Simple Jewelry Enchantment đź’Ť

Every full moon, I try to do a refresh on my jewelry enchantment for my pentacle. So, I figured I would share it with you, too!

What’s the purpose?

Enchanting jewelry is a very common practice that witches partake in. You can enchant rings, necklaces, bracelets - any form of jewelry - for any purpose. This enchantment was created to bring the spirit and energy of each element into my necklace to carry with me throughout the day.

What You’ll Need

You will need the following. Please note that these are my own correspondences for the elements. If you have your own, feel free to substitute and change with your beliefs.

  • Salt to represent Earth
  • Incense to represent Air
  • A white pillar candle to represent Fire
  • A bowl of Moon Water to represent Water
  • A pentacle to represent Spirit
  • A piece of jewelry


Create Your Sacred Space

You can do this in any way you’re comfortable. Some people cast circles, but I create a sacred space by sitting and meditating, then saying the following…

This is a sacred space. Only those that are invited are welcome. I call on the spirits and energies of the five elements -Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I ask you to be here today and aid me in my work."

Bless the Jewelry with the Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit

Place your jewelry in or around each element. Then call upon the energy of that element and ask it to bless and charge your jewelry. I don’t always have something written particularly for this. I go with what first comes to my mind because my witchcraft is very intuitive.

Here is an example of what I said for Earth.

By the power of Earth, this jewelry is cleansed. Spirit of Earth, I call to you. Imbue this necklace with your stability and your rock foundation so that I may have stability and a solid foundation in my life.

When you’re finished with your spell, conclude it in your normal fashion. Since I don’t cast circles, I simply thank the elements and energies for showing up to be with me and I make sure they all get an offering as thanks.

I also have this set up as a printable on my own site if you want to check it out!
Click here to get it!


I love this! I will do this with my necklace that I wear everywhere! I think I might also use this on the three rings I have coming in within the next month (maybe).


Does this have to be with just jewelry? Can it be done with other objects that you carry around often?


Absolutely. This can be done with basically anything, so long as it is safe to go in or around each element. You wouldn’t want to do it with a shirt, for example. But jewelry, crystals, and anything else you can think of can be enchanted and charged in this way.


I enchant whatever I am wearing. I have a pentagram I wear and only take off to enchant. I also cleanse and enchant anything that comes into this house…even a special one on food. You have no idea who has touched it, what their emotions or feelings are like and the gunk can come home with you.


That’s very true, Roxanne. I haven’t done any sort of enchantment on food or much else but it’s a good idea. Do you mind sharing what you do?


I just say (while in the store) as I load my cart, “this food shall be cleansed from all evil persons who touched it without good intent” “So Mote It Be” Say it under your breath. When I get home and as I put it away, I just say " thank you for giving us this healthy food without fears or anger attached, may it nourish us" so mote it be. You can use any general words, and make your own that feels comfortable to you. A long time ago, I thought about all the people who touch all of our food even after we put it in the basket…it bothered me…you just don’t know what someone with hatred even if they only have it at the moment will be, and jealousy…,.,Like for instance, the person stocking the shelf may be angry at someone and as they are stocking think or say, I hope this makes everyone who eats it sick, or kills them. that is a curse…you certainly don’t want to bring it home with you.


Thank you for sharing. I had honestly never really thought about it, but it makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to start doing something similar to this!


Very useful advice, thank you for sharing @MeganB! :pray::two_hearts:


I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I am working my way through the forums, and this struck me when I read it. Then I came back to it again, and yet again.

So, tonight I performed two enchantments of jewelry. One was my ring that I asked to bring prosperity to its wearer. The other was my dog’s (Annie) collar that I asked the elements to be with her and protect her.

It felt good and right. And it was a great use of the moon water I’d set aside for just such an occasion.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful ritual @MeganB ! I recently got a pentacle necklace that I want to bless/enchant and this is perfect! I will be using it this week. :smiley:


I absolutely love this idea and will definitely be enchanting some jewelry, as I add to my collection. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom :star2:


For anyone that couldn’t get to the printable, I fixed the link :laughing:


Thank you! :blush:

I was able to download it this time & bookmarked your site! :heart:


Yay!! Thanks :blush:


Thanks @MeganB for sharing this ritual. I will be using it for this week’s challenge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t have a pentacle though, is there anything I could use instead to represent spirit? Or is it okay to make my own pentacle?


You can make your own, draw one out, or use whatever you’d like!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Love this so much!