🌀 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Reading Auras

Here is the link for My weekly challenge entry in this week’s challenge hopefully it’s relevant enough considering I have accepted the fact that reading auras is not one of my gifts :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m okay with that though.


I thought, I am going to be the one who can’t see it. I can never see those Magic Eye poster doo-hickeys. So I tried, let my eyes slip out of focus and…

OMIGOSH I LOOK LIKE A GLOW STICK. I just never looked before! Holy moly! I hope I did it right. I was looking in the mirror with the lights out. I left the room and went back to see if it was still there. Yup! Now I want someone to see my aura who is experienced because I saw a white glow and I understand white is pretty rare. So maybe I didn’t do it right. My eyes are old, I wear contacs. Who knows? But man! My heart is beating so fast. That was soooooo cool. It was literally like a glow extending about 2 or 3 inches from my head and shoulders. I also saw my forearms “glow” but with less extension.

I thought maybe it’s my old eyes so I held up a shampoo bottle and a box and they did not have auras – at least none, that I could see! I am going to keep experimenting with this with different backgrounds. When I used to sell fine jewelry, we used velvety black or white backgrounds. Especially white with the pearls. I want to be sure I am looking at auras and not shadows.

I also tried rubbing my hands together and bringing them slowly to see if I could “see” the color of this energy. I see something filmy and grayish white, like steam or a cloud. I will keep practicing.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the following – do you think there are layers? Have you seen any?

I read about auras in “Practical Magic” by Nikki Van De Car. According to this author, auras have layers that blend into each other, and it may be hard to distinguish the layers. She says they reflect your inner state so they can change (I guess like a mood ring?) I believe she is drawing from Theosophic teachings/traditions. I do not know if they are “legit” or not. But I do like this author. Each is associated with a Chakra. The layers are, according to her:

  1. Etheric - closest to the body, about 1 to 2 inches from your skin. Can look clear or muddy depending on your state of mind.
  2. Emotional - 3 inches from body. Can be blotchy.
  3. Mental - 8 inches from the body.
  4. Astral - about a foot from the body. More like your higher self. She says when you are in love, it glows pink. I wonder?
  5. Etheric Template - About 2 feet from the body. Dark blue.
  6. Celestial - About 2 and half feet from the body. Shimmery. Pastels. Commuication with the Divine, spiritual realm.
  7. Ketheric Template - (Crown Chakra) - Gold, web-like. Where the intuition resides. Emotional connection to Spirit. Strongest aura.

I might have seen this one while I practiced with the mirror using the technique @Siofra_Strega described… clear but clearly there at that distance, kinda flowy, in the way heat can look on the surface of a road on a hot day or a fire pit for example! :smiley_cat:



That’s what I saw :eyes: & couldn’t really describe around my pups :dog: :dog2:

Like a flowy band.


I wasn’t able to see actually the aura colors of the customers at work or while I was out shopping. But like always, I was able to sense what they were feeling and I assigned a color or colors to their auras. I don’t think that one’s aura is strictly a single color since our personalities are layered and our emotions can vary day by day.
At work and out shopping, a lot of the colors I “felt” were various shadings of gray :white_circle: mixed in with other colors. These people seemed anxious, possibly from preparing their kids to go back to school and from other things going on in their lives that I’m unaware of.
Curiously, one guy’s aura made think of the colors yellow and dark gray. :white_circle::yellow_circle: The yellow seemed to be trying to push out the dark gray. So, maybe this guy was going through a rough time (dark gray) and better times were coming (yellow).
I “felt” that the happier people had auras of pink :cherry_blossom: (no pink circle so here’s a pink flower), blue, :large_blue_circle: green :green_circle:, and violet :purple_circle:.
There was a young girl at work who got mad at me because I wouldn’t sell her a pack of cigarettes without an ID. She looked underage and even though she “promised” that she was old enough, I knew I would get in trouble for not checking the ID of someone who would very much looked underage (I guess that she was 14 or 15).
Her aura was red :red_circle: and dark gray :white_circle:, but mostly red. I think this means that she was trying to hide some pain or anxiety through her anger.
I tried reading my own aura at one point, and at the time I could “feel” the colors green :green_circle:, blue :large_blue_circle:, and with a little bit of white :white_circle:, which I interpreted as feeling grounded (like the green plants in the Earth) and peaceful.


I’m glad you found such a great therapist, @CelestiaMoon- and that’s a really interesting point about how energy bodies interact. I definitely agree that being close to someone with positive energy is a wonderful feeling, while proximity to someone with a more, well, icky energy is awful :sweat_smile: Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!

Congrats to you on your aura readings, @Siofra_Strega! And a round of applause to Moomers and Alphie for helping you with your aura work :dog: :two_hearts: You have some wonderful helpers- I’m glad they were able to help you dig deeper into your aura readings!

