:sun: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Solstice Festivities of Light

I thought of something that any of us can do. All you need is water, a jar and the sun. I got this from Wikihow.

Sun water is water that’s charged in the sun for spiritual healing and spells. The sun’s cosmic energy is infused in the water, making it the perfect channel for spells, cleansing, and healing rituals. Once charged, sun water holds positive, encouraging, and uplifting properties that can be used to douse negative energy and strengthen self-confidence.

  • The sun’s spirit is thought to be a physical force in witchcraft.
  • Sun water can aid in physical well-being, rebirth, and anything ego-related.
  • Moon water is the polar opposite of sun water, as it’s charged under the moon and represents emotional well-being.

Fill a clear glass jar with water. Opt for a container with a resealable lid, such as a mason jar. This will help keep outside elements out of your freshwater.

  • The container must be glass and clear for the water to take in all the sun’s energy. The sun’s rays are full-spectrum, and a colored container or glass would block the light from charging the water.

Hold the jar of water in your hands and set an intention. Ask yourself what you want from the universe and turn that want into a mantra. Take the jar of water in your hands and close your eyes, visualizing what you want as you speak your mantra into existence.

  • For example, your intention might be “I am courageous,” “I make peace with change,” or “I have a happy and healthy life.”

  • Stay away from “I want,” “I need,” and “I hope” statements. Although you want something from the universe, you have to imagine it like it’s already happened.

  • Setting an intention on sun water is very similar to the practice of charging crystals with intentions.
    Set the jar of water in a sunny area. This could be on a sun-filled windowsill or outside on the ground. All in all, the perfect spot is one in direct sunlight.

  • If you choose to place your water outside, consider resting it on sand, gravel, dirt, or rock. These materials conduct the Earth’s natural energy, so your water will be charged with sun and earth elements!

  • Sun water will take on the properties of the astrological sun it’s under. For example, if you charge water under a Capricorn sun, it’ll have driven and ambitious characteristics on top of its sun characteristics.
    Leave the water to charge for at least 3 hours. You’ve filled your glass, set your intention, and know all that’s left to do is wait for it to charge. The water will be charged in 3 hours, but it’s recommended to leave it out for longer. Try leaving it out from dawn till dusk on one or multiple days.

  • If you want to leave your water outside in the sun for more than one day, remember to bring it inside when the sun starts to set. You don’t want the moon’s energy affecting your sun water.
    Drink sun water. Sun water is a rejuvenating source of energy that’ll have you feeling good in no time! Try taking a few sips of sun water when you’re feeling low or need a quick pick me up. Its positive energy will help balance any negative energies.

  • Remember, sun water takes on characteristics of the astrological season. If you take a sip of sun water charged under a Virgo sun, you may feel more productive and organized.

  • If you’re planning to drink your sun water, make sure the water you originally filled your glass container with is clean and safe to drink.
    Cleanse crystals with sun water. Rather than infusing energy like moon water, sun water releases energy. When a crystal is put in sun-charged water, the energy within the crystal is released, cleansing it. Consider dropping a crystal in a jar of sun water to cleanse it before its next charge.

  • The energy that’s released from the crystal will be transferred to your sun water, changing the energetic properties of the water.
    Add sun water to a bath. A cup or so of sun water to a soothing bubble bath can help your body and spirit heal. The sun water’s energy will add a splash of positivity and vitality, so hop right in and see how you feel!

  • Think of it like cleansing crystals, but you’re the crystal.

  • Sun water baths are great for when you’re doubting yourself or feeling under the weather.
    Perform spells and rituals using sun water. Sun water is often used to heal, protect, encourage, cleanse, and create. The positive, warm energy of sun water is a great base for spells or charms that need water, such as a protection spell or enchanted protection charm.

  • Infused sun water that was used to cleanse crystals can also work when casting spells or performing rituals. Just remember that the water’s energy is now whatever the crystal’s energy was before it was cleansed.


My Litha altar is done. This time I didn’t light any fake candles!


