🏆 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Challenger

Thanks for the ideas! I decided to write a Draconic Self-Love Mirror Spell, which I will cast tomorrow since Friday is perfect for such spells.
When I first joined the forum, my focus was improving how I see myself. I have kind of moved away from that and I’d like to get back to doing that, at least once a week.


Thank you, love! I hope I can find the right herbs to use to dress my candle. I’ll have to think on it. Yours was such a nice spell jar, you’ve set a high mark!


Oh goodness! Don’t go by me! Yours will be just as good!

I will say that when I hold my jar it brings a smile to my face. I did some cleaning breaths while holding it today before my appointment.


Oooh this one is going to be super fun! Love how the possibilities are endless


Oh, this is exciting.

I would really like to make a satchel or spell jar as I’ve never done one before.
I am packing up all our belongings to move this week and I’m feeling very strange about packing up all of my Witchy Tools.
What is something I could make and carry with me to bring peace, calm and grounding while we move?


That sounds like a lovely choice, @Liisa- enjoy your time with tarot! :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

Congrats on your beautiful candles, @Christina4! :candle: Wow, they came out lovely- and you used such beautiful crystals in them too! Great job! :heart_eyes:

All great choices, @THCLEMONADE- whatever you choose to pursue, may you have fun with it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A Draconic Self-Love Mirror Spell sounds like taking a bunch of great things and putting them together to make something magically amazing, @Kasandra :star_struck: May your beautiful spellwork help you to rekindle the spark of self-love! :heart:

Satchels and spell jars are both wonderful magickal tools that you can take with you on the road, @sarah29 :+1: You could also make your own sigil to carry with you, wear magickal jewelry (crystals, symbols, etc.), enchant/bless jewelry or another item to carry with you, or practice in your Inner Temple :hindu_temple: Wishing you a happy and safe move, Sarah! :raised_hands:


After last week’s challenge, I became very interested in dragon magic :dragon_face:. So I am going to search more deeply about dragon magic this week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:star2:Woot, woo 50 challenges!:sparkles: I am so happy to be a part of this challenge! Congratulations, Infinite Roots :infinite_roots:
I was thinking about making a besom. The reason being I have never made my magical broom before and would like to complete it for my rituals and for cleansing my ritual space. Not to mention this challenge.
Making a besome

I found an iTunes channel that explains how to make it and if you all have any suggestions I am up for them. I have the perfect stick but I don’t know what kinda tree it came from. So here’s a pic and if you think you know what kind of tree :deciduous_tree: it came from that would be great!

Merry part


That’s going to look great when it’s finished because you’re very talented in many ways!!! :relaxed:


Thank you so much for the spread!!!


It looks like a good besom staff! Nice and witchy looking. But sorry, I don’t know what kind of wood it is. But you’ve got a great start!


For my Draconic Self-Love Mirror Spell, I diffused vanilla essential oil, dressed a pink candle with rose essential oil. On a side note, the candle “sung” as I dressed it. It almost sounded like a wind chime. I think it had something to do with the cast iron holder I use. Strange how it’s never happened while dressing my other candles before.

Anyway, on Google, I found an image of the dragon I wanted to work with for this spell: The Rose Pink Dragon (which I think is actually from an orcale deck).

I took the mirror I use to put my makeup on and chanted:

O Great Pink Rose Dragon from above
shower me with your rose of self love
Help me to see
that I am worthy
of the love that others have to give
Ignite a fire that burns away
all thoughts that I’m unattractive
May I have the strength to keep them at bay.
So mote it be.

For a second, I thought I saw dragon’s wings on my face, but I’m sure it was just the shadow of my glasses. :laughing:

I began to feel better about my overall appearance. You might recall in one of my first posts how I sometimes struggle with feeling beautiful, which is the result of being picked on throughout elementary, middle, and high school.
It didn’t help that my sister once suggested that if I put more effort into my appearance, maybe I wouldn’t be picked on as much.
But I’ve learned that even that is not a guarantee you’ll be liked at school. People can still get jealous of your clothes, makeup, hair, etc.

Okay! Back on topic! I then closed out the ritual by drawing some cards to ask the dragons on how I can feel comfortable about my appearance.

I drew Balance, Destiny, and, for the first time, Orbron.

