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am determined to use this experience to propel me forward in every aspect of my life. It is challenging and humbling facing cancer, and I share my story so that others can see things that could help them — and that they are not alone in the quest for good health.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
:heartpulse::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::open_mouth: My dear I did not know you had cancer :cancer: it’s like the cancer :cancer: sighn soft in the inside but you have a hard shell. I see you shinning through.

That’s what I want more than anything in the world write know to be healed. I am on the bed right know I worked in the garden :potted_plant: today with a shovel and worked my tail end off again to let out some anger digging the dirt and getting rid of weeds. Then I went to dinner then I called my aunt to let her know I had something to give her. Then I went to the bathroom and I got another uti! My gosh I am on the bed :sleeping_bed: doing a meditation and drinking water :sweat_drops: and I am going to heal myself!Its the worry about my kids! One is homeless and the other is in the hospital again. So I am going to have a bowl :bowl_with_spoon: of water when I do my meditation you can try it too. Water has healing properties then after meditation I will drink the water with all my positive energy! Just keep doing what you’re doing Jan ThrGreenWitch! Say out loud I am a cancer :cancer: free! So mote it be!

But like you said “There is no Ruby Slippers” but we can use our magic :magic_wand: here is a Mantra we are not our bodies and we are not are feelings either!
I wanted to give you this tarot card and look at her hat :tophat: it has the infinite sighn! Imagine that the hat above your head is infinite and imagine a light going all the way around! What color is your lite? You are very humble Jan and keep saying you are cancer free! I will keep you in prayer :palms_up_together: sweetie! Thanks Jan for being a warrior and keep fighting! And thank you for letting me know I am not alone too. I really just want to keep this post and keep it close.
**We are warriors **

This is my prayer bowl used by the ancients and I used a black candle while doing meditation! Get a bowl and pray :pray:t4: for courage and strength!Mighty Heckate Queen of all witches we pray for your blessings!
Hail Heckate


From lighting my black candle each morning for the protection of my loved ones and in honor of Hekate, to smudging my home, opening the patio door, and spraying my earth spray after (weekly), to salting my entry ways. I also have an evil eye hanging on my kitchen window to ward off any negativity.

That’s a really good way to keep that negativity out! I lite a black candle and smudged my tarot decks yesterday! I could not do them all at once but if I do it weekly then I could make sure there all smudged and cleansed!

I place a cap of red wine (cooking wine) and shiny coins out back on my patio table to appease the fae also
I love this idea Rowan I can’t wait to give an offering like that to the fae! I really look up to you, Your so magical and the fae are going to bless you!



Challenge entry

  1. So ive been picking up tai chi and yoga this week, partially its a way to get healthy and loose weight but also in order to help with pain that has been coming n going for over a week. But another reason is to work work energy, particulatly with taichi and im looking for a tai chi ball to incorporate.but yet another reason is to help with stress and anxiety. . And to embrace my spiritual side and reclaim parts of me that were rejected by the church and friends in it. I saw the benifits, they just said it was demonic and wlrk of the devil, but they though psychology wasnt christian… sometimes i still feel i have to work on the mental battle of self worth and acceptance and taking care of myself. It can be a rollercoster, sometimes its going well but others its an uphill batyle and i feel i will fall out of the carriage before i reach the top. But these little things i reclaim help me to feel its ok to be myself and i enjoy energy work as i sometumes feel it and before i didnt know why and i was mafe to fear it, but now i understamd n im not afraid and i feel its a part of me. . It builds my confidence when i am able to embrace this and not take on negative opinions from ppl who have differemt views and insist their way is the only way.