I have everything planned and written down for my Draconic Litha Ritual. Summer comes in at 5:14 A.M. on June 21. I couldn’t decide whether to celebrate on the 20th or the 21st and I’m going to settle for both nights. :grin:

Draconic Litha Ritual

You will need:
A candle for each of the dragons that you have worked with (or wish to invite to your ritual), Purple or Black for Veaug, Green for Morthan, Red for Tysteal, Silver for The Dragon Goddess, Yellow for The Dragon God
Dragon salt
Dragon ashes (optional)
Mirror Book
Spicy food (optional)
Cool drink (optional)

  1. The ritual will begin at sundown on June 20th.

  2. Cleanse your sacred space with dragon’s blood, rosemary, or sage.

  3. Light all of the candles on your altar. Wear dragon salt in a necklace or form a circle around the candles. You may also take dragon ashes (ashes of fiery herbs) and draw the symbols of the dragon gods or goddess on your body or some form of draconic imagery like fire or a sun.

  4. Sit for a moment in silence, breathing deeply and slowly. When you’re ready, begin sing, hum or dance however you wish (but always be mindful of others around you such as neighbors). As you do so, try to focus on the heat that your body is generating. The energy of dragons is building up within you.

  5. Afterwards, take some time to relax with a cool beverage.

  6. Take your mirror book and write down what the lessons the dragons have taught you since last Litha. When you are finished, remember to thank them for sharing their wisdom with you.

  7. Enjoy some hot or spicy food if you’d like to ground your energy.

:sun_with_face: :dragon: :sun_with_face: Have a blessed Litha/Midsummer! :sun_with_face: :dragon: :sun_with_face:


@Kasandra Sic semper draconis! thus always to dragons!


Beautiful altar @Ostara! Very summery!


Southern hemisphere celebration for yule: realised that i could just add to my phoenix day set up to make a yule style setup. I collect jars to use for crafts n gifts and plants so i was putting one in the container i have which is an overflow from the other containers. But in the process the sheet covering the boxes had slipped diwn on one corner where some old christmas decorations were in this one box n thinking it was s sign or sometjing as id forgotten id even had it, i puled out some pine cones and bells i found and attatched a bird to one bell for tge candle setup. I lined bells along the dresser drawers whivh backed on to my bed so i can see them. And i found a star which reminds me of the pentagram and elements. So i put it all together with my set up i haf and looking at it, i like it. It feels weird to be celebrating winter solstice when alot of ppl here will be celebrating summer solstice but it feel just as weird if i was trying to celebrate the summer in the middle of winter lol.
Heres my set up to draw on the energy of the winter soltice /yule time of the year.

But acknowledging during a time wgen sun is not as evident n it’s importance. I try n get what sun i can for plants n seeds growing while maintaining privacy. Where wont get samaged by storms. I open curtain enough to let light in but so ppl arnt able to see in as well as if it was fully open.


Hi all.

For this challenge I’ve been busy setting up my altar ready for the Solstice.

Today I’ve created a Solstice spell jar from ingredients in this month’s Wonky Broomstick subscription box.

I’ve also decorated my altar ready, including the beautiful rainbow rose my sister-in-law bought for me for Pride month which I’ve dried.

I’ve got a couple of spells/rituals to carry out on the actual Solstice and I’ve placed the ingredients for those on my altar and asked the Goddess to bless them whilst I was making the spell jar.

It’s also my stepson’s 18th birthday on Tuesday so the Solstice seems charged with lots of good energy this year!


Beautiful altars @Phoenix_Fire and @IrisW!


Let’s see, I’ll be doing the Litha Celebration Ritual from this site, without the fire since I’ll be indoors. I’m not big on starting a fire in the apartment so I’ll make do with just the candles and a meditation. I can just me my fat butt trying to jump the fire and setting myself alight! LOL!

But that’s not all I’m going to do, I’ve got myself some Litha incense coming in from Etsy that I hope smells as good as it sounds, and I’ve got this small Air ritual that I’m going to do that seems perfect for this challenge so I thought I’d share it here. I found it in a book called Midsummer: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Litha by Deborah Blake.

Here’s how it goes:

You will need incense. Rose, lavender, pine, cinnamon, lemon, or orange are nice, but you can use whatever you prefer. You can also substitute a sage wand instead if you don’t like incense.

