🫙 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Spell Jars & Witch Bottles

My favorite pasta sauce for when all I’m up to is 'doctoring ’ jar is packaged in Mason jars and yes I really do need that many batches of premade sauce in the freezer🤣


We do the same thing with them, we’ve had so many with batches of sauce that we had to use quart-sized or gallon-sized freezer bags before. We do it with batches of chili & beef stew types of meals too :joy:


The pesto jars from the same brand are as well just with a regular jar cover. I have found may creative ways to use it and have a good collection of those as well. I tend to forget that my left hand is a little weaker and regularly drop things so the thicker jars are my first choice. I think the other sets of feet in the house prefer them too :joy:


Artemisa, Soifra, Nixi,
I too have many mason jars too and bottles that I save it’s too funny, don’t make me laugh :laughing: My stomach hurts from laughing! We all have the fundamentals and are well equipped!


I save spice jars too, all sizes & if I go to a thrift store & see interesting bottles & jars, they come home with me. My kids have found bottles on jobsites or at the beaches & brought them home to me along with little bags & pouches :rofl:


Challenge Entry

Last week was… rough… I got through it & since Friday have been very good about meditating :woman_in_lotus_position: in the AM. Today, I did & then before I set up my spell jar, I had to again… even if I wasn’t making up the spell jar, I would have had to… so it was really helpful to do it.

I used @SilverBear recent post: Spell Jar To Connect with Element Earth to base my spell jar off of… I am the Queen :crown: of tweaking so that’s exactly what I did.

I used Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz for crystals. I also used Mugwort, Comfrey, & Bay Leaves for herbs :herb:

I added mini pinecones & put a couple of drops of Pine Essential Oil on each one. Then I added a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to the jar. I placed the cork on it & used my Green :candle: candle to drip some wax around the top & cork.

The intentions were for grounding, repel negative/unwanted energies, protection of my home, balance, purification using the element of earth :earth_element:


Challenge Entry

I made my first true spell jar this week!

I’ve been trying to learn about a new herb every day and used what the information I had gathered so far to create this one for prosperity with some crystals as well. I added tiger’s eye, goldstone, agate, clear quartz, dill, nutmeg, thyme, basil, dandelion, allspice and mint.

I thought about each ingredient as I put it in, tucked a small note in there and sealed it shut with wax - then realized I forgot to put the dime in there :laughing: So I tucked it in some allspice, meditated as I did, and sealed it to the jar with wax.

Planning on keeping it on my new/old hutch that we setup this weekend and meditating on the little note I tucked in daily.

I also ended up making two spell jars with my daughter and had a lot of fun with that as I got to teach her some about herbs. We made her a protection one and a happiness one.

Loved this challenge so much! It pushed me to learn more and grow more in my journey.


With things going going on, unfortuntaly i have not had time to create a spell jar this week for a challenge entry

However, i thought id just show the one and only spell jar i have made, which i did at new year. Its intention was for a happy and prosperous new year.

Inside it contains:

Sea salt for protection
Black pepper for banishing negativity
Lavendar for peace, calm and happiness
Cinnamon for health and wealth
Rosemary for clarity
Coin for prosperity
Parchment with my intentions wrriten and tied up
Sealed with white candle for new beginnings

It is currently sitting on my altar but sits on my windowsill at full moon

Blessed be



I love this idea! I can find mini pinecones in my yard all summer and now I have more of a reason to collect them.

So true! I think my next spell jar will be for self-love. Thank you for the inspiration :heart:

I love this idea! I’ve been working on letting go of the past and need some help at times. I think this would be a huge help for me to remember to move forward with gratitude, like you said.

Your self-love bottle is so pretty and sounds so magickal!

SO pretty!

I love how the layers turned out! I ordered some similar sized bottles to that so I could do something similar as my current ones are either too small or ginormous. Love how yours turned out!

Oooh, now I want to make one similar for dreary days! It’s beautiful!


Weekly Witchy Challenge- Spell Jars & Witch Bottles

I decided to follow the Self-Love Jar Spell here on Spells8 for my jar. I’ve been wanting to make it for awhile now and didn’t have the time or all the ingredients.
So, I made this jar, because I need to love myself more. It’s as simple as that. I need to be easy on myself and remember I’m human too. We all make mistakes, have bad days, get angry, feel guilty. Emotions are part of life. I also made a small necklace jar so I can wear or take it with me wherever I go,

and I can display the bigger jar to remember to love myself, forgive myself, and be easy on myself. I hope you all like it. I had a really nice, peaceful time making it by myself. I have a 3yr old so it can be hard to find time lol.
Anyways, thanks for letting me share my experience and Blessed Be everyone! I love you all! :heartpulse:


Thats a gorgeous little jar. It just says love when you look at it.


Awe, thanks so much!


Leave it to me to create the jar, have it in my hand to put it in my purse, get distracted & now… no idea where I put it down :rofl: So I’m hoping when I move out of my space, that I had put it down on the table by my purse where it was supposed to end up. :joy:


Very nice. I love your altar too!


Aww thank you. Its basic but i like it


:joy: lol oh jeez, you sound like me haha. I’m sure you’ll find it. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


I literally did it less than 2 hours ago & haven’t left my house, so it’s here… but it’s the question of which room I was in when I got distracted… Life Happened & I had about 3 or 4 things going on immediately after I posted it… I finished them & now… I have no idea where I put it down :rofl:

I’ve loved everyone’s entries so far & the intentions with the items used. I’ve also loved seeing the different jars & bottles too :star_struck:

I’m inclined to make a self-love :heart: jar for myself, but haven’t decided on the jar that I want to use or if maybe I want to make an oil or spray either. Too many options for me :rofl:


So gorgeous!!!



I’m a moron :rofl: … this whole time, it was in my shirt pocket with my crystal pouch :joy: Why I didn’t look there first or notice it when I would hold the pouch or crystals… :woman_shrugging:


Weekly Witchy Challenge- Spell Jars & Witch Bottles

This one is particularly special to me. It’s my first jar spell & I created it myself! Excite!

Long story short, there are some pretty rotten practices, habits, & behaviors on both sides of my family that I wish to bring to a screeching halt. I see them creep up in my life from time to time & it terrifies me… Especially since I have a people nugget now. I want to honor & share with him the magic & the music but I want to be an example that encourages against all the negative nasties.

So… Here is my spell jar. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open at the ears. I read a few different things that said to just keep it simple but each time I went over my list it didn’t feel right to remove any one of the items so they must all be important.

-Almond oil for unconditional love for myself so that even when I stumble I’ll have the grace to get back up and keep trying
-Peppermint coffee to release negative energy and to liberate my personal energy so it may freely flow.
-Thyme oil for the courage and strength it will take to remove family members & friends that perpetuate the negative without care or desire to change
-Sage to heal the grief I will allow myself to have when I let them go.
-Rose to ward off negative energy & keep it away
-Lemon for growth & power of the Sun to encourage me to move in a positive direction for my son.
-Peppercorn for a mighty boost to all above
-Mookaite to break the cycle
-Rhodonite to forgive their flaws so I can focus on my own
-Smoky quartz to help manifest my dreams
-Lock charm for protection & to bind the negative nasties in the past

I will place the sigil on the lid, cover it with black wax & then seal the jar with the wax. I will place it between my mattress & box spring directly under my head.

I will put this jar together next Tuesday so it will have the power of the full moon but will be during waning gibbous because it is a banishing & protection spell.