  2. This week im going to take a pouch of crystals charged with intent and surrounding positivity and communication. Particularly for the staff meeting on wednesday night after work. Everyones been stressed n there is alot of tension but its tge first staff meeting in along time and most are new ppl so i want to put sonething in place to help it go smoothly and positively. Ive come out of too many in tears in the past because while i was goibg aboce ans beyond i felt things said were having a go saying wasnt doing enough, i felt shattered n broken and sometimes pretty bad. All the negativity, maybe because of way it was said it came accross tgat if person supposed to do it didn’t someone else sjould og picked up slack. Since that person often staying behind hours after work picking up the slack for others partly to avoid negativotu like this at staff neetings or at work that there were things missed maybe on days i wasnt at work or if told something was done but it wasnt or i didmt have time to do with eberything else habing to do or being told to leave it and go hone on time as ppl in morning would do, n if did complaints would come up. But complaints were it wasnt done. Soneone else was supposed to do it but didnt before they left then because it eas getting late i was told to leave it n be donr in morning but the comments or complaints were directed at everyone not just the person who was supposed to do it, so the cycle went round. Id feel if i found something not done that needed to be done, i felt i had to do it bevause if i didnt ppl would complain. No one cared who was supposed to do it or that to pick up slack i stayed back hrs, just as long as it was done… problem is now im the only one who knows the standard we used to be held to to ejat is supposed to be done… im the last one left. I do what i can to help n keep tginfs going smoothly but i try find balance, but beinf so understaffed and relief staff not trying or not knowing what to do n take twice as long its causing alot of stress on ghe liftle regular staff as we ofyen have to do mkst of stuff which is tge job of multiple ppl each to make uo for the relef staff or lacl of staff which sometimes doesnt feel much different tbh… but i dont want for this to become a place everyone gets swallowed up by bitterness or negativity. Even if we all kinda feel like we are going through an ongoing hell that we get top will get better soon but weve been told that for a long time n nothing changes. So i want to have something to help this staff meeting and working week in general to block negaticity, help bring us together as a team and help constructive communication yo fibd stratagies. We all know the situation sucks, but if we focus too much on the problems we may not find solutions. N i want the place to be strong n positive even in a time we all are struggling to get through each day. Nothing is ever certain from day to day. We need a little help so im going to see if bringing skme crystals in charged with intent will help even if more so for the staff meetinf.

  3. I call this one strategic tarot :joy: it only works with physical cards though but i found some tips on getting specific answers based on where cards are in relation to other cards which habe a specific meaming. I found these tips on pinterest. Theres lots of them in there but the idea is that a card represents a situation like feeling stuck might be the hanged man. The tip says if you feel stuck find the hanged man in the deck and the card under it is why you feel stuck and the card above is how to deal with or over come it. Other examples may be the empress to know how to care for self, Relationship issues the lovers cards etc. Its an interesting way to use the deck not so much in random spreads of cards but muvh like significators used in lenormand system, which im not sure may work with same trick or tip but with tarot it seems to. Also using tarot for yes no questions or timing when need advice on something. That one could be both pysical deck or app. Though if did a free form spread and dealt cards on app ( for those with fools dog apps) i might be able to do it if i plave cards till find ones i want then show cards looking at with rest just to side. Havent trjed it but maybe i will when on the go n cant pull out a deck of tarot at the time lol.