Get out of bed in time to see the sun come up. If you can, stand in front of an open window - or go outside - and actually watch the sunrise. As the sky begins to get brighter, light your incense, blow it gently into the air, and say:

Blessed sun, I greet your rays
upon this sacred solstice day.
Welcome be your warmth and light,
bringing day out of night.
I greet the dawn with a joyous heart,
and so Midsummer now does start!

Stand for a few moments with the sun on your face, sending the smoke of your incense out as an offering to the Goddess of the Dawn. Take in the energy of Midsummer and be filled with joy.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? I just hate that I don’t have an East facing window. I face North and all I see are trees, which is nice when it’s hot but when you want to see the sun or moon, it’s a pain in the tuchas. LOL!


That’s beautiful @Amethyst. I have to work on Tuesday, but the exact time of the Summer Solstice where I am is 6:15 AM, which is perfect for me. I can celebrate before going to work.


Thanks, this will be the third year I’ve used this chant. It really sticks with you!


Hi all
This week I have been challenged. I worked a lot, with different people, in different places. Different tasks, different demands. I had to shift my energy a lot. That s difficult for me. I also encountered some will full people. Somewhere I went over the line, and it was not easy to find my way back to me. I got scared, couldn’t concentrate, forgot things, important things.
I knew I had to do something about it. So I found this spell

Make a circle of 13 obsidians, and in the middle a bright clear kristal.
Then say

Speak to me of the fire of protection

Block for me the incoming strife

May all who come to me speak the truth

And those who cannot do so be turned away

I accept only helpful energies

As I will it so shall it be

For me the sun has everything to do with standing in your power, in your light, and being self confident , and also with creating the life which belongs to you, suits you.
I didn’t have time or the energy to dive in the litha festival, so I thought I can combine it with where I am at.

I made this circle with the obsidians which are also rune stones, around it tea lights and sunflowers. In the middle a sigil, I made a while ago as a practice from this site. It stands for me, my personality and on top of it the clear kristal



That seems lovely @martje! I like the setup you have & the general feeling of them.

We are having a yucky day here & I was thinking yesterday about different types of rose bushes I could plant that are orange, peach, yellow, kinds of colors. I couldn’t for the life of me think of any orange or yellow flowers blooming right now here.

Today is gloomy & rain storms… I went outside for something & looked across the street & there they were:

So then I’m walking back across the street & see this rose bush that I had helped. There were small oaks trying to develop but overlapping the bush…

I went down the side of my house & one flower out of the ones lining the side of my house was open:

When I walked around the side & came across the driveway to the front porch I found this one:

So I found my little bright spots for the day that seemed to go with the challenge when I was feeling down & not expecting it. Honestly kind of sad that I didn’t have any of those colors yet in my yard. Since taking the pictures it also looks like the sun is attempting to come out, but our forecast doesn’t see that staying that way for long.


They are lovely sunny flowers.! They are doing well compensating the rain. I am sorry for you that the sun is not shining yet, hope it will soon. If not there are these flowers :heart::sun_with_face: and I hope you will feel the sun in your heart :yellow_heart:




You found sunshine on a rainy day. The flowers are beautiful!


@martje honestly I saw your post then went for a walk to the mailbox & started finding them when I opened the door between my house & the neighbor’s yard. Your entry inspired me to go looking when I saw the sun peeking out. :hugs:

@Ostara I definitely did, they have been my little sunshine all day long, no matter what has come my way. I feel good about my decisions & how things have been going today. :smiling_face:

I hope that everyone is having a great day!


Our family has a lovely evening outside planned for Solstice with fresh seasonal treats. This weekend I am going to bake a lavender lemon marsapone cheesecake (thankful for our local repairman… the heating element went out this week and he had it fixed in no time! Part of me was sad cause I’ve been eyeing a new oven… but I’m thankful we could repair and not blow all our savings. Also thankful both were options!). Also planning on some sort of lemon berry blend beverage for the kids and some sangria for the grown folks.

We will be chilling (read that melting) round the fire pit and playing in the pool and displaying our lovely suncatchers we made. Here’s mine! The photo does not do the sparkle justice!

Finally, we will do a sunset walk with bells to invite our fairy friends to the festivities and listen to the children’s version (short and in modern English) of A Midsummer Nights Dream. I told my kids if they memorized some verses, I’d give them a prize. We will see if they do!

