🛁 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub!

I was thinking of using the We All Come From The Goddess Chant, but maybe I can write something. We’ll see.


Silver Bear,
I just wanted to say how much LOVE I feel coming from this space. I just wanted to tell you I got a spark of in my heart that is warm and sweet. I am glad to have a person that is of LOVE that gives me the desire to want to give my love back! This was a wonderful intention. This will be a great give away!


:bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles:

Heres a few crystals to work with that are water safe. If you’re not comfortable with having them physically in the water thats okay you don’t have to! Having them sitting on the ledge of the tub or a side table still works and will have the same effect.

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Clear Quartz
  • Tiger Eye
  • Aventurine

:bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles: :bath: :sparkles: :bathtub: :sparkles:


Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge:
I mixed sea salt (purification), lavender essential oil, loose lavender (calming), an amethyst and rose quartz (for the calming and self love properties).
I started the water, set the crystals in the bath. Ran the warm water over the bath mixture and I said " Under the waxing moon light, I ask that these calming properties grant me a good night." ( Quick and easy lol)
I lowered myself into the water and closed my eyes and imagined laying in a field of lavender just smiling and being so relaxed. After I was finshed, I used the remaining ingredients for compost outside where my garden would be (bc it’s way too cold in NY to have anything grow properly).
I thanked the Universe and I slipped under the covers, said a prayer and fell off to wonderland. :zzz:


Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge!

Rub-a-dub-dub, a fat woman in the tub… Just kidding!

Seriously, here’s my new Shower Chant. It’s just two lines long, so I can remember it in the shower.

Water, water, take down the drain,
All my illnesses and my pain.

Hope that’s enough for the challenge, I just don’t dare use herbs and when I tried getting in there while a crystal I knocked it off the ledge. And salt is not going anywhere near me until I get my boo-boos sorted. LOL.


All that dirt don’t hurt
Because know I can sing
I feel clean
It feels like a dream!

I am new again
Ready to put my armor on again
Today I let go of all the uncertainty
Tomorrow I can sing
Today I let go of all my anxiety and fears and tears!


Blessed be!


I went and picked up some Lavender salts from Safeway so I could have a cleansing bath. I didn’t do a chant, but I would like to try that next time. My bath was taken after a long session on wow so it was somewhat enchanting. :slight_smile: I almost fell asleep in the tub. Looking back on this, another thing I should’ve done was light a candle nearby. Oh well though. I came out afterwards and went straight into bed for a nap and had a nice little sleep. Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kassie your chant is :star_struck: do amazing :heart_eyes_cat:!!!
Love your guts girl you are good all the time!!


Hope you found a quiet moment for a magically relaxing shower, @Siofra! :relaxed:

Very helpful information, @Missa! Crystal safety is important to keep in mind- thank you for this great list of crystals for magical baths :gem::sparkles:

So lovely, @Christina4- I love the words you chose! This is a beautiful ritual overflowing with gratitude and peace :relieved::two_hearts: Well done, and thanks for sharing!

Short, sweet, and powerful- I love it, @Amethyst! :clap: This absolutely counts and I am glad you are keeping safe and taking care of your body :heart_decoration: A little intention goes a long way- I hope you enjoyed your magically blessed shower!

Beautiful, @Jeannie1! Oh I am in awe of your bath set-up- and such a cute decoration on the wall too :heart_eyes: Your chant is lovely as well and very inspiring. I can feel freedom and renewed energy after reading your words- well done! :sparkling_heart:

That sounds like a truly relaxing and enchanting experience, @colin- I’m so glad you enjoyed your lavender bath :purple_heart: That sounds like a plan- experiment with a chant and candles and see how you like those too! Very nicely done :bathtub:


Well done to all participants so far! This is a friendly reminder that this challenge will close soon-

TOMORROW: Tuesday, December 1st

If you would like to participate but have not done so already, please share your bath/shower ritual magick by the deadline.

Blessed bathing- enjoy! :bathtub::sparkling_heart:


Thanks, @Jeannie1! I’m glad you liked it! I wanted something short so I could remember it.

