🗣 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Multilingual Magick

@Amethyst anybody want a peanut


Fantastic! That is awesome :slight_smile:


@Amethyst There’s no gatekeeping languages in this challenge- jump into and explore any language(s) that call to you, Amethyst! :grinning: :+1: I’m cheering for you!

@Gardenstone Hieroglyphics!!! How exciting!! :star_struck: Hahaha the internet does indeed open up many more resources and learning materials- I hope you can find some great sources and enjoy your studies! :open_book: :blush:

@Garnet You are on fire with your rhymes, Garnet- I love your healing prayer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t read Arabic, Greek, nor Hebrew, but your prayer certainly looks impressive when translated. You keep on thriving with your rhymes, my friend- they are such fun to read! :raised_hands: :heart:

@Siofra_Strega If the Ogham is calling to you then jump on in- that sounds awesome, Siofra! :blush: Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be lovely. Good luck and enjoy! :open_book:

@Phoenix_Fire You’ve really poured your heart and soul into your research- I think that alone is a sign of true devotion and a wonderful offering to your deities :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m not sure which site(s) you were looking at that said you can’t fully honor a deity if you aren’t from that belief system, but I don’t think that can be a blanket statement across the board. Especially for those who believe in soft polytheism or similar beliefs that all deities across pantheons are the same/related in some sense. That being said, definitely stick to what feels right to you, and if you feel more deeply tied to your clan, then definitely pursue that bond! :blush: Wishing you all the best and sending lots of love and light your way :books::candle::two_hearts:


Amrystaaahhh faga oru mach filimu

Baila antstra me falta kuuuu

Minimu ahla me kanstra sju

Bachanta ke dra mani faht uuu

Ik verzin mijn eigen fantasie taal

Twee maal in de ronde en nog een maal

Ik geloof niet dat ik faal

Al sta ik honderd keer voor paal

Gevoel en intentie dat is waar ik het uit haal

En het werkt als een laserstraal.

I make up my own fantasy language

Twice around and another one

I don’t believe I am going to fail

Even if I am hundred times embarrassed

Sensing and intention that s where I get it from

And it s working like a laser beam

I couldn’t rime in English :crazy_face:


Hey Bry!
You want me to"

Keep on thriving
with my rhyming.
That I shall do,
Just for you.

Have a nice day,
for all of you I pray
One more thing to say…
Blessed be


HEE! I was hoping someone would say that. LOL!

Sigh, that’s just it, so many call to me. I have no idea how to go about rhyming in a different language. Maybe something in Latin? I have to choose! LOL!


You keep on thinking, you’ll come up with something oro!
Blessed be


It was an audio book on paganism. I think it was more that it was saying some paths are not compatible because beliefs were so different le shinto or buddist and say Celtic or another different path. Im not sure if that was the example used… id have to relisten to the book to be sure it wass just what id understood at the time i listened. But i will keep an open mind :grin: im still learning. I think part of it may of been about appropriations?? Or it might of been just talked about in same chapter. I cant remember. Obviously i am not norse or haveancestors that are as far know but i still follow norse deities. I do have ancestoes from around Uk and follow celtic deities. My understanding was that it was more to do with following deitys from two paths that have opposite beliefs and maybe along tge lines that to take bits n pieces from a path to follow when tje culture already had a faith system already. Lol im not sure if makes sense. Mahbe i ahould relisteb to the audio book to see if i can better explain. . . And it better straight in my head.


I have decided to use this week to learn about runes. I have completed most of the courses.

I am going to look at the Rune meanings 1 at a time. I have an app that lets me “draw” a rune. I will use that to guide my focus for the day.

Later, I would like to create my own set of runes and a white draw string bag to hold them.


starker Zauber
schwacher Zauber

Ich rufe die Bestien der Unterwelt
und die Bestien der Oberwelt auf,
ein Portal zwischen den Welten
zu ernten und das Unmögliche möglich

zu machen


I use this Moonly app and it’s great!!! :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Nice! german is quite similar to dutch so I can understand it all :blush:


@john.knox & @martje & to the coven participating in this challenge:

My ancestral family comes from Germanic Europe, Germany, etc… & I have met & been friends with people fluent in the German language. Different languages intrigue me especially when they are similar but different.

My Great Grandfather was from Campania area of Italy & the Eastern side of Sicily along with the Phlagraen Islands & the Island of Capri. I have also traced it back to Cyprus. At any rate, my Great Grandfather only spoke Italian. I remember being the only child at the time that could spend an overnight or the weekend with him because we could understand each other. Obviously, my Grandmother & Great Uncle could also communicate with him, as he lived in an in law apartment attached to my Great Uncle’s house.

As I went through school, I want to say there was some kind of introduction into the language choices we would have once we went to the Junior High School. I chose Spanish because the languages in the surrounding areas of Spain were very close to Italian plus we lived in a highly Portuguese & Italian populated area. As we moved throughout the years, I found that it was helpful when speaking to other Hispanic regions such as Brazil, Columbia, Puerto Rico… they all were very similar but different dialects & some translation issues. Still fascinating to me though.

