Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Teachers of Magick Garnet

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Teachers of Magick

As a youngster, We were given copies of the Readers Digest. In this publication there was always an article about someone the author admired and why.
I think it was a way of telling us that there still were hero’s in the world, everyday hero’s.
And, there still are.

I’ve been involved with Magick for decades, mostly healing. I feel the ‘need’ in a person, but I never do anything without permission.
I’m not sure that you’d call it hands on, because I rarely touch the ones I treat. It’s rather a running of my hands over their body, searching for ‘heat’.
I was a girl, 1966 or 1967, employed as a nurses aide. I was caring for an elderly lady of color. She was a lovely woman and showed me how to heal.
She told me to hold my hands above her knee, looking for a ‘hot spot’. When I felt an increased warmth, I was to (figuratively) gather it up in my fist, turn to the west and throw it away where the sun sets.
I was amazed and frightened that it worked and didn’t try it again for a long time. But sometimes the need became too much to fight. And so, my compulsion became a means of healing.
I still think of her fondly. I wish I remembered her name, because, to me she was a hero.
Thank you for helping me remember this wonderful woman.
Blessed Be.


What a lovely origin story! I hope you were able to help her that day.


She sounds absolutely lovely! I’m so happy that you learned so much from her & that it brings back some fond memories for you. Those are the best ones.

You are a wonderful person to have in the forum with your ability to empathize & bring a sense of calm to a situation or for a person. You are greatly appreciated.


That is an amazing story @Garnet, it’s wonderful to have you here and in the forum. You have a gift. I agree with @Amethyst & @Siofra :dizzy:

Blessed be :pentagram:


@Garnet I love this story.


You stole my breath with this story, Garnet- what a beautiful tale of how you became a healer :pray:

Many thanks to your teacher, wherever she may be in this world or the next, for helping you spread your wings and take that big step towards becoming the wonderful, loving, compassionate Garnet that we are so lucky to know today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse:


What an inspiring story, and to learn a wonderful alternative for healing must be amazing, as well! Thank you for sharing that with us.