Balance assured me that I’m doing a wonderful job taking care of my appearance; I don’t neglect it, nor do I spend an exorbitant amount of time on it.
Destiny reminded me that I don’t have to conform to society’s sometimes unrealistic beauty standards.
Orbron appeared at a perfect time, since this week’s tea meditation theme is the root chakra. The booklet describes him as the dragon of our base or root chakra. His appearance tells me that maintaining a healthy root chakra will alleviate any anxieties I have that I’m not good looking enough.


I chose the same theme :relaxed: without even realizing it. I of course did not “make” my own candles for these but used existing candles I bought from a thrift shop. These are my protection candles. I used a white candle base, melted the tops with my hand held heater and then added dragon’s blood, black tourmaline chips, juniper that I harvested last summer, eucalyptus leaves for protection and focus, nettle to dispel evil, and marjoram for dispeling negative energy and cleansing. I used sandalwood and palo santo essential oils for clearing and cleansing.

Please excuse the messy altar, it wasn’t messy when I started :joy:

Blessed be :tada:

Been out of the loop lately. Had a craft show that I did very well at here locally. My Etsy store is blowing up and had several orders to fill. Took a few days off to clear and clean my house and today I have laundry to do. Hubby is working on his book so he can have it published soon. May be joining in the local (as in Casper WY) holistic/metaphysical fair this year with my oil blends and other essential oil/candle makings. My intention oils and spell oils were a big hit at the craft show.


I’m so happy for you & wish you continued success! :sparkling_heart:


I love your entry and the cards you pulled!! I used to get bullied at school so I always kept to myself. But, that’s what made me stronger! You’ll find beauty is on the inside. Because I know of some very gorgeous people but their attitude makes them ugly as ever!!! You @Kasandra have a beautiful heart and that’s what matters! :dizzy::pray::dizzy:


Hmm… For this challenge I am torn between working with archangels, mediumship or animal communication.

I think I will talk about mediumship. I have had the ability to get channeled messages since before I can remember, but I still feel a bit nervous about giving mediumship readings to others. I did give an on the spot mediumship channeling to a stranger online recently, and it went great! I was very nervous because although I can do it easily, I tend to doubt the messages or the person giving them.

When I do mediumship, I open my crown chakra and send a little thought filled with intention out through it and into the ether. Then, I wait for the person to step forward. I feel a ‘rush’ at the top of my head, like a tingling sensation and thoughts, words or images just ‘pop’ into my mind. The hard part is knowing whether it is my thoughts or an actual message coming through! But I think I need to practice this more, as I gave the lady some details and names that were spot on and no one knew about. It was scary but worthwhile!

I have been taking courses on angels and angelic healing lately, so I have been working with archangels Michael, Rafael, and Metatron recently. This is a bit out of my comfort zone, since I typically work with dark deities and thanatotic energies in my personal practice. The approach to the archangels is a different dynamic entirely compared to what I am used to.


For this challenge I’ve been working with my crystals and a Crystal Grid for love and passion:


Congratulations on 50 Challenges @BryWisteria and our wonderful coven! That’s amazing!

I’m still on the fence about what to pick. So many things are still a challenge for me LOL. I’m leaning towards spell jar so if I can make up my mind by days end, that’s what I’ll do


Okay, guys, I’m not sure I upped my game here this week or not but this is what I’ve got. I wrote a spell to get rid of the infection that’s been plaguing me for nearly a year now. What makes it different for me is that usually I don’t dress the candle and have a petition written out and I did today. I didn’t make a sigil, but I did tag lock it onto me using my name, birthday, and spit.

I then wrote the phrase “I banish all infections, so I may be whole.” on it three times.

Then I dressed my candle, using Rosemary and Lavender for cleanliness and health and thyme for its anti-bacterial properties. I used a lavender oil to carry that theme through when dressing the candle.

I lit the candle, put the petition under it, and chanted.

Great Apollo the Physician, father to Asclepius, grant me your aid!
Grant that the infection in my flesh be stayed!
Wash it out and make it inert,
much like you would a clod of dirt!
Heal my wounds, close up my skin,
So that I may keep all my blood within!
Shining Apollo, help me I pray!
Take this accursed infection away!

Then I meditated for a while, imagining the sores in my legs healing up. After I felt like I’d done that enough I said:

Blessed Apollo, heal me I pray,
Banish this infection away!
With harm to none and for the good of all,
So mote it be!

Then I let the candle burn down and I’m keeping the petition on my altar until I’m healed.

I don’t usually use petition magic, but it seems fairly straightforward. I’m sure this will help!

I’m going to try to upload a photo here. We’ll see if my phone will let me.


Really hoping it works for you x