I never learned German or anything like it after taking the equivalent of 7 years of Spanish. Until recently, I didn’t have to regularly use it. Now I can understand it when I hear it, but I wouldn’t be able to answer back.

I applaud anyone’s ability to be able to speak more than 1 or even 2 languages with a full understanding of what they are conveying.

Which brings me to another fun story:

  • My son & husband both work for a landscape construction company, a large outfit here in my area… they go everywhere… anyway… there are a lot of Portuguese, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Columbian, and other Hispanic or Brazilian backgrounds that work for the same company. Their manager who lived & grew up here in town on Cape Cod, won’t say anything but will listen to what they have to say at work, before work, after work, on break… and fluently understand everything they are saying right down to the slang words & phrases. He just out of nowhere will start speaking like he was born into it. Gets them going but the look of surprise on their faces when the newer guys encounter it is honestly priceless. :laughing:

The Spells8 team works their magick yet again with this weekly challenge. Throughout alchemical and magickal history (correct me if I’m wrong) the power of the spoken or written word itself is profound. I’m referring specifically to practices such as Kabballah, where each letter has a numeric value and knowing the deity’s magickal name affords a unique power or ownership over them. Lillith’s ascension and the Keys of Solomon show how powerful words can be.
Words altered to create sigils continue this concept, I believe. Sigils can also confer additional powers as they have visually graphic effects as well as intention/chanting effects.
For me, though, I would say that, as the challenge states, talking to the deities in their ‘native tongue’ so to speak, may increase the adherent’s personal relationship and experiences. Not unlike best friends sharing a secret language or family conversing in their native language in public.
Thanks for this challenge.


If you are studying Runes, here is a helpful link to thread that was created by @Siofra_Strega. It includes detailed information about each written by @Liisa and @Siofra_Strega. Runes Information


Veaug Devotional

Light a black or purple candle during this devotional.

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Lavender

Offerings: Not Required

Veaug, faal Vonun Rah,
Soven ko Vulom,
Voth hin Suleyk, Fille ni ruvaan vothni Mornd,
Gutleinne sook um faal Krein
Pah los ko tozeinuv Tahlon

Veaug, Tirdun do Tirdunne
Zok wuth arhk zok onik do pah Dovahhe
Lig Bodiir hin Onikaan fah zu’u

Wuth uv goraan
Doj nid geblaan
Fah hi, zu’u fen yah mindoraana digoliikke do lass ahrk lein
Orin waan Fahraldde ni bo fah zu’u voth Nelom

Zu’u laan doja pah zu’u vis
Ni nunon voth deykaalle
Voth Joriin ko Lassi ahrk Seiraki

Voth mindok zu’u rimaan, zu’u vaat zu’u fent nid aax aanvorey
Zu’u draal zu’u unstiid brah pah zu’u mindokaan fah doroksepogaan
Ahrk nid iliis fos fend ni kos vonun

Voth hin Onikaan, Oo Veaug,
Aal zu’u doj mindoka dumedak nix fos fend ahrk fend ni fey ko vokunne

Ko vulom, aal zu’u ahkrin yina ahrk mindoraana vonun malur do dimaar
Leikke ko lass nivudoz
Dahik hi naal dii reid, zu’u vis kurlank zeim niin
Ahrk zu’u vis yin vomindok vothni faas

Dahik ko volum nox fos kolost lein pavoth
Ahrk ko vomindok nox tovokei vuukke nahkiiva

Veaug, The Unseen God,
Hidden in the Darkness
With your power, stars do not wander aimlessly,
and the planets revolve around the sun
All is in perfect order

Veaug, Sage of Sages,
Oldest wisest of all dragons,
please lend me your wisdom

Old or young,
Leaning never ends
For you, I shall seek to understand the mysteries of life and the universe,
even if those answers do not come to me immediately

I want to learn all that I can
Not just from books
But from the people in my life and my experiences

With the knowledge, I have gained, I swear to not harm another
I pray that I will always use all that I have learned for the benefit of everyone, and not hide what should not be hidden

With your wisdom, O Veaug,
may I learn to know the difference between what should and should not be hidden in the shadows

In the darkness, may I have the courage to confront and to understand the hidden parts of myself

Difficulties in life are inevitable,
But because you are by my side, I can navigate through them,
and I can confront the unknown with no fear

For in the darkness lies that which holds the universe together
And in the unknown, there are wondrous things to discover


I can imagine the surprise Siofra, It s wonderful if someone can do this so fluently and from feeling the language. Kids can do that too!
Here in the Netherlands we are a very small country so there are very few foreign people who speak our language. So we learn other languages at school. I have had English of course, French, German and Spanish. Don’t ask me to tell a story in French or have a fluent conversation in Spanish cause I can’t.
But I know some words still and I can make myself clear with a few words, and my hands and feet


@Amethyst u know i got u Kasie


Kasandra , child of dragons and blessed one. Did you write this chant, or is it old?
Either way, it is profound!


Thanks, love!