  4. I think im up 4 lol ive been waiting for permission to stop studying a degree which only doing for work for 10months. I compromised in staff shortage and because we now have a staff to fit the roll that needed the degree n they have finished already. My compromise was to switch back to a lower qualificatiin which was more flexible but until they say yes can drop degree ( both only doing for work but the lesser qualifixation was at own pace so not as full on as having due dates which due to extra work or health isdues mskes hard havibg due dates. . 3 out 4 weeks this past month ive worked extra day and two of tgose weeks worked extra few houes on top of shuft n often our lunches were shorter and shifts longer.)… but its been a month since i ofgicially asked to stop degree and do the lower qualification. . Im still waiting to hear back so until then im doing both. N next assessment is coming up soon as due. But past few weeks not been avle to do much if any at all because the extra hours has been killing me n the pain left in n stress n pressure under. . So now still eaiting to hear if i can drop degree njust do diploma i am left trying to play catch up om both until i hear back. Ive gicen them all paperwork need. But so im looking at something i can do to get a response back and hopefully permission to drop to the more flexible qualification tgat already started while trying to do other until i am told xan stop. Im told they want to have everyone workung towards tbe lower qual or habe that even if only need a certain amount at that level and have others working towards or have the lowesr level. Im only doing it to help out so it be nice to get a response soon… but rememvering an oracle reading from a month ago about not waiting around for ppl to do the right thing vy me, i figured that its dragged on so long that maybe somethiing to help speed the process along. Maybe they dobt think we matter lr are much of a priority but im vending over backwards not only to stay fir now but also to help them out not jyst study but doing extra hours when i can. . But it be nice if got a little back especially as i could of kickrd up a stink over a month preducted time turning into 10 months and i even compromised to make it easier for them. I was never supposed to be working two levels above pay grade so when i compromised to only drop one level not two so still can run an area but just not be in position where they already had someone else to fill that role… they dont need me in that role anymore so i tjought it be ok for me to drop back to what supposed to be or at least drop one level in a compromise. But its taking so long to get a response that im risking failing the unit if i have to continue because of all the ectra shifts theyve needed me to do. . I need to do sometjing to speed up the process so that i can drop the unneeded extra load n at least if i hace to continue studying its more flexible. N can be completed in half time then if continued degree. Ive been studying so long i need to stop esp since my study went from things i eanted ro study to just helping out work… my dreams and directions on side burner… I think something with coffee but im still figuring out what else need to put into spell to help the process…

Ok ive probably talked way too much sorry bout that. Im really stressed out and trying to find my balance again but all i need to dofor others is batyling out with all i need ro do for myself. Maybe tgats the 5th stategic magic i need, lol balanxe. Irony is i never got being a libra as balance was always something struggled with. lol


Ok its crazy messy but i just did a cheat sheet for find this card method for each major arcana and also for birth card, bringing in money or leaving sadness behibd which includes sun ans moon cards and which cards around mean what. Thats step one, ask the questions. . Then step two is figure out what spell or resources i need to move forward of fix problem. Maybe a cheet sheet with tarot deck and crystals etc might be good to carry around like a crane bag to use as situations occur. Like a magical tool box. Ohh i like that idea. :joy::grin::smile:kinda if you thibk about statigic magick is like carruing aroubd weapons to combat negative energies etc. But not to harm of course but to protect. Hope that made sense…
Oops almost forgot my messy page lol i will need to rewrite neater later but for now i can use it as refernce.


I just tried this with the hanged man and the situation of feeling stuck with situation regarding work ( specifucally the issue with overload with study) and this was the cards i got…
Behind: 4 of pentacles ( cause of feeling stuck)
Hanged man : indicator card
In front: the tower ( solution?? )

I also had a look at the death card which i found was also feeling stuck but rather was focused on what needed to let go of and what focus on rather that cause n solution. Hanged man i see as being stuck n patience to go through it and death more what needs to die or let go of n what need to focus on to move forward. And i got

Behind: 4 of wands ( what to let go of) revesed
Death: indicator card (reversed) not dure if significant or if should read it opposire direction as all reversed
Infront : justice ( what to focus on )

Msybe im being influenced by lenormand but now a little like a grand tableau looks at significator xards n those aroynd it im now looking at other adpects around the question finding strength and taking note of cards around to belief in myself or stop self doubt in going forward in the situation such as strength

Or looking into the people making the decision n their intentions behind the delay or decision makinf or this situation in general by looking at cards around the magician

Now im looking for the chariot for advice on how to move forward. And down the rabbit hole i go with a new way to use tarot :joy::grin::smile:

Ill need to figure out what it all means moving forward but i like this method. . I just need to remember to put the cards pull out back in right spot incase i need to read something that is close to adjoining cards to anothef 3 card grouping. I was lucky in this case.