Thank you, darling! I’m glad you like it. I’m trying to take care of my legs, I’m going to the doctor with them again today. Blah. I hate going to the doctor but it’s a must.


Hello my lovelies!
I had an absolutely GORGEOUS milky moon bath last night!

  • 2-3 cups of milk added to the hot running water
  • Honey (I’ll guess a few tablespoons worth? - I just squidged it from the bottle)
  • Rose essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Rose petals
  • Fresh rosemary leaves
  • White candle
  • Moonstones and rose quartz on the edge for some added crystal magic

Soaked in there for ages - it was absolutely divine! My skin was so darn soft afterwards!
Whilst in the tub I had a little chanting and meditation moment with my crystals and candle (I wrote this before I jumped in as I’d never remember it otherwise):

"Beautiful Goddess Moon above,
Shining and Glowing, full of Love,
My Mother Moon, so full and bright,
Help me, hear my wish tonight…

(at which point I meditated on my wishes of love, peace and happiness)
By the North, the East, the South and West,
May this wish now manifest.
By the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Sea,
and Mother Moon, So Mote it be."

I had to really perform some kind of acrobatic contortionist stuff to get to see her from my window - but I caught a glimpse just before the fog hit! :heart_eyes:


A song has been in my head this week while showering. It isn’t a spell but there is a chorus that I have been repeating as many of my friends and I go through end of the year struggles. It’s from a Christian group but I don’t sing the whole song, just the chorus and I thought I would share that here.

I’m ready for the rain.
I’m ready for the chance to grow.
It’s those showers from above,
that make the rivers flow.

I’m ready for the rain.
I’m going to face the storms head on.
Though they drive me to my knees,
that’s where I’m made strong.

I’m ready for the rain.

Cancer :cancer: is my sign and water is it’s element. All of my life I have been drawn to water and it’s power to create life, take life, carve canyons, and wash away dirt. It is used for divination, for rituals in all sorts of faiths, and cleaning things.

Ancient cultures talked of water flowing from heavenly mountains :mountain_snow: to fill the lands with every good thing. Only the highest gods had such power. When I worship The Lady, I remember water is both chaos and wisdom used to order the chaos. So I routinely pray to her when in the shower.

This week I have remembered the chorus of that song when doing spell work of any kind, but especially when in the shower. So many are struggling so I have performed many spells for them and for me. I even lit a blue candle in the bathroom to run while in the shower. Since it runs for 2.5 hours, and I have a water bill, I will run it again and again during showers throughout December as a reminder of this challenge and the experiences and knowledge all my friends on here shared this past week.


@Amethyst That’s perfect! I have been taking soaking baths for two days trying to ease the pain in my leg and hip from an old injury. I even did and Egg Cleanse in case it was something else. It was normal.

I like this chant… I can do that… this morning I was singing to myself an old hymn. Anything to draw on that higher power.

That first one is certainly appropriate for me too… LOL


I’ve decided that tomorrow is the day for my magically refreshing shower. I could use it after the holiday and weekend following. Today was a particularly tough day, so taking some time for myself tomorrow.


Beautiful sounding bath @Limeberry! Milk and honey is always a good start.

Nice song, @praecog29! I bet it’s one of those that get stuck in your head.

You’re welcome @berta! I hope it helps you out!

I hope a good long shower helps you @Siofra! Can’t hurt.


It is a catchy chorus. I’m thankful the coven is open to my “Christian”/Wiccan syncretism. :upside_down_face:

On a completely random note, and I hope I don’t take us too far off course, you’ve got to see my shower head. :joy::joy::joy: All of my friends have to deal with my idiosyncrasies.



That was me yesterday. Sunday was terrible, after a decent three days off with family before then. I needed the ritual shower to help me. I hope you get the relaxation and peace you so richly deserve.

BTW, thank you, @TheTravelWitch, for the excellent timing of this challenge. I imagine many of us needed this with the hectic holiday season.


Thank you Trace Witch you inspired me! Thanks everyone love :heart: u all! Have a blessed blessed day!


Limberry that’s tight! I absolutely love ur moon bath!
Way to go girl!