I also plan to do a quiet morning meditation by myself in the morning dew! Mama needs a minute!


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

The dawn of the solstice is here- thank you so much to everyone who has shared their sunny, light, and bright magick over the past few days! It has been really inspirational to see :sun_with_face: :two_hearts:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, please know that you still have some time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: June 21st, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :sun::sparkles:


@Ostara That Book of Shadows is amazing- and while I’d certainly say it was a great find on your end, I’d also say that it was lucky to find a new home with you! :open_book: :blush: Those are so lovely Litha ritual ideas, a very beautiful invocation, and a great recipe for sun water- thank you so much for sharing them!

And I adore your altar- the sunflower in the middle and the dried blossoms in the ring all look stunning! :sunflower: :heart_eyes:

@Torista It seems that the boy who visited you in your dreams is growing up- I wonder if his next request will be for the midday sun, and after that a picture of a sunset? :sunrise_over_mountains: Very interesting, Torista! The sky you’ve designed already looks amazing- I can’t wait to follow the progress and see the painting come to life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have no doubt that your dream customer will be very pleased with your talents! :sun: :art:

@Susurrus Hooray for solar magick ideas and inspiration! :sparkles: I know the weather had other plans this weekend- but it looks like the sun has returned just in time for the solstice :grinning: It sounds like you had a lovely time enjoying the nature and the memory of the sun- it gives so much to us, I think spending some meditative time appreciating it is a really lovely way to celebrate it :sun_with_face: Beautiful work!

@Kasandra When in doubt, why not both! Nice choice :smile: :+1: By celebrating both nights, you say farewell to the final sun of spring and then welcome in the first light of summer- I love it, Kasandra! :sun_with_face:

You’ve got a really lovely Draconic Ritual planned out too (may it be free from Luqueas’ chaos :wink:) - may you enjoy the time when fire and dragon magick are at their peak. Blessed solstice and blessed ritual! :fire:

@Phoenix_Fire I love how you combined your Pheonix Day celebrations into Yule festivities- your sacred space is so beautiful! It has such an aura of warmth, hominess, and love :heart::evergreen_tree:

Wishing you a bright and blessed Yule- may your magick help to light up the coming winter!

@IrisW Welcome, Iris- it’s always great to hear from you (and see your always gorgeous altar space)! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It never fails to amaze me- you have so many wonderful treasures! And that rainbow rose, wow- what a thoughtful gift for Pride Month! :rainbow_flag: :rose: Your sister-in-law is very kind.

Wishing you blessed spellwork for the solstice and a very happy birthday to your stepson- happy festivities! :tada::sun:

@Amethyst Fire is wonderful, but only when it can be safely controlled- I am sure your landlord would be grateful for your mindfulness, Amethyst! The ritual is going to be absolutely wonderful with the candles and meditation :person_in_lotus_position: :candle::heart: I love the inclusion of the Air ritual too- thank you so much for sharing it! :air_element:

Blessed ritual work and happy solstice- enjoy it! :confetti_ball: :two_hearts:

@Martje Goodness, you have been busy Martje! You are so kind and give so much of yourself to others, I hope you are able to take some time for yourself too! You deserve a nice rest to help rejuvenate and ground yourself :heart: The circle spell you found is really lovely- may I ask where you found it? :blush:

The picture you took is so beautiful! Look at those happy sunflowers and that colorful painting- your candles burn so brightly :candle::sunflower: Really lovely work- thank you so much for sharing! :sun_with_face:

@Susurrus Hello pretty flowers! Oh, those are lovely- and the perfect colors too! :orange_heart: :heart: You have such beautiful nature around you, Siofra- thank you for sharing them!

@AileyGrey I saw your entry in another thread- I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed here into the main challenge thread! You made such a gorgeous suncatcher (what is the crystal on the end- a geode? It is stunning! :star_struck:) and the sound of lavender lemon cheesecake has me drooling- what a tasty summer treat! :drooling_face: :two_hearts:

It sounds like you and your family are welcoming in the solstice in style- so many fun plans and activities! I wish you all a wonderful time- enjoy the fun and savor your peaceful meditation :blush: Have a blessed one!