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If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

November 15th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Sometimes applying tactical magick comes easily, while other times a big part of strategic magick is strategically finding ways to be strategic! As always, the coven rose to the challenge- I’m giving a standing ovation to the entries already shared. You are all very clever and creative! :clap::heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :dart::sparkles:


Tactical Magic – Challenge Entry

November 14, 2022

Since working with my providers… I realized that I have a habit of holding onto energy. I am currently learning ways that work for me to release it. One type of energy that I will hold onto and starts to affect me at home, regardless of whether it has anything to do with the people I am around, is anger or sometimes it can be a rage. I can feel it, I know it’s there, I feel it moving and my body language will change and verbal responses. I have to release it, or it continues to build and manifest outwardly when I know that’s not what I want to convey or project until somehow it comes out on its own. I used to stay home and closed off by trying to journal my heart out… physically though… it was still there running through my physical body and I needed to find ways to get it out.

I started by grounding and verbally setting my intention to release the energy, something a good friend of mine suggested to help with this is a “Progressive Muscle Relaxation Body Scan” meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:… I found several on Insight Timer… and I also found that it works best if I am laying down with calming crystals beside me and Selenite pieces at my feet as well as above my head with a clear quartz point at each end pointed away from my physical body. (Close to a human crystal grid I guess)

I then made my intention clear, to release the pent-up anger or rage energy that was adversely affecting me because it had to do with past experiences, not the here and now or the family I have around me.

(I had taken kickboxing before my body decided that it wanted to progressively cause other issues)

I still have my kickboxing kick pad, punch pads, and heavy bag. I wanted to release the energy I could feel building and leftover in my chest, arms, and hands. I asked my husband to help me. He was more than happy to do this with me.

We got my gloves, and he held he punch pads for me. At first, it was slow… remembering the different punches :facepunch: and modifying my stance and how I would go through with the actions. Since he knows my past trainer and my current abilities, he had asked him the best way to restart this exercise and held the pads, and guided me through each one while correcting anything that was off or changing something so I wasn’t falling over :laughing:

I put my gloves on (of course we are doing this in front of my bay window in the living room, so the neighbors must have been like… what the hell is going on in there? :rofl:) I started slow to get the feel back and accuracy, then my husband would give me “combos” to do with one type of punch, then we worked on another type, then put them together or switched up how many of each I was doing with one side and the other.

I took a break; it’s been between 5 and 7 years since I have really done anything in the way of kickboxing… after about half an hour we got ready again and started over.

I would go as my husband told me the combinations to do and when to switch to a new one. We had come up with a way to name them and change them while I was doing them so I could do it kind of in a flow of sorts. Still sort of slow, but again… accuracy first then a little power behind them.

In the end, I went to our room and did another exercise to calm my breathing, work on… I guess a cool-down phase… and then once I had gotten through a relaxation meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:… journaled :pen: about the experience with him and how I felt afterward. I verbally set an intention for the rest of the day and set up my altar for a meeting with the Morrigan of gratitude. :hugs: :two_hearts:


Thank you for the mantra @Jeannie1 and my love is overflowing to you! :brown_heart:


If you drink some cranberry juice that will help with uti’s. I have kidney stones so I drink cranberry/cherry juice pretty often. it only takes a small cup and follow it up with water of course :wink: I hope you feel better :green_heart: @Jeannie1



Challenge Entry

Things have been a bit of a jumble traveling for my half marathon, running it, and now recovering from it.

I did take some time this morning to figure out my entry for this challenge. Scrolling thru the suggested options, unsurprisingly my eye was caught by the Crea-tarot-ivity : A Motivational Card Spell which works well for me as it uses cards for the spell, is about motivation, requires some journaling and helps me work towards the success of my goal!