Absolutely, @Colin! If you decide to give aura work a try, feel free to share how it went- wishing you good luck! :blush:

Oopsies, @Peaches- I don’t think the eye doctor could do much about magickal sight, as it’s not something that needs fixing! It sounds like you’ve always had a natural talent for sensing things, and how amazing that you can see a haze! Thanks for sharing your story, as for the energy of others wearing you down, have you considered Empath Shielding? :shield:

Thanks again for sharing your entry, @phoenix_dawn- and great job giving aura reading a try! I mentioned it in the other thread, but I really don’t think you need to see something in order to be adept at aura reading. I think you’ve already got a great talent for sensing! :heart:

That’s amazing @mary25- congrats to you! It looks like you unlocked your ability to see aura colors, and you’ve got quite the talent for it too! :partying_face: I’ve seen a few sources that explore layers of colors, but I believe that’s a much more advanced realm of aura reading. It sounds like you’ve already surpassed the basics, though, so I wish you all the best as you explore your aura reading abilities! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love how you explained sensing the colors (rather than seeing them), @Kasandra- I think you described it much better than I did! :grin::+1: You have a very strong intuition to allow you to feel the colors so clearly- even in those who have multiple layers. Thanks so much for sharing your experience- I hope you enjoyed delving into aura readings!


We’ve covered many different types of magick over the past year of challenges- but out of all of them, Aura Reading has likely been the hardest one for me yet :sweat_smile:

Like several others have mentioned- aura reading is not a big part of my practice. I’ve squinted and meditated and tried both focusing hard and not thinking about it at all, but alas- to date, I have not been able to see any aura colors when I look at people :woman_shrugging: .

While part of me thinks that a shame (from reading others’ experiences, it sounds like a really cool ability to have! :blush:), another part of me thinks that just how it is. Every magick user has different talents and varying abilities- and that’s absolutely fine!

Although I won’t continue trying to see aura colors, this challenge helped me to become more aware of how I sense auras- aka the energy, moods, and overall character of people around me. I believe this sense is how auras present themselves to me.

Intuition is a big part of magick- we use intuition when reading tarot or other forms of divination, we use it to time spells and to know what spells to cast, to sense the energy around us :sparkles:

I’ve done plenty of work building and enhancing intuition when it comes to divination, but my practice tends to be very personal and I very rarely do intuition work when it comes to sensing other people. This challenge opened my eyes that perhaps I cannot see auras (or even sense them as strongly as others) simply because I haven’t devoted much time to developing that magickal sense.

I’ve realized that I have a lot to gain by working on enhancing my intuition about reading others, and in turn, building my ability to sense (and perhaps even see someday!) auras- something to focus on going forward! :grin:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: August 17th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :cyclone: :heart:


Same here! I could read others energy like a book. It’s a feeling I’ve always had. Then as I look into their eyes, that’s a given! Growing up, I thought that everyone had this ‘feeling’.


Hehehe :sweat_smile: oh wow that’s made my morning :joy:

You did a wonderful job!!! I’d love to meet you Moonshine and Alphie!!! :heartbeat: And thanks for the Pinterest pic bc I’m saving that!!! Swiper, no swiping!! :grin:


I could never do those either and I hated it because I was the only one in my family (siblings) who couldn’t do that stupid stuff!! Lol
But now I’m the one that can and they can’t! Na na na boo boo!! :rofl:

:star:Yes! The different names of auras are correct!! I was going to add them and the corresponding colors to my entry but I ended up forgetting. They’re correct anyway!!!


Hehe, I do :heart:+ :white_heart:= pink lol but thanks for the entry, I love how you saw colors with emotion.


I think I’ll catch this challenge during a catch up week. I didn’t have time to do anything yesterday, what with all that reading I was doing. LOL! I don’t want to just slap something together, especially since I need to research more for auras.


This is absolutely a thing in my house, especially with the kids. :joy:


Mine too :joy:


For this week’s challenge, I’ve been working on trying to actually see auras. As I mentioned previously, I can feel various energies and can intuitively read them, but I couldn’t actually see auras or anything. Throughout the week, I’ve been able to see the auras around trees! :smiley: I haven’t yet been able to see them for other plants, but I’ve been working on that too because I’ve been swept up by my fascination with plants/herbalism recently.

I have briefly been able to see them around my own hand and arm, but I haven’t yet been able to see them around other people. I also still can’t see any colors in the auras, but I can see the faint “light” (for lack of better words) around trees and my own hand/arm! :smiley: Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, eh?


@Jewitch that’s great! I’m so happy for you! I have some time today, so I want to go into my backyard & try in my garden & with the trees that we have here. :deciduous_tree: I also saw them briefly when I did it with my dogs. They are so willing to help me with these things when it’s just us & they are literally laying around with me. :joy:


Aweee doggos are such great animals :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


It was in mine years ago. My little isn’t so little anymore :sob: most of the Spanish I can speak came from Dora the explorer. I can even say thank you and hello in Chinese from watching ni-hao kailan with her while I was getting ready for work :rofl:


My youngest didn’t really watch Dora or Diego, but my oldest was all about Nickelodeon. Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, & he did like Bear in the Big Blue House too. My 2 younger children liked to watch Disney more than Nickelodeon. My middle was a good mix of both though. Lol