🌕 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Moon Magick!

Here is a link to one of the more popular sites that discusses the flame of the candle and their meanings.

Hope it helps some - remember it is only a guideline and not gospel.


I’m sure it was successful!! My first circle was a mess! Panicked and thought I messed up! However, we are learning and asking the universe for help is what counts and each time u get better and better! Cool, your cat’s name is Jersey!! My dog is Jersey too and mostly call her J… How funny!!
Blessed be.


@Durga Thank You, I’ve saved it to my phone. :smiley:


@Durga I’m sorry you’re evening wasn’t what you intended it to be, but perhaps the magick that you thought was meant for the outside actually did work only inside. Sounds like you made a deep connection with Hathor, which is magick all in its own.
I appreciate you as well, thank you for your wisdom!
Blessed Be,


Im so sad that I won’t be able to do most of my new moon spells or activities as I am away from home :pensive:


You’re very sweet- will do! Thanks @Amethyst :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats, @jill! I also couldn’t see the moon- but yes, it’s there and the air is full of it’s powerful energy! :full_moon::sparkles:

Such a gorgeous picture- I love it! Thanks for sharing, @christina4 :heart_eyes:

It sounds lovely, @walter! I’m glad you were able to make some moon water- and that you saved your tarot cards from an unwanted accidental shower! :laughing::flower_playing_cards: I’m glad they seem to be a good match for you :+1: Your plants are so beautiful! :herb:

I’m glad you had such a productive moon ritual, @Siofra_Strega- well done! Hibiscus is such a lovely flower- if you have any extra after the oil, the dried flowers make a lovely and cooling tea :herb::white_flower:

It sounds like you had a lovely time and a blessed full moon! :full_moon: I hope the spell went well- as for the candle, like @Amethyst said, some candles are anti-mess and are dripless. It looks like you were able to have a very powerful and successful spell, so no worries about the lack of candle drips! :grin::+1: Your altar looks amazing! :clap:

This is beautiful advice, @Durga! I’m sorry your full moon ritual didn’t go as you hoped. But it looks like you were able to connect with Hathor at the end- perhaps the earlier events of the night were leading you to this discovery. Thank you for your kind wishes- sending the same positive energy and love back to you! :heart:

Some good news for you- as long as you have the desire to work your moon magick, it is possible no matter where you are, @ashlynn! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You can be creative with whatever you have on hand and feel free to make adaptations to spells to suit whatever you have available. If you are without any tools, no worries! :grin: You can do a moon meditation with just a little peace and quiet :woman_in_lotus_position:.

There is also the wonderful Inner Temple inside you that you can use to create any tools or materials you need to practice while away from home. For future journeys, you might be interested in making a travel altar :package:

I hope you can find a way to celebrate the moon even away from home! Happy and safe travels if you are on the road- Blessed Be! :heart:


I was able to do the Corn Moon ritual tonight. However, I could not find the different color candles for the make shift altar. Therefore, I went and used all white ones. I called the 4 quarters and cast a circle. Always a bit of drama because I needed notes to get it right! Someday I’ll do it without looking at my cheat-sheets LoL…

After you’re done and close the circle do you blow out the candles or let them die out on their own? Does it matter? Also I don’t think I aligned the correspondence with the elements right. My altar not very big! I hope it didn’t make a difference.
Anyhow, was great to do it and definitely felt the strong energy!! I think more so than last time…I consecrated the apt with sage and salted the corners as well as a ritual shower before I began my moon-ritual…

Blessed Be


Everyone has their own opinions about that. It’s up to you and your beliefs. It’s not the end of the world if you blow out a candle, however, traditionally it’s not optimal to “blow out” your blessings. you can snuff it out, wet your finger and put it out that way, put the wick in the wax to moisten it til it goes out. It’s all up to you. That’s for the spell candle. I have blown all of them out before and the spell work fine. It also depends on the spell you’re doing.


Thank you for that @Durga! That will be very useful!


@walter I think you are doing just fine! Any adaptations that you make are what’s right for you. I use the top of my dresser as my altar and it changes almost daily. So do what works for you and as long as your intentions are clear, I believe that you will manifest what you are looking for just fine.


Thank you @Siofra_Strega. Get a little confused sometimes . I plan Everything in my head but worry I forget procedures. I guess I over-think it too! Plus constantly looking at my phone for notes. Especially when casting the circle or calling the quarters. Is there a video on Spell8 for casting the circle and calling the quarters? I read a forum which I found. However, I’m more a visual learner and do better with videos and by doing.

Thank you!


Thank you @christina4. Great to know.


I believe there is a video cast along for some of these things, you would find them in the courses I believe. I would look through the Wicca Self Initiation courses or @Francisco may be able to point you directly to them. I am not a visual learner. I need to read or write them down so my Book of Shadows is very full. I like to read through it, I doubt that I will be memorize much of it because I have cognitive and memory issues, but that’s why I like to have them in there so I know right where to look. I do use the videos at times for different things, but mostly I print things out or write them down.


There are several videos that may help you but none that’s actually just a circle casting and calling the quarters. I’ll work on that!

Meanwhile, these may be useful:

And these are the Forum topics you mentioned but adding them just in case:


Hi everyone :blush:

For the Full Corn Moon, I also followed the ritual and spell for abundance, and made a little jar. It was actually my first time filling a jar and sealing it with wax, so it was lots of fun!

I had an important exam the day after the Full Moon - and have another one coming up probably at the end of the month - so I didn’t focus so much on prosperity as in money while doing the spell, but more as in achieving my goals and being successful. I added the following to the jar:

  • salt for protection :salt:

  • seven coins (1 cent) :moneybag:

  • oats (stealing food from my horses :joy:)

  • thyme, rue, and cloves for prosperity :herb:

  • dried sunflowers and peony’s for good fortune and luck :sunflower:

I will admit though that sealing the jar with wax was definitely a bit messy :laughing: I just used the green candle I had lit on my altar to drip wax on the jar, and while that was very satisfying, wax most certainly also landed elsewhere :joy:


Looking great @christine4! That looks nice!


:grin: Lovely to see another over-thinker! Your intentions seem intact, colors of the candles, little trick I did when I didn’t have them, mindset. See the color you need. Or color a small piece of paper with that color and place it near or under the candle.
Breathe, it’s your practice, do it your way. :blush:


@francisco, Thanks Francisco, yes I saw them already and used their information…


@Rowan, that’s for advice! That’s a great idea! Thank you!


@christina4, looks great! Awesome job!