I chose my Grimalkin Tarot cleared my mind and shuffled the deck. I picked my card and said “This is the card I need to see, What is revealed is that I should be. Colors and shapes, symbols and art; my new path is about to start!”

I drew the Ten of Wands. Boy, is that ever me!! I have a tendency to do things the hard way to the point of frustration and giving up. This card is about pushing through and staying strong to achieve a goal, yes, but it does ask… Am I making this harder than it needs to be? What other creative ways can I accomplish this goal without being overwhelmed?

I took some time to think about my situation and journaled some to think through it further.

I happened to pick up my Seed & Sickle Oracle deck as well and thought I’d draw a card to finish the ritual. I ended up with two cards, “stuck” to each other. Verbena (the top card) and Lavender (the card I saw first).


I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that it all goes well! :crossed_fingers:

I love these Jeannie! :heart: I think you did an amazing job!

What an interesting synchronicity! :astonished: I hope the spells you chose to cast have worked in your favor if you’ve cast them yet. If not, you’ve got my wishes for successful spellwork! :pray: :sparkles:

This is interesting! I’ll admit I have no idea what QiGong is but now that I’ve heard of it, I’ll look into it some more. Do you recommend this particular 12 week challenge for someone that knows nothing about it?

Great challenge entry! I love the way you touched on both offensive/defensive magick and glamours, because depending on your perspective, both can be tactical! :clap: Wonderful!

That’s amazing! :clap: It sounds like your little spell with the amethyst and good luck definitely worked in your favor :blush:

Oh my Gods :laughing: I love this spell so, so much! It’s so adaptable, too, for just about any occasion :heart:

I love your routine – it seems like it works really well for you! I may have to add in a few things like that for my own home :blush: thanks for the inspiration!

Once again, Amethyst, you’ve impressed me with your way with words. It’s beautiful! :sun: I hope Apollo came to your aid and you’ve been able to get over your writer’s block!

I love this! One thing I’ve always wanted to do is incorporate more dance into my practice. I’m extremely self-conscious though, even when I’m dancing on my own, and it’s difficult for me. Hooray for you, though! :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This seems like a simple yet effective spell. I hope it worked well for you!

Oh no worries, Phoenix! You didn’t talk too much at all :blush: Your entry here is jam-packed with all kinds of good information. I hope your Tai Chi, tarot, and other studies are going well!

I love that you used kickboxing here as your challenge entry because it’s physically tactical but also, in the instance where you’ve used it, energetically tactical! :heart:

Wonderful job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also, those decks are gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


I wasn’t going to enter, but here it is Monday afternoon, and I just now got an idea :thinking: for this challenge… sure took a long time!!! I hope to get it posted after I run my errands, later this evening.
With much love :heart: and big hugs :hugs:


Yes @MeganB , it is low impact but flexes your body while you dwell on meditative things that are needed. It’s a great way to incorporate low impact movement into meditative focus. Let me know if you try it, I love it!! :purple_heart:


Oh thanks for sharing! I subscribed to her channel and will check her videos out tomorrow!


Thank you! I got the chapter I wanted done. Now to get the next one! LOL!


Welcome welcome… you are going to love it here!! I do! Merry meet


**Weekly Witchy Challenge - Tactical Magick - Entry

Tactical Magic Podcast

A Spiritual Warrior

A Spiritual Warrior is brave.
A Spiritual Warrior strips away their doubts and fears and works to overcome their shortcomings.
A Spiritual Warrior is kind and compassionate.
A Spiritual Warrior is driven to make the world a better place.
~ Inked Goddess Creations

