended to me & the current group/course/challenge is really helpful for the place I am in with myself. Believe me, you will find meditations or courses or something you didn’t even know you were interested in related to your practice & mindfulness :rofl:


I love meditation! It has been one of the very best things that I use to help myself in very stressful or difficult situations. I began using meditation about 12 years ago and ever since, I have stuck to it on a mostly daily basis. I often use guided meditations because it helps me to visualize, stay focused, and to paint pictures for myself. I also love meditating to shamanic drumming and chants. I have recently thought of trying transcendental meditation, but haven’t done so yet. I also find Kundalini meditation very moving and it creates a space where I can easily get into a type of hypnosis almost. I find that this helps to elevate my ability to successfully carry out rituals and spell work. I am a huge fan of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk… He talks about the benefits also of group meditation and the power of that. Id love to be a part of a large group meditation one day. I also love to do walking meditation while hiking because the pairing with nature plus meditation is very powerful. :woman_in_lotus_position:t3:


My Challenge Entry :woman_in_lotus_position:t4::headstone:
For this challenge I thought it would be a good starting point for somwthing I had never tried before-ancestor work.
Out of the almost three years as a witch and pagan, the only time I had come close to ancestor work was during Samhain.I was always hesitant to start due to lack of knowledge and connection to my family, but I thought this would be a good time to start.
After making an altar to my ancestors, I sat down,said a prayer,offered some water and then started my meditiation. I did this guided meditation . It was a really emotional experience and I even cried a little after. To ground myself I went into my garden and I picked a forget-me-not to offer to my great-grandma who showed up it my meditation.
Blessed Be


I’m one of the ones that have to do guided meditations. I can’t sit there for ten minutes on my own, I either start remembering a story I was reading or start feeling like I’ve got bugs crawling all over me, sometimes both.

I’ve found some great meditations on YouTube however and thought I’d share one from one of my favorite channels. This channel has all sorts of different meditations lasting from five to ten minutes. This one is my favorite because it always makes me grateful for waking up in the morning. I hope y’all like it too!


@carrie4 I want to get back into walking & I just recently learned that walking meditation was a thing! I used to walk once a week with a friend of mine, but we haven’t for a long time, at least a year now. I’ve recently been missing it. This will be a great way to focus if I can get back to it! :smiling_face:

@jem1 that is a great entry! I haven’t done very much ancestor work for the same reasons. I know that I want to have an altar for them, I just haven’t found their home or any items I would like to put on it for different reasons. I think I will try this too! :smiling_face:

@Amethyst I am a guided meditation girl. I can’t do it on my own either. I will also save this one too! I’m working on shorter meditations throughout the day into my days. Sometimes they are my break between things that I am doing throughout the day. :hugs:


I do shower meditations a lot too. Especially if I feel “off” I envision the Elemental Water taking away my “gross” as it takes it away down the drain far away from me.

I also do a lot of walking meditation - this is (obviously) you are fully awake and aware – almost the opposite of deep relaxing meditation. Although walking meditation can be relaxing too.

Walking meditation you are IN the moment, walking WITH intention. Observing everything from sights to smells.

Try to notice your walking. Take in as much as you can about the sensations of picking up your feet, moving through space, and gently putting it down. It’s weird at first when you do this…you may even feel off balanced! LOL But, hear me out… we’re so accustomed to walking on automatic pilot, basically tuning out and letting the body go to do it things. When we tune in and connect our mind to the body it’s a whole other experience. :slight_smile:

Not your surroundings… is it cool? Hot? Damp?

If thoughts come to you like, laundry, or dishes, acknowledge them and then allow them to float away on a cloud. They will certainly still be there when you are done your walk. :slight_smile:


:warning: Trigger Warning :warning: This post will be discussing death.

My meditation for this challenge had me pondering over immortality. Without spoiling too much, there is an region in Elden Ring that is affected by the Scarlet Rot… a consequence of conquering “Destined Death”. If death has been conquered, how could anything rot? In Elden Ring, this is something metaphorical made literal. Think of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Trees lose their leaves and flowers wither when the weather turns colder in the fall and winter. And in the spring, new flowers emerge from the ground and all the trees sprout fresh leaves. If the cycle stops, if the wheel stops spinning, everything would become “rot”, become stagnant, like a puddle full of mud.

Because a river is always flowing, and is in constant motion, its waters are clearer, purer. Thinking of a river, I created a calming environment with a lit blue candle, jasmine essential oil and chamomile tea.

After taking three deep breaths, I said to myself,
I am calm
I am patient
Like the river, I am in constant movement,
Changing, growing, and learning
My thoughts are pure,
My mind is clear
I can find solutions to my problems
And I can flow through any hardships, any obstacles blocking path


There’s a really good 5-minute meditation for energy on that channel too! It’s a great resource!


@Ostara would you share more about your shower meditation? I have been trying to make my mornings more magical by incorporating magic into my existing morning routine. I actually had finding a shower meditation on my list! Is there a specific guided meditation you enjoy? I searched the forum, but didn’t see what I think I’m looking for!


It totally counts as meditation! This is part of the practice of being mindful. When we can focus on exactly what we’re doing without the intrusion of other thoughts or feelings, that’s a perfect exercise in mindfulness. In this case, it’s just easier for you to do since you’re actively moving yet focusing on your body position and breathing.

That’s so amazing! Great job on sticking with your meditation practice :clap: You should be proud of yourself! :tada:

That’s also a good idea :thinking: I’ll have to keep playing with the idea, concept, and design. Thanks!

That’s an interesting meditation! I don’t know a whole lot okay I hardly know anything about chakras and Eastern esoteric practices. I’m glad it was successful for you!

This might be what I end up doing!