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Yes @MeganB , it is low impact but flexes your body while you dwell on meditative things that are needed. It’s a great way to incorporate low impact movement into meditative focus. Let me know if you try it, I love it!! :purple_heart:


Oh thanks for sharing! I subscribed to her channel and will check her videos out tomorrow!


Thank you! I got the chapter I wanted done. Now to get the next one! LOL!


Welcome welcome… you are going to love it here!! I do! Merry meet


**Weekly Witchy Challenge - Tactical Magick - Entry

Tactical Magic Podcast

A Spiritual Warrior

A Spiritual Warrior is brave.
A Spiritual Warrior strips away their doubts and fears and works to overcome their shortcomings.
A Spiritual Warrior is kind and compassionate.
A Spiritual Warrior is driven to make the world a better place.
~ Inked Goddess Creations

Warrior Goddesses

  1. Andraste (British) – Goddess of victory in battle and ravens. She was worshipped by the Iceni tribe.
  2. Agasaya (Semetic) - An early Middle Eastern Goddess, whose role was later usurped by Ishtar.
  3. Alecto (Greek) - She is one of the Furies, as goddess of anger she influences human conflicts, inciting the Trojan war.
  4. Anut (Egyptian) - A warrior goddess, defender of the Sun God and protector or the Pharoah in battle.
  5. Artemis (Greek) - This virgin goddess stood up for her rights to chastity and to live according to her own values.
  6. Athena (Greek) - A great battle strategist, however she disliked pointless wars and preferred to use her wisdom to settle disputes. She also sponsored and advised many of the heroes in Greek mythology.
  7. Bast (Egyptian) - The war goddess of the Lower Niles, she protected the Pharaoh and his warriors during battle. As the cat goddess she is also very protective of the young.
  8. Badb (Irish) - A shape- shifting goddess who symbolizes life, death, wisdom and inspiration. She is an aspect of the goddess Morrigan.
  9. Bellona (Egyptian) – Goddess of destructive warfare and sibling/partner of the war God Mars.
  10. Durga (Hindu) – Fierce, demon fighting goddess and protector.
  11. Enyo (Greek) – Goddess of Destructive warfare and sibling/partner of the war god, Ares.
  12. Eirene (Greek) - This Greek goddess of peace. She has the inner strength and wisdom to use diplomacy in the face of the warmongering deities.
  13. Freya (Norse) – As the goddess of war she was entitled to the souls of half of the bravest warriors. They spent the afterlife with her in the land of Folkvangr.
  14. Kali (Hindu) – Dark goddess of death, destruction and time. She is depicted with four arms, in one she carries a sword and another the head of a demon. She wears jewellery made from skulls and blood adorns her breasts.
  15. Macha (Irish) – The wild goddess who battles against injustice to woman and children.
  16. Menhit (Egyptian) - Considered by many historians to be an aspect of Sekhmet. Her name translates as “she who slaughter.” Also known as Menchit.
  17. Minerva (Roman) – Roman equivalent of the goddess Athena.
  18. Morrigan (Irish) – A terrifying crow goddess associated with war and death.
  19. Nemain - (Irish) This war goddess represents the blood thirsty frenzy and chaos of war. Her battle cry alone had the power to kill.
  20. Nike (Greek) – Personification of victory in both battle and peaceful competitions.
  21. Pax - (Roman) - She was the personification of peace in Roman mythology.
  22. Pele (Hawiian) – Jealous, volcano goddess of destruction and violence.
  23. Sekhmet (Egyptian) – The lioness headed goddess of Upper Egypt her name means “powerful one.” Also known as the “lady of slaughter” because in her aspect as the “eye of Ra,” she stained the battlefields red with the blood of humans.
  24. Victoria (Egyptian) – She is the Egyptian version of the Greek goddess of Victory.
  25. Valkyries (Scandinavian) - These shapeshifting goddesses are associated with war. They travelled the battlefields, taking those who died valiantly in battle, to a glorious afterlife in Valhalla.
    ~ Goddess-Guide