Warrior Goddesses

  1. Andraste (British) – Goddess of victory in battle and ravens. She was worshipped by the Iceni tribe.
  2. Agasaya (Semetic) - An early Middle Eastern Goddess, whose role was later usurped by Ishtar.
  3. Alecto (Greek) - She is one of the Furies, as goddess of anger she influences human conflicts, inciting the Trojan war.
  4. Anut (Egyptian) - A warrior goddess, defender of the Sun God and protector or the Pharoah in battle.
  5. Artemis (Greek) - This virgin goddess stood up for her rights to chastity and to live according to her own values.
  6. Athena (Greek) - A great battle strategist, however she disliked pointless wars and preferred to use her wisdom to settle disputes. She also sponsored and advised many of the heroes in Greek mythology.
  7. Bast (Egyptian) - The war goddess of the Lower Niles, she protected the Pharaoh and his warriors during battle. As the cat goddess she is also very protective of the young.
  8. Badb (Irish) - A shape- shifting goddess who symbolizes life, death, wisdom and inspiration. She is an aspect of the goddess Morrigan.
  9. Bellona (Egyptian) – Goddess of destructive warfare and sibling/partner of the war God Mars.
  10. Durga (Hindu) – Fierce, demon fighting goddess and protector.
  11. Enyo (Greek) – Goddess of Destructive warfare and sibling/partner of the war god, Ares.
  12. Eirene (Greek) - This Greek goddess of peace. She has the inner strength and wisdom to use diplomacy in the face of the warmongering deities.
  13. Freya (Norse) – As the goddess of war she was entitled to the souls of half of the bravest warriors. They spent the afterlife with her in the land of Folkvangr.
  14. Kali (Hindu) – Dark goddess of death, destruction and time. She is depicted with four arms, in one she carries a sword and another the head of a demon. She wears jewellery made from skulls and blood adorns her breasts.
  15. Macha (Irish) – The wild goddess who battles against injustice to woman and children.
  16. Menhit (Egyptian) - Considered by many historians to be an aspect of Sekhmet. Her name translates as “she who slaughter.” Also known as Menchit.
  17. Minerva (Roman) – Roman equivalent of the goddess Athena.
  18. Morrigan (Irish) – A terrifying crow goddess associated with war and death.
  19. Nemain - (Irish) This war goddess represents the blood thirsty frenzy and chaos of war. Her battle cry alone had the power to kill.
  20. Nike (Greek) – Personification of victory in both battle and peaceful competitions.
  21. Pax - (Roman) - She was the personification of peace in Roman mythology.
  22. Pele (Hawiian) – Jealous, volcano goddess of destruction and violence.
  23. Sekhmet (Egyptian) – The lioness headed goddess of Upper Egypt her name means “powerful one.” Also known as the “lady of slaughter” because in her aspect as the “eye of Ra,” she stained the battlefields red with the blood of humans.
  24. Victoria (Egyptian) – She is the Egyptian version of the Greek goddess of Victory.
  25. Valkyries (Scandinavian) - These shapeshifting goddesses are associated with war. They travelled the battlefields, taking those who died valiantly in battle, to a glorious afterlife in Valhalla.
    ~ Goddess-Guide

Warrior Goddess Training Tips

  1. No longer abandon yourself
  2. Learn to love the beginnings and the endings
  3. Treat yourself as a temple
  4. Stay grounded and present
  5. Honor my sassy, sweet fire
  6. Own your strength and vulnerability
  7. Open your heart to all of life
  8. Speak your deepest truths
  9. Listen to the wisdom within
  10. Claim your unique path

~ HeatherAsh Amara

I just bought the Warrior Goddess Training Kindle book, I read a few pages… If I could have decided to do this entry sooner I would’ve had more time to read this book! :upside_down_face:

This challenge has created a new belief and opened a new path for me to follow. Because I do healing, I now think that I’m a Warrior of the Light and my sword is made of Healing Light!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Thank you so much to everyone who jumped in to explore Tactical Magick this week- despite being somewhat of an abstract concept, the coven really rose to the challenge! It’s safe to say you all emerged victorious- great job to the Magickal Strategians, those skilled in the art of tactical and strategic magick! :tada: :trophy: :star2:

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Blessed be! :dart: :sparkles:


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