Warrior Goddess Training Tips

  1. No longer abandon yourself
  2. Learn to love the beginnings and the endings
  3. Treat yourself as a temple
  4. Stay grounded and present
  5. Honor my sassy, sweet fire
  6. Own your strength and vulnerability
  7. Open your heart to all of life
  8. Speak your deepest truths
  9. Listen to the wisdom within
  10. Claim your unique path

~ HeatherAsh Amara

I just bought the Warrior Goddess Training Kindle book, I read a few pages… If I could have decided to do this entry sooner I would’ve had more time to read this book! :upside_down_face:

This challenge has created a new belief and opened a new path for me to follow. Because I do healing, I now think that I’m a Warrior of the Light and my sword is made of Healing Light!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


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Thank you so much to everyone who jumped in to explore Tactical Magick this week- despite being somewhat of an abstract concept, the coven really rose to the challenge! It’s safe to say you all emerged victorious- great job to the Magickal Strategians, those skilled in the art of tactical and strategic magick! :tada: :trophy: :star2:

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Blessed be! :dart: :sparkles:


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Props and Presents for the Tactical Magick Challenge

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I’ve added it to my YouTube list of things to watch and participate in :heart: Thank you!

That’s awesome! Congratulations :clap: :partying_face: :sparkles: Good luck on the next chapter!

Marsha this is so much amazing information! I think you’re on the right path right there with being a warrior of the light :innocent: it fits you so, so well!


I missed the deadline as I wasn’t aware of the time difference. But I did the card spell for creativity and success and it was so cool! For those who haven’t done it, you pull a card, don’t look at it, and then say this spell before looking at it:

“This is the card I need to see
What is revealed is what I shall be.
Colors and shapes, symbols and art-
My new path is about to start!”

Here’s the card I pulled…yes, I’m laughing at the synchronicity of the universe and the random exactitude of tarot right now. :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I bought the Warrior of the Light book, thanks for suggestion, I love your challenge post, makes me also think about how I position myself within my own mind - how I interact with myself has been a journey.
Love, light and healing magick @marsha :blue_heart:


Jan The Green Witch,
Message Received and guess what? I did three meditations yesterday and today I had an awesome day I felt so much more positive and I really feel like I can heal myself now. :people_hugging::people_hugging:

Thank you for the tip! I had a full recovery :mending_heart: somehow it was a warning sighn I have to be careful and drink lots of water :sweat_drops: I wanted to take a bath for the full moon and we’ll it was heaven but I can’t do it anymore. For the full moon I figured out another way to use a sacred bowl of water and bless it and then splash or sprinkle the water all around. I can still use salt in the water too and wash my hands and face and sprinkle all around myself.
And thanks for your tip!



This is the book I bought:

Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be Kindle Edition

I also have Light Warrior by Kyle Gray. It’s an audiobook from Hay House’s Unlimited Audio Subscription

What you are thinking makes such a difference in your health and healing. It’s really important. I see you as being completely healed, do you?

Love :heart: and hugs :hugs: always


Haha it sounds like your tarot deck knows how to read you very well, @August_Wandering- sometimes we read the cards, but in this spell they read us! :grin: And gosh, what a gorgeous card too! :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

I’m glad you enjoyed the creativity success spell, thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


Yes, I believe I am healed and whole - I believe that’s why I am still here after everything — this is the same book I also purchased on your recommendation. I will start the book next week!!
Love Jan :purple_heart:


You have so much inner wisdom! Thank you :blush: this is a wealth of knowledge and I am thrilled :laughing: to copy and paste to add to my BOM! Also thank you for the book recommendation this seems like a really good book for me too!



Jan, your mind is so very powerful, so keep this thought always! Several times a day, just close your eyes for a moment, and see yourself as healthy! I’m keeping you in the light! :people_hugging:

Thank you so much for your kind words, Jeannie. I’m honored :blush:

So far, I’m loving this book, Warrior Goddess Training! l may have to join the Spells 8 book club this month! :thinking:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


I mean whats one more book to add to the list :laughing:

The Morrigan who is stand alone or appear as one of her sisters:

  • Badb
  • Macha
  • Nemain

For instance… are considered Warrior Goddesses & knowing that including other aspects of my practice, I feel like this could be a good addition to my continued learning :